After Being a Mermaid Chapter 52

An Jin asked loudly, “do you really decide to stay in the sea and not go back?”

Ruirui Ling Ling nodded as she swam. Ling Ling felt that he had been following behind and asked happily, “Ann, do you want to come with us?”

An Jin looked at the two. He was really worried. Looking at their firm appearance, he knew that he could not persuade them, so he said, “I’m with you.”

He accelerated, swam in front of Ling Ling and Ruirui, and the two happily followed him.

An Jin releases his perception and takes Ruirui Lingling to swim in the sea. He encounters several waves of fierce fish left alone in the sea. Three of them are chased around the sea.

Feeling that Ling Ling and Ruirui are not energetic enough, he avoids the dangerous creatures in the sea and takes them to the sparsely populated place.

During this period, he always released his perception, and the surrounding environment appeared in his mind. Suddenly, he felt that he was familiar with his surroundings.

“Ann?” Ruirui sees him stop and doubts.

An Jin felt that there was no one near the water. He surfaced and looked around. He found that it was a suburban factory. The previous Mermaid black market was underground.

Ann thought it was convenient for Norman to bring people over, so she said, “we’ll stay here.”

Ling Ling looked around and saw that there was no big fish. She was relieved: “listen to Ann.”

An Jin whispered in interstellar language, “we’re in a suburban factory. Don’t make a noise.”

An invisible warship is overhead of an Jin. Norman sits in the co pilot, staring at the little mermaid on the virtual screen, restraining the idea of going down to take the little mermaid and respecting the arrangement of the little mermaid.

The little mermaid regards the mermaid as a friend. If Ling Ling and Ruirui go missing because of his recklessness, the Little Mermaid will be sad.

Of course, he can take the mermaid away by tough means, but if the mermaid resists, it is likely to be injured, and the Little Mermaid will worry about her friends.

The little mermaid wanted to persuade the mermaid that he would not interfere with the little mermaid’s plan.

Ann was floating in the water to rest. His blue fishtail skirt glittered in the light. He couldn’t help thinking of Norman who helped him buy a skirt.

He looked at zhinao. The corner of his mouth bent slightly and opened his palm. The palm was a big and round white pearl, which was picked up in the sea when he was chased by a shark.

Suddenly, Norman took him to care for his hair for the first time. At that time, Norman bought him a lot of toys and a very valuable pearl hair ornament.

But he never wore it. Instead, he slept in a clam shell bed every day. The Pearl at the head of the bed was much larger than the one in his hand.

“Ann, are you happy?” Ling Ling tilted her head and asked curiously.

Ruirui said, “it must be because he got rid of the bipedal beast!”

An Jin ah said, blinked his clear blue eyes, and wondered in his tone: “why do you say that?”

Ling Ling pointed to her lips and eyes: “you’re laughing!”

Rui added as like as two peas.

“Nonsense,” Ling Ling corrected, “Ancai doesn’t laugh as exaggerated as you. Ancai is more quiet, but her smile looks very sweet.”

An Jin was stunned. He hurriedly looked at his eyes and brain. He saw the green light flashing on the bracelet. His heart beat disorderly for a moment, and soon calmed down again.

Luckily Norman didn’t understand mermaid!

No, he put his backhand on his hot cheek. It’s nothing even if Norman can understand. Norman doesn’t know what he’s thinking

He pursed his lips and became more and more embarrassed.

Did he smile sweetly when he thought of Norman?

“Ann, are you hot? Your skin is red?” Ling Ling was worried and said, “let’s sink into the water?”

An Jin shook his head. Seeing that Ling Ling and Ruirui had recovered a little spirit, he looked at their brains and decided to speed up the plan. He proposed: “let’s change a place.”

So the three were chased by the single sea animals twice.

Finally, an Jin stops at a remote place. His endurance and Ling Lingrui are very poor. They have been chased for a long time and are very tired now.

An Jin was not worried at all. When he ran away, he passed Norman ditch with the sound of the water. He knew Norman was nearby.

It was getting dark. Three were floating in the water. Ling Ling frowned and grabbed her blonde hair. She sorted it out slowly, but it was inconvenient because her nails were too long.

“Knot!” Ling Ling’s tone didn’t fluctuate, but she was angry.

Ruirui frowned, grabbed his knotted hair and looked at Ling Ling seriously: “Ling Ling, even if I’m not good-looking, you can’t despise me!”

Ling Ling’s eyes blinked: “I’m hungry.”

Ruirui: “wait, I’ll catch the food.”

Ruirui was very good. She soon caught two fish and came back. Ling Ling grabbed one and opened her mouth to bite.

The next second: “vomit…” Ling Ling threw the fish away, “it’s terrible.”

Ruirui said, swam over, picked up the fish, bit it, wrinkled his face, and threw the fish: “how can it be so bad!”

The air was silent for a moment.

Ling Ling sighed, “I suddenly want to be a bipedal beast.”

Ruirui nodded: “although it’s stupid, it’s very useful.”

An Jin seems to have seen two children running away from home and miss the beauty of home after leaving home.

He originally wanted Ling Ling and Ruirui to retreat in the face of difficulties. Unexpectedly, their reaction was better than he expected.

His heart moved, and he stopped when he wanted to scrape fish scales and viscera.

Mermaids have great cognitive differences in human beings, and their attitude towards human beings is not friendly. After experiencing these things and realizing the good of human beings, mermaids may correct their attitude.

Now humans also realize that mermaids have IQ. If both sides correct their cognition, people and mermaids may get along very well!

His eyes bent at the thought.

So that night, the three mermaids ate only a little seaweed for dinner.

An Jin whispered, “I think they will change their mind tomorrow at the latest. You go back and have a rest. I’m safe here.”

Norman loved the little mermaid very much. The little mermaid didn’t eat dinner and was chased by sea animals all the way: “Ann, shall I take you back and send someone to track them?”

An Jin hesitated for a moment and thought of the change of Ling Ling and Ruirui: “if they don’t change their mind tomorrow, I’ll go back.”

Humans will make Ling Lingrui more alert. It is most appropriate for him to follow. After all, he has powers to protect them.

Norman stopped persuading and looked at the little mermaid on the virtual screen: “Ann, have a rest early.”

The light shines on the earth through the clouds. When an Jin wakes up, he sees Ling Ling leaning against Ruirui’s arms. The two mermaids face to face, very close.

An Jin couldn’t help but feel envious. He raised his hand and touched his face. He could still think of the touch of Norman’s finger on it.

“Ann.” A low voice sounded. An Jin quickly looked at zhinao, and his heart suddenly lost its rhythm.

He put his hands down in a hurry. His cheeks were hot because of the idea in his head. He whispered, “good morning.”

“Good morning, Ann.”

“Who’s talking?” Lingling suddenly opens her eyes and Ruirui wakes up.

Norman then stopped talking. An Jin said, “I’m a little hungry. I want you to get up and find breakfast together.”

“I’m also hungry.” Ling Ling said.

The light was good during the day. He saw Ruirui’s messy hair and quickly grabbed his hair to see it.

Ling Ling stared at her hair for a while and said, “I want to go back and find a bipedal beast.”

Ruirui covers his empty stomach: “I want to.”

The two mermaids looked at an Jin with bright eyes and looked forward to it.

Ann was relieved and happy. He was worried that they would change their mind after a while.

Ling Ling looked at the sea and wrinkled her nose: “even in the sea, I can’t go wherever I want.”

Ruirui: “in fact, the bipedal house is also very good.”

An Jin suddenly thought of a word heard in modern times: really fragrant.

He was also a little impatient: “let’s go back and I’ll contact… Bipedal animals to pick us up!”

Ling Rui nodded hurriedly, “OK!”

Ruirui looks at an Jin and looks forward to: “an an, will you tell the bipedal beast that they won’t separate us?”

An Jin: “of course,” his delicate little face became serious, “but you also have to do one thing, tell the rest of the Mermaids about your experience, and let them know that the sea is very dangerous, and the bipedal beast that gives you food is very good to you.”

Two: “good!”

An Jin breathed a sigh of relief. He felt something close in the sky. Looking up, he saw a silver gray warship landing quickly. When it was close to the sea, its wings spread out and finally flattened into a wide water platform.

An Jin’s eyes suddenly lit up, two forms of warships!

He floated upright, his upper body straight, looked at the warship, and swam there when the warship was deformed.

He sensed Norman getting closer and closer, his heart beating uncontrollably, and he looked at the platform.

Dressed in a straight military uniform, Norman strode out, followed by Ruirui and Ling Ling’s breeders.

An Jin swam to the edge of the platform, put his hand on the platform, bent his eyebrows and eyes, raised his hand and waved to Norman: “Norman.”

Norman’s heart softened with the bright blue eyes of the little mermaid. Looking at his tattered T-shirt, he couldn’t help feeling distressed.

He quickly went to the little mermaid and squatted down. Instead of boldly holding the little mermaid, he glanced at the Little Mermaid: “are you hurt?”

An Jin shook his head: “no,” he bit his lower lip, a little embarrassed, “just a little hungry.”

Norman’s eyes fell on his broken T-shirt, and a large area of white skin on his neck was exposed. He couldn’t help but close his sword eyebrows.

An Jin unconsciously bit his lower lip and clenched his fingers.

He whispered, “are you angry?”

Norman frowned and rubbed the head of the Little Mermaid: “no, Ann did a good job. You made them realize that they don’t have the ability to survive in the wild. After their own experience, they won’t regenerate the same idea in the future, which is more useful than directly persuading them.”

An Jin breathed a sigh of relief and secretly reminded himself to remind Rui Lingling of her experience in the sea every day.

Norman raised his hand and untied his military coat one by one.

An Jin was stunned. His eyelashes trembled quickly and he stuttered: “you, what are you doing?”

Norman took off his coat, put it on the little mermaid’s shoulder, straightened his collar and blocked the neck exposed by the broken T-shirt.

An Jin felt the temperature from his clothes, and his heart moved. At first, he didn’t wear clothes, and Norman wouldn’t feel any problem.

He sipped at the corners of his mouth, then tilted up slightly and whispered, “thank you.”

“Ann, you’re welcome.” Norman reached out and picked up the little mermaid.

An Jin hurriedly pulls his skirt and looks at Ling Ling and Ruirui’s breeder.

Garrot and Xie Li are comforting Ruirui and Ling Ling. Garrot has a loud voice: “you said, what are you going to jump into? Have something to discuss! The protection association thought I had done you!”

His voice is rough, and he has grievances here.

Xie Li checked Ling Ling’s body, determined that she was not hurt and breathed a sigh of relief.

An Jin said to garrot and Xie Li, “Ruirui and Ling Ling are partners. They want to leave, but they don’t want to separate. You’d better not separate them again.”

Garrot: who’s Ruirui

An Jin said, “you said red.”

Garrot suddenly, no wonder Mu Chen asked him to change his name!

Xie Li’s eyes fell on the golden Mermaid and tentatively shouted, “Ling Ling?”

Ling Ling didn’t understand at all, but when she saw her two legged beast, she was not as fierce as before: “hungry!”

Norman looked down at the Little Mermaid: “can we go?”

An Jin nodded. After entering the warship, he noticed the hot eyes of the soldiers. He turned his head and hid his face in Norman’s chest.

Norman’s brown eyes swept towards the soldiers, who quickly withdrew their eyes.

Soon, garrot and Xie Li also walked into the warship with Ruirui and Ling Ling.

The restaurant in the middle of the warship was full of mermaid’s favorite food. Ruirui Lingling quickly ate it.

“I said just get it back. What’s it like to be hungry!” Garrot looked at Ruirui painfully.

An Jin’s heart moved slightly, his eyes moved away from the big crab in front of him and fell on Norman’s face.

It must be because of him that Norman didn’t agree to catch Rui Ling directly.

Norman was really nice and tolerant to him.

Maybe he could trust Norman more.

His tail fin tilted slightly, and an idea came into his mind that maybe Norman could accept that he could become a man as if he had accepted his words.

Thinking of this, his heart beat uncontrollably faster, a little nervous, and some expectations.

“Don’t like it?” Norman asked when he saw he didn’t eat.

An Jin shook his head: “I like it.”

He fingertips hard, fingernails swish out, he skillfully split crabs.


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