After Being a Mermaid Chapter 55

Norman and Mu Chen leave the mermaid center and go to the military headquarters.

Two suspended cars arrived at the parking lot one after another. Mu Chen quickly caught up with Norman. Thinking of the previous scene, he couldn’t help laughing.

He didn’t expect that Norman would look better than a mermaid! He was so serious when asking questions.

Norman asked lightly, “is it so funny?”

Mu Chen held back a smile: “no,” he said, still laughing, “I haven’t congratulated you yet, but I’ve caught up with Ann!”

Norman: not yet

Mu Chen waved his hand: “Ann’s reaction obviously likes you. It’s almost open.”

Norman’s eyes flashed, “really?”

“Of course,” said Mu Chen, “the protagonists in the film are as excited as Ann, blushing and heartbeat.”

Norman thought it was silly that he almost believed the judgment of Mu Chen, a single dog.

The little mermaid has always been shy!

But… The corners of his mouth rose for a moment, and the little mermaid thought he was very handsome!

When they arrived at the office building, they met with four military commanders. They all came from the direction of the training ground, their hair was wet with sweat, and their sleeves were rolled up. They only trained at a glance.

“Your Majesty.” The four saluted and Norman nodded.

After greeting each other, garrot asked Mu Chen, “do you see Dahong… Ruirui? Is he okay?”

Mu Chen: “it’s much better than you, a single dog. He’s holding Ling Ling. Is the beauty happy?” He asked strangely, “don’t you worry too much that I haven’t seen you all morning?”

He looked strange: “An’an said, you should also see that Ruirui and Lingling are prospective partners. Don’t look at Ruirui. There’s no result.”

Garrot slapped Mu Chen heavily on the shoulder, and Mu Chen stumbled.

Garrot said loudly: “nonsense, Ruirui is my little brother. I found him in the morning, and he was taken away by xiaobailian. I’ll bear…”

Before he finished, the head of the second army suddenly shouted at the back of his head. He suddenly fell forward, raised his head angrily, was about to scold, and caught a glimpse of the gentle figure coming out of the corner. He was dumb.

A few muffled smiles came from his side. He didn’t have to look at them, but he knew how several colleagues gloated.

Xie Li held down his gold wire glasses, glanced at garrot lightly and quickly, and looked at Norman: “Your Majesty.”

Norman nodded, “thank you, director.”

After Norman continued to move forward, Xie Li also took a step.

Garrot turned back three steps and scratched his ears and cheeks. He bumped Mu Chen with his shoulder: “Hey, you say, did little white face just hear me?”

Mu Chen turned his eyes: “your voice is so loud, what do you say?”

The head of the second army smiled and said, “I must have heard this question.”

Garrot’s expression was stiff: “little… Director Xie shouldn’t be angry! He was white!”

“Director Xie is fully responsible for this mecha upgrade. Please pray that director Xie has a lot of experience.” Mu Chen said.

As soon as garrot heard the mecha, he became more anxious: “it’s a big deal! I asked him to call me big old black!”

“People don’t necessarily want to. They are all gentle people who do research. Who speaks rude words like you? What’s more, you’re so neat against each other. Do you want to take advantage of others?”

“Nonsense!” Garrot retorted loudly.

Several people talked and laughed and went back to the office.

Military headquarters meeting at 3 p.m.

“Your Majesty, according to our survey and statistics, after contacting an Jin, mermaids become more fond of singing and sing every morning and evening. The soldiers who raise mermaids in the military headquarters are in a good mental state recently.”

“An Jin has a great influence on the mermaid. He can speak interstellar language and Mermaid language. I propose that Zhao an Jin go to the military headquarters and ask him to discuss with the mermaid so that the mermaid can sing more songs and provide spiritual power to the greatest extent.”

“I think an Jin can ask the mermaid how he is willing to sing more. We used to coax the mermaid with a black eye. Now that we can communicate through an Jin and ask directly, it’s convenient for you and me.”

After listening to their discussion, Norman said, “I’ll discuss it with him.”

“Let Ann say to the mermaid, whatever conditions, as long as she is willing to sing to me, I promise.”

“I’ve been singing like this lately, sooner or later.”

In the afternoon, when Norman went to pick up the little mermaid, he found that the little mermaid’s eyes were very bright. He kept looking at him and seemed to want to say something.

He was itched by the little mermaid’s blue eyes: “what’s the matter?”

On the suspension car, an Jin said the idea of making a translator, and then looked forward to: “can it be made?”

Norman nodded: “yes,” he rubbed the head of the little mermaid. “It’s very important for humans to understand the mermaid. I’ll ask the technology department to do it as soon as possible, but I need your help.”

An Jin: “I will try my best to help!”

Norman said about the meeting: “with translators, they can communicate with mermaids themselves without always bothering you.”

An Jin smiled: “I’m glad I can help. It’s no trouble.”

After dinner, Norman received a reply from the technology department. He passed a document to the little mermaid.

“This is the most frequently used words and sentences sorted out by the technology department through big data. You can translate them into adult fish quotations and give them to me.”

“In addition to these, there will be other contents that need you to translate. Now make a translator first. For future contents, just upgrade the system.”

An Jin opened his eyes and saw an embarrassed look on his back face.

Norman asked, “what’s the matter?”

An Jin said shyly, “I don’t know some words.”

Norman immediately remembered that the little mermaid watched literacy videos every day. Compared with ordinary human beginners, the little mermaid learned much faster.

But this document contains so many words that it is normal for the little mermaid to recognize them.

Norman’s eyes flashed a bright color: “it doesn’t matter. I can teach you.”

He was still thinking about how to stay with the little mermaid for a while, and it was perfect to teach him how to read.

An Jin’s eyes lit up and hesitated for a moment: “will it delay your work?”

“No,” said Norman. “Just after dinner, you take a break and start later.”

An Jin nodded and gently waved his tail to the left and right: “I want to go to the garden and swim slowly for a while. Do you want to take a walk after dinner?”

Norman nodded, “yes, see you in the garden.”

Then he got up and went out of the mermaid room.

An Jin flicked his tail and walked through the gorgeous passage to the garden pool.

The shining star has just disappeared, and the faint star has not yet risen into the sky. It is the most comfortable time of the day.

An Jin lay on his back, swinging his tail leisurely and swimming slowly in a circle.

Norman walked slowly back and forth along the path not far away, and his sight often fell on the little mermaid uncontrollably.

After eating for a while, an Jin turned his face towards the water and rowed his hands away. He soon swam to the shore, put his hands on the shore and looked at Norman walking slowly.

He said, “I want to go in and record.”

Norman: let’s go together

An Jin returned to the mermaid room, and soon Norman came in.

An Jing floated on the shore, opened zhinao’s file and was about to press the recording. He saw Norman squatting, frowning, thinking and saying, “let’s go to the living room and wait a minute.”

With a swing of his tail, he swam to the steep slope at the corner of the pool, and his tail turned into legs.

Because the fishtail skirt was too tight and his legs were tied, he bent down and folded the hem up for a short section.

Norman knew that the little mermaid’s tail could become legs, but he saw the change process for the first time. Although it was only a moment, his breathing was still uncontrollable.

When the little mermaid bent over, the T-shirt hem moved up, revealing a thin and white waist. The cold white skin was almost dazzling under the light.

The waist narrows, and the lower part extends to both sides. The crotch is very obvious under the close fitting fishtail skirt. Because of the bending posture, the hips are more warped.

Norman quickly looked away, but he saw a leg of the little mermaid folded up her fishtail skirt. His eyes were dim.

An Jin didn’t notice. He didn’t know how provocative his simple actions were. Even if he folded his skirt, he could only take a small step and slowly walk ashore.

He felt very lucky. Fortunately, he had secretly practiced walking before, otherwise he might need Norman’s help even for such a short distance.

After walking ashore, without the resistance of water, his feet were much easier. He went to the scooter and his feet changed back to his tail.

He turned to Norman, smiled and said, “go to the living room.”

Norman’s Adam’s apple rolled, and his voice was dark to the little mermaid’s clear blue eyes: “HMM.”

Come to the living room, an Jin uses water to remove water from his body, leaving only a layer of water vapor around his tail.

It’s OK to deal with the wetting of other positions, but the sofa is different. On the day of intelligent biological judgment, the robot replaced all the sofas.

Norman looked at the dry little mermaid and couldn’t help worrying: “will it be uncomfortable? It doesn’t matter if it gets wet.”

An Jin smiled and shook his head: “not uncomfortable.”

He turned his tail into legs and stepped off the scooter. As a result, he didn’t pay attention to the folded fishtail skirt. He slipped down on the way to the living room, and the lower end became very narrow. The scooter was a little high from the ground.

His right foot stepped down, his fishtail skirt tightened immediately, his left foot felt pulled, his already weak foot became soft, and his body tilted to the right.

An Jin whispered a cry. The cry began and stopped suddenly. He fell into a broad and warm embrace.

The nose tip is the smell of clean and refreshing detergent. He is no stranger to this smell, and so is his clothes.

He took a deep breath, his beating heart calmed down slowly, looked up, swept Norman’s sharp jaw line, and looked up at Norman with worried brown eyes.

“Thank you.” He thanked politely.

Norman picked him up lightly, then gently put him on the sofa and looked down at his legs.

An Jin’s consciousness at his feet retreated, and his calf came to the sofa: “I’m fine, but I don’t exercise enough legs and lack strength.”

However, when he sat down, his knees bent, the fishtail skirt at the lower end moved up, his white ankles exposed, and the skin above his ankle was very red.

Norman frowned unconsciously and gently touched the red skin with his finger belly: “does it hurt?”

An Jin suddenly felt a warm touch on his feet. With that trace of itching, he almost jumped from his feet to his brain. He couldn’t help humming.

His voice was soft, and the hum was low and deep, especially provocative.

An Jin’s eyes were slightly open and bit his lower lip. His face was red. How could he make that sound!

His round, pink fingers scratched the floor, and the whole person was embarrassed and about to get angry.

He never knew that his feet were so sensitive.

Norman’s body was slightly stiff, his fingers clenched quickly, and he didn’t dare to touch the little mermaid’s skin again, but his breathing was a little heavier out of control.

An Jin immediately noticed the change of Norman’s breathing. His fingers rubbed the surface of the sofa nervously. In a hurry, he just wanted to make his sensitive legs disappear. Therefore, his legs instantly became tails.

But unexpectedly, his tail was longer than his feet, and his body structure was different from that of people. His upper body leaned back against the back of the sofa, his tail tilted upward, and his tail fin swept through Norman’s chest.

The tip of the caudal fin was very sharp, and Norman’s shirt was immediately cut, revealing a large wheat chest.

An Jin was startled and leaned forward to see if Norman was hurt in the chest, but when the mermaid tail sat, he didn’t rely on anything and his body was unstable.

As soon as he leaned forward, he could not help leaning aside. Norman got up and stretched out his hand at the same time, neatly holding the little mermaid in his arms.

An Jin finds that his cheek is hitting Norman’s chest and moves away quickly. When he turns his head, the scales rub his skin, and Norman’s body immediately freezes.

Ann Jin was worried about Norman’s body and didn’t notice anything wrong with Norman.

He stretched out his hand, lifted the cloth cut by his tail fin, and carefully examined Norman’s chest. When he saw no blood, he was slightly relieved.

“Sorry.” He was annoyed and remorseful.

Norman comforted the Little Mermaid: “it’s my fault. I… shouldn’t touch you casually.”

An Jin immediately thought of the feeling of itching from his legs to his brain. His cheeks were hot: “it’s my problem. I reacted too much.”

He found that he was still held in Norman’s arms. His heart pounded and whispered, “I can sit firmly against the sofa.”

Norman was reluctant to let go for a moment. The little mermaid smelled of lime with the same detergent as him. He even wanted to hold it tighter.

He glanced at the little mermaid’s red ears, gently straightened the little mermaid, and didn’t let go until the little mermaid’s back leaned against the sofa.

An Jin restrained his mind and tried to make himself look calm. He opened the smart brain file without looking at Norman: “I’m starting.”

“Well, don’t ask me.” Norman said.

An Jin nodded his head, opened the recording and began to translate the documents of the technology department.

The previous content is very simple, mainly you, me, him and other pronouns, from difficult to easy, from daily high-frequency words.

An Jin watches teaching videos every day. He knows the common simple words. No matter how complex they are.

Almost half an hour later, he needed to ask Norman from time to time. Norman answered patiently. After he learned it, he wrote and translated.

He found that the speed of reading was faster than watching videos.

He is a little happy, which is equivalent to reading and translating at the same time.

An hour later, Norman said, “take a break.” He got up and poured a cup of warm water for the little mermaid.

An Jin took it and took a sip. He frowned and said, “thank you.”

Norman looked at his tail. “Do you want to go back to the mermaid room and have a rest?”

An Jin shook his head and thought, “can you lift your right hand?

Norman raised his right hand and Anxin ran his power. A cloud of water vapor surrounded Norman’s right hand.

Norman almost immediately felt the air moist at hand. He looked at the little mermaid’s tail.

An Jin said, “as long as I have mental strength, I can stay on the water all the time without feeling uncomfortable.”

Norman was relieved.

An Jin drank two more mouthfuls, looked at Norman with a water glass, and took two more sips.

Norman put his hand in front of him. An Jin was stunned, and his blue eyes showed a trace of doubt.

Norman Wen said in a voice, “don’t force yourself if you don’t want to drink. Give me the water cup.”

Anxin handed over the water cup and was about to speak. Norman said, “don’t say thank you.”

An Jin was slightly stunned. Watching Norman put his water cup on the tea table, his heart beat inexplicably fast, and he felt very sweet and warm.

Norman really knows him well, and with Norman, although his heart is always out of control, he has a sense of security.

His beautiful blue eyes blinked, and a thought flashed in his eyes. Was he right about Norman

Norman put down his water glass and sat down next to the little mermaid again.

An Jin quickly pulls back his thoughts and purses his lips. He wants to ask Norman how to be sure he likes him, but he is embarrassed to ask.

He said, “then I’ll go on.” Norman nodded.

At 9:30, Norman stopped the little mermaid from recording: “rest first and record again tomorrow.”

An Jin glanced at the time: “it’s still quite early.”

Norman disagreed and said seriously, “you should rest early, go to bed early and get up early.”

Ann would like to see Norman’s eyes care and don’t want to refuse Norman’s kindness, so she nodded and decided to record it tomorrow.

An Jin is about to turn his tail into legs.

Norman said, “I’ll hold you.” before the little mermaid refused, he said, “your foot is hurt.”

An Jin retorted in a low voice: “I’m not hurt, but I’m a little red.”

Norman: let me check it first

An Jin’s tail unconsciously retreated a little, shook his head and stretched out his hand: “please.”

Norman’s eyes flashed a smile. It seemed that the little mermaid’s feet were really sensitive.

He reached out and grabbed the little mermaid’s waist, put the little mermaid on the scooter, and waited for the little mermaid to hold the handle before moving away.

Back in the mermaid room, an Jin entered the water, put his left hand on the bank and waved his right hand: “good night, Norman. See you tomorrow.”

Norman: “good night, good night.”

In the morning, after Norman went to the military headquarters, an Jin went to the holographic world to remove the impurities of the kebab. After going offline, he opened the sea documentary.

He pressed the recording, watched the subtitles and translated adult fish language synchronously with the voice.

The content explained in the documentary is not a common language. What mermaids want to see most now is the documentary, so he wants to translate it in advance.

At noon, Norman came back from the military headquarters, had lunch with the little mermaid, and sent the little mermaid to the mermaid center.

As soon as an Jin entered the entertainment area, he found that there were more mermaids today and more breeders in the glass house.

At the sight of an Jin, the breeders’ eyes lit up immediately. An impatient man quickly ran to an Jin: “an an, ask me what my Mermaid wants. I was yelled.”

“So is my family. Please ask for help.”

Norman raised his sword eyebrows and stood in front of the little mermaid, reminding him, “step back and keep a distance.”

The breeders quickly retreated and looked expectantly at an Jin.

An Jin said, “let me ask for you.”

He jumped into the pool and was about to ask. A mermaid was angry and said, “Ann, are my bipedal animals bullying you? I must teach him a good lesson!”

“Damn bipedal beast!”

They asked me to ask you, what do you want

“Zhinao, the zhinao in your hand, I want to see a documentary.”

“I want it too!”

“Ann, is the translator ready?”

An Jin shook his head: “it will take two days to do it well, but I translated part of the documentary.”

He conveyed the requirements of the mermaids to the breeders. The breeders were surprised and suddenly thought of the scene where the Mermaids watched the video yesterday.

They quickly placed orders and sighed: “it’s great to be able to communicate.”

An Jin finished the microphone and looked at Norman who was still standing on the bank. With his deep brown eyes, he whispered, “do you have anything else to tell me?”

Norman told: “don’t talk to strangers casually. Contact me if you have something.”

An Jin nodded his little head: “OK.”

Norman rubbed the little mermaid’s hair. “See you in the afternoon.”

After Norman disappeared, an Jin swam to the middle of the water. He was immediately surrounded by mermaids and asked about the translator.

“Damn bipedal beast, when he can understand me, I will teach him a good lesson!”

An Jin looks at his shining eyes and suddenly thinks that if there is a translator, the Mermaid will be very angry when she suddenly finds that humans treat them as pets.

He thought about it and decided to tell the mermaids in advance in case of bloodshed.

He asked, “what do you think of bipedals?”

“Tame pet!”

“Yes, I’m the master of the bipedal beast.”

“The loser who gave me tribute!”

After waiting for the fish to answer one after another, an Jin opened his mouth again: “the two legged beasts are almost… That’s how they see you.”

A moment of silence.

Xiaoyin first responded: “damn bipedal beast, does he treat me as a pet?”

“I want to challenge my bipedal beast! I must show him my power! Let him see who is worthy to be the master!”

The breeders sitting in the glass house suddenly received the fierce sight of many mermaids. After being inexplicable, they hurriedly urged the intelligent brain manufacturer: hurry up!

Mermaid patience is too bad.

After the Mermaids vented their dissatisfaction, an Jin said, “you and the bipedal animals regard each other as pets because they have great cognitive differences and don’t know each other. With a translator, you can know more about the bipedal animals.”

“You can also let bipedal animals know more about you and no longer treat you as pets.”

He also explained his identification of intelligent creatures and explained the difference between intelligent creatures and pets: “after you know about human beings, it’s up to you to decide whether to identify yourself as intelligent creatures.”

“I want to be sure!” Cried an orange Mermaid.

An Jin remembered him, surprised and happy: “have you recovered?”

This is an intermediate Mermaid saved from the mermaid black market.

The orange Mermaid nodded, “it’s recovered,” he snorted angrily, “the scales haven’t grown yet.”

An Jin said, “health is the most important. Scales will grow well soon.”

Listening to mermaids talking about intelligent creatures and pets, he said: “with the translator, you make your own decisions whether you want to continue your current life or change.”

Mermaids are increasingly looking forward to translators.

Soon, the smart brains that mermaids wanted were delivered to the door. Not all the keepers stayed in the glass house, so only some mermaids got new smart brains.

An Jin taught them how to use it, while the other mermaids watched.

An Jin patiently taught three times, and all mermaids learned how to turn on the player.

He thought about it, then exchanged communication with the mermaids and told them how to contact: “if you have any questions, you can contact me at any time.”

The next moment, an Jin’s intelligent brain rings out and clicks on the message list. A series of communications all come from mermaids.

“I will firmly remember Ann’s contact information.” Said the mermaids.

An Jin was unable to laugh or cry. He received the first communication and chatted with the mermaid face to face. He demonstrated how to use it on site.

“I’ve learned! I must repeat it every day!”

“I’m so worried that I forget!”

After a quiet thought, he taught them how to use the memo: “you can record the things you need to remember in the memo, and then listen to it when you are free. In this way, you can only remind yourself to listen to the memo every day.”

“Ann is so clever!”

An Jin shook his head when he heard the praise. It’s really not that he’s smart. He just knows more.

In the afternoon, when the breeders came to pick up the mermaid, the scene was particularly lively.

“Stupid bipedal beast, actually treat me as a pet!”

“When you can understand me, I will teach you a good lesson!”

“I want brains!”

Garrot looked at Ruirui, who waved his arm to himself, with a blank face.

Xie Li directly asked an Jin, “what do an an, Ruirui and Ling Ling want?”

An Jin: “zhinao.”

He also conveyed the idea of the mermaid to other breeders. Of course, he didn’t say anything cruel about the mermaid, but just comforted the mermaid not to attack humans.

The suspension car arrived at the palace, and Norman sent the little mermaid back to the mermaid room.

Seeing the little mermaid’s face in meditation, she couldn’t help asking, “what’s the matter?”

An Jin said: “mermaids are very smart. With translators, they can learn human knowledge and understand the world, but their memory is not good.”

Speaking of this, he suddenly thought of one thing and said the inheritance he felt when he was an adult: “mermaids should be like me, have the same memory as humans, and become legs when they grow up.”

Norman was surprised and thought, no wonder the Mermaids are very close to Ann.

He did not doubt Ann’s words, and even thought it was more reasonable. The mermaid’s attitude towards Ann was very unusual.

Mermaids are not docile creatures. Even they are easy to quarrel and fight with each other, but they listen to Ann very much and are good in front of ANN.

Moreover, there are many kinds of interstellar intelligent creatures, and ethnic inheritance is not uncommon.

“At the beginning, the expedition probably brought back the mermaid gene from the mermaid planet,” he thought for a moment. “There are two possibilities, the memory and other changes of the mermaid, gene loss or mutation.”

An Jin: “I think so too!” He hesitated for a moment and said his idea, “my changes are the same as those shown in the inheritance. Does this mean that my genes are complete?”

“I’m afraid of being studied,” he pursed. “But I can provide blood for researchers to study the differences between me and other mermaids. If only we could find a way to solve the mermaid’s memory.”

He thought of Norman’s identity: “if the mermaid, like me, has IQ and can provide spiritual power for people in the way of employment, it should be better than unstable singing.”

He looked at Norman expectantly. “Do you think it’s ok?”

Norman: Yes, Ann is very brave

The little mermaid was always very cautious. She was afraid of being studied from the initial fear of revealing her words to the later fear of exposing her legs.

It is obviously courage to put forward such an idea now.

An Jin breathed a sigh of relief.

Norman: “I’ll contact Dean Yuna and set up a top secret research team to study your genes and mermaid’s genes.”

An Jin nodded, his eyes full of expectation.

Just as he was talking, Norman’s brain rang. He connected. Mu Chen’s voice came: “Your Majesty, ask ANN for me. What does Xiao Yin want to do?”

“Stupid bipedal beast, I want Ann’s contact information. I want to talk to Ann!” Little silver roared.

When Mu Chen’s words ended, Norman opened the release.

An Jin listened clearly and explained to Mu Chen, “Xiao Yin wants my contact information.”

He comforted Xiao Yin: “I have to translate in the evening. I may not have time to chat. See you tomorrow.”

Little silver, calm down.

Mu Chen thanked and hung up the communication.

The next moment, Norman’s wisdom sounded again. He frowned and connected. Garrot shouted, “Your Majesty, please ask ANN to translate for me. What does Ruirui want?”

A trace of Xie Li’s voice came over, and garrot added: “and Ling Ling.”

Ruirui and Ling Ling’s voice soon came over and wanted an Jin to communicate again.

An Jin comforted the couple with words to appease Xiaoyin and left the contact information to garrot.

Less than half a minute after hanging up the communication, Norman’s brain rang again. He looked at the private communication number of the head of the second army and hung up.

He looked thoughtful. After the translator was finished, those mermaids wouldn’t always talk to the little mermaid?!


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