After Being a Mermaid Chapter 5

Norman and an Jin looked at each other quietly all the way. The atmosphere was friendly.

Ten minutes later, the suspension car landed in front of a villa north of the palace.

Both sides of the door rise like wings, and then a metal plate extends out of the door to connect to the ground, like a slide.

An Jin looked out along the door. The faint light of silver blue like Tulle on the ground was very beautiful.

Norman pushed the container to the door and let go.

The container slid down the metal plate. In the blink of an eye, the container reached the ground and slid forward for a short section. It didn’t stop until it hit the corridor column. The water in the container shook violently.

An Jin was startled. The whole fish fluctuated with the water, with slight pain in the back of the brain and dizziness.

He quickly supported the metal wall with his hand, stabilized his body and stared at the door.

Before staring at Norman, he saw a science fiction style suspension car.

Half round, huge, black as a whole, with a layer of silver blue light on the surface, which is very eye-catching.

He looked up, and two hemispherical celestial bodies with silver blue light hung in the night sky.

This is not the earth.

Norman pressed the button, the metal plate retracted into the suspension car, and he jumped from the suspension car to the ground.

An Jin heard the voice and looked at Norman, and then looked at the door more than a meter above the ground.

Fortunately, instead of pushing the container directly to the ground, the man used a slide.

He was so dizzy that his anger suddenly disappeared.

Norman went up to the container and pushed it forward.

An Jin was aware of his purpose and turned to look ahead.

It is a three story villa, mainly white and yellow.

He didn’t have a chance to take a closer look, but he also found that there were exquisite carvings and ornaments in many places, which looked very luxurious.

Norman dropped his eyes and saw the little mermaid’s white and slender waist and smooth tail.

He looked away and pushed the little mermaid through the porch into the living room.

The living room has a large area, but the layout is very simple. A sofa and a tea table are all dark.

“Welcome home, master.” A humanoid, silver skinned robot in a black suit walked to Norman’s side, bowed to welcome, and then reported, “the mermaid room has been cleaned.”

Norman unbuttoned his cufflinks, stepped aside, gave way to push the container and ordered, “send him over.”

Robot: “yes, master.”

An Jin stared at the robot curiously. The robot’s action was very natural. He observed carefully and found that there seemed to be a chip in the middle of the robot’s silver pupil.

He was pushed into a room with three-quarters of a pool. The pool was divided into two, separated by a ceramic tile wall.

The area of the pool near the door is much larger, almost ten times that of the small pool.

The upper left corner of the large pool and the lower left corner of the small pool are built with sloping slope towards the bottom, and slightly convex horizontal bars are made on the slope, like anti-skid.

An Jin is guessing the purpose of this design. The container is opened by the robot, and the water in it immediately flows into the pool.

An Jin was washed into the pool again.

This time, he only panicked for a moment, calmed down, floated to the water, brushed his hair off his face and looked at the shore.

The robot did not respond to his gaze, dragged the container out of the room, and the door closed.

Only Anjin was left in the room. Anjin stared at the door for a while. It was a homely style. Press the handrail to open it.

He looked away from the door and looked at the room.

On the right side of the room is a metal shelf cabinet, similar to the form of Bogu shelf, on which nothing is placed.

Next to the cabinet is a square container. I don’t know what it is used for.

The room was really simple. He looked at it and his eyes fell on the window.

The window was about two meters from the ground. It was very wide and big. He could only see the trunk and leaves outside the window. They were all varieties he didn’t know.

Watching, there was a noise at the door.

He turned around and saw the man come in with a big tray.

Norman looked at the little mermaid. His eyes swept around the pool quietly. He didn’t see any traces of activity. He was a little surprised.

This Mermaid seems really good and quiet.

He went to the pool, squatted down, put down the tray, and looked at the little mermaid.

An Jin’s eyes moved from Norman to the tray. There were two round fish in it. The fish had been treated. The fish was white and pink and looked very fresh.

But there are still black spots in the meat.

An Jin blinked. Is this for him?

He remembered what had happened this afternoon and couldn’t help but have a reliable guess.

He may have been bought by the man in front of him! I bought it after bidding.

Many people saw him in the afternoon, and finally he was taken away by the man.

Men provide him with shelter and food, much like keeping pets.

If he really becomes a pet, the person in front of him

It’s his master!

An Jin was stunned and soon calmed down again.

Being a pet is much better than worrying about being bitten by zombies at the end of the day.

Although he felt guilty about doing nothing, eating and drinking others’ food, he had no choice.

An Jin looks at the “master”. The man’s expression is serious. His expression is very calm. It’s completely different from the way he remembered when the officials shoveling excrement saw his pet.

Ann can’t help guessing that men buy him not because they like him, but for other reasons.

For reasons like cat decompression.

An Jin sincerely hopes that his conjecture is correct. He hopes to give back rather than eat for nothing.

After thinking about it, an Jin decides to be a pleasant “pet” to please his new parents.

Think about how pathetic stray cats and dogs are. He can’t be abandoned.

At least when you don’t understand the world and have no language, you can’t be abandoned!

Even if he seems very valuable, there are many breeds of cats and dogs that can be discarded before.

In particular, a man doesn’t look bad for money. I’m afraid he won’t be distressed to buy his money.

Norman looked at the little mermaid for a while. Seeing that the little mermaid was dull and didn’t move, Norman bowed his head.

He relaxed his muscles, lowered his head and exposed his fragile neck, as if he had completely put down his guard in front of the little mermaid.

In fact, he was wondering when the mermaid would attack him.

However, after waiting for a while, the mermaid did not move.

He could not help but hope. The mermaid was gentle and clever and was not ready to attack him.

This mermaid is the mermaid he wants.

He stretched out his hand and fiddled with the two fish casually placed in the plate. He put the two fish side by side and neatly, like a queue.

Anxin looked at his behavior suspiciously and secretly guessed that men might have OCD.

Norman and the two dead fish looked at each other. The fish was ready. He had no reason to keep his head down.

Previous experience made it difficult for him to put down his guard against mermaids. He couldn’t rest assured without testing.

According to the character of the mermaid, it should have grabbed the back of his neck with its claws, but the little mermaid didn’t move.

He has been tempted for so long that he can’t go on!

He looked up and faced the little mermaid’s clear blue eyes. The little mermaid seemed stunned, and then smiled at him.

Norman was stunned. This was the first time he saw a mermaid smile. It was really beautiful.

Even if he hasn’t completely taken off his guard, he can’t help but be fond of the little mermaid in front of him.

He said, “come and eat.”

An Jin thought that the man’s low voice was really nice.

He blinked. He didn’t understand what the man said. He thought and tilted his head to show his incomprehension.

Norman’s surprise flashed in his eyes. Was it a coincidence, or did the mermaid consciously say she didn’t understand?

He gently lifted the tray with his fingers and then moved it away. The tray hit the ground with a soft noise, attracting the little mermaid’s attention to the tray. Then he pointed to the fish: “eat.”

An Jin understood his gesture. The two words they said were very short, but they had the same pronunciation. He secretly wrote it down and guessed that it meant “eat”.

He waved his tail, swam to the pool, put his hand on the shore and looked up at the man.

Looking closer, the man is still handsome, and his masculinity is more obvious, because the aura is too strong, which makes the mermaid’s heart beat faster.

Norman did not speak again, but pointed to the fish again.

An Jin bowed his head and skillfully raised the fish with his index finger. When he was ready to put it in his mouth, he thought of his plan to please the “master”. He turned his hand and handed the fish to Norman.

Norman saw his hand move towards him, moving faster than he thought. He grabbed his wrist and said in a deep voice, “can’t help it?”

He thought the little mermaid finally wanted to attack him, but when he caught it, he found something wrong.

The mermaid’s hands are soft, not the strength of the attack.

“Hiss…” an Jin took a painful breath, his eyes widened, and water vapor appeared in his beautiful eyes.

Norman immediately let go and saw his wet eyes and couldn’t help apologizing.

But… Why are you so delicate?

He has seen a mermaid with a broken hand. He is still fierce without crying.

An Jin looked at his wrist. His white wrist was only slightly red. He turned it gently. He was not hurt, and the pain soon dissipated.

Mermaid’s body is much stronger than when he was a man.

He blinked, the water vapor in his eyes disappeared, recalled the scene just now, and guessed that men might hate being close to others.

He didn’t give up. He thought for a moment and put the good fish fillets in the clean space of the tray.

Then there were two more pieces, thinking that men might have obsessive-compulsive disorder, and the three pieces of fish were placed neatly.

He looked up at the man, his eyes slightly bent, and looked very pleasant.

He pushed the tray: “here you are.”

His voice is very soft and sounds very gentle.

Norman couldn’t understand the mermaid, but he understood the mermaid’s actions. When he heard the mermaid’s soft voice, his apology turned into guilt.

The little mermaid didn’t want to attack him, but wanted to share the food.

After he misunderstood the little mermaid and scratched her hand, the little mermaid still shared the food with him.

The little mermaid’s kindness was straightforward and sincere, and he could hardly refuse it for a moment.

But it’s just almost.

As the emperor of Aoxing and the Grand Admiral of the Empire, he must always be rational.

Untreated fish is a disaster for the spiritual sea.

He looked at the looking little mermaid, pressed the space button on the smart brain bracelet, and took out a milky white nutrient from the space backpack.

An Jin was immediately attracted and made out of nothing!

He stared at the nutrient. In the milky liquid, there were scattered black particles, much smaller than the black spots of fish.

Norman quickly drank the nutrient and pointed to the fish: “I have my own food. These are yours.”

He got up and left the mermaid room quickly.

The door closed behind him. He stood there for two seconds and went to the study.

Before he had finished reading the document for a while, a pair of watery eyes kept popping up in his mind.

Although the other party was just a mermaid, he did misunderstand the other party, hurt the other party and refused the other party’s kindness.

I haven’t apologized yet!

It really makes him uncomfortable. It’s terrible.

He thought for a moment, opened the mermaid feeding manual and directly found the page where Mermaid liked. The first answer was food.

He closed the book, opened his brain and browsed the aquatic products mall. He was dazzled by the full pages of goods.

He simply arranged it in descending order, chose a big channel, placed an order and delivered it regularly tomorrow morning.


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