After Being a Mermaid Chapter 48

Soon after an Jin and Norman returned to the palace, Mu Chen came with Xiaoyin.

As soon as Xiaoyin saw an Jin, she was very happy and swam to him: “an an an!”

An Jin smiled at him, then restrained his smile and said something about Ruirui.

Xiaoyin was very angry. Her canine teeth exposed and waved her sharp long nails: “damn bipedal beast!”

An Jing comforted him: “the most important thing now is to find a way to catch them! My current plan is like this. If you agree, I’ll discuss with them again.”

After listening to an Jin’s arrangement, Xiao Yin immediately agreed, his face full of enthusiasm, and his silver eyes were very bright.

After discussing with Xiaoyin, an Jin looked at Norman and Mu Chen: “I have informed all the Mermaids who went to the entertainment area today. Even if they find the monitoring, they will pretend not to know.”

“But other mermaids will also go to Mermaid hospitals or centers. Although I let mermaids tell each other, I can’t ensure that all mermaids know.”

Norman remembered that the little mermaid said that he would try his best to make all the Mermaids behave as usual, so he waited patiently for the words behind the little mermaid.

An Jin asked Norman, “I have been to the mermaid hospital. Like the mermaid center, there has always been light music, so there are radio stations in both positions.”

Norman immediately understood what the little mermaid meant: “do you want the mermaid to cooperate through the radio?”

An Jin nodded: “this is the fastest and most extensive.”

Mu Chen thought his idea was very good, but he had other worries: “mermaids have a bad temper. Even if you let them cooperate, they may not listen to you.”

An Jin is very confident: “they will be obedient. This matter involves the safety of the mermaid. The Mermaid will work together.”

Whether the mermaid’s attitude towards him or his own instinct, told him that the mermaid would listen, believe him and listen to him.

That’s why he proposed to Norman to install surveillance to collect evidence.

Mu Chen asked again, “if you use the radio, it may arouse suspicion.”

An Jin has thought about this problem. He looks at Xiaoyin: “it may be suspected, but those people don’t know that mermaids can communicate, so it’s hard to think of the truth. My plan is to play with Xiaoyin in the mermaid center, accidentally break into the broadcasting room, and then Xiaoyin stays inside to play and convey the message of mermaid cooperation.”

“We also need your cooperation. The people in the mermaid center will certainly let us leave. You should refuse as we like and let us play.”

“It’s just a normal Mermaid voice through the radio. Humans won’t feel bad. Mermaids won’t be irritable and have a bad impact. The Dean can’t say anything considering your identity.”

“Xiao Yin stayed in the central broadcasting room. I went to the mermaid hospital. I played in the hospital hall first and communicated when I saw the mermaid.”

“If,” said an Jin, “the Dean wants us to leave, then leave. Xiaoyin and I play at the gate of the hospital and the center respectively. When we meet mermaids, we will remind them, and then let them tell each other.”

“With the broadcasting room, it will not be abrupt and make others think it strange for us to play at the door.”

Mu Chen was surprised: “you have already thought about it?”

An Jin said.

Mu Chen looked at him and Norman, and suddenly understood why his Majesty was moved.

Despite her appearance, Ann is a mature teenager.

Although an Jin tried his best to think comprehensively, he didn’t know much about the world after all, so he asked, “do you think it’s feasible?”

Norman nodded, “I’ll show you the map of the mermaid center later. You write down the location of the broadcasting room.”

An Jin nodded and looked at Mu Chen: “let’s start together tomorrow morning. Will you come here for breakfast tomorrow morning?” He looked at Norman. “Okay?”

“Of course, you are also the master here. You can invite anyone.” Norman said.

Ann Jin looked away and whispered, “I’m not.”

Mu Chen looked at them. His eyes were full of gossip and curiosity.

The love between man and mermaid, the first scene to eat melon!

Soon, he had no energy to eat melons and was forced to be a crutch.

An Jin teaches Xiaoyin how to stand with his tail. Mu Chen has to hold Xiaoyin all the time. If Xiaoyin is not satisfied, Xiaoyin scares him with canine teeth from time to time.

An Jin thinks of what Xiaoyin has done to Mu Chen, silently laments Xiaoyin slag without knowing it, and is busy saying good words for mu Chen.

Xiao Yin: “hum, just scare casually. He looks scared. It’s fun.”

An Jin: “…” he didn’t tell Xiao Yin. Mu Chen just shrunk his neck and pretended to be afraid.

One is willing to be scared, the other is willing to be scared, so an Jin ignored them.

The mermaid’s tail is very powerful. The mermaid’s control of power is very accurate. Xiao Yin soon learned to stand with his tail.

So an Jin began to teach Xiaoyin to drive a scooter.

Little silver was brave and not afraid of falling. She soon learned.

He drove the scooter around the pool and was very happy: “ha ha ha, have fun! My bipedal beast is too bad to buy me this!”

An Jin smiled: “he didn’t buy it because he didn’t know you would like it. I gave you this scooter.”

“Thank you, Ann!”

Mu Chen looked at Xiao Yin in surprise and touched his chin: “from today on, I want to redefine Xiao Yin’s IQ.”

Xiaoyin left directly in a scooter. Seeing that he liked it, Mu Chen thanked Anjin again and again: “if you think Xiaoyin will like anything in the future, tell me and I’ll buy it.”

He smiled and said, “I just want you to teach him.”

An Jin did not refuse, nodded and agreed: “OK.”

After Mu Chen and Xiao Yin left, an Jin began to broadcast live.

The live broadcast time was one hour later than before, but the audience was still very large. An Jin had calmed down when he saw the phantom rolling barrage.

He still behaved very smart, but in the end, he clumsily learned to speak to the protagonist of the cartoon.

Finally, I only learned a word with inaccurate pronunciation, which is between Mermaid language and interstellar language.

Even so, the barrage still kept praising him for his intelligence. When someone opened on the evening star internet, he bet on whether the pure mermaid could learn to speak.

An Jin saw it, his eyes bent, and the audience had been brainwashed by “he is very smart”. He was no longer surprised by smart itself, but curious about the changes brought about by smart.

He was very satisfied with the result. In this way, when he spoke, these people would feel that he really learned to speak!

He smiled and put all the star coins in his account into the “meeting”.

The next morning, hornard examined an Jin’s body, especially his fingers. He saw the results: “an an is very healthy. Although there is no precedent for the change of fingers, it is certainly a good evolution.”

His eyes were very bright and his voice was excited: “maybe all mermaids will be like this in the future.”

An Jin thought, it is reasonable to say that mermaids should be like this.

After hornard left, Norman told the Little Mermaid: “Mermaid center and Mermaid hospital, all rooms are equipped with monitoring.”

After a while, Mu Chen and Xiao Yin came.

An Jin puts on the ear pin type mini intercom to Xiao Yin: “don’t worry when you chase me later. Don’t fall. If you have anything, contact me in time.”

Little silver touched her ear and looked at the earrings of an Jin’s ear. She was very happy: “OK!”

An Jin reminded: “remember to let them tell each other. If you feel uncomfortable with your tail, go to the entertainment area for a dip.”

Some mermaids tell each other, and Norman’s people stare at each other. Even if a few mermaids are missed, it doesn’t matter. There will be no problem.

Xiaoyin nodded again and again, “I remember.”

Norman and Mu Chen sent them to the mermaid center. When they got off the suspension car, they drove a scooter to catch up with each other.

An Jin visited the virtual map of the center last night, so his purpose is very clear. He drove to the broadcasting room.

Xiaoyin chased after him, because their scooters were the slowest, and Norman and Mu Chen followed steadily.

An Jin drove a scooter in front and contacted Xiaoyin through intercom: “Xiaoyin, can you hear me?”

Little silver tilted her head and her eyes glittered: “I heard it. I’ll always wear it in the future. I can always chat with Ann!”

An Jin’s heart moved and suddenly felt that it was good to match the mermaid with a communicator, so that anyone who encountered difficulties could help each other.

“Always wear it if you want.” An Jin said.

Mu Chen looked at Xiaoyin happily driving a scooter to catch up with an, and had no intention to go to work.

He wants to watch the whole investigation process! Xiaoyin helped a lot in it.

Thinking of the recent leisurely state of the military headquarters, he whispered to Norman, “Your Majesty, I ask for leave today!”

Norman’s eyes moved, and he didn’t want to go to work.

His eyes fell on the little mermaid. The little mermaid was wearing a white T-shirt and a fishtail skirt of the same color. The fishtail skirt was very close to the body, and the curves of the waist and crotch of the little mermaid could be seen at a glance.

The little mermaid’s hair is tied behind her head, her white ears and transparent ear fins are not covered, and her white slender neck is also exposed, which is very eye-catching.

The little mermaid was like a luminous body, which could easily attract his eyes.

He even wanted the little mermaid to go back, hoping that the little mermaid would only stay where he could see.

However, he knew very well that he could not do so. The little mermaid had grown up and had his own thoughts.

An Jin rushes directly into the broadcasting room according to the plan. Norman deliberately opens the permission to open the door in his mind, but he doesn’t use it. The door is just closed casually and there are people inside.

It was working time. The announcer was playing music. He was startled when he heard the news at the door.

Looking at the two mermaids coming in, he was stunned.

A mermaid in a scooter!


When he saw Norman and Mu Chen, he recovered and saluted quickly. His eyes fell on an Jin uncontrollably.

Solid mermaid! Ann!

“Well, your majesty, this is the broadcasting room. Mermaids can’t play here.” The announcer said.

An Jin and Xiao Yin seem to be very curious about it. They drive the scooter around, turn around in front of the console, and look at it with their heads twisted.

Norman: “as they like.”

The announcer whispered that his majesty really liked Ann and played with mermaids.

While he was struggling to contact his boss, he saw his majesty come to the little mermaid.

An Jin grabs Norman’s arm, pokes the other hand at will on the console, and inadvertently turns on the microphone button.

“This can’t…” the announcer said a word and immediately spread it in the center. He quickly shut up.

The next second, his communication sounded. He hurried out of the broadcasting room and explained the situation in a low voice.

Xiaoyin is already reminding the mermaid that she doesn’t know if she wants to install the monitoring device.

Seeing this, an Jin drove out in a scooter and handed it over to Mu Chen.

He drove the scooter, and Norman followed him, acting very tolerant, as if he could do anything as long as the little mermaid was happy.

An Jin came to the hospital hall. When Norman came to him, he turned his back to the door. Because he was afraid of being heard, he leaned close to his head and whispered, “how about some mermaids in the morning?”

Norman received Joseph’s notice: “there is only one. They put your recording at the place where the mermaid passed. The mermaid entered the medical examination room and showed no abnormality.”

An Jin breathed a sigh of relief. He glanced at the gate: “go to work quickly. I can be here myself. If you are here, others will doubt.”

Norman looked down at the little mermaid, whose tail was folded up. “I’ll let the guard stay here to protect you. Be careful.”

He and Mu Chen stay here at the same time. It’s really eye-catching. He also needs to master all the investigation. It’s really inconvenient to stay in the hall.

An Jin quickly nodded his little head.

When the guard came to the hall, his eyes were very bright. He could finally see the little mermaid at a close distance!

An Jin smiled at him to show his friendship, and the guard’s eyes brightened.

No wonder your majesty is excited! So good, so soft!

Norman looked at him with deep eyes. The guard quickly took back his sight, chose an inconspicuous position in the corner of the hall and looked at his Majesty’s little mermaid.

An Jin whispered to Xiaoyin about the situation there. Xiaoyin was very proud: “the two legged animals are still very useful. Don’t let the other two legged animals come in and disturb me.”

At this time, someone pushed the mermaid car into the mermaid hospital. As soon as he entered the door, an Jin heard the mermaid’s grumpy voice: “bastard bipedal beast, let me out!”

An Jin drives a scooter near. The mermaid feels something and quickly turns to look at him.

The mermaid’s manic appearance became docile. Her palm was against the glass wall and her eyes looked straight at an Jin: “who are you?”

An Jin: “my name is an an.” Then he told me about the surveillance.

“You said the recording you just heard at the door!” The mermaid suddenly nodded, “I will pretend not to know!”

The mermaid’s love for him was very obvious. An Jin’s eyes bent. He asked with concern, “are you uncomfortable?”

“No, the bipedal beast has to bring me to the hospital. How stupid!” Said the mermaid angrily.

An Jin thought, “maybe it’s a physical examination. If you’re sure you’re healthy, he’ll take you back.”

“I’m not going back! I want to play with you!” The mermaid patted the wall of the container and turned to yell at his breeder to let him out.

An Jin quickly pacifies the mermaid and calms down.

His breeder looked at an Jin in surprise: “Your Majesty’s partner?”

An Jin blinked and pretended not to understand.

“Don’t look at him. What do you see him doing?” The mermaid patted the wall of the container and roared angrily.

The breeder quickly paid attention to his own Mermaid and sent the mermaid to the physical examination center.

An Jin and Xiao Yin are busy respectively, reminding the mermaid to cooperate.

Soon, Xiaoyin and an Jin were on fire in Xingwang.

“Admiral Mu Chen’s Mermaid drives a scooter in the mermaid center!”

“Your Majesty’s mermaid is driving a scooter in the mermaid center!”

“… how much did the scooter company give them for advertising?”

In the parking lot, two ordinary large suspended vehicles are parked separately in the parking lot of mermaid hospital and Mermaid center.

The members of the Royal Guard were divided into two groups, each in a suspended vehicle.

In front of the suspension car is a huge holographic screen, which is divided into many small pictures, which are connected to the indoor monitoring of the mermaid hospital.

Joseph sat in the front and stared at the main screen. The vice captain next to him looked at his brain, which was connected to the monitoring of all public areas.

In the rear, the other eight team members are responsible for their own monitoring.

The monitor is equipped with monitoring equipment, but it is difficult to monitor because there are too many channels. The intelligent mode is set. As long as the words such as Mermaid, breeding, etc. are involved, it will send a reminder.

All the team members watched the monitoring carefully.

In the parking lot of mermaid center, the members of the second team, like them, all watched the monitoring carefully.

The monitoring on the right shows that the breeder pushed the mermaid car into the room. Two seconds later, the team member in charge of the monitoring saw the beautiful eyes of the mermaid.

The team members who knew the mermaid’s habits very well were surprised and moved their hands up. They just waited for the mermaid to yell and immediately contacted the accident prevention action team.

But when the mermaid just looked, she took back her eyes, and the reaction was flat, as if she didn’t feel it.

However, the team members are very sure that the mermaid absolutely knows that she has been monitored. He can see it clearly at the first glance.

He couldn’t help saying, “isn’t the mermaid very irritable when he feels the monitoring? Why doesn’t he look at it and make no noise?”

“Maybe not.”

“It’s impossible. I saw it right at the monitor.”

The vice captain looked at the blue Mermaid playing near the gate and couldn’t help saying, “shouldn’t it have anything to do with Ann?”

“I also feel it matters. Your majesty asked someone to play an an recording in the parking lot…”

“Captain, there’s something going on in area three.” The team member in charge of monitoring area 3 suddenly said, interrupting the chat.

Joseph immediately noticed the small screen flashing red on the edge. He enlarged the screen alone. It was a nursing room. On the bed lay a low-level Mermaid. The nurse behind him injected him with a tube of medicine.

Another nurse is communicating with people: “ready, hurry up… As I said, there are only low-level mermaids. The last intermediate Mermaid breeding failed and made a big fuss in the nursing room. If something happens again, people will pay attention to it.”

Before long, a man pushed a mermaid into the nursing room. He was not very happy and said, “if I don’t get pregnant this time, I must arrange an intermediate and superior Mermaid for me next time.”

A grumpy team member cursed, “disgusting thing.”

Joseph stared at the man who came into the nursing room: “this man, 90% used the capsule mask, turned on the detection mode and locked his real identity.”

Capsule masks are very popular on the star network, so that celebrities can go to the street at will without being disturbed. However, the purchase procedures are very strict. They must be purchased as real identities and bound with rendezvous ID cards.

Of course, the reason why it can be popular is that there is no need to worry about people buying masks privately and doing bad things with masks, which is related to today’s monitors.

The current monitor, in the normal mode, sees the same person as the human eye, but in the detection mode, it will analyze all the information of the person under the lens, such as height, weight, bone age, etc. compared with the optical brain database of the Military Ministry, it will soon find the real identity of the person.

In less than a minute, the technician gave the answer: “Oh, Senator Augustus.”

Joseph: “all three people on the scene are closely tracking. The action team is ready.”

Two minutes later, the door of the nursing room was pushed open. The people of the action team pushed the mermaid station outside the door. When they saw the people inside, they were stunned: “isn’t this 021?”

Nurse: “this is 012.”

The team member wondered, “sorry, I went wrong,” he looked suspiciously at the nurse and Augustus. “I remember the first thirty are single rooms? Why are you all here?”

He looked at the low-level Mermaid with red forehead and said in surprise, “I just met him. He was fine before. Why does he look uncomfortable now?”

He said suspiciously, “what did you do to him?”

The nurse said, “I’m sorry, this gentleman also went to the wrong room. This mermaid is approaching estrus and is in a bad mood. I’ve informed the hospital and the mermaid owner.”

Augustus received a hint from the nurse and pushed the mermaid car out of the nursing room.

The action team asked the nurse the direction of 021, thanked and walked in the direction of 021.

Joseph breathed a sigh of relief, praised the action team through the intercom, and then said coldly, “Augustus and the nurse have a familiar tone. It must not be the first time.”

In the monitoring, two nurses looked at each other: “bad luck.”

“Shit, mermaid is unlucky.” The team member angrily said.

A nurse then opened his brain: “if it fails, the deposit has to be refunded. No! Your majesty will accompany the pure Mermaid every time. There is no chance to start.”

All the players changed their faces: “he’s making an an idea!”

Several members of the team have heard an an’s song. Their mental strength rises because of an an. An an is the best Mermaid they have ever seen. Not to mention the partner recognized by his majesty. When they hear the nurse’s words, they become angry.

Joseph said coldly, “calm down. They can’t succeed. Track the communication immediately.”

All day long, the other party only gave a hand once. For Joseph, the clues are enough. They follow up the investigation and involve a lot of information.

In the afternoon, an Jin and Xiao Yin both got on Norman’s suspension car. Mu Chen then turned on the intelligent follow mode of his suspension car and got on Norman’s suspension car.

Joseph reported the survey results: “all the staff were placed in the black market. The black market has been open for two years, and the person in charge is called the boss. At first, they helped the mermaid breeders to breed privately. The successfully bred mermaids were not reported to the scientific research institute and the mermaid Protection Association for private auction.”

“Now, in addition to helping customers breed privately, after making money, they auction mermaids through their social identity. These mermaids are regarded by them as a cornucopia, let them breed with mermaids, and then sell little mermaids.”

Everyone looked very ugly except Xiao Yin who couldn’t understand.

An Jin is so angry that he clenches his fist tightly and breathes heavily. He wants to beat those people up.

Xiaoyinmin felt that he was angry: “Ann, what’s the matter with you?” His silver eyes stared round, “are bipedal beasts making you angry!”

He said, waving his paw at Joseph.

An Jin: “I’m fine.” He looked into little silver’s pure eyes and didn’t convey Joseph’s words.

Mu Chen gritted his teeth: “these animals, fortunately, Xiao Yin was impatient to stay in the small room. I only left him alone in the entertainment area.”

Norman’s face was dark. Seeing that Joseph was about to stop talking, he said in a deep voice, “say.”

Joseph: “he, they want to make Ann’s idea, and want to breed high mermaids through Ann.”

“Ho…” the harsh sound came from an Jin’s fingernail scraping the container wall, leaving an obvious scratch on the glass.

Norman’s eyes gathered a strong storm. He endured the rising tyranny, held the little mermaid’s wrist and carefully examined his fingernails.

After the little mermaid’s nails can shrink, it’s not necessary. The nails shrink. Now, it’s clear that they are angry.

The container of the mermaid car is made of special glass to prevent the mermaid from being damaged. It is very hard. He is worried that the little mermaid’s fingers will be injured.

An Jin retracted his nails, shook his head with a small face, indicating that he was fine.

Norman made sure he didn’t hurt himself and released his hand: “Ann, don’t be angry. All those people will be punished.”

Joseph: “the people in the mermaid hospital and the mermaid center have been closely tracked, but the identity of the person in charge of the black market is secret and has not been found out. The night after tomorrow, there will be a mermaid auction. Those who have successfully cultivated mermaids privately will go.”

Norman: “the mermaid sold by the scientific research institute has been seen by people participating in the auction. I will contact the scientific research institute to borrow an adult Mermaid. I will take the mermaid to the black market in person.”

He looked at Mu Chen: “you meet on the outside, be sure to catch it all.”

Mu Chen nodded seriously: “a fly will not be let go.”


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