After Being a Mermaid Chapter 46

An Jin takes out the crabs, shrimps and fish prepared at noon from the intellectual brain space, except for impurities.

The other mermaids quarreled again in order to grab the position next to him. They wanted to fight without two words.

An Jin hurriedly persuaded the quarrel. He counted and added him, there were twelve mermaids in all.

After thinking for a while, he suggested that twelve mermaids, six in a horizontal row, two rows floating relatively in the water, and he was in the middle of a row.

As a result, no one wants to be outside. An Jin is funny and helpless. He asks them to reach out at the same time and determine their position by using the method of palm and back of hand.

He prepared a lot of food, but today there are more mermaids, so each Mermaid doesn’t get much.

He tried to divide it into twelve equal parts: “well, one for each, don’t rob.”

“Incense!” Ling Ling’s white gold eyes, which were dim because of worry, are bright.

“How fragrant!” Gu Gu takes a deep breath.

“Why is it so fragrant? Damn, the food my two legged beast gave me is not fragrant at all!”

The other mermaids also looked greedy and nodded angrily.

An Jin smiled and didn’t hide anything: “you sing about food and think that if you want to eat it, they can become delicious.”

Gu Gu looked at the shore: “my bipedal beast is not here and has no food. I really want to try!”

An Jin said, “it doesn’t matter. You can try again when you go home for dinner.”

The mermaid owners of the glass house, when they saw the safe distribution of food, some people sighed: “it’s really smart!”

“I said you wouldn’t abuse mermaids? Why do you look like you haven’t eaten shrimp?”

“Your family’s is not very good, is it? I wish I could eat crab shells.”

“I found out today that mermaids will coax beauties, because the food is given by pure mermaids. How delicious it is!”

“Don’t look, they have issued a warning.”

Gu Gu bared his teeth to the glass house and stared fiercely: “greedy bipedal beasts stare at us. They must want to take the opportunity to grab An’an’s food.”

Ann looked at the Mermaids who showed a fierce look at the glass house: ”

He found that mermaids are very alert to human eyes. It seems that when they are looked at, they will think they are threatened, like the instinct of wild animals.

An Jin didn’t know the people on the shore, so he didn’t persuade the mermaid to be gentle with them. After all, the mermaid is precious, and there must be a lot of people thinking about the mermaid.

It’s not a bad thing that mermaids can be alert.

After eating, the mermaids were still full of meaning on their face: “Ann, you’re great.”

“Ann, you’re so smart. You even know how to make the food delicious!”

An Jin was embarrassed after listening to a lot of praise.

Gu Gu proposed to play the slide. An Jin said, “don’t play violent activities after dinner. Let’s chat first and play later.”

Mermaids immediately chatted, first about their own bipedal animals, then about hair accessories, and finally about their partners.

So I inevitably talked to Ruirui.

Lingling platinum’s eyes swept the entrance: “next time I must teach Ruirui’s two legged beast a good lesson!”

“Yes, the two legged beast is too much to let you meet Ruirui.”

Ling Ling’s golden tail waved anxiously: “our movement is limited by bipedal beasts. It’s too inconvenient.”

Gu Gu also frowned: “yes, but I can’t think of a good way, and I may forget it in a few days.”

An Jin moved in his heart: “do you all have only seven days of memory?”

“Seven days at most. Some mermaids have worse memory,” Ling Ling blinked. “How many days can Ann remember?”

An Jin: “I always remember, can remember for a long time.”

Ling Ling envied: “that’s nice.”

Gu Gu: “it doesn’t matter. It’s not important to forget.”

In the afternoon, Norman came to pick up an Jin. Instead of directly returning to the palace, he took him to the nursing department to care for his hair.

An Jin is lying in bed. Because he is wearing a coat and a fishtail skirt, he feels much more natural than before. It seems that he returns to modern times when he washes his hair in a barber shop.

He closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling that his scalp was gently massaged.

Norman’s eyes always fell on the little mermaid. Seeing the relaxed expression of the little mermaid, he enjoyed it very much and secretly watched the nurse’s technique.

Suddenly, an Jin felt a sharp manic and painful emotion. The feeling was very deep. For a moment, he felt breathless.

He suddenly opened his eyes and turned his head to the left, which was the direction of the mermaid hospital.

Norman was quietly planning to build a nursing room at home when he saw the little mermaid suddenly open her eyes and frown.

“What’s the matter?” Norman asked.

An Jin couldn’t explain. He smiled at Norman and signaled that it was all right.

He collected his mind, closed his eyes again and released all his perception.

He wants to know what happened.

All of a sudden, a lot of information around him that could not be perceived under normal circumstances poured into his brain.

Nursing room, open walkway, conveyor belt connecting Mermaid center and Mermaid hospital in the distance, mermaid hospital in the distance.

There was a chaotic noise and a roaring Mermaid.

An Jin immediately knew that the uncomfortable feeling he felt was conveyed to him by the mermaid.

He could feel his emotions at such a long distance. He could imagine how uncomfortable the mermaid was.

Suddenly, the mermaid’s roar stopped suddenly, everything was calm, and the uncomfortable feeling disappeared.

An Jin frowned unconsciously. He was about to take back his perception. There was a anxious voice in the nursing room one room away.

“I have already said that the resistance of intermediate and superior mermaids is stronger than that of low-level mermaids. I have observed the red Mermaid for two weeks. He is very grumpy and is not the right choice at all!”

“Of course I know that intermediate and superior mermaids are valuable, but how can it be so easy to succeed in breeding? It’s so noisy now that I have to stop for some time recently.”

“What? Are you kidding? Pure Mermaid, your Majesty’s confidant, how dare you move your mind? Don’t be so greedy! Didn’t you just sell a low-grade Mermaid last week?”

The man breathed heavily and said in a deep voice, “absolutely not. We must stop for a period of time. The red mermaid has been making trouble for two days. The head of the Fifth Army is not a good tempered person. Maybe he has doubts.”

“For the last time, I can only choose the lower Mermaid, or I’ll quit!”

The voice stopped suddenly, leaving only heavy breathing and anxious footsteps.

An Jin’s heart beats wildly and recovers his perception.

He quickly analyzed it in his mind. There was also a nursing room next door. There was only one person. That person was likely to be a nurse.

There was too much information revealed in those words. An Jin firmly remembered the word “breeding”, and he couldn’t help guessing.

Someone bred Mermaid in private!

And also talked about selling mermaids. The Mermaids sold are likely to be born after mating.

According to the man, he seems to want to breed an intermediate and superior red Mermaid recently, but he failed.

Intermediate and superior, which means that the two colors in the hair, eyes and tail are the same, and the other part is also biased.

An Jin can’t help but get angry. He is a mermaid now and knows many Mermaid friends. He knows very well that although the mermaid has a bad memory and a simple personality, his IQ is not low.

It can be imagined how uncomfortable those forced mermaids should be.

Norman kept paying attention to the little mermaid. Seeing that he looked wrong, he asked, “Ann, are you uncomfortable?”

An Jin opened his eyes and looked at him. Taking into account the nurses around him, he shook his head slowly.

Waiting for the suspension car, an Jin quickly looked forward to Norman: “I just heard a very sad voice from the mermaid. Can you help me ask what happened to him?”

Norman wondered, “when?”

An Jin hesitated and didn’t hide: “when I care for my hair.”

He twisted his delicate eyebrows and said in a deep voice, “I also heard a man communicating with others next to the nursing room, talking about Mermaid ‘breeding’ and selling Mermaid, and a red Mermaid.”

Norman immediately realized that it was likely to involve the black market Mermaid trade, and his face was slightly heavy.

“I’ll arrange an investigation right away.”

An Jin hurriedly said: “they have even sold mermaids. They must have done this kind of thing many times. There may be many injured mermaids. Even the nurses are involved. The people behind them are not simple. They should investigate quietly.”

“If you are noticed, you can’t catch it all.”

Norman looked at the little mermaid seriously and his heart moved. He seemed to know the little mermaid too one-sided.

The little mermaid is obviously mentally mature.

He couldn’t help thinking. Maybe what the little mermaid said was true. He was mature, not a child who wanted to be an adult.

“Ann is so clever.” He subconsciously praised, and then ordered his subordinates to investigate Mermaid breeding.

An Jin saw him close his brain. After waiting for a while, he didn’t see him ask questions. He couldn’t help asking, “don’t you wonder why I can hear you? Don’t you doubt what I said?”

Norman: “as I said, Ann doesn’t have to tell me everything. I’ll listen when you’re willing to tell me.”

He rubbed the head of the Little Mermaid: “Ann won’t talk disorderly.”

An Jin turned his head: “don’t forget, I lied to you.”

Norman’s eyes flashed a smile and soon dissipated. He leaned over and looked at an Jin’s clear blue eyes. They looked at each other through the glass.

Norman said seriously, “Ann, I don’t care about your deception. You’re just for your own safety. I appreciate your caution, and don’t take it to heart.”

An Jin blinked, showing a relaxed smile: “thank you.”

Soon, Norman received a report and told the Little Mermaid: “the mermaid who was just the head of the Fifth Army Corps is red and approaching the estrus period. He is very angry these two days and has just been injected with tranquilizer.”

“Big red?” An Jin frowned: “just these two days? Oh! The man mentioned the head of the Fifth Army just now. He must be the ‘red Mermaid’ said by the bad man?”

Norman: “at the same time, it’s very possible that it’s the same. I’ll let people continue to investigate. Don’t worry, he’ll be fine.”

At dinner, Norman received a report that Dahong was in good health and was irritable only because she was close to oestrus.

An Jin blinked, so Dahong is not the red Mermaid mentioned by the nurse.

Maybe there are many red mermaids in this world,

In the evening, after dinner, an Jin turned on the live ball.

The popularity of the live broadcast is higher. An Jin still watches the cartoon. Halfway through it, he takes out the fruit prepared in advance from the intellectual brain space and eats it while watching.

The barrage is a series of “smart”, and many people speculate that your majesty will teach the little mermaid something tomorrow.

Many people wrote on the barrage what they wanted to teach the little mermaid through his majesty.

When an Jin strolled around the star network before going to bed, he found that netizens actually got two votes, namely “what did an an learn tomorrow” and “what do you hope an learned tomorrow”.

Perhaps an Jin ate in the live broadcast. The previous vote, “learn to use chopsticks” had the largest number of votes.

The last one with the largest number of votes was “Bixin”.

So, when an Jin had breakfast in the morning, he discussed with Norman: “there is no heart like scene in animation. Can you teach me in the evening? Then I can do it?”

Norman said seriously, “No.”

An Jin wondered, “why?”

Norman said, “I won’t pay attention to voting. I shouldn’t know what netizens think, nor should you.”

He doesn’t want the little mermaid to compare his heart to others!

An Jin thought for a while and thought it was very reasonable. He crossed Bixin out of the live content.

Norman took the suspension car to the military headquarters. On the way, he opened the nearest web page. It was the voting result. He crossed out, cleared the browsing records and closed his brain.

Military headquarters

Because of the recent stability and calm in Slovenia, it is rare for the heads of the armed forces to stay in the military headquarters.

Near the lunch break, the head of the second army asked the head of the Fifth Army to go to the training room. He was in high spirits and looked like he couldn’t wait: “go to the training ground and fight with a mecha?”

The head of the Sixth Army smiled: “you have so much mental strength that you can directly use machine armor?”

The head of the Fifth Army pinched the bridge of his nose and said in a rough voice, “I make up my sleep. My mermaid has been making trouble for two days. I’m finally good today. I can have a rest when I send it to the mermaid center in the morning.”

Commander of the Fourth Army: “I’ll practice with you. I haven’t practiced mecha for a long time.”

The head of the Sixth Army was surprised: “your mental strength is so good today? Did you buy agent a? Didn’t the scientific research institute agree to sell it?”

The head of the second army laughed: “my Mermaid sang last night and this morning.”

The commander of the fourth army was surprised: “my family also sang last night and this morning!”

The head of the 246 army looked at each other in surprise.

After silently listening to the whole process, Mu Chen said, “have you sent the mermaid to the mermaid center these two days?”

2、 Commander of the Fourth Army: “yes.”

Mu Chen smiled: “they must have seen Ann?”

He won’t casually disclose Ann’s ability, but Ann has taught other mermaids, so it doesn’t matter.

The head of the second army suddenly realized something: “general Mu Chen, your mental state is getting better and better these days. Has your little silver seen an an long time ago?”

“Good! You can’t hide such a good thing!” The head of the Fourth Army pointed to Mu Chen.

Mu Chen smiled, “I thought it was a coincidence.”

The head of the Sixth Army got up: “I’ll go home at noon and send my mermaid to the mermaid center.” he went to the door and suddenly stopped, “Ann, will you go to the mermaid center today?”

Not only the military personnel, but also the rich nobles who sent the mermaid to the mermaid center the day before also found that their Mermaid became fond of singing.

They chatted in the glass room and finally analyzed and compared to find out the reason for this situation.

Finally, several people said in unison: “pure mermaid!”

Some people can’t help sighing: “it turns out that mermaids are also visual animals. They are in a good mood when they see beautiful mermaids!”

“The pure mermaid is so popular!”

“I’ll remind my friend to send the mermaid to the mermaid center.”

The pure mermaid is a million fish fan. As long as the mermaid meets him, she will be in a very good mood. The news that she will sing when she comes home spread like wildfire.

It is said that your majesty will send the pure mermaid to the entertainment area at noon. Those who have mermaids at home have to ask for leave one after another. When they are free at noon, they will also send their own people to the entertainment area.

So when an Jin arrived at the entertainment area, he found that there were a lot more mermaids than before.

At a glance, mermaids of various colors were playing in the water. As soon as he appeared, his eyes fell on him.

Norman looked down and asked the little mermaid, “did they bully you?”

Ann Jin shook his head. Norman put the little mermaid into the water and glanced at his brain: “contact me if you have something.”

The case of mermaid private breeding has got a clue, but the other party was very careful and failed to find all the related people for the moment.

He wanted the little mermaid to stay at home and come out after the case, but the little mermaid insisted, so he had to compromise.

He glanced at the mermaid and suddenly saw a red Mermaid: “Ann, that’s red. He’s fine.”

An Jin looks over and finds that Norman is talking about a mermaid with a red tail, fighting with Ling Ling.

Norman rubbed the mermaid’s hair and left the entertainment area.

As soon as he left, many mermaids approached an Jin, so the two mermaids fighting in the shade of the tree were even more abrupt.

The red mermaid’s eyes and tail are red, her hair is orange red, her appearance is very publicity, her skill is very agile, and she quickly avoids Ling Ling’s attack.

An Jin hurriedly swam over and saw Gu Gu and other mermaids nearby. He was a little relieved.

“Hey, I just touched your hair. Don’t be so angry. I’ll let you touch it back!”

Lingling platinum’s eyes were cold, and her golden tail pulled at him impolitely: “fool.”

“Rui Rui, you’ve really gone too far. If you don’t come for two days, you’ve even forgotten Ling Ling!” Gu Gu floated in the water and bared his teeth to the red Mermaid.

An Jin was stunned when he heard the speech. Is this Ling Ling’s boyfriend? Forget Ling Ling?

His heart moved. Is Da Hong Rui Rui?

He immediately understood that mermaids and human languages did not understand, and their names were likely to be different.

So, can the “red Mermaid” heard last night be Ruirui?

Ruirui swings his red tail, dodges Ling Ling’s attack, grabs Ling Ling’s wrist, tilts his head and looks at Gu Gu: “who is Ruirui?”

Ling Ling platinum’s eyes looked at him attentively. A layer of water mist floated in his eyes and turned his head: “let go of me and don’t hit you.”

Ruirui quickly released him, and a helpless look appeared on his face: “I’m sorry, did it hurt you, don’t cry.” He swam in front of Ling Ling. Ling Ling turned her head again, and he swam over again.

Ling Ling ignored him and swam to an Jin. Her golden eyelashes hung down: “an an an.”

An Jin clearly felt Lingling’s uncomfortable mood. He touched Lingling’s hair.

“Hey, don’t touch him!” Ruirui swims over and claps an Jin’s hand. Because of his instinctive closeness, he doesn’t start. He just looks at an Jin vigilantly.

Lingling platinum’s eyes gave him a faint look, directly grabbed an Jin’s hand and snorted.

An Jin hesitated for a moment and didn’t hide. Obviously, Ling Ling grabbed his hand for Ruirui.

He asked: “Ling Ling, does Ruirui have a good memory?”

Ling Ling said, “like me, I have a memory of seven days. As long as I don’t forget it every day, I can always remember it.” his voice was lower. “He forgot me in only two days.”

Thinking of what Gu Gu said before, what he forgot was unimportant. He felt a little uncomfortable.

An Jin thought something was wrong and asked Ruirui, “do you really not know Ling Ling or Gu Gu?”

Ruirui shook his head: “I don’t know,” he smiled. “Now it’s the same to know.”

An Jin: “then what do you remember? Do you remember your name?”

Ruirui held his chin for a moment and suddenly shook his head: “I don’t seem to remember anything.”

An Jin looked at the other mermaids and asked seriously, “have you ever seen a mermaid in the same situation as Ruirui, and the memory suddenly disappeared? Before it’s time to forget, you forget?”

“Yes, Xiaoyuan was like this one day, and then became very silent!”

“So are the stars, but he just forgot and was still silly.”

“Mimi, too, played together the day before. I don’t remember us in two days, and I’m so grumpy.”

An Jin frowned and looked at Ruirui: “do you want to check you and touch your hand?”

Ruirui put his hand behind his back and looked at Ling Ling: “I have a mermaid I like. Even if it’s comfortable to stay with you, I won’t be your partner.”

“Bah, shameless. Ann won’t like you.”

“You’re stupid, Ann said. It’s for you to check. Don’t think about it.”

Ling Ling grabs Ruirui’s arm and hands it to an Jin.

An Jin puts his hand on ruiruirui’s wrist and runs the power. The water power walks in Ruirui’s body. Soon, an Jin finds that there is residual medicine in his brain.

Substances that appear black under water power are bad for the human body, not to mention the bad things in the brain.

He looked serious and operated the water power to purify the residual adverse substances.

Norman was reported that Dahong was just irritable during estrus and had no problem.

But Ruirui still has drug residues in his body. He already knows that Ruirui is Dahong.

It is impossible for the medical level of the world not to detect this residue.

Well, there is only one possibility: both the nursing department and the hospital are involved in breeding.

Ruirui’s calm expression gradually became irritable. His red and white eyes were red. The white part of his eyes was stained with red blood, and a suppressed low roar came out of his throat.

The roar was low and sad, with strong anger.

The Mermaids nearby were affected, unconsciously on alert and showed a state of battle one after another.

An Jin quickly comforted with a warm voice: “Ruirui, calm down first. Can you think of what happened a few days ago?”

Ruirui turns around and hugs Ling Ling. Ling Ling reaches out to push. He hugs Ling Ling tightly. His head rubs Ling Ling’s neck. His voice is hoarse and chokes: “Ling Ling.”

Ling Ling’s body was slightly stiff and didn’t struggle. Ruirui said, “I’m sorry, I forgot you!”

He hugged for a while and let go of Ling Ling. His tone was full of anger: “I almost wasn’t clean!”

Ling Ling’s cold expression cracked, revealing sharp canine teeth: “did you mate with other fish?”

“No,” Ruirui said hurriedly, “I beat him up and didn’t mate.”

He said, yelling angrily, “damn bipedal beast, you drugged me to mate with mermaids I don’t know! I forgot that memory before, and it must have something to do with them!”

The mermaids were angry and roared loudly.

The people in the glass house became nervous one after another. They were relieved to see that they didn’t fight.

“Is this a quarrel?”

“I wish I didn’t fight.”

An Jin looked serious. He realized that it was not simple.

At the end of the world, zombies are the greatest threat to mankind. However, zombie crystal nuclei can upgrade their powers. Because of this great temptation, many people even take risks and take the initiative to find zombies.

In this world, mermaids represent huge profits, and there must be many people who are interested in it.

Can always do flawless, certainly many people are involved!

He looked at the angry mermaids and had an idea in his heart.

We must catch all those bad guys!


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