After Being a Mermaid Chapter 56

Norman doesn’t think so.

The little mermaid spent most of the day with the mermaids. If he returned to the palace and communicated with the mermaids, he would spend less time with the mermaid!

He pondered for a moment and said, “Ann, I think the mermaid can open a chat room for them when they have wisdom, so that they can chat at any time. What do you think?”

An Jin didn’t notice Norman’s careful thinking. His eyes lit up: “very good! Mermaids can communicate with each other and get to know human beings faster. They can help each other when they encounter problems.”

He paused and bent his eyebrows and eyes: “there are some things that Mermaid can’t deal with. It’s just that I can help!”

Norman looked at the little mermaid’s blue eyes and said seriously, “there are many mermaids. You can’t be busy alone. Connect the mermaid’s communicator to the mermaid Protection Association. If the mermaid is in danger or treated unkindly, you can deal with it in time.”

An Jin’s eyes brightened. He thought Norman was very comprehensive. He couldn’t help saying, “you’re great! I’ll teach the Mermaids how to contact the mermaid Protection Association tomorrow.”

Norman: “I’ll inform the association and ask them to cooperate.”

Two people are discussing, just received the chef’s reminder, three minutes after dinner.

An Jin turned his tail into legs, walked ashore from the corner slope and got on the scooter.

His eyes swept over Norman, but Norman did not know when to turn around and stood with his back to the pool and facing the door.

He didn’t think much. The voice controlled scooter said, “turn it on.”

The scooter control panel flashes green, and at the same time Norman turns and faces him.

Norman’s eyes swept from his feet, quickly moved away and turned around. His voice seemed unnatural: “let’s go.”

An Jin suddenly realized something and looked down. The wet fishtail skirt was close to his lower body. The outline was very obvious. It was difficult to say which was more embarrassing to wear or not.

He quickly ran his power, and the fishtail skirt soon dried. When he looked again, he was relieved, but he was still a little embarrassed because of his previous carelessness.

He drove the scooter and Norman to the restaurant.

When he arrived at the restaurant, he first checked the skirt and saw that the folded lower end did not slide down before he got off the scooter.

Norman saw the Little Mermaid Sitting on the seat independently. He was not only happy for the little mermaid’s independence, but also lost some because the little mermaid didn’t need his help.

An Jin sat at the table, his toes tilted up and down slightly, and the feeling of his heels against the ground was obvious, which made him feel secure and very happy.

Norman easily found the little mermaid’s lovely little move, felt the little mermaid’s happy mood, and the loss in his heart dissipated immediately.

He sat next to the little mermaid. After the cook served, he mixed vegetables and juice for the little mermaid.

An Jin’s blue eyes are shining. He turns around and is ready to say thank you to Norman. He thinks of the scene that Norman stopped him from saying thank you before.

So he bent his eyes and smiled at Norman. He put a sweet and sour spareribs in Norman’s bowl with public chopsticks.

“You don’t have to take care of me all the time.”

He used to eat in the form of a mermaid. He sat very unstable. His left hand had to hold the edge of the table all the time, and his right hand didn’t dare to move too much. He was afraid of sliding to the bottom of the table, so he rarely brought food to Norman.

It’s convenient now!

Norman’s heart was warm. He ate the sweet and sour pork ribs that the little mermaid had sandwiched for him. He only felt sweet to his heart.

After dinner, Norman suggested that an Jin go back to the mermaid room to have a rest.

An Jin shook his head. “I want to practice walking with my feet.”

They used to practice secretly before going to bed. Now Norman knows that it’s more appropriate to take a walk after dinner.

Norman looked down. The little mermaid’s white feet stepped on the solid wood floor. The edges of her feet were pink and looked particularly soft and fragile.

“Wait for me here.” Norman got up and left the restaurant.

Anxin is a little confused. He doesn’t know what Norman is going to do, but he still sits on the seat and waits.

After sitting for two seconds, he felt that sitting was not as good as exercise, so he sat in a sitting position, raised his lower legs, and then put them down, so he repeated.

Soon Norman came back with a pair of soft slippers.

Norman bent down and put his slippers on the ground. He caught a glimpse of the little mermaid with her legs raised and her round fingernails cocked up.

Anxin quickly put down his legs and looked sideways at Norman.

Norman: wear mine first. I’ll buy it for you later

An Jin hesitated for a moment and wanted to raise his feet to see if the soles were dirty, but his feet were bound by the fishtail skirt and couldn’t tilt his feet.

He thought for a moment, put his feet together, lifted them to the side, bent over his body and looked at the soles of his feet. The soles of his feet looked white, but he stepped on the ground barefoot.

He straightened his upper body, drew a piece of paper, leaned back again, and wiped the soleplate of his feet in a slightly awkward posture.

Norman saw that he was unstable. He helped him on the shoulder, squatted down, took the paper in his hand, and gently held his ankle and neck with one hand.

An Jin curled his toes uncontrollably and his cheeks were hot. He whispered, “I can wipe it myself.”

Norman didn’t give him a chance to wipe himself. He carefully wiped the floor of his feet and threw the toilet paper into the dustbin.

When he looked back, Norman swept the round and lovely nail head, rolled his Adam’s apple and looked away: “OK, it’s clean.”

He loosened the little mermaid’s ankle, got up and took a step back.

An Jin puts his feet in slippers. The slippers are very big, which makes his feet small. It’s a bit like a child who steals adult shoes.

He stood up and Norman stood in front of him. He obviously felt the height difference between them. Norman was almost a circle bigger than him. He looked down and could only see Norman’s chin.

“Thank you.” He whispered.

Norman: you’re welcome. Try walking

An Jin walked slowly, but still stable. Norman patiently followed him, his eyes always fell on him, worried that he would fall.

An Jin thought for a while and wanted to record later. He simply walked directly to the living room and walked slowly around the living room.

Norman saw that the little mermaid was slow but steady. He put down his heart, stood on the sofa and contacted Dean Euna.

Euna quickly connected to the communication, with a worried tone: “Your Majesty, is Ann uncomfortable?”

He did not expect that his Majesty would have anything else to contact him at night.

Norman: “he’s fine,” he said straight to the point. “I have something to discuss with you and set up a confidential research group as soon as possible to study the memory of mermaids.”

Euna sighed: “there have been researchers studying, but the progress is not satisfactory.”

Norman: “compare the mermaid’s gene with Ann’s gene and try again. In order to keep Ann’s safety experiment confidential, hornard will take some blood when Ann’s body is examined tomorrow morning.”

Una was stunned and his tone was excited: “it’s great that Ann is willing to support! He can quickly master interstellar language. His memory is obviously normal. We are also discussing to ask ANN for help recently.”

His tone looked forward to: “if the memory problem of the mermaid can be solved, the breeders will not have to worry about being forgotten by the mermaid when they go on business or go out to fight, which is more conducive to the cultivation of feelings and mutual trust between humans and mermaid.”

Norman: “in addition to memory genes, pay more attention to other differences.”

Una was stunned, then excited and curious, “is there anything special about Ann?”

Norman did not tell Yuna that the news that mermaids could become human was too strong to be exposed now.

Thinking in his eyes, he decided to contact historians to check the information of the expedition and investigate the clues of the mermaid planet.

Una didn’t say when he saw Norman. He understood Norman’s meaning and didn’t ask: “I’ll establish a team as soon as possible, and I’ll lead the team myself.”

Norman rang out and hung up.

An Jin walked for about a quarter of an hour, walked back to the sofa and sat down to rest.

Norman looked down at him. “It has been discussed with Euna. Hornard can take some of your blood tomorrow morning.” he rubbed the little mermaid’s hair. “Don’t be afraid.”

An Jin felt the temperature from his head and bent his eyes. “I’m not afraid,” he opened his brain. “I’m ready to record.”

Norman sat down beside him. “No, ask me.”

An Jin nodded, released the document, opened the recording and carefully translated it.

Norman looked at the little mermaid. The little mermaid looked serious, and her eyelashes looked more long and warped.

Soon, he found that the little mermaid’s cheeks bulged slightly, which was formed by pursing her lips, and her eyelashes became flickering.

He immediately knew that the little mermaid was disturbed by his sight. He thought that the little mermaid was really sensitive.

He looked away, opened his brain and flipped through the youth favorite list.

The lower garment he bought for the little mermaid was from the ranking list. It was too short just now. He went directly to the commonly used store and bought slippers for the little mermaid. He only considered the comfort, but did not consider the style.

Just in time, he can buy shoes for the little mermaid, not only slippers, but also shoes for going out.

He quickly glanced at the little mermaid’s feet, which was just a subconscious move. In fact, when he just wiped the soles of the little mermaid’s feet, he already knew the size of the little mermaid’s shoes.

He found the footwear ranking list, removed the exaggerated style, bought three pairs of the others that looked good, gathered together the most common black and white and added blue.

An Jin breathed a sigh of relief. He didn’t know why. As long as he felt Norman’s eyes, he always had a fast heartbeat and couldn’t concentrate.

He was not used to being watched and nervous before, but it was negative and disliked. It was different from when he felt Norman’s eyes.

He thought for a moment and thought of the Mermaids’ expectations for the translator. He restrained his mind and focused on the translation.

The living room atmosphere is very warm. They are doing their own things. Occasionally, an Jin asks unknown words. Their arms meet, whisper a few words, and separate.

An Jin was very attentive. During this period, Norman got up. He just raised his eyes slightly without paying too much attention.

When he finished translating all the documents, Norman dragged a pair of blue cotton at his feet and said, “try it on.”

An Jin put it on. It fits very well. The cloth feels very soft next to the skin.

He was a little surprised: “how do you know how big my shoes are?”

Norman: “you can see at a glance,” he paused. “Besides, I touched it.”

An Jin blinked his eyelashes quickly, and his toes scratched the soleplate of his shoes. Fortunately, his shoes were not bared.

Norman’s eyes flashed a smile. The little mermaid is really shy. Does this reaction mean

There was a flash in his eyes, and he was not in a hurry.

He said to the little mermaid, “the shoes and waterproof shoes are put in the shoe cabinet. Go and see the position of the shoe cabinet later. If you feel inconvenient, you can change the position.”

An Jin was stunned, nodded, and passed the translated documents and the previously translated sea documentary to Norman: “it has been translated.”

Norman received it and was preparing to forward it to the technology department. He stopped his finger, copied the recorded file, then saved the original file, converted the copied file into system voice, and then forwarded it to the technology department.

He didn’t want the little mermaid’s voice to spread and be heard at any time.

He got up and went to the mermaid room with the little mermaid.

When an Jin entered the door, he saw a new shoe cabinet on the right. There were three pairs of waterproof slippers above and all kinds of men’s shoes below. There were all kinds of sneakers, flat shoes, tennis shoes and Martin boots. All the same styles had three colors.

Norman asked, “do you want to change positions?”

An Jin shook his head. “Just put it here,” he paused and said seriously, “I like it very much. Thank you.”

Norman’s eyes flashed a smile: “just like it. Rest early. I’ll take you to customize the capsule mask tomorrow.”

An Jin’s blue eyes suddenly lit up: “will you rest tomorrow?”

Norman nodded.

An Jin was very happy and looked forward to: “what time do you go tomorrow?”

Norman: what do you think of going out at nine

An Jin: “a little earlier is OK,” he said immediately when he thought of Norman’s vacation. “Nine o’clock is OK. You can have more rest, get up later and go out later.”

Norman rubbed the little mermaid’s hair: “I’m used to getting up early, so I’ll book nine in advance?”

An Jin nodded.

The two agreed and said good night to each other. Norman left the mermaid room.

After washing, an Jin wants to exercise his powers. He feels that Norman is on the second floor. He hesitates and doesn’t go to the holographic world, so as not to be found by Norman that he doesn’t have an honest rest.

He exercised directly in the pool. When his mind turned, he raised two walls before and after. At the same time, his arms were covered with a water film.

At first glance, you will only feel that your arm is very bright. When you look carefully, you will find that there is water flowing rapidly.

He kept compressing the thickness of the water wall and water film. The more he practiced, the more accurate he could control the water. In the end, almost instantly, the water wall and water film could reach the best defense state.

His eyes flashed with joy. His control over water almost reached the third level peak. Before long, he could upgrade again!

In the morning, Norman stood outside the mermaid and knocked at the door. The next moment, he heard the little mermaid say ‘please come in’.

When he pushed the door, he saw the Little Mermaid Sitting in a wheelchair and stunned.

An Jin manipulated the wheelchair, came to Norman, and controlled the wheelchair to turn 360 degrees. He sat steadily, raised his head and looked at Norman with curved eyebrows and eyes: “after doing it yesterday, I asked for improvement, and it was delivered in the morning.”

Because he was sitting, there was a great height difference between him and Norman. He pressed the button and the wheelchair Rose: “you can also adjust the height, which is very easy to control and flexible!”

Norman was in a particularly good mood for the bright blue eyes of the little mermaid and praised: “great.”

An Jin Yu Guang glanced at the ground. The feeling of hanging in the air made him a little uneasy. He lowered the height a little: “I’m going out with you in a wheelchair today.”

He raised his hands and shook them left and right: “the scooter can’t let go. It’s inconvenient.”

Norman agreed: “wheelchairs are more stable and safe.”

The wheelchair is very intelligent. Like the scooter, it is equipped with an intelligent scanning system. If it encounters obstacles or senses a height difference, it will avoid them intelligently.

Seeing the little mermaid looking forward, he said, “have breakfast first.”

An Jin controls a wheelchair and goes to the restaurant with Norman.

After breakfast, the two came to the restaurant, and soon Leonard arrived.

Hornard looked excited, his eyes were very bright, and said to an Jin seriously, “I have learned your decision from President Euna, ANN, thank you.”

An Jin: “I can only provide blood, and the rest can’t help.”

Hornard said solemnly, “that’s enough. What’s left is for the researchers.”

He first checked an Jin’s body, determined that he was healthy, and took out a needle.

An Jin looked at the needle, his breath stagnated, and he was subconsciously nervous.

Hornard comforted: “don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt at all.”

An Jin, with a small face, nodded and hesitated. He still turned his head and didn’t dare to look.

Suddenly, a gentle touch came from his head. He raised his eyes and faced Norman’s brown eyes. Norman: “is there a place you want to go?”

An Jin’s eyes were thinking. After a while, he shook his head: “I don’t particularly want to go. I want to go shopping at will.”

He doesn’t know much about the world. He doesn’t know what places there are. He wants to go shopping and have a general understanding.

At this time, he felt a slight tingling in his hand, with a trace of coolness, and his eyelashes trembled violently.

Norman couldn’t help it. He gently brushed his eyelashes with his fingers and rubbed the end of his eyes: “I’ll take you shopping later.”

An Jin blinked twice quickly. He didn’t feel embarrassed. He was full of surprises because of Norman’s words: “really?”

Norman nodded.

At this time, hornard said, “all right.”

He collected the blood vessels and quickly treated the wound the size of the tip of a needle on the little mermaid’s hand with a therapeutic instrument.

An Jin was stunned, raised his hand and looked at the position of the previous slight pain. There was no trace, as if the previous feeling was just an illusion.

Hornard looked at his majesty and thought that his Majesty was really enlightened.

Sure enough, it’s not a pure single dog. Because I’m worried about Ann’s pain, I’ll find a way to distract Ann!

If it had been done before, it might have been dry and said, “it doesn’t hurt at all.”.

Hornard was confused in his mind, but his expression was very serious. He thanked an Jin again: “although you don’t take much blood, you can eat more blood tonic food today.”

An Jin nodded and replied, “I remember.”

Hornard left and went to the scientific research institute.

Norman opens the intelligent brain search and puts the search results in front of an Jin: “what do you like to eat?”

The virtual screen is full of all kinds of blood nourishing food. An Jin thought about it and bought some red dates.

A quarter of an hour later, the robot came to an Jin with a bag of red dates. After removing the impurities, an Jin asked Norman, “do you want to eat?”

Norman shook his head. An Jin took one and put the rest into his brain space, ready to eat as a snack.

He looked at Norman expectantly. “Are you going out?”

Norman smiled in his eyes, nodded and secretly remembered that he would go out with the little mermaid when he was free.

They got on the suspension car and arrived at their destination ten minutes later.

An Jin noticed that the security here is very tight. Norman said: “generally, people with special status will make capsule masks.”

An Jin suddenly.

When Norman’s mask maker saw an Jin, his eyes lit up: “Your Majesty, I have found the material to fit the scales, but it will be more complex.”

He raised his hand, originally wanted to point to an Jin, and pointed his fingertips at himself in the light of his Majesty’s slightly heavy sight.

“The mermaid has scales on her cheeks, but not on the rest. Only when the two materials are connected naturally can she make a natural mask.”

Norman asked directly, “how long?”

The masked master thought for a moment: “at least a week.”

Norman nodded, “OK.”

Masked master: “Your Majesty, I have to measure Ann’s facial data.”

Everyone’s facial structure is different. Unless specially adjusted, a mask will only fit one person.

Norman nodded and put his hand on the mermaid’s shoulder: “don’t be nervous. Look at the lens of the measuring instrument. It’ll be fine soon.”

The masked man opened his mouth and swallowed the words ready to comfort the little mermaid.

Also, there is your majesty. Where can I comfort him!

An Jin smiled at Norman: “well, I’m not afraid.”

The masked master listened to the soft and clear voice of the little mermaid and deeply understood why his Majesty was attracted to the little mermaid.

So good! It looks good. Although it is different from human beings, it is also pleasing to the eyes, and can provide spiritual power. Its voice is so good!

Norman whispered, “you can start.”

The masked master quickly looked away from the little mermaid, looked seriously and entered the working state.

He is very professional. After measuring an Jin’s face data, he quickly analyzes the stereogram and will soon draw the boundary between scales and skin.

After painting, he printed a disposable mask and asked an Jin to try it on.

The mask is like a piece of paper. It does not have the function of changing the face, but it can measure whether the dividing line drawn by the mask maker is accurate.

The masked master asked him to turn his head left and then right. After modifying the details, he said, “you can take it off and try to make it in a week.”

An Jin raised his hand and was about to take off the mask. A familiar smell of lime came from his nose. He felt the warm touch on his chin. He immediately knew that Norman was helping him take off the mask.

His hand on his tail curled slightly and raised his chin, which was more convenient for Norman’s movement.

Norman lowered his eyes and saw that the little mermaid’s eyes were down, and his long and warped eyelashes trembled slightly. It seemed that he was a little nervous, but he still turned his face to him very obediently.

Norman paused, moved his finger to the forehead of the little mermaid and lifted the mask from top to bottom.

When the mask slipped down his eyebrows, an Jin quickly closed his eyes and felt the mask on the bridge of his nose. He opened his eyes and subconsciously raised his eyes to look at Norman, but unexpectedly, he was opposite Norman’s deep eyes.

He was slightly stunned. Shouldn’t his eyes follow the mask at this time?

Norman saw himself from the mermaid’s clear blue eyes, and he was the only one. His eyes moved slightly, and a sense of satisfaction and dissatisfaction rose inexplicably in his heart.

He hopes to always see him in the eyes of the little mermaid.

The masked master screamed as he watched the two interact! He actually watched the first scene of his Majesty’s love!

Watching the atmosphere is like a love movie!

He was so itchy that he wanted to film this scene, but he didn’t dare to act rashly because of his Majesty’s identity.

He is excited and uncomfortable. This kind of thing can’t be shared with others. The fun is more than half less!

Norman took off the mask, stepped back and threw it into the trash can.

The masked master immediately restored his solemnity: “if you do it in advance, you will be notified in time.”

Norman said, “keep it a secret.”

The mask maker quickly said, “we are all professional. In addition to filing with the police, we will never disclose customer information.”

Norman nodded and left with the little mermaid.

An Jin looked at Norman and was a little confused, but he didn’t ask immediately. He returned to the suspension car and asked, “isn’t the mask matching the human figure done here?”

Norman: “change a family, change a person’s shape and identity. It’s not easy to be exposed when you do it separately.”

An Jin suddenly praised, “you are so thoughtful!”

Norman said, “because Ann doesn’t know a lot of things,” he asked. “Now go shopping?”

An Jin nodded.

However, without concealing their identity, he and Norman stood out on the road and were soon surrounded.

Those people were afraid to get too close to Norman’s identity, but they had no scruples in their sight.

Suddenly someone couldn’t resist curiosity and asked loudly, “Your Majesty, are you in love?”

An Jin was stunned, then his cheeks were hot and took a quick look at Norman.

Norman also looked at him. They looked up, and the onlookers immediately began to coax.

Norman noticed the little mermaid’s discomfort, looked serious, glanced at the crowd, and took the little mermaid back to the suspension car.

An Jin breathed a sigh of relief: “when the mask is ready, let’s go shopping again!”

Norman: OK

An Jin thought of the crowd’s words and wanted to ask Norman how he was sure he liked him. He was a little embarrassed.

He thought about it and decided to consult his friends who had love experience first.


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