After Being a Mermaid Chapter 54

Ann Jin was so impressed by Norman’s deep eyes that his heart pounded and his cheeks were hot that he whispered, “I know.”

Of course he knew that Norman was not good to him because of mental strength.

Norman felt the quick quivering eyelashes of the little mermaid, like a small brush, itching his heart.

His fingers moved, restrained the impulse to touch the little mermaid, and secretly reminded himself that it was not time yet.

At this time, his intelligent brain rang gently. He looked at the information and said to the little mermaid, “I’ll go out for a while.”

When an Jin came out of the bathroom, he went into the water nearby. Seeing Norman walking towards the door, he waved his tail and swam to the bank nearest to the door.

After a while, Norman returned with a clothes cart. The clothes cart was full of all kinds of bottoms, long and short pants and even men’s skirts. The color was mainly blue, white, black and gray.

An Jin put his hands on the shore, his upper body was slightly straight, and his sight swept from front to tail. He was very sure that it was all his yards.

He immediately realized that Norman must have bought it after sending him a change of clothes.

Norman pushed the clothes cart to the little mermaid and stopped. He looked at the Little Mermaid: “I don’t know what you like. I bought two of all kinds. If you don’t like it, I’ll buy it again.”

As he spoke, he suddenly thought that Ann had always been in the form of a mermaid. Maybe he didn’t know how to wear it.

He pointed to the two trouser legs of the front pants: “put your feet in respectively, then lift your trouser waist up, pull the trouser chain and button up.”

He said as he slid his fingers to the waist, chain and button in turn, and demonstrated the use of zippers and buttons.

An Jin looked at Norman’s slender and powerful fingers and his heart beat faster.

Norman’s eyebrows closed slightly after teaching. He felt that his consideration was not comprehensive enough. He walked to the side of the clothes hanging car, swept his sight and selected a casual pants: “just mention it directly.”

An Jin looked at his solemn explanation. His heart was sweet and warm. He said seriously, “thank you. I learned how to wear it. What you bought is very suitable.” he paused and added, “I like it very much.”

The little mermaid’s blue eyes are clear and clean, and look very sincere.

Norman thought that the star network youth clothing sales list was quite accurate. He decided to look at the rest of the list when he was free, so as to replenish the necessities for the little mermaid in time.

Teenagers and mermaids need different things.

A smile flashed in his eyes: “just like it.”

He called the robot in, moved all his trousers to the wardrobe, hung them one by one, and finally hung them on the clothes car, leaving only a black square bag.

The bag is made of hard shell material and the black skin is slightly shiny. It looks very textured. An Jin feels very familiar with it. It is very like a modern jewelry bag. It is very high-grade at first glance.

Seeing that the robot picked up the bag and was ready to put it in the wardrobe, an Jin hurriedly said, “wait.”

The robot’s intelligent system took Norman’s command as the highest command, so it didn’t stop, but carried the bag and continued to walk to the wardrobe.

An Jin looked at Norman, his delicate little face serious and serious, and pointed to the bag: “I can’t accept too expensive gifts.”

Norman looked at the little mermaid’s gesture. His expression was slightly stiff. He was silent for a second before he said, “it’s not valuable.”

Ann Jin looked at his unnatural expression and felt more and more that it was a very valuable item. Norman was always calm. This expression was too like lying and guilty.

And Norman didn’t even ask him if he liked it. He put it directly in the wardrobe, as if worried about his refusal, so he gave it directly to him.

An Jin thought for a moment and looked expectantly at Norman: “I want to see.”

He thought it over, said he didn’t like it and asked Norman to return.

He was not interested in jewelry. Although he didn’t want to refuse Norman’s kindness, he didn’t want to waste money.

Norman hesitated for a moment and thought that the little mermaid had not seen it. Even if he saw it, he would not use it. It was time to teach.

He asked the robot to send the bag back, received it in his hand and squatted down in front of the little mermaid.

He took out the packing box in the packing bag and maintained a serious expression. As he opened the packing box, he said, “this is the innermost one. Wear it first and then the rest of the pants.”

An Jin looked at the roll of long cloth and immediately understood what it was. He cried in his heart, why should underwear be packaged so high-grade!

His face turned red, his ears and neck all red.

And Norman continued, “I’ll teach you how to wear it.”

Seeing Norman holding the edge of the cloth with his fingers and slightly lifting his wrist, he seemed to want to shake it open for detailed teaching. An Jin quickly stretched out his hand and held Norman’s wrist with an embarrassed face: “I, I know.”

Norman paused, first distracted by the cool soft touch of the little mermaid’s palm, and then realized the meaning of the little mermaid’s words. His eyes were dim: “how do you know?”

The little mermaid didn’t grow up long and changed her legs for a short time. In order to hide and not expose, she always maintained the shape of her tail. Where did she learn to wear underwear?

Of course, an Jin can’t say that he has worn it for more than ten years. After thinking about it, he found a very reasonable answer and whispered, “you wear it.”

Norman remembered the scene of wearing only underwear in front of the little mermaid, so he also thought of the shy appearance of the little mermaid at that time.

He hung his eyes. The little mermaid’s cheeks, ears and neck were red. His fingers kept clasping the Bank of the pool. He looked very embarrassed.

The little mermaid’s appearance now made him itchy and soft. His eyes were slightly dark. He swept his underwear that hadn’t been shaken open. There was a great difference between rolling up and wearing it.

How does the little mermaid know what this is?

Thinking that the little mermaid was very smart, he said it was the innermost one. It was normal for the little mermaid to think of it.

He said in a warm voice, “I won’t teach you if you can. I’ll let the robot wash it again and put it in the corner of the wardrobe.”

An Jin nodded quickly and loosened Norman’s wrist, just to make his underwear disappear in their sight.

Norman tidied up the packing box, handed it to the robot and told the robot to wash it and put it away.

An Jin took a breath and finally felt less embarrassed.

Norman couldn’t help it. He rubbed the little mermaid’s hair. He was a little reluctant: “Ann, I have to go to the military headquarters and come back for lunch with you at noon.”

An Jin nodded hurriedly. Now it’s past Norman’s usual working time because he delayed it.

He raised his head and said, “see you at noon.”

Norman was in a low mood because he was about to leave. When he saw the little mermaid’s blue eyes, it suddenly became clear.

He left the mermaid room and went to the military headquarters. Then he left and looked forward to his return.

He sat in the suspension car. The scenery on both sides retreated quickly. He inadvertently saw the mirror image in the window and his relaxed and soft expression. He actually felt a little strange.

The next second, he had the look of a little mermaid with curved eyebrows and eyes, and his brown eyes flashed bright.

After Norman left, an Jin waved his tail and swam through the colorful passage to the garden pool.

Before the morning flare was at its strongest, he found a shady corner, lying on the bank, his upper body hiding in the shadow, and his tail basking in the flare.

He carefully observed the seeds that had grown into melon seedlings and saplings. The melon seedlings and saplings were green all over the body and had no impurities at all. They were very healthy.

An Jin thought, it seems that the seeds and soil are pure, and the growth rate of plants is also pure.

As for whether this probability can reach 100%, we have to continue to observe!

He propped his chin and wondered if there was anything he hadn’t done.

Norman has informed the boss of the holographic company this morning that he can’t sell kebabs today, so he doesn’t need to go to the holographic world until he goes to the mermaid center.

He was sure it was all right. His arms were flat on the shore, his hands folded, his head on his side, his eyes closed and rested.

After he came to this world, the amount of all his exercises was not as good as last night, and he felt tired because he had been opening his perception, both mentally and physically.

After a while, his tail stopped swinging and soon fell asleep.

He was awakened by the heat of his tail. Before he woke up, the big tail first swung down greatly. When the pool water moved, his tail felt fresh, so he swung down again.

An Jin woke up in the sound of Hula. He looked at the time and slept for nearly two hours. The light changed from light warm yellow to golden.

He turned over, his eyes fell on the water, and was immediately dazzled by the light on the water.

Sad tail will feel hot!

He swings his tail and returns to the room through the passage. The room is kept at a suitable temperature. As soon as he enters, he breathes comfortably and swings his tail gently with pleasure.

He swam to the big crab and floated on his back. He was about to open his brain to watch the teaching video. His eyes swept over the nutrients and metal boxes next to the shelf.

He uses the water power to purify some nutrients until he has less than a fifth of his remaining mental power.

Then he set his eyes on the metal box, which contained the animal core.

He was thinking. He had told Norman that he had water power, so there was no need to hide his way to upgrade his power.

In fact, he thought for a long time that experts in the world might find a way to restore spiritual power from the animal nucleus.

Just… He frowned slightly. If he really found a way, human beings no longer need mermaids. What should mermaids do?

When he purified the seeds, he didn’t know much about mermaids and didn’t worry too much. He even thought it would be great if human beings could solve the problem of impurities.

But now, he has an understanding of mermaids and the relationship between mermaids and people.

Mermaid and human need each other at this time. Mermaid provides spiritual power, and human provides shelter and food for Mermaid.

If humans don’t need mermaids, mermaids will be in a very bad situation.

Because mermaids are raised by human beings, they have lived in a comfortable environment since they were born. It can be seen from Ruirui Ling’s experience in the sea that they can’t adapt to the sea.

Yesterday, he released his perception to lead the way, so he didn’t meet the sea animals, but only individuals. However, even individuals make them very embarrassed. If there is no water power, they will be injured.

His delicate little face became serious and decided not to tell Norman that he had upgraded with animal core for the time being.

He can’t bear the consequences if the function of animal nucleus is developed.

At this moment, an Jin suddenly feels a kind of pressure and a kind of responsibility.

He realized that his small move might affect the fate of all mermaids.

Now, he has had an impact, and human beings have a preliminary understanding of mermaid’s IQ.

Ann Jin breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it was a good influence.

Now that he knows that the mermaid is wise, he has become a mermaid again, and he can’t do nothing. After all, the social status of the mermaid is just a pet.

He thought for a long time and decided to observe the mermaid first and understand the mermaid’s ideas before making plans.

At noon, Norman didn’t come back alone. Mu Chen came with Xiao Yin.

Before an Jin saw anyone, he heard Xiao Yin’s angry voice: “stupid bipedal beast, Ann jumped into the sea. Why did you bring me here!”

After a while, the door was knocked. Before Norman asked, an Jin immediately said, “please come in.”

Norman pushed the door into the mermaid room. Mu Chen pushed Xiaoyin in. Xiaoyin’s voice floating in the mermaid car was excited and surprised: “Ann!”

An Jin greeted him with a smile.

Without waiting for Xiaoyin’s urging, Mu Chen quickly opened the mermaid car. Xiaoyin was immediately washed into the pool.

The little silver tail swings flexibly, swims to an Jin and turns around an Jin: “when were you caught back? Where are Ruirui and Ling Ling? If I were there, I wouldn’t be caught back by two legged beasts!”

He said angrily, “I want to find you in the water and sea. I’m controlled by the bipedal beast!”

An Jin hurriedly said, “Rui Rui and Ling Ling are also back. We all came back voluntarily, not caught.”

Mu Chen looked at an Jin, pressed his forehead, and looked like a headache: “an an, please help me persuade Xiao Yin not to always think about jumping into the sea.”

An Jin nodded and answered. Well, he turned his head and looked at Xiao Yin seriously, telling her about the experience of the sea, especially that the sea animals were fierce.

Mu Chen saw that xiaoyin’an was divided and sighed with relief: “there were too many mermaids in the mermaid center that day. Seeing you jump into the sea, he wanted to jump with you. Fortunately, the security team controlled them in time.”

An Jin was surprised, then looked serious and realized the seriousness of the matter.

He quickly looked at Norman: “I’m going to the mermaid center to let the Mermaids stop messing around.”

Norman: “I’ll take you after lunch,” he said after a pause. “Don’t be nervous. They won’t be in danger.”

The little mermaid was hungry yesterday. He didn’t want the little mermaid to be hungry again.

Although Anxin is anxious, he doesn’t want Norman to worry, and he knows that Norman is telling the truth.

With him and Rui Ling Ling, the mermaid center will be more cautious.

Sure enough, when the two Mermaid finished their Chinese meal and arrived at the mermaid center by suspension car, an Jin immediately found that the platform at the door of the mermaid center was built with high walls on both sides, so it was impossible to jump into the sea again.

When we arrived at the entertainment area, an Jin found that there were many mermaids in the entertainment area, but the atmosphere was very different from usual.

He can clearly feel the mood of mermaids. Some mermaids are very high and excited, like looking for someone to fight next second, while others are depressed.

As soon as he entered the water, the Mermaids’ eyes fell on him, full of expectation.

Ann Jin looked up at Norman and said, “I’ll play with them. See you in the afternoon.”

Norman glanced at the mermaids. He had long found that the little mermaid was very popular among the mermaids.

He could not help but feel a little nervous. The little mermaid came to the mermaid center every day and spent more time with the mermaid than he did.

He raised his hand and rubbed the little mermaid’s hair: “Ann, who is Gu Gu?”

He remembered clearly that besides Xiaoyin, the little mermaid’s friends were mainly Ruirui, Ling Ling and Gu Gu.

And Rui Ling Ling is a prospective partner. The little mermaid’s attitude towards Xiaoyin is clearly a friend. Only Gu Gu, he doesn’t know.

An Jin was a little surprised. He looked sideways into the water. Because he felt that it was impolite to point at others, he just looked at it, smiled at Gu Gu, and said to Norman, “it’s the green Mermaid with dark green hair.”

Norman looked over there and his eyes fell back on the little mermaid’s face. He saw that the little mermaid was just smiling politely. His eyes at Gu Gu were not eager and he was relieved.

Just thinking of the long time Ann spent with the mermaid, she was still a little worried. She pretended to be casual and asked, “do you think Gu Gu is good-looking?”

An Jin had some doubts, but nodded honestly, “it’s nice.”

He hasn’t seen the ugly Mermaid yet. It seems that the mermaid is very favored by God, and its appearance is very exquisite.

Norman’s eyes moved and asked in a deep voice, “is it better than me?”

An Jin’s eyes are slightly open, and he is unconsciously surprised. Compared with the appearance of mermaid, there seems to be something wrong.

Suddenly, there was an uncontrollable laughter nearby. An Jin and Norman turned their heads and looked at it at the same time.

Mu Chen rubbed his cheek and tried to keep his face expressionless, but the corners of his mouth twitched and couldn’t stop rising. He couldn’t help but turn his head and laugh at Norman and an Jin.

Little silver floated by the water, straightened his upper body, and folded his hands on his chest. Seeing Mu Chen’s appearance, his forehead was almost twisted into Sichuan characters.

He grinned and showed his sharp canine teeth: “fool, with your flat teeth, do you still want to scare me?”

As soon as an Jin listened to Xiao Yin’s words, he could guess Mu Chen’s expression even if he couldn’t see it. He said, “general Mu Chen, you open your mouth and show your teeth. Xiao Yin will think you are threatening and provoking him.”

As soon as Mu Chen’s expression was stiff, he immediately changed into a serious face. He glanced at Xiaoyin’s sharp teeth and hurriedly said, “Xiaoyin, don’t misunderstand! I didn’t scare you!”

Norman’s eyes fell on the little mermaid’s face again, and an Jin’s heart pounded with his deep eyes.

Mu Chen’s laughter cleared his mind and probably guessed the reason why Norman asked before.

He glanced at Norman quickly, then lowered his eyes and whispered, “you look better,” he paused, “very handsome.”

Norman’s heart beat like a drum. He looked at the little mermaid’s trembling eyelashes, his Adam’s Adam’s apple rolling up and down, and his fingers clenched. For a while, he restrained his impulse to kiss the little mermaid’s eyes.

He rubbed his thumb and index finger heavily, and said in a dark voice, “Ann, see you in the afternoon.”

Norman and Mu Chen left together and caught a glimpse of Mu Chen. He couldn’t help laughing. Norman asked faintly, “it’s funny?”

Mu Chen hurriedly looked positive: “it’s not funny.”

An Jin didn’t look away until Norman’s back disappeared.

Little silver swam over next to him and looked at the door: “Ann, are you going to wait for an opportunity to attack them?”

An Jin was about to answer. Yu Guang’s golden light flashed. Ling Ling came to him and looked at the door: “is it because ANN is not sure? I can help you!”

Ruirui, holding Ling Ling’s waist, hurriedly said, “I’ll help too!”

“I’ll help too!”

An Jin turned his head and saw Gu standing next to Xiaoyin, and the other mermaids swam behind him.

An Jin: “…” he couldn’t laugh or cry and quickly explained, “no, I don’t want to attack them. They are all my friends.”

“An an made friends with the two legged beast!” Ling Ling was surprised.

An Jin explained: “I can communicate with you and with humans, that is, what you call bipedal animals. As long as I can communicate, I can be friends.”

Gu Gu tilted his head and his green eyes were very beautiful: “then why do you keep staring at your friends?”

Ruirui is also curious: “I will only stare at Ling Ling all the time.”

An Jin pasted his hot face with his backhand, maintained a calm expression and changed the topic: “go and play in the middle of the water.”

In the middle of the water, he asked, “what were you doing before I came?”

After he asked, he immediately found that the emotions of the Mermaids became complex and different.

Ruirui said, “Ling Ling and I told them our experience of the sea.”

“I must go to the sea! I’m not afraid of sea animals. I can beat them!”

“Me too! I want to stay where there is water at a glance and feel free when I think about it!”

Then there were several harmonies.

An Jin notes that these people are in high spirits and full of fighting spirit.

Gu Gu’s bright green eyes darkened and his voice was very low: “if the bipedal beast doesn’t pay tribute to me, I won’t have good-looking hair ornaments, delicious food or a peaceful house.”

“The bipedal beast is so important to me that I dare not really teach him a lesson in the future. What if there is no bipedal beast?”

“I really like my life now. I’m very happy.”

“Me too. The sea sounds dangerous, tired and dirty. It’s better now.”

“But what if the bipedal beast doesn’t obey?”

“It’s hard for us to live without bipedals?”

An Jin listened carefully to the mermaids and suddenly found that even mermaids have very different ideas. Some people want to continue this life, and others yearn for the freedom of the sea.

He felt the worry of the mermaids and decided not to tell Norman about the animal nuclear for the time being.

At least, we can’t tell until the mermaid can live independently even if she leaves mankind.

Although he may not be able to find a solution to restore mental power from the beast’s nucleus, he can’t take risks.

He comforted the Mermaids: “don’t worry, humans have provided you with shelter and food. It’s good to you because you sing to them. You take what you need.”

“Ah! I’ll sing more songs in the future.”

“Hum, I knew the bipedal beast was fascinated by my song!”

“Ann, can you let the bipedal beast take me to the sea?”

“Yes, ANN, Rui Rui said that you let his two legged beasts not separate him from Ling Ling, and his two legged beasts did so.”

An Jin looked forward to the last few pairs of eyes and thought, “let’s watch the documentary of the sea. After watching it, you can make a decision.”

He opened his brain, searched the sea documentary, expanded the virtual screen, adjusted the screen position, and put the screen in the front of the mermaid.

So the keepers of the glass house found that mermaids actually watched movies together!

Someone looked at the screen carefully: “it’s not a movie, it’s a documentary of the sea!”

A group of mermaids float in the water and look up at the screen. This scene looks really amazing.

A breeder wrists: “unfortunately, you can’t take pictures! Otherwise, if you take pictures of the current scene, it will be a big fire.”

Ann floats among the mermaids and simultaneously translates the interstellar language into the fish language.

On the screen, the picture changes from the calm sea to the bottom of the sea, reefs and vortices… There are all kinds of dangers hidden in the sea. Even if a sea animal as big as half a building falls into it inadvertently, it will die.

The mermaids were surprised and shouted one after another. They lived in the scientific research institute since childhood and saw the largest water surface, that is, the entertainment area. They never thought that the water outside would be so dangerous.

In addition to the hidden dangers at all times, there are unpredictable sea storms, more than ten meters of waves rolling, and the entertainment area is full of wave sound.

An Jin translated at the same time, explaining the changes of marine climate and ocean currents, and finally talking about the migration of fish in the sea.

Two hours later, an Jin pressed the pause button. His throat felt a little uncomfortable: “sorry, I have to take a break.”

The Mermaids recovered from the shock and quickly cared about him: “Ann, drink some water.”

“Ann, don’t go on!”

“Ann, I’ve understood that you don’t want us to go to the sea. You’re worried about us!”

An Jin took out pure water from the intellectual brain space and drank it twice. His throat was refreshing.

He looked at the Mermaids: “yes, I’m worried. You didn’t grow up in the sea. You didn’t have parents to teach you the experience of living in the sea. You don’t know anything about the changes of the sea and all kinds of sea animals. If you go to the sea, it’s too dangerous.”

“If one day you have the ability to survive in the sea and you want to go to the sea, I will support you.”

Mermaids were quiet for a moment.

“From today on, I will learn the knowledge of the sea and the skills of catching and killing sea animals!”

“I also want to learn! I must let the sea animals see my power!”

“I don’t want to go to the sea. My life is very good now.”

“The sea is terrible. I don’t want to go.”


An Jin is not surprised to hear the mermaid’s different reactions.

Mermaids originally came from the sea. It is normal to have a natural vision for the sea, but mermaids are intelligent, like the convenience of modern life, and can understand it.

After all, mermaids have enjoyed life since childhood. Their nature and habits are different for different individuals.

He felt his throat and felt that he could not stand such translation every day.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up and he could make a translator!

He can speak interstellar language and Mermaid language. With the world’s scientific and technological level, it must be very simple to make a translator.

And then it can be worn by people and mermaids, so that mermaids and people can communicate with each other.

He immediately said his idea: “in this way, you can watch documentaries by yourself, not only this, but also others, and understand what humans say.”

“I want to! Hum, my bipedal beast is too stupid to understand me every time.”

“I want it too!” Mermaid Qi agreed.


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