After Being a Mermaid Chapter 53

The warship soon landed on the apron of the military base. Norman got off the warship with a little mermaid in his arms and returned to the palace in a suspended car.

Entering the mermaid room, Norman bent down and prepared to put the little mermaid into the pool. His sleeve was pulled.

An Jin looked up at him and shook his head. “I want to clean it up first.”

He smelled of sea water and was chased by sea animals. He was a little dirty.

Norman straightened up, steadily held the little mermaid, went to the bathroom and carefully put down the little mermaid.

“Can I turn on the shower for you?” Asked Norman.

Ann shook his head. He sat on the ground. Norman was tall and almost completely covered him.

Norman took off his military uniform on the Little Mermaid: “I’ll help you get your laundry.”

Seeing that he turned to go, an Jin quickly stretched out his hand, because he sat and could only pull Norman’s trouser legs. When Norman stopped, he withdrew his hand.

He looked up at Norman and asked, “I’m living in the palace as your doctor, right?”

Norman nodded, “yes.”

Of course, he would prefer to have another identity.

But thinking that the little mermaid was very shy, he didn’t say the last sentence.

An Jin’s blue eyes lit up slightly: “do I have the freedom to go in and out of the palace?”

He paused and said more clearly, “can I go out alone and go where I want to go?”

Norman’s face became more and more serious. Looking at the little mermaid’s expectant eyes, he slowly said, “sorry, not yet. It’s reasonable to say that you have an independent identity and are completely free.”

His tone was slightly heavy: “but I don’t trust you. You are a pure Mermaid. You are too special and precious. If you go on the street alone, it will be very dangerous.”

An Jin was not disappointed. In fact, he expected this result, so he wanted to customize the capsule mask before.

Of course, with a capsule mask, Norman is afraid he can’t trust him to go out alone.

After all, if he wants to go out as a mermaid, he can only borrow a wheelchair or a scooter. The wheelchair is too attractive. The scooter needs both hands to hold the handle all the time. If he releases his hand, he may fall down. It’s not safe.

He looked down at his tail in a blue fishtail skirt, then looked up at Norman and asked seriously, “if I can make others not recognize me as a pure Mermaid, can I go in and out freely?”

He may not go out, but having freedom of access is different from not having it.

When he was a child, he didn’t always want to go out to play, but his parents didn’t allow it. Instead, he yearned for the outside.

He doesn’t want to be forced to stay in one position all the time.

He wants an ID card, not just a false name.

Norman: “we have to make sure we’re safe.”

An Jin nodded to show understanding.

He looked at Norman’s deep brown eyes, his mouth slightly opened and closed, thought for a moment, and whispered, “do you remember how I entered the holographic world?”

Of course Norman won’t forget. As soon as the little mermaid said, an amazing face appeared in his mind.

He nodded, “yes.”

An Jin clenched his fingers and looked at Norman: “if… My reality is like holography, would you be afraid?”

He was worried that speaking directly or changing his legs would scare Norman, so he tried to be more tactful.

Norman was stunned and looked at the little mermaid in silence.

He could not help but have a guess in his heart, and a feeling of surprise appeared in his eyes.

He thought his idea was whimsical, but on second thought, it seemed that no matter what happened, as long as it was related to the little mermaid, it could happen.

The little mermaid itself is a miracle.

At this thought, his breathing was slightly sluggish, his tone was slow and heavy, and he seemed particularly serious and firm: “I’m not afraid.”

An Jin looked at him for two seconds and his eyes bent.

Sure enough, he chose to believe that Norman was right!

He bent his mouth and asked politely and quietly, “can you close your eyes?”

Norman clenched his fist and his heart pounded wildly. He quickly glanced at the tail of the little mermaid on the ground and became very nervous.

“May I help you with your laundry first?” He said.

An Jin blinked: “you, are you afraid?”

Norman said seriously, “of course not,” he paused and honestly said what he thought. “I’m nervous.”

He said and closed his eyes. The next second later, he turned around and turned his back to the little mermaid.

An Jin was very nervous. Seeing Norman’s reaction, he suddenly became less nervous and smiled at the corners of his mouth.

He worked his spirit, his tail quickly turned into legs, and the scales on his face disappeared and became the image of a man.

The fishtail skirt is very close to his feet. People’s skin and scales are different. Next to the wet cloth, he feels bound. He feels uncomfortable and moves his feet.

He said, “you can open your eyes.”

Norman turned around, his figure was slightly heavy, his eyes reflected the exquisite youth, and his eyes were amazing.

The blue peach blossom eyes are clear and clean, the bright red lips look gorgeous, while the skin is cold white, with a strong contrast, and the fan-shaped scales at the end of the eyes are more attractive.

Norman’s heart beat uncontrollably when his eyes fell on the little mermaid’s legs.

The fishtail skirt is very close to the body. The outline of the young man’s slender and straight legs is obvious, and his bare feet are exposed from the bottom of the fishtail skirt.

The instep skin is very white, almost the same color as the marble ground. The ten nail heads are round and lovely, and the edge is faintly pink. It looks soft and tender.

I don’t know whether it’s because of shyness or because the ground is cold. The teenager’s toes are slightly upturned, which looks playful.

Norman took a breath, suppressed his restless mood, worried about losing control, looked away, turned away and left a sentence: “I’ll get you a change of clothes.”

An Jin: “…” he looked down at himself, his cheeks burning and his feet curling.

He was vaguely happy. Norman was really not afraid of him!

Norman came back soon. He quickly put his clean T-shirt and fishtail skirt on the shelf and quickly went out again.

He has the style of a soldier.

Ann Jin looked at Norman’s back and blinked. Was he dazzled just now?

He seemed to see Norman red behind his ears.

With a soft bang, Norman gently closed the door, isolating an Jin’s sight.

Ann Jin took back her eyes and suddenly remembered that when hornard examined him, he seemed to mention that Norman had always been single.

He bit his lower lip with a smile on his lips. Although Norman often looked serious, he now felt cute for no reason.

What are you thinking! An Jin patted his face and didn’t dare to think about it.

He ran his powers, quickly washed his head and bath, and put on a clean T-shirt and fishtail skirt.

He withdrew his mental strength from his face, and the scales of his cheeks covered his face, but he still maintained the shape of his legs.

The fishtail skirt is made according to the shape of the tail, and the closing at the lower end is relatively small, so he can only take very small steps when walking, which is a little awkward.

However, he just went out for convenience and recovered his tail when he arrived at the pool. After all, he kept his legs and consumed too much mental power for him now.

He opened the door and was stunned. Unexpectedly, Norman was standing at the door.

Norman heard the news, closed his head and turned around.

The little mermaid’s hair was tied behind her head, her face returned to the shape of a mermaid, her upper body was wearing a neat blue T-shirt, her fishtail skirt wrapped her slender legs, and a pair of white and tender feet stepped on the ground.

Norman’s eyes moved, and he felt an impulse to touch them. His fingers rubbed unconsciously and looked away.

He looked more and more serious and scolded himself. How could he have such an idea!

However, the next second, he thought uncontrollably that he didn’t need to practice sleeping in the water.

Maybe the diving company can stop the research.

An Jin pointed to the pool: “can you excuse me? I want to go into the water.”

Norman quickly moved away from the door and raised his sword eyebrows: “will your legs make you uncomfortable?”

An Jin shook his head. He went into the water, floated in the water, and put his hands on the edge of the bank: “maintaining the human shape requires mental power. A lot of mental power can’t be maintained all the time now.”

He subconsciously ignored another way to keep human shape for a long time.

Norman thought, it seems that the research has to continue.

An Jin was silent for a moment, his eyelashes trembled uneasily, and looked up at Norman: “I checked Mermaid and human related topics, saw prohibited experimental reports, and was afraid, so I didn’t dare to tell you.”

Norman gathered his mind and squatted down: “can Ann always change her legs?”

An Jin shook his head: “only when you are an adult.”

Thinking of the embarrassing scene of the adult night, he had a fever on his cheek and his eyes drifted away embarrassed.

Norman raised his hand and rubbed the top of his hair. “I can understand your concerns. I said you don’t have to tell me everything.”

The little mermaid’s concealment is just for self-protection. It doesn’t deceive him or hurt him. He won’t be harsh, but he is a little distressed.

He knew very well that being different from his peers was a terrible thing.

He paused, his eyes flashed a bright color, and whispered, “Ann is willing to tell me now because she trusts me, right?”

An Jin quickly lowered his eyes and gently nodded his head: “HMM.”

If you don’t trust him, he doesn’t dare to say.

Norman looked at the soft little mermaid in front of him, and his eyes overflowed with a smile.

An Jin pinched his finger and said, “there’s one more thing you may already know.”

After he said that, in the pool behind him, the calm water suddenly sprang up and scattered around from the middle, like a fountain.

Norman looked away from the scattered water and fell on the little mermaid’s face: “did you attack the shallow water shark?”

Ann Jin nodded and wondered. Norman used a question: “someone should have seen it.”

Norman: “it’s just a guess. You were a distance from the shallow water shark at that time. You’re not sure it’s you.”

An Jin listened and didn’t regret telling Norman that the more tolerant Norman was to him, the less he wanted to hide from Norman. He said seriously, “it’s me.”

He said, thinking of something, his eyes bent: “can I not be found, but also have the ability to protect myself?”

Norman said in a low voice, “don’t you like me to go out with you?”

His voice is magnetic. Now he lowers his voice, which is more sexy.

An Jin rubbed his ears: “neither, nor is it. You have your own job. You don’t necessarily accompany me every time, and sometimes I may want to go out alone.”

Norman thought for a moment: “in your image, apply for another ID card, and then customize the capsule mask.”

Thinking of the little mermaid, he said he couldn’t keep the human shape all the time: “customize the mask as a mermaid, and customize one for each fitting the skin and scales.”

An Jin’s eyes are slightly open, and his blue eyes are full of surprises. Norman and he want to go together!

He couldn’t help saying, “you’re really great!”

Norman said seriously, “Ann is also very good. If you are willing to help those who have degraded their mental power to restore their mental power, they can even give you life.”

He paused, thought that the little mermaid had grown up, and said, “of course, I’m good to Ann, not just because Ann helped me recover my mental strength.”

Since the little mermaid knows feelings, he doesn’t need to be too introverted. The sooner the little mermaid gets enlightened, the better.


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