After Being a Mermaid Chapter 50

On the daytime star network, almost everyone is talking about the mermaid black market case.

In the evening, after an Jin’s live broadcast, the topic of “Mermaid intelligent creatures” quickly became popular and swept the whole Star Alliance.

[no wonder your majesty insists on a felony. It turns out that mermaids are intelligent creatures!]

[whether we can judge success is not certain?]

[ANN has absolutely no problem! He’s so smart!]

[even if the pure mermaid is an intelligent creature, it doesn’t mean that other mermaids are also intelligent creatures, does it?]

[at least mermaids can communicate. They have a certain IQ!]

[it’s really annoying to think about the black market case now!]

Originally, some people thought the judgment was too serious. After learning that the mermaid was likely to be an intelligent creature, they immediately changed their mind. The judgment was not serious at all!

Many people are nervous when they think that an Jin and Xiaoyin will never sing to humans again. After all, mermaids are very important to humans.

Even though the effect of agent a is the same as that of mermaid singing, the amount of agent a is small and it is difficult to buy. Except for a few people, most people still rely on Mermaid singing to supplement their mental strength.

More and more people agree with the judgment, and those who auction mermaids through formal channels put pressure on the court one after another.

What if the mermaid is not satisfied with the judgment and doesn’t sing?

There are even people who want to increase the punishment.

People like Augustus can’t succeed in appealing.

After Norman announced the intelligent creature judgment tomorrow, an Jin closed the live broadcast.

An Jin opened his mind and browsed the topic of Xingwang. He was relieved to see that people’s attention was focused on Mermaid IQ and the black market case. No one thought he could speak strangely, and no one proposed to study him.

He looked up at Norman and pinched his fingers. “Do I need to prepare anything tomorrow?”

Finally, to get rid of his pet identity, he was a little nervous and looked forward to the future.

Norman: “no, just have a good rest tonight,” he rubbed the little mermaid’s head. “Don’t have psychological pressure. You can definitely get your ID card tomorrow.”

An Jin nodded, his eyes bent unconsciously, and his tail swayed leisurely. It was obvious that he was very happy.

Suddenly, he thought of something and his face became serious.

He reached out and pointed to the nutrient beside the shelf: “I visited Xingwang and found that many people want type a soother to be sold.”

“I’ve calculated that with my current mental strength, I can purify two boxes of soothers every day, one for you and the other I want to sell.”

Norman was surprised. He didn’t expect the little mermaid to have the idea of doing business. After all, the mermaid didn’t use money from birth to growth.

When he thought of the little mermaid in the holographic world, he seemed to be very interested in making money. However, he thought that the little mermaid wanted to buy food and wanted to make money only when she had no money.

Now I found that the little mermaid seemed to like making money.

He shook his head: “I can’t take a box for nothing. How do you want to sell it?”

An Jin was also uncertain and looked at him questioningly: “what price do you think is appropriate?”

Norman shook his head: “it’s too rare. The supply can’t meet the demand. The most suitable way is auction.”

An Jin: “but if you auction every day, will it be very troublesome?”

Norman: if you want to sell it, I’m willing to buy it all

“Ah?” An Jin blinked. He mainly wanted to make money and return $25 billion. It would be a little strange if he sold it to Norman.

However, Norman wanted it, and of course he would rather sell it to Norman.

Anxin hesitated and told Norman what he thought: “you spent 25 billion on me. I want to give you back 25 billion first.”

Norman frowned: “no need to return it.”

An Jin’s attitude was very firm: “if it weren’t for you, I might have been bought by others. My life could not be better than now. It might even be like a mermaid in the black market case.”

He looked at Norman seriously: “even if I didn’t offer 25 billion, you are willing to help me make intelligent biological judgment. You are good to me, and I can’t let you suffer.”

Norman took the little mermaid’s blue eyes and low voice very seriously: “I’m very glad to take pictures of you. I won’t suffer.”

An Jin’s eyes wandered for a moment. Although he was embarrassed, he summoned up his courage and looked at him again: “because you like me?”

Before Norman could answer, he said quickly, “that’s why I have to pay you back.”

Norman’s eyes flashed a smile: “it seems that Ann already knows what I mean.”

An Jin’s heart beat a little fast. She pursed her lips to make herself look calm.

He had no emotional experience, but he also knew that Norman was different in his heart.

However, he is not sure which is different, dependence or sense of security, or lover’s feelings, he can’t tell.

He nodded, “yes, I know.”

Norman likes him very frankly. He won’t doubt or doubt as he did when he first knew.

He continued his previous topic: “I don’t have so much money now. Originally, I wanted to sell agent a to repay you 25 billion. Since you want to, can you offset it directly with agent a?”

“Of course.” Norman nodded. He looked at the little mermaid. His face was still calm, but his heart beat much faster than usual.

The little mermaid knew his mind and didn’t want to be involved in other kindness. Why?

Could it be what he thought? Is the little mermaid considering accepting him?

Norman lived in his thirties. He was so nervous for the first time, but he didn’t dare to ask. He was worried that the little mermaid felt pressure.

Ann Jin did not know Norman’s psychological activities and asked again, “how much do you think is appropriate for each?”

“Hold an auction first and set the price at the auction price,” Norman said

An Jin knows that the auction price is generally very high. He can’t help worrying: “will it be too high?”

Norman: “sellers will only think the price is low. No one will think the price is high.”

He thought that although the little mermaid was mature, it was still very simple.

“But it’s your money,” said an Jin after thinking for a while. “If you want it, it’s 100 in case. Do you think it’s expensive?”

He wanted to be cheaper, but he remembered that someone on the Internet said that 10 million would buy it.

And it doesn’t make sense for him to be too cheap. After all, it’s too cheap. He may not pay 25 billion in his life.

Norman: No, it’s too low. I didn’t pay for the nutrient solution I took before

An Jin hurriedly said, “no need.” Seeing that Norman was satisfied with the price, he was not ready to give Norman the chance to raise the price. He made a firm decision: “it’s the price.”

Speaking of this, he couldn’t help asking Norman, “the agent a you bought is used for the military headquarters. Is it your own money?”

Norman: “it’s a deal. The military pays.”

Ann Jin breathed a sigh of relief: “that’s good.”

He also felt that it would be unreasonable for Norman to pay for the medicine used in the military headquarters.

Even in feudal society, the money used for the army was paid by the state, not by the emperor.

Norman smiled at the little mermaid’s bright eyes. “Are you afraid I have no money?”

“Of course not. I know you’re rich.” An Jin said.

Norman nodded and thought that the little mermaid seemed to like making money. He solemnly stated, “yes, I am very rich.”

An Jin doesn’t understand why he suddenly shows off his wealth in a high-profile way, but looking at his serious appearance, he wants to laugh. He refrained from smiling and talked about business: “when will the Secretary General come tomorrow?”

“Eight thirty.” Norman said he saw it was late and said to the little mermaid, “good night, have a good rest tonight, good night.”

An Jin’s eyes bent: “good night, Norman.”

The next day, an Jin got up early.

He went to the holographic world to remove impurities in advance, because the ability has been upgraded, and the speed of removing impurities is much faster than before.

After clearing the impurities, he went offline directly to take care of himself.

Norman went to the door of the mermaid’s room, knocked, knocked, and was opened. The little mermaid stood behind the door.

Norman’s eyes lit up and his eyes were stunned.

The little mermaid was wearing a blue T-shirt and a fishtail skirt of the same color. Her hair was tied behind her head, and her exquisite little face was completely exposed.

The little mermaid stands on the mermaid car clean and refreshing. If she ignores the scales on her face, she looks like a teenager.

An Jin frowned and said, “let’s go to the restaurant for dinner.”

Norman nodded, took a step back and went to the restaurant side by side with the scooter. As he walked around, his eyes moved uncontrollably to the left and looked at the little mermaid.

An Jin asked, “are you going to the military headquarters this morning?”

Norman: “go after the judgment.”

An Jin didn’t want to give him trouble. He looked at him: “if you’re busy, you don’t have to accompany me. I can do it myself.”

“Not busy.” Norman said, stooping to pick up the little mermaid and gently put the little mermaid on the seat.

After the little mermaid grabbed the edge of the table and sat down, he fully let go and sat down next to him.

An Jin’s tail fin moved slightly, looked down at the ground, and a thought flashed in his eyes. It seemed more comfortable to sit.

“What’s the matter?” Asked Norman.

An Jin shook his head and pressed his psychological thoughts temporarily. After all, there are more important things later.

Early in the morning, people from Star Alliance, whether at school, work or on vacation, all did the same thing, staring at zhinao and guarding the official live broadcasting room of Star Alliance.

Finally, at 8:20, the name of the live studio was changed to “pure Mermaid for intelligent biological judgment”.

Hurry up! I can’t wait

Let me see Ann! ANN, take it easy. I’ll vote for you!]

Before the live broadcast began, the barrage was already lively.

At 8:30, the live broadcast officially began

A large and concisely decorated hall with L-shaped sofas appeared on the screen.

On the long side sat Five Star Alliance staff in suits, and near the middle was the Secretary General of the Star Alliance.

Almost everyone’s eyes fell on the two people sitting on the short side. On the outside was his majesty Norman, near the middle, and closer to the secretary general was the pure Mermaid.

The pure Mermaid seemed to know that the broadcast had started. She tilted her head and smiled at the live ball. Her blue eyes were half bent, as if they contained a Wang of lake water, clear and charming.

His red lips curved gently, and the corners of his mouth looked clever and quiet with a shallow smile.

The barrage went crazy.

[the blue T-shirt is also very suitable for Ann! It’s so beautiful and good!]

[ah, I’m fascinated by his smile. From now on, your majesty is my rival in love!]

[my mermaid is also fascinated!]

The secretary general is about 50 years old. He has been Secretary General for nearly 20 years. It is the first time to make a single intelligent biological judgment. The other party is still a very rare Mermaid.

His eyes flashed with excitement, and his eyes fell on the little mermaid, looking surprised.

The four staff members beside him also set their eyes on an Jin.

Norman glanced at the barrage and looked at the excited people. His eyes were slightly heavy and reminded him, “you can start.”

At this time, the audience has exceeded 10 billion. Obviously, almost all stars are watching the live broadcast.

The Secretary General restrained his emotions, looked serious and said, “the most basic requirements for intelligent biological judgment are IQ and language. First, let’s take a simple IQ test.”

The Secretary General opens the smart brain and calls up the virtual screen. Two black and white squares appear on the screen.

The Secretary General told him which was black and which was white, and then asked an Jin.

Confirm that an Jin is right. He changes the position of black and white and asks again.

An Jin still answered quickly.

After that, four color squares appear on the screen, black and white, red and green.

The secretary gave their colors separately, then changed their positions, and asked what color they were respectively.

An Jin gave the answer accurately and neatly without any thinking.

The Secretary General marveled that the four staff behind him quickly analyzed the reaction speed of an Jin.

When the Secretary General got the data analyzed, he looked at the direction of the live ball: “obviously, the IQ of the pure mermaid is not low.”

After that, the secretary general worked out math and language problems, and an Jin answered them quickly.

The secretary general was surprised: “have you studied?”

An Jin’s blue eyes bent: “I’ve been taught in cartoons.”

The Secretary General and the audience were even more surprised.

[really smart!]

[God, why didn’t you find it before!]

I wonder if the rest of the Mermaids are the same

[from this moment on, get to know the mermaid again.]

[recognition plus one.]

After the answer test, the secretary general gave two more manual questions, and an Jin still finished them quickly and correctly.

After the IQ test is completed, it should be a language test according to the process, because the whole process is a dialogue with the Secretary General in interstellar language, which is directly completed.

At the final stage, the Secretary General looked at the live ball and said seriously, “after our professional judgment, an an is an intelligent creature. In order to ensure the fairness of the results, please vote now.”

An Jin was suddenly a little nervous. He pinched his fingers, turned his head to the live ball, smiled and said, “I hope to make friends with humans as equals in the future.”

The little mermaid’s blue eyes are so beautiful

Looking at these eyes, I’m willing to promise anything he says

I want to be friends with you, too

Soon, the result came out. The number of votes in favor was close to 10 billion, and the result was obvious.

The Secretary General announced: “Ann is an intelligent creature.”

He looked at an Jin: “do you want to apply for your ID card now?”

An Jin nodded: “an an is my nickname. My name is an Jin. I am an adult and hope to apply for an adult ID card.”

The Secretary General seemed a little surprised, then looked at Norman and saw clearly.

Your majesty Theo’s partner, of course, must be an adult!

However, he still has to act in accordance with the laws of Xingmeng: “to apply for an adult ID card, you must prove that your labor income is enough to support yourself.”

Ann Jin looks at Norman.

Norman opened his mind and called out a contract: “this is my contract to hire an Jin. In the future, he will be my personal doctor.”

He looked at the Little Mermaid: “Ann, I’ll read it to you and sign your fingerprint if you agree.”

Norman Kai’s salary is very good. The base salary is 100 million star dollars a month, including food and accommodation.

Ann Jin was surprised that Norman said to hire him, but he didn’t mention the treatment. He thought it was too high.

He didn’t want to directly refuse Norman in front of so many live viewers. After a moment of hesitation, he turned his head, approached Norman and whispered, “the base salary is too high. I’ll sign it if you lower it.”

The live broadcast ball used by Star Alliance is of first-class quality, and the live broadcast range is only at the sofa. Even if he whispers, he is clearly heard by the audience.

[the little mermaid is so kind! She asked for a pay cut!]

Your Majesty must have just smiled! Even if he didn’t smile on his face, he smiled in his heart

I really want the little mermaid to be so close to me

The little mermaid was more petite sitting on the sofa. Norman looked down at the long and warped eyelashes of the little mermaid and wanted to touch them.

He put his hand on his knee, his fingertips moved slightly and rubbed his military pants. He cooperated with the little mermaid and whispered, “not high, you’re worth it.”

His voice was low. When he deliberately lowered his voice, he was particularly magnetic. The tip of an Jin’s ears was slightly red. He sat straight over his head and looked a little hesitant.

He thought, reached out, pressed his fingerprint on the virtual screen and signed the contract.

As long as he often sings to Norman to ensure that Norman’s mental strength is in a full state, his labor achievements deserve his salary!

After all, in the live broadcast, with so many viewers, he can’t refuse Norman and make Norman lose face.

Suddenly, I really want to be a mermaid

[Mermaid of the black market case? You want what’s good, but why don’t you see what’s bad?]

[1.2 billion a year, 12 billion in 10 years and 24 billion in 20 years, almost the same as the auction price of the little mermaid. However, with the little mermaid, you can live longer and greatly improve your ability. This price is not expensive.]

I’m willing to pay a higher salary

Don’t think about it. Your majesty won’t give you a chance

Without paying attention to the barrage, an Jin turned and asked, “Mr. Secretary General, is this OK?”

Secretary General: “of course. According to the star alliance law, the nationality of an individual intelligent creature with unknown nationality is the country of residence temporarily. Do you agree?”

An Jin: “temporarily?”

Secretary General: “it’s just a cautious statement. If you can find your hometown, you can return to your original nationality as long as you receive it locally.”

An Jin nodded: “I agree.”

Secretary General: “to make an ID card, we need to collect your genes and deal with it in a quarter of an hour.”

An Jin extended his hand. A staff member took a drop of his blood and took it to the machine for treatment.

Another staff member took an Jin’s ID card. Norman and the Secretary General got up and let the little mermaid sit alone on the sofa.

Soon, an Jin got his ID card chip. The chip was inserted into his brain, and all the information was synchronized.

An Jin looks through his personal information interface and belongs to the country: si’ao empire.

He is a little excited. From today on, he is no longer a pet. He is an independent and free social individual.

In this strange world, he finally has an independent identity!

“Ann.” Norman looked down at the little mermaid.

He was so excited to see the little mermaid for the first time.

An Jin recovered and smiled at him. Thinking that he was still broadcasting live, he quickly restrained his mind and thanked the Secretary General.

The Secretary General politely said that this was his job, then looked at the live ball and announced: “the live broadcast is over.”

An would like to hesitate for a moment and ask before the Secretary General leaves, “may I have your means of communication?”

After experiencing the judgment of intelligent creatures, he is very confident that the other mermaids will pass the judgment.

But he was not sure whether the other mermaids would like to, so he had to discuss with them first.

There are differences between group and individual judgment. If the mermaid also wants to make intelligent biological judgment, with the communication of the secretary general, he can consult the Secretary General.

The Secretary General said, “of course.”

Norman guessed an Jin’s plan. Although he didn’t want the little mermaid to exchange communication with others, he didn’t stop it.

After the exchange of communication methods, the Secretary General left with the staff. An Jin couldn’t help checking the identity information again, his eyes shining.

Suddenly, he glanced over his personal account and saw that the balance was more than five million.

He was surprised. After checking the bill, he knew that his live broadcast ended last night, and the bet “can the mermaid learn to speak” had been settled.

The extra money is all right!

Norman looked down and saw the bet settlement interface. He frowned: “Ann.”

Anxin seldom heard his serious voice, so he quickly looked up at him.

Norman said in a deep voice, “where did you learn about online gambling?”

An Jin felt that he was angry and explained, “I saw it when I visited Xingwang. Because it was related to me, I bet.”

Now looking back, I don’t think it’s very good. He knew the result, but he bet. It was cheating.

He whispered, “is there a way to return the money I made? I, I don’t want to cheat money, just because I know the answer and have a sense of superiority.”

He said, feeling more and more childish and embarrassed to bow his head.

Norman looked at the little mermaid’s head and was annoyed. He seemed too strict.

He rubbed the little mermaid’s hair in a gentle voice: “don’t pay it back. In fact… It’s OK to like playing, but it should be moderate.”

Ann Jin looked up in surprise and Norman said, “I’ll take you to play more interesting bets in the future.”

An Jin: “…” before Norman, he was very angry.

He whispered, “fortunately, I am a sensible adult, otherwise I will be spoiled by you.”

Norman’s eyes flashed a smile. Seeing the little mermaid moving its tail, he thought of the Little Mermaid Sitting for a long time: “I’ll take you back to the mermaid room?”

An Jin looks at the scooter.

Norman disapproved: “let the tail rest.” He reached out and picked up the little mermaid.

An Jin subconsciously grabbed his skirt. When he reacted, he quickly let go, but he saw that the skirt was wrinkled by him. He patted it with his palm and wanted to flatten the clothes.

Norman’s body was slightly taut. An Jin immediately noticed that the touch under the palm of his hand became stronger. He quickly retracted his hand, folded his hands on his abdomen, hung his eyes, and whispered, “I, I just want to smooth your clothes.”

Norman chuckled and his chest fluctuated obviously. An Jin was next to him. The laughter was transmitted to his ears through his chest. It felt very special and a sense of vibration.

An Jin’s face was hot and suddenly remembered that he had seen it somewhere: men can’t stand provocation, especially single old men.

incorrect! What was he thinking? He didn’t tease at all!

Besides, Norman is not old. He’s only thirty-five, isn’t he?

Norman put the little mermaid into the pool and inadvertently glanced over. He saw the little mermaid’s transparent ears red: “what are you thinking?”

“Old man.” Two villains in an Jin’s mind were discussing whether a 35-year-old bachelor was an old man. After listening to his question, he subconsciously said it.

An Jin was stunned, his eyes slightly opened, and hurriedly explained: “it’s not you!”

“…” he couldn’t help but want to cover his face. How did he feel that the more he explained, the worse it was!

Norman stood still, old man! man

His face became more and more serious. He looked at the white skin outside the scales of the little mermaid, swept the white and tender neck of the little mermaid, and then thought of his wheat skin.

He was deep in thought. Maybe he could start sleeping with the mask instead of trying to sleep in the water. Beauty?

Seeing Norman silent, ANN could not help suspecting that Norman had been hit by him. She quickly said, “I really don’t mean you. You are still very young and not old at all!”

Norman looked at him with deep eyes: “do you really think so?”

An Jin nodded heavily: “yes!”

Norman was silent for a moment and pointed to his face. “Will you be younger if you turn white?”

“…” an Jin wanted to laugh. Seeing his serious face, he also said seriously, “no, wheat colored skin suits you very well. It’s very handsome and good-looking.”

Norman grabbed the point: “do you think I’m handsome and good-looking?”

An Jin nodded. It was a fact. He admitted it calmly.

Norman was very happy, but he still remembered that the beauty of the little mermaid seemed different from that of human beings.

He looked at the Little Mermaid: “do you think the system face you chose in the holographic world is as good as me?”

An Jin:?

Is it comparable?


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