After Being a Mermaid Chapter 49

Norman wore a mask and pushed a mermaid car to the suburban factory. A monitor was installed around the factory. The mermaid immediately felt the existence of the monitor and roared at the monitor.

He didn’t calm down until he felt his eyes disappear after monitoring.

Norman walked steadily without fear of being watched.

The monitor detection mode can ignore the mask and see your identity, but this person does not include him.

All his data, even in the military database, are confidential, not to mention from the ordinary database, what we can find will only be his false identity.

An Jin stays in the suspended car. Besides him, there is mu Chen on the car. He wears earrings and communicates with the mermaid around Norman at any time.

Mu Chen looked serious. He checked the situation of the action team through the virtual screen and determined that he had surrounded the factory without leaving any corners. His expression was a little relaxed.

At the same time, the members of the Royal Guard dispersed and closely monitored the rest who did not go to the black market but participated in the match.

They are all good players who hide their bodies. They wait quietly in the dark, waiting for their majesty to do it, and then they control people in time.

They should pay great attention to the timing and should not take action in advance to avoid the monitored people having a secret signal. They should quickly notify the people on the black market to be careful, and they should not take action too late in case someone finds something wrong and runs away.

Norman went to the left gate of the factory. Two staff wearing black metal masks took instruments and tested them up and down to make sure he didn’t carry illegal items. Let him go.

They did not expect that the real illegal items were on the mermaid.

The pearl hair ornament of the mermaid is inlaid with the nano camera of the military headquarters, which is connected with the technical department. As long as people in the black market enter the perspective, their true identity will be analyzed by the technicians immediately.

The technicians looked at the people in the black market, and their expressions became more and more serious.

They have realized that many people are involved in this case.

Norman pushed the mermaid and walked around at will. Although there was little movement, the camera could capture every corner of the audience.

There is no dead corner.

It also means that he has evidence of all those who came to the black market tonight.

He is not ready to start in the black market. There are too many mermaids in the black market, and he may be injured by mistake. His main purpose is to collect evidence.

Finally, he was not satisfied with the price, did not sell the mermaid, and left with the mermaid.

Mu Chen got his message and ordered his men: “do it.”

As a result, the people who came out of the black market, the suspension car started, and was controlled by the soldiers of the third Corps who had been waiting for a long time.

Seeing that the situation was wrong, some people quickly forced the suspension vehicle to start and tried to escape from the air, but they were forced to land by invisible small warships.

They have no choice but to land by themselves. What is waiting for them will be blown down.

A soldier was disappointed: “MD, I’m so afraid of death. It’s good to be stubborn and refuse to arrest. Let me blow it!”

Of course, some refused to arrest.

So there was a fight all around, and the battle sound was particularly noisy with the scream of the mermaid.

An Jin picked up the loudspeaker he had already prepared and said in Mermaid language, “Hello, my name is An’an. These bipedal beasts and I are here to save you.”

“Don’t be afraid, observe the situation around you, pay attention to protect yourself and don’t get hurt.”

He said, releasing all his senses and feeling what was happening around him.

Suddenly, a huge crimson mecha quickly approached Mu Chen’s command car from the direction of the factory. Mu Chen frowned: “molten slurry.”

The leader of the flame star theft group who disappeared three years ago has been hiding here!

He was about to take out his mecha and get off to meet the battle, when he saw a black mecha meet him.

At the same time, his wisdom brain received Norman’s message: “save the mermaids and send them back first.”

Mu Chen looked at his men and the situation was under control. After all, he brought a lot of people this time. The number, combat effectiveness and weapons were completely crushed. There was no suspense about the battle result.

The head of the star theft group is the only accident, but it’s not enough to be afraid of your majesty.

He ordered his men: “after being controlled, send the mermaid.”

On hearing his instructions, an Jin quickly asked the mermaid to cooperate with him with a loudspeaker.

The soldiers of the three services were very surprised. The Mermaids who were still struggling and seemed to regard them as enemies suddenly obediently let them push away.

When an Jin and Xiao Yin saw the mermaid, they couldn’t help getting angry. Some mermaids were very thin, and some Mermaid scales fell off, looking very miserable.

“These damn bipedals!” Little silver bared her teeth and roared.

An Jin comforted him and comforted the injured Mermaid. When the mermaid saw him, she was in a much better mood.

Soon, the heads of mermaid hospital, scientific research institute and Mermaid Protection Association came.

All the rescued mermaids were sent to the mermaid hospital.

An Jin was sent back to the palace.

He is floating in the water with a big crab, his brain is on, and a teaching video is playing.

However, his eyes fell on the virtual screen, but his eyes had no focal length and couldn’t calm down at all.

Although he knew Norman was strong, he couldn’t help worrying when he heard Mu Chen say that the owner of the red mecha was a ferocious star thief.

He didn’t want to come back, but he followed. The main thing was to appease the mermaid. When his task was completed, it would cause trouble if he stayed any longer.

After all, Norman is fighting, and he may be distracted in Norman, not to mention catching so many people at once, many of them aristocrats and rich people. Norman and Mu Chen have to deal with the follow-up.

Until near ten o’clock, he felt Norman approaching the mermaid room. Without thinking, he waved his tail and swam to the bank closest to the door.

Norman first asked the housekeeper robot to make sure that the little mermaid’s brain was still active and didn’t sleep before knocking at the door.

The next second, he heard the little mermaid say, “please come in.”

He pushed the door and went in. He saw the little mermaid with her hands on the bank. As soon as he saw him, her beautiful eyes scanned him.

Norman strode up to him and squatted down with a smile in his eyes: “worry about me?”

His voice was good, and it was more magnetic and deep at night.

An Jin’s heart beat faster inexplicably. He pinched his fingers and didn’t answer. Instead, he asked, “are you hurt?”

Norman regretted that he hadn’t been hurt, but on second thought, he didn’t want the little mermaid to worry about him.

“No, you should have confidence in me. No one is my opponent.” He stated the facts.

Ann Jin couldn’t help laughing. Norman has always been very serious and calm. This is crazy. It’s not like his style.

“You’re great!” He subconsciously praised.

“It’s because ANN is powerful. ANN has restored my mental strength to SSS level.” Norman looked serious.

An Jin is a little embarrassed. Norman’s mental recovery is because he sang songs. Singing to convey his mental power is a talent of the mermaid. For him, he didn’t do anything.

Therefore, if you receive praise, you will feel a little guilty and feel that what you do can’t afford praise.

He looked at Norman’s spirit sea. After a battle with mecha, his spirit was consumed.

Since he was promoted to level 3, he didn’t sing to Norman because of the great difference and worried that Norman was suspicious.

But now, he is not so worried. It doesn’t matter if he is suspicious.

He simmered, then smiled at Norman and sang.

Norman’s expression softened, and his deep brown eyes focused on the little mermaid.

Although the little mermaid didn’t respond to him, the little mermaid’s actions still made him feel warm and sweet.

After this event, he has realized that the little mermaid is really an adult, both physically and mentally.

His eyes are slightly dark. In this way, he doesn’t have to wait for the little mermaid to grow up before formally pursuing it.

The little mermaid has grown up.

At the end of the song, an Jin looked into Norman’s deep eyes. His heart beat inexplicably faster. He was a little flustered and turned his head: “don’t look at me like this.”

Norman: why

An Jin clenched his fist with his fingers and bit his lower lip: “it looks like he’s going to eat me.”

Then he heard Norman’s low smile, and his long curled eyelashes blinked suddenly and quickly.

He turned to look at Norman: “don’t laugh! I just sang to you!”

Norman responded quickly: “thank you, ANN,” he paused with a smile in his eyes. “Ann’s spiritual power has changed again. Is Ann closer to me and trust me?”

An Jin was stunned and suddenly suddenly.

No wonder Norman never doubted that after his powers were upgraded, he passed more spiritual power.

Norman thought it had something to do with his trust and closeness.

“No, no,” an Jin explained, “it’s because I’m an adult! My mental strength has become stronger.”

Norman was slightly surprised and then praised: “Ann is really powerful.”

An Jin saw that he didn’t doubt it at all, but he was a little guilty, but the water power had something to do with his origin. It was his bottom card. He didn’t want to tell anyone.

Unless he tells the whole story, he has to find an excuse for having water power. That’s deception. It’s better to hide it all.

He changed the subject and asked about the business: “have all the people on the black market been caught?”

Norman nodded: “well, they were all sent to the military prison and tried separately. Many people were involved. Some didn’t show up tonight, but the technicians have cracked the black market account. All the people involved in the transaction have records and there will be no missed fish.”

Anxin was relieved and looked at Norman: “I want to go to the hospital to see the rescued mermaids.”

“It’s too late today. They’re in bad shape. They should have rested now. Shall I take you tomorrow?” Norman proposed.

An Jin also plans to go tomorrow: “thank you, thanks to you this time.”

Norman looked serious and said in a deep voice, “this is my dereliction of duty.”

An Jin saw his remorse, shook his head and said seriously, “this matter has not been exposed. As soon as it is exposed, you will solve it quickly. It’s already very powerful!”

“Even if you are an emperor, you can’t understand everything. It’s difficult to ensure that there are no dark things in an empire.”

The little mermaid’s blue eyes were as pure as crystal. Norman was very warm when he listened to the little mermaid’s gentle comfort.

His eyes moved slightly. After the little mermaid has an ID card, she is an independent individual. Such a good little mermaid will certainly attract many people.

“Ann.” Norman’s voice was low and very pleasant at night.

An Jin blinked and looked at him suspiciously. They were right in front of him and shouted their names formally. It felt a little strange.

Norman: what kind of partner do you want

An Jin’s eyes were slightly open. He looked at his deep brown eyes. His cheeks were hot involuntarily. He looked away in a panic. He curled up his fingers on the bank: “I don’t know.”

He really doesn’t know.

He was a little flustered when he found that he liked boys. Later, he checked the relevant information and learned that this was normal. However, in modern times, not everyone thinks it is normal and is not blessed.

He was afraid of being found out, but his parents found out.

Even his parents have such a bad attitude. He doesn’t expect to find someone to accompany him all his life and plans to be single all his life.

In this case, he doesn’t even think about what his favorite partner is like.

Norman saw that the little mermaid was tangled and was not ready to embarrass the little mermaid. He rubbed the top of the little mermaid’s hair: “he will always know in the future. ANN, rest early and good night.”

An Jin: “good night, Norman.”

Norman looked at the little mermaid’s half bent blue eyes and was a little reluctant to leave, but he got up and left the mermaid room.

Standing at the door of the mermaid room, he thought that if he was with the little mermaid, he could not sleep separately from the little mermaid every night.

The little mermaid was reluctant to sleep in the bathtub. It seemed that he had to practice sleeping in the water.

Mermaid hospital

An Jin approached the ward and immediately felt manic, angry, painful and other emotions. His small face was unconscious. He drove a scooter and entered the ward with the strongest emotions.

“Damn bipedal beast, let me go! Get out!”

Half of the mermaid ward is a pool and the other half is a marble floor. There is a water bed on the ground and instruments next to it.

As soon as an Jin entered, he saw an intermediate Mermaid with an orange tail, pupils and orange hair.

The orange Mermaid lay on the water bed, her hands were locked and her tail was fixed. At this time, her beautiful tail was scarred and lost many scales to reveal the meat inside.

An Jin took a breath. When he dropped the scales, he tried to pull out the scales because of curiosity. The scales and meat stick together. Pulling them hard will hurt very much. He tried once and didn’t dare to try again.

He is also more sure that scaling is a normal manifestation of maturity.

The orange Mermaid lost its scales. There was meat under it. It was obviously caused by injury.

The two doctors were discussing whether to inject another tranquilizer. When they heard the movement at the door, they looked back and saw an Jin stunned, and then their eyes lit up.

Then they saw Norman behind an Jin and quickly saluted: “Your Majesty.”

Norman asked about the mermaid. The doctor looked worried: “he was in a bad mood and didn’t cooperate with the treatment. We can only control him hard to prevent wound infection, but he seemed very angry.”

As soon as the orange Mermaid saw an Jin, she inexplicably felt very relaxed and soon calmed down.

An Jin drove a scooter to the bed and asked anxiously, “do you feel okay?”

The orange Mermaid shook her head: “it’s not good at all. These damn bipedal beasts hurt my tail! They must be jealous of my beauty! Damn it!”

An Jin: “…” isn’t pain the most important thing to care about?

The two doctors felt very surprised. Why was the orange Mermaid so quiet all of a sudden?

Is the pure Mermaid so attractive?

No one knows about the rumor Star Alliance of 10000 fish fans. Of course, the two doctors also know.

Seeing this scene, they were still very suspicious, but now they can’t help believing it: seeing the pure Mermaid, the mermaid’s mood will really get better and their temper will be mild.

An Qingwen soothed the Mermaid: “didn’t I say it yesterday? They are helping you treat. The person who hurt you has been caught.”

“As like as two peas that hurt me, you see, they lock me!”

An Jin was surprised and looked at the two doctors. Did the bad guys sneak in?

When he saw that they were worried, he thought of Norman saying that all the people had been caught and asked in surprise, “how could it be the same?”

Orange Mermaid: “all have the same white skin!”

An Jin choked. Looking at the pure eyes of the mermaid, he hated the people in the black market even more.

The intermediate Mermaid in front of him was even simpler than Xiaoyin: “this is human… The clothes of bipedal animals. To identify them, you have to pass through the face.”

“It’s ugly,” the orange Mermaid seemed to dislike it. After seeing the eye doctor, she turned her head. “She’s bald.”

An Jin is sure that this Mermaid loves beauty, especially scales.

He looked at Norman, who could not speak because of the presence of the two doctors, and his chin gently touched the handcuffs of the orange Mermaid.

Norman immediately understood what the little mermaid meant and asked the two doctors to open the handcuffs.

The doctor hesitated: “Your Majesty, he is very aggressive. If you don’t control it, it may hurt you and ANN.”

Norman still insisted that the two doctors had no way, but they were afraid. After all, unlike the people in the military headquarters, they could skillfully resist the mermaid attack with mental strength.

The doctor took the key and looked at Norman. “Can you give him a relaxant first?”

Norman refused the doctor’s request and took the key to open the handcuffs himself.

An would like to remind the orange Mermaid not to attack. The orange Mermaid lies obediently in bed. Even if the handcuffs are untied, she does not make any attack. She is quiet.

The two doctors felt very surprised and had a deeper understanding of the charm of the pure Mermaid.

Norman didn’t know the doctor’s psychological activities, or he might agree.

He saw the little mermaid worried and asked the doctor to treat the wound of the orange Mermaid.

The two doctors immediately picked up the therapeutic instrument. The orange Mermaid cooperated very well, and the original bleeding wound soon healed.

Of course, this is not a complete recovery. If you use force, the wound is easy to bleed again, but if you rest, you can recover in two days at most.

Therefore, an Jin patiently reminds the orange mermaid to cooperate with the doctor’s treatment and stop moving.

The mermaid cooperated very well. Seeing that an Jin was leaving, she quickly propped up her body: “are you leaving?”

“I’ll go and see the mermaid who was sent to the hospital with you last night. You should have a good rest. After you recover, we will often meet,” an Jin said. “There are many companions who are worried about you.”

The orange Mermaid then lay back and said, “I’ll recover soon!”

After an Jin left, he also cooperated with the treatment very much. The two doctors felt very surprised and secretly hoped that the pure Mermaid would often come to the mermaid hospital to play.

In this way, their work is much easier!

An Jin went to see the other mermaids again. The injury was not very serious, but several obviously had psychological problems and were very depressed.

Anxin comforted them patiently and only made them a little better.

When an Jin left, he was even glad that the mermaid had a bad memory and they would forget it in a few days. He hoped that they could start a new life and be happy.

After watching the mermaid, Norman sent him to the entertainment area. An Jin looked up at him and waved to him.

Norman bowed his head and rubbed the little mermaid’s head: “I’ll pick you up in the afternoon.”

After Norman left, the Mermaids who had been watching an Jin swam towards him, with Xiaoyin in the front.

“Ann, why are you here now?”

“Ann, have those bad guys been caught?”

An Jin told them what the bad guys had caught. At the same time, he also told them that some mermaids were injured and treated in the hospital.

Mermaids are very angry, but listen to an Jin, they will soon recover and be happy again.

An Jin played with them for a while, then went to the tree house, put on his helmet and went into the holographic world to practice his powers.

An hour later, he went offline and played with the mermaids. Finally, because the Mermaids always robbed him of the nearest position, he argued from time to time. He couldn’t cry or laugh. He called the Mermaids together and chatted in a circle.

Of course, the location is selected in strict accordance with the rules of the game, otherwise no one will refuse.

Ling Ling wants to be next to an Jin, and Xiao Yin wants to. Ruirui and Xiao Yin are both angry and almost fight.

Fortunately, they keep their word and abide by the rules of the game.

They didn’t leave until the breeder picked them up.

An Jin returns to the palace and discusses with Norman at dinner. He decides to expose his ability to speak after the trial of the mermaid black market case.

Norman thought his idea was good and agreed.

Two days later, the military headquarters announced the huge Mermaid black market case that shocked si’ao and announced a public trial.

This case involves a lot of rich and noble, of course, most of these nobles are in decline. They don’t have enough money to auction the right mermaids at the auction. They can only buy them on the black market.

The poor nobles like Augustus who like luxury life make money by relying on mermaids.

As soon as the case came out, Theo was shocked.

Garrot, the keeper of ruiruirui and the head of the Fifth Army, heard about ruiruirui, and rushed directly to the prison of the military headquarters to beat up the person in charge of the black market.

He secretly congratulated himself. Fortunately, Dahong didn’t really have an accident, and he was very disappointed because he didn’t personally participate in the arrest.

He took Mu Chen’s shoulder: “general Mu Chen, you didn’t do it properly. You know they moved their hands on Da Hong and didn’t tell me. If I went to the scene, I would break his leg at least.”

Mu Chen: “his legs have been broken by his majesty.”

Garrot still felt angry and annoyed at his negligence.

Mu Chen learned from Yin and an that Da Hong was actually called Ruirui, and he was able to know that the mermaid would name herself!

He is very happy. Xiaoyin has a good connection with him!

Of course, he knew very well that Ruirui would not be too happy if he knew that garrot named him Dahong.

After working together for many years, he suggested to garrot: “why don’t you change the name of Dahong? I think Ruirui is very suitable for him.”

“Nonsense!” Garrot hums and smiles, “big red is the most suitable name for him. Have you ever seen a mermaid with his red?”

Mu Chen: “… After all, it’s an intermediate and superior Mermaid. You take it too casually. He may not like it.”

Garrot patted him on the shoulder: “he likes it very much! Isn’t your little silver taken according to the color? If you feel free, change his name and call him Ruirui.”

Mu Chen stared at him: “bah, Xiaoyin is called Xiaoyin.”

Garrot looked at his back as he strode away, looking puzzled.

There are many people who are as angry as garrot. These people buy mermaids with their own ability or financial resources, try their best to make mermaids happy and want mermaids to sing. Unexpectedly, someone hurt mermaids!

Fortunately, your majesty found it in time, otherwise they might never hear the mermaid singing again.

They were furious at the thought of the consequences of the situation.

This is equivalent to killing them.

The whole case will be heard in public. The person in charge will be directly sentenced to death, and the other direct participants will be treated as stream crimes. All buyers will either serve their sentences or lose a lot of money, and agent a will never be sold to them.

An Jin proposed not to sell agent a.

When the sentence came out, everyone felt shocked because they didn’t expect it to be so severe.

After all, although mermaids are very precious, they are just pets.

Augustus shouted that his majesty abused power for personal gain and made arbitrary judgments regardless of the law. He thought that all judgments were too severe because his majesty fell in love with the pure Mermaid.

He shouted to appeal, and the rest of the people were aroused by him and shouted not to accept it, so they wanted to appeal to the court.

However, the court’s attitude was very firm. For a time, the people on star network talked about whether they should be punished so severely.

When good night was broadcast live, everyone’s eyes fell – the pure Mermaid actually spoke.

And he said more than just a single word. He could even communicate with his majesty normally.

Norman squatted on the shore and waved to the little mermaid, “Ann, come here.”

An Jin swam with his blue tail and said, “have all the bad guys been caught?”

Norman replied, “got it.”

An Jin’s blue eyes bent: “it’s great. I hope the injured Mermaid can get better soon.”

He said, his cheeks bulging and showing an angry look: “Xiao Yin said that if the bad guy doesn’t catch him, he won’t sing to anyone again.”

He paused and said, “me too.”

Although he said his lines in advance, an Jin subconsciously looked at Norman’s face. Of course he wouldn’t do that. Norman is different from the rest.

The barrage went crazy. What did they hear!

The Slovak and Austrian people are no strangers to Xiao Yin. This is the mermaid of general Mu Chen, the head of the third army. It was originally photographed by his majesty, and His Majesty was blacklisted because of him.

Not long ago, his majesty appealed to clarify the truth of Xiaoyin’s injury and let more people know Xiaoyin.

[how can Ann know what Xiaoyin said?]

[can the pure Mermaid understand other mermaids?]

[or can mermaids communicate with each other?]

[mermaids will also be angry. They hold a grudge like this!]

Don’t you realize the most terrible thing? The pure Mermaid can speak.

[and it fully shows that mermaids have IQ.]

At this time, Norman looked at the live ball: “tomorrow, Ann will apply for intelligent biological judgment.”

[God, intelligent creature!]

[are the other mermaids, too?]

Although Norman could not see the phantom barrage, he could guess what they would say, but he did not give any response.

This night is destined to be a sleepless night.


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