After Being a Mermaid Chapter 51

Ann Jin wondered why Norman asked such an obvious question.

Norman is handsome and ordinary. There is no comparability between the two.

“Of course you look better.” An Jin affirmed.

He remembered the image of Norman’s holographic world. Is Norman’s aesthetics different from him? He looked at Norman with strange eyes.

Norman did not know the misunderstanding of the little mermaid. At the beginning, the little mermaid firmly chose the system face. He thought the little mermaid thought the system face was good-looking.

Hearing the little mermaid’s affirmative answer, he thought a little and thought of the little mermaid’s saying that someone wanted to take advantage of him. He understood.

The little mermaid wants a systematic face because the original face is too easy to cause trouble.

Therefore, the beauty of the little mermaid is the same as that of human beings!

Compared with the mermaid, he has no disadvantage!

Zhinao whispered. It was the adjutant’s information. After reading it, he said to the little mermaid, “I’ll go to the military headquarters and come back to pick you up at noon.”

An Jin put his hands on the edge of the bank, bent his eyes and nodded his little head: “OK.”

Norman left the mermaid room and went to the military headquarters.

An Jin swings his tail, swims to the middle of the pool, leans against the big crab, opens his brain and looks at the house.

With his independent identity, he can buy his own house, which will make him feel stable.

He originally planned to find a house centered on the palace, but he found that the houses near the palace and the houses in the remote location of SiO city were very expensive. With his current deposit of 5 million yuan, he couldn’t buy the house he wanted.

Although the price of pure nutrients is high, he has to pay Norman 25 billion first.

One million a dose, 100 doses is 100 million. Now he can purify two boxes a day, that is, 200 million, which will take more than 100 days to pay off.

An Jin thought he was making a lot of money, but after such a calculation, he found that he was actually in debt.

Fortunately, Norman has food and accommodation.

He thought about it and decided not to buy a house for the time being, but to see a wheelchair instead.

At breakfast, he thought that if he was in a wheelchair, it would be more stable than a scooter.

However, when searching for wheelchairs, there are very few products. Only two companies sell them, and the sales are in single digits.

After checking, I found that few people use wheelchairs, and the mechanical organs are very mature. Unless the lower body is completely paralyzed, most people can’t use them.

This also means that if you go out in a wheelchair, it will attract special attention.

An Jin then gave up the idea of going out in a wheelchair, but bought a wheelchair and stayed in the villa.

After buying the wheelchair, he searched for the capsule mask. The mask needs to be customized on site and bound with the ID card.

He touched the scales on his face and decided to consult Norman first.

When Norman returned to the palace at noon, he saw the little mermaid standing on the scooter in a T-shirt and fishtail skirt, at the kitchen door, watching the cook cook cook food.

The little mermaid’s blue eyes are very bright, and her small Adam’s apple rolls like a greedy one.

Norman approached and immediately smelled a pungent smell. It was fragrant and spicy. The taste was very heavy. His saliva was secreted unconsciously.

An Jin turned his head and looked at Norman with curved eyebrows: “I asked the cook to cook braised prawns and spicy crabs.”

Because the taste is too spicy, his eyes and nose are a little red, commensurate with his white skin. He looks a little pathetic.

Norman’s eyes were slightly dark. He didn’t know why. Seeing the appearance of the little mermaid, he had an impulse to get close to the little mermaid.

An Jin didn’t expect that as soon as he opened his mouth, he was choked by the spicy taste and coughed constantly.

Holding the armrest of the scooter with both hands, he had no way to tidy himself. A layer of water vapor appeared in his eyes. Tears stained his eyelashes and couldn’t even wipe it with his hand.

Vaguely seeing Norman approaching, he coughed and turned his face and said, “no, cough, don’t come here.”

Norman approached quickly, took out a soft handkerchief, held the little mermaid’s soft chin in one hand, and gently wiped the little mermaid’s eyes and mouth.

An Jin’s face turned red. He was not only hot, but also embarrassed: “thank you.”

His voice was very soft, because he had just coughed hard. At this time, he looked a little dumb, so he looked a little pathetic.

Norman looked at the little mermaid with red eyes and nose, listened to his soft and hoarse voice, and his heart was restless and soft.

He maintained a serious expression, suppressed the impulse in his heart, restrained his hand, stroked the little mermaid’s reddish eyes and tail, left at one touch, and took a step aside: “go to the mermaid room.”

The scooter immediately moved and drove smoothly towards the mermaid room at the slowest speed.

When he got to the mermaid room, an Jin quietly asked the scooter to go to the bathroom. He took care of himself before he came out. He jumped directly into the pool, swam to the shore, lowered his head and didn’t see Norman.

What an embarrassment!

Norman looked at the head of the little mermaid and a smile flashed in his eyes. The little mermaid was so cute!

“Ann,” Norman Wen said aloud, “look up and let me see.”

An Jin’s transparent tail fin moved up and down slightly in the water. He clenched his fingers, raised his small head and whispered, “thank you.”

His voice was still a little hoarse, but it was better than just now, and Norman was relieved.

Norman’s heart softened, but his face remained serious: “stay away from the pepper in the future. If the pepper powder accidentally flies to your eyes, you will feel very uncomfortable.”

Norman couldn’t help worrying about the thought that the little mermaid might even fall down if she raised her hand when she was standing on the scooter.

His heart moved: “Ann, I thought of a more suitable transportation tool for you.”

He opened his brain and showed the little mermaid the picture.

An Jin looks at the wheelchair on the virtual screen with curved eyebrows and eyes. Norman and he want to go together!

“I bought it this morning, but the finished wheelchair in the store is not suitable for me. I proposed to make some modifications. They said they would deliver it in two days.”

Norman was annoyed. He should have considered it long ago. Without introspection, he still didn’t care enough about the little mermaid.

Probably homeopathic thinking. When the little mermaid said it was inconvenient to move, his first thought was the scooter.

Ann Jin doesn’t know what Norman thinks. She just feels that Norman considers him everywhere and feels very warm and sweet in her heart.

He thought of something he needed to consult. His head tilted to the left and raised his hand to point his cheek: “can the capsule mask block the scales?”

The little mermaid’s delicate facial features, blue eyes and crooked head made Norman itch.

Norman raised his hand, paused halfway and asked politely, “may I touch the scales on your face?”

An Jin guessed that he wanted to try whether he could use the mask, so he nodded.

Norman gently touched the scales of the little mermaid with his finger pulp. There was no obvious bulge, just like the skin, but the touch was cold and smooth.

An Jin’s fingers curled up, and the soft touch on his face made him feel a little itchy and want to scratch.

Soon Norman noticed the scales under his fingers and the temperature rose.

The little mermaid is really very shy.

He withdrew his hand: “yes, but the scales are different from the skin texture. If you want to fit, you should use other materials. The capsule mask needs to be customized on site.”

An Jin’s eyes lit up. He thought that if the scales didn’t work, he could only secretly buy a capsule mask and turn it into a human shape.

Since the capsule mask can directly fit the scales, he can save energy.

He unconsciously leaned forward: “I want to customize. Can you introduce me to a manufacturer?”

“Of course, I’ll take you after two days off,” Norman said, glancing at the smart brain in the little mermaid’s hand. “Smart brain also needs to be bought again. It has to be bound with ID card. It has to use a better smart brain.”

An Jin is very happy. Zhinao doesn’t care. With a mask, as long as he blocks his tail, he can go out with a mask.

Norman saw that the little mermaid was happy and couldn’t help being happy. He thought that the little mermaid was really easy to be satisfied.

After a while, the cook told him to eat three minutes later. Norman picked up the little mermaid and went to the restaurant.

After lunch, Norman sent the little mermaid to the mermaid center.

Norman held the little mermaid and put the little mermaid firmly on the scooter.

An Jin drove the scooter and got on the car through the metal plate connecting the suspension car. Soon, the suspension car landed in the parking lot of the mermaid center.

As soon as he entered the gate, an Jin noticed that many eyes fell on him. He swept his eyes and found that the usually empty hall was very busy at this time. Several mermaids were driving around in a scooter.

Other mermaids who do not drive a scooter float in the mermaid car to watch. As long as the breeder pushes the mermaid car, he will be yelled.

“Ann!” Xiaoyin drives a scooter and stops in front of an Jin. Ling Ling and Rui follow him closely.

Ann was surprised and surprised to see that they played very well: “what did you teach them?”

Xiaoyin nodded proudly, “uh huh, ANN, you also play with us!”

Ann Jin looked at Norman and said, “I’ll play with them for a while.”

Norman rubbed the little mermaid’s head: “pay attention to safety. Don’t leave the water too long.”

An Jin nodded, and Norman reminded the staff to remind the little mermaid to return to the entertainment area in an hour at most.

An Jin played with Xiaoyin for half an hour. He didn’t use the water power. Therefore, when he felt that his tail was a little dry, he speculated that Xiaoyin’s situation would be worse. After all, Xiaoyin played longer than him.

“Go back to the entertainment area first. If you still want to play, take a break and continue. Let your tail bubble.” An Jin said.

Xiaoyin agreed with them and drove a scooter to the entertainment area.

The Mermaids who watched patted the container wall one after another and urged the breeder: “slow bipedal beast, don’t follow up quickly.”

The breeders sighed one after another that the 10000 fish fans deserved their reputation.

“Stingy bipedal beast, I also want to play the scooter!” A mermaid roared angrily.

An Jin is preparing to go into the water. Hearing this, he turns his head and conveys the words of the mermaid.

The breeder was stunned and his eyes flashed: “you can really communicate with the mermaid!”

An Jin nodded without denying.

The man immediately promised, “buy it right away. You tell him not to worry,” he smiled. “Can you ask him to sing me more songs? I’ll buy whatever I want.”

An Jin conveyed the words of the breeders and conveyed their thoughts to the other mermaids who wanted to take a taxi.

The breeders also wanted to talk to an Jin and were glared at by the other mermaids.

An Jin comforted the mermaid, jumped into the water, wagged his tail and breathed comfortably.

Sure enough, the tail is the most comfortable in the water!

Mermaid surrounded him: “Ann is so powerful that she can communicate with bipedal beasts!”

“Ann, can you teach me how to play the scooter later?” A mermaid looked at an Jin expectantly.

An Jin hesitated: “I have something to do later. I’m going to the tree house.”

Although the Mermaids didn’t know the reason, they all knew that an Jin liked to stay in the tree house, so the mermaid turned around and asked Xiaoyin to teach.

Xiao Yin hummed softly and raised his chin slightly: “I only teach once. I’m too stupid to learn, so I won’t teach.”

“I can learn it at once!”

“Me too. I can learn it at once!”

“Wait a minute, Bibi!”

“Just compare!”

An Jin glanced around and found that there were many mermaids today. He thought about it and asked Ling Ling: “is today the time when there are most mermaids in the mermaid center?”

Ling Ling shook his head: “when two feet beast is idle, Mermaid will be more.”

An Jin thought about it and thought it made sense. Today is a working day. Not all breeders are free to send the mermaid to the mermaid center.

So he decided to wait for the weekend, when most mermaids were there, tell the mermaid that he had successfully determined to be an intelligent creature, tell the mermaid the differences between humans and them, and then ask the mermaid what he thought.

After chatting with the mermaid for a while, he went to the tree house, put on his helmet and went into the holographic world to exercise his powers.

After practicing for almost an hour, he was about to continue. Suddenly, he heard the sharp alarm and the roar of the mermaid. He was nervous and hurried off the line.

He returned to the pool through the conveyor belt and quickly appeased the mermaid who was angry because of the alarm. As soon as his sight was swept, little Yin Lingrui was not there.

He looked to the shore. His scooter was still there. He swam to stand on the scooter. When he saw the people who came out of the glass house and went out, he quickly asked, “what happened?”

The man shook his head. “I don’t know.”

An Jin drove the scooter out. As soon as he went out, he heard a noise. The hall was very chaotic. The staff stopped the mermaid playing the scooter and asked them to go back to the entertainment area. However, the mermaid was unwilling and wanted to go out.

An Jin arrives at the door of the hall and is stopped by two machine working mermaids.

The mechanical prompt sound starts: “mermaid is not allowed to go out.”

An Jin frowned. Before, there was no robot guarding the door. The security was mainly concentrated at the gate of the center. Did you arrange guards because he found that the mermaid would meet the scooter?

He releases his perception. Xiaoyin is outside and yelling at people. Ruirui and Ling Ling are not there.

His range of perception expanded, and a scream came: “God, there are shallow sea sharks!”

“Over, those two mermaids are dead!”

An Jin feels tight. Half of the mermaid center building is at sea. This half is the entertainment area of the center, and the water in the entertainment area is the natural seawater.

There is a wide platform in front of the central building, with a parking lot on the right and facing the sea on the left.

The sound he felt came from the sea.

At the next moment, his perception spread to the sea. Ruirui and Ling Ling swam in the distance, and a huge light blue, shark like head quickly approached them.

An Jin was so nervous that he drove the scooter out directly. The robot was firmly in front and was not afraid of being hit at all.

An Jin thought. Two streams of water rushed in from the robot’s eyes, and then spread inside the robot, forming a high-speed rotating water arrow, damaging the robot’s heart joints.

The robot’s eyes suddenly flashed red.

An Jin bypassed them and went out through the gate. Behind him came the shouting of the staff who hurried over, but he didn’t listen.

As soon as he went out, the noisy and chaotic human voice and the scream of the mermaid came into his ears.

“Asshole bipedal beast, let me go!” When an Jin approached, he saw a small silver that stood out in the crowd.

Xiaoyin was held vertically by a security guard. His hands and tail kept struggling. The security guard was hurt on his face, but he still held him firmly, just didn’t let go.

Sensing an Jin, Xiao Yin stopped struggling and turned to an Jin: “an an an!”

An Jin hurried over: “what happened?”

Xiaoyin quickly and angrily told an Jin what had happened: “the two legged beasts don’t let Ruirui and Ling Ling be together. They have to separate them every day!”

“We just played the scooter in the hall. The mermaids were playing here. It was too crowded. We went out to play. The bipedal beast wanted to catch us back. Ruirui and Ling Ling hid the bipedal beast. The car drove to the nearest position. Rui was very happy to see the sea, so he jumped into the sea and eloped with Ling Ling.”

“I also want to go with them, but I want to wait for you. I want to see where Ling Ling and them are going. I can find them later, and I will be controlled by this hateful bipedal beast!”

He said, his tail flicked, as if he wanted to shake the security guard’s tail, but his action was affected because he was tightly held by the security guard.

An Jin’s perception locked the shallow water shark and ruiruirui Lingling. Aware that the two sides had exchanged hands, he dared not delay any more. He said to Xiaoyin, “the sea is very dangerous. Don’t jump into the sea. Lingling is in danger. I’ll save them.”

“Pure mermaid!”

“Ann, why are you here? It’s dangerous here. Go back quickly!”

The person standing on the platform to see the situation in the sea shouted anxiously when he saw an Jin.

In addition to working mermaids, only Mermaid breeders are allowed to enter the mermaid center, so there are not many onlookers.

The captain of the security team of the mermaid center was communicating with people and shouted: “two intermediate mermaids are in danger in the sea. Please ask the maritime rescue team for support!”

He hung up the communication, saw an Jin and hurriedly said, “Mermaid can’t get close!”

An Jin ignored it, glanced at the platform, drove the scooter to the empty space at the edge of the platform, and looked down at the sea.

The captain was worried about another accident and shouted, “hurry, catch him!”

In an Jin’s perception, Ruirui blocks Ling Ling’s body and gives the shallow water shark a claw. The shallow water shark retaliates angrily, and Rui Rui’s arm is injured.

An Jin noticed that the security guard was close and didn’t want to be caught. Regardless of the height of the platform from the water, he jumped directly into the sea with his tail.

There was a cry of surprise around. Someone stretched out his hand to catch him, but he didn’t catch anything.

An Jin’s small face was tight. When he was about to fall into the water, a water ball suddenly appeared and caught him steadily. He entered the water safely.

As soon as he got into the water, he quickly swam in the direction of Ruirui and Ling Ling. His tail swayed rapidly and swam very fast. The water was broken by his body, and the water lines formed a white line behind him.

“Ruirui, get out of the way!” The cold voice was filled with panic and anger.

An Jin immediately mobilized his powers. A water wall stood in front of Ruirui. The head of the shallow water shark was scratched by the fast running water. The pain came, and it subconsciously retreated.

An Jin shouted, “run.”

“Ann!” Ruirui and Ling Ling shouted in unison, with a surprise in their voice.

An Jin quickly swam in front of them and moved his mind. Two water arrows with thick arms shot out of the water and straight into the eyes of shallow water sharks.

The people on the shore said, “my God! What’s that?”

“Who launched the attack?”

“Is it a solid mermaid?”

The shallow water shark roared, and the severe pain made it roll in the water. The sea water fluctuated greatly and spread around with it as the center.

An Jin and Rui Ling are pushed out by the sea.

Another two big guys appeared in an Jin’s perception. As soon as he felt tight in his heart, he felt their direction and immediately understood that they were attracted by the smell of blood.

An Jin quickly asks Ruirui and Ling Ling to swim far away.

He uses his perception to avoid dangerous creatures in the sea and swim towards a safe area, so he has a very smooth journey.

After feeling that there was no danger around, Ann was relieved, gasped, stopped, turned and looked behind her.

Seeing Ling Ling holding the injured Ruirui, she looked uncomfortable and couldn’t say anything to scold.

He swam over, grabbed ruiruirui’s hand and operated his power to heal ruiruirui. Ruirui’s wrinkled eyebrows could be seen to stretch out, and looked at an Jin in surprise: “An’an, you’re great!”

He said, shaking his hands and leaning his head close to Ling Ling’s face: “I’m okay, don’t worry.”

Ling Ling turned to hide from him and said coldly, “who let you stand in front of me? Fool!”

Ruirui reached out to hold him and rubbed his neck: “you’re hurt, I’ll be very sad.”

An Jin: “…” he held his forehead and said with a small face, “you can’t mess around like this in the future! The sea is so dangerous that you don’t know the situation. How dare you jump casually!”

Ruirui hugged Ling Ling tightly: “I want to be with Ling Ling, damn two legged beast! I don’t want two legged beasts if I don’t let us be together!”

Ling Ling blinked her white golden eyes: “I’ll be more careful in the future. I don’t know it’s dangerous here.”

His eyes were firm: “but I don’t regret it. I like the sea,” he looked at the boundless distance of the sea, “in the water, I can go wherever I want.”

Ruirui nodded: “me too. I don’t want to stay in the house every day! The big fish just appeared too suddenly. Next time, I can kill it!”

Ruirui said, his red eyes full of determination.

An Jin remembers that at a glance, the shallow water shark has deep scars. It is obvious that it was caught by Ruirui.

Mermaid’s combat effectiveness is very strong, but she has been raised for too long.

An Jin looks back at the direction of the mermaid center. The building can only see a small shadow. It has been swimming fast. It turned out that they swam so far unconsciously.

If Norman knew he was in the water, he would be very worried.

He looked at his wrist, opened his brain, and was about to contact Norman. He heard ruiruirui say, “Ann, let’s go first, otherwise we will be caught by two legged beasts, and they will certainly separate us again!”

An Jin hurriedly said, “don’t be impulsive. The sea is too dangerous! Have you forgotten? I can communicate with the bipedal beast. I told your bipedal beast that they won’t separate you.”

Ruirui hesitated for a moment and Ling Ling looked at the sea: “I don’t want to stay in the house all the time. I like the sea. There is water everywhere. My movement is unrestricted. I belong to the sea!”

Rui Rui hurriedly said, “I’m with Ling Ling.”

Ling Ling looked at the direction of the mermaid Center: “Ann, come with us. The bipedal beast will come soon.”

An Jin shakes her head. Ling Ling shows a reluctant look. She looks at Ruirui and thinks that Ruirui has not seen him for two days and has forgotten him. Her eyes are firm.

“Ann, bye!” Ling Ling swings her tail and swims to the distance. Ruirui quickly follows.

An Jin really doesn’t trust them. Mermaids have been raised all the time and have no field survival experience at all.

He opened his mind and contacted Norman while following two.

Norman almost immediately connected to the communication, and his steady voice was nervous: “Ann, are you hurt?”

“I’m fine. Don’t worry,” replied an Jin, telling Ling Ling and Ruirui, “I don’t trust them. I’ll try to persuade them back together with them.”

Norman stood on the platform and looked at the sea animals eating shallow water sharks in the sea. The sea water was dyed blood red and did not dare to let the little mermaid return. He seriously reminded: “pay attention to your safety and I’ll pick you up right away.”

An Jin looked at the two swimming in front: “don’t show up quietly. Ling Ling, they will hide further when they see humans. I’ll try to persuade them.”

Norman said, “OK, don’t hang up the communication.”

An Jin: “yes.”

He thought for a while and had a plan in his heart. He thought about how to ‘persuade’ Ling Ling and Ruirui.


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