After Being a Mermaid Chapter 57

An Jin looked at the time and looked at Norman: “I want to go to the mermaid center.”

Norman’s eyes moved: “have you made an appointment with anyone?”

An Jin was surprised. He didn’t know why he thought so, but he shook his head honestly: “no,” he paused, “something’s wrong.”

Norman didn’t ask much, so he ordered the suspension car to go to the mermaid center.

At the entertainment area, an Jin jumped into the water and listened to Norman call his name.

He put his hand on the shore and looked up at Norman.

Norman rubbed the little mermaid’s head: “shall we go back to dinner at noon?”

An Jin nodded.

Norman moved his hand. “Go play.”

He turned to the glass house, opened his brain, browsed the documents, and occasionally looked at the little mermaid in the water.

An Jin was soon surrounded by mermaids in order to add his contact information.

He found that all the Mermaids wore smart brains on their wrists, so he first taught the mermaids to operate smart brains, exchanged contact information with them, and created a mermaid chat group.

“Even if you don’t come to the mermaid center in the future, you can communicate in the chat group.”

While entering the chat group, Xiao Yin said, “damn bipedal beast, such a good toy, I can’t buy it for me now!”

An Jin also entered the chat group. The next moment, he heard countless voices: “hello…”

On the virtual panel, there are dozens of avatars, all mermaids playing with their brains.

An Jin reminded: “pay attention to rest and don’t chat too late.”

“I see!”

“I’ll remember.”

At the same time, the keepers of the glass house are also discussing: “let’s build a group chat to learn more about the preferences of mermaids.”

The proposal was agreed by everyone except Norman.

A member of the military headquarters was chosen as the representative: “Your Majesty, would you like to add a group?”

Norman thought for a moment and agreed.

If the family fish stick to Ann, he will find the keeper of the mermaid and let the keeper accompany the mermaid!

After the Mermaids learned to be intelligent, they asked when an Jin’s translator would be ready.

An Jin thought, the document has been translated, and it should not take long: “it can be done in these two days.”

Mermaids were happy and discussed what to say to the bipedal beast after the bipedal beast could understand them.

An Jin looks at Ling Ling. Ling Ling is held by Ruirui from behind. His two heads gather together to discuss.

Ruirui said, “I like to live in your bipedal beast. My bipedal beast is so bad.”

Ling Ling: “then take my pool as my new house.”

Ruirui rubbed Ling Ling’s face: “good!”

“Are you getting married?” Hearing about the new house, an Jin couldn’t help asking in surprise.

Ling Ling’s white golden eyes lit up and made a sound.

Ruirui’s red tail swung left and right: “Ling Ling is so beautiful. I want to mate with him and be with him quickly!”

An Jin is a little embarrassed. The mermaid’s speaking style is too straightforward.

Whispered, “how are you sure you like each other?”

Ruirui: “I just like Ling Ling! I miss him when I can’t see him. I’m happy when I see him. I want to hold him and be close to him!”

Ling Ling blinked: “me too.”

Ruirui’s chin lingered happily on his shoulder, raised his eyebrows and said happily, “we are made for each other.”

An Jin thought in his eyes. He was with Norman every day. Only the day he spent the night in the sea was not with Norman. That day, he always seemed to think of Norman.

He pursed his lower lip and his eyelashes flashed quickly.

He didn’t want to be close to Norman.

When Norman approached him, his heart couldn’t help pounding.

When his thoughts turned, Norman said he liked him. Did he want to be close to him?

He unconsciously wagged his tail and touched his chin, thinking of the touch of Norman’s fingers on it not long ago.

He quickly moved his hand away and looked in the direction of the glass house.

“Ann, do you want to find a partner? Think about me!” A cyan mermaid swam to an Jin, lifted her long hair, straightened her upper body and showed herself in an all-round way.

An Jin subconsciously stepped back, pulled away and shook his head.

The blue Mermaid tilted her head: “is Ann dissatisfied with me?”

An Jin could not laugh or cry. He was not impressed by the mermaid. He probably saw it two or three times.

An Jin said, “you’re fine. I just… There may be someone I like.”

“People?” The cyan Mermaid did not understand.

An Jin didn’t explain, but his cheeks were slightly hot. He almost instinctively said that. He really likes Norman!

He suddenly looked forward to being alone with Norman.

Before lunch, Norman took the little mermaid back to the palace.

After lunch, an Jin’s blue eyes turned. He was about to talk to Norman. With a soft sound, he turned his head.

Norman raised his hand and looked at the information. Then he said to him, “the translator is ready. I need your help to test it.”

An Jin immediately turned to business and his eyes lit up: “no problem!”

Norman: I asked them to send the first translators

An Jin thought about it and asked, “is it in the military headquarters?”

Norman nodded and an Jin immediately said, “can I go to the military headquarters?”

He wants to see where Norman works.

Norman: of course

Norman takes an Jin into the military headquarters building. All the soldiers passing by can’t help but look at an Jin. They don’t move away until Norman’s eyes sweep past.

When he arrived at the technology department, the person in charge of the translator greeted him from a distance and saluted: “Your Majesty,” after Norman nodded, he looked at an Jin enthusiastically, “it’s hard for you.”

An Jin shook his head to indicate that he was okay.

Entering the room, the person in charge handed a small earring to an Jin: “after many considerations, the earrings are easier to carry and have a low sense of existence. Do you think it’s ok?”

An Jin nodded and didn’t answer the Earrings: “you wear it. I speak in Mermaid language. Try to understand it.”

The person in charge put it on, an Jin: “can you understand?”

As soon as the person in charge’s eyes lit up, an Jin said some common words in the document, and the person in charge answered them fluently.

The person in charge said happily, “no problem. I’ll let the factory process and produce immediately.”

An Jin hesitated and asked, “does everyone have a translator?”

“What are you worried about?”

An Jin: “mermaids are very simple. I’m afraid they will be cheated by others.”

Norman pondered: “only Mermaid breeders and mermaids are matched with translators. Mermaid Protection Association, mermaid center and Mermaid hospital apply for and count strictly according to the process.”

The person in charge quickly replied: “the breeders and mermaids are in different positions during the day, and they will be mailed to them at night.”

He took out two Earrings: “this is yours.”

Norman took it, looked at the little mermaid’s white earlobes, and stuck the earrings on the little mermaid’s bracelet. He didn’t wear them, but stuck them on the bracelet and opened the connection between the brain and the brain.

After the translator test, Norman was ready to take the little mermaid home before getting on the suspension car. An Jin’s bracelet suddenly rang.

When he connected, he heard the mermaid scream with fear and anger: “bastard bipedal! Stay away from me, you provoke me again, I’ll kill you!”

At the same time, there was a manic and rude roar belonging to people. There was a clang sound outside the roar, as if something had been damaged.

An Jin looked at the remarks and remembered that the other party was a purple Mermaid: “bubble?”

When bubble heard an Jin’s voice, he realized that the communication was through. He quickly shouted, “an an, help! My bipedal beast is crazy. He wants to kill me!”

An Jin hurriedly said, “you press the orange button and I’ll come to you right away. Pay attention to your safety.”

Bubble did what an Jin said.

On an Jin’s virtual screen, an orange dot immediately appears, which is the real-time positioning of bubbles.

He showed Norman the screen: “something seems to be wrong with the bubble.”

Norman looked, immediately recognized where the bubble was, looked serious, and ordered him to float to his destination.

Seeing the little mermaid’s nervous face, he comforted: “it should be Emon’s spiritual riot. Don’t worry, I’m taking agent A.”

Soon, the suspension car landed in front of a villa in the military region, where a white ambulance had been parked.

As soon as the suspension door was opened, an Jin felt a manic breath, which made him feel very uncomfortable.

Norman raised his sword eyebrows and said in a deep voice, “the situation is not very good.”

He pushed the little mermaid out of the suspension car. As soon as he went down, he saw many people standing about 50 meters away from the villa.

An Jin also noticed. He turned his head and looked. Even if he was far away, he could feel that the atmosphere among those people was very low, and some people’s eyes were red.

“Yes, your majesty!” Seeing Norman and an Jin, a man came back from the heavy and shouted in surprise.

“Your Majesty has agent a, and the general is saved!”

“Your Majesty, go and see the general!”

An Jin looked at Norman. Norman looked very serious and asked the little mermaid, “can you stand it?”

An Jin nodded. Although this degree was uncomfortable, it was much milder than that of Norman’s spiritual riot.

Norman was about to take an Jin into the villa when he heard a violent roar coming from the villa. At the same time, the sense of mania became stronger and stronger.

Norman frowned unconsciously, and an Jin’s face became serious. The onlookers retreated again, almost 60 meters from the villa.

Half a minute later, four young men in military uniforms came out carrying a middle-aged man, and two doctors followed closely.

When an Jin saw the appearance of a middle-aged man, he felt a little familiar. For a moment, he thought of where he had seen him.

After the release of agent a, many people called for the sale of agent A. This man is one of them.

General Emmon, the former commander of the eighth corps, made great achievements before he retired from the army. At his peak, his mental strength was SS level, and later dropped to a level.

An Jin looks at his spiritual sea, which is much smaller than Norman. More than half of it is occupied by black spiritual filaments, which are burning at this time.

An Jin frowned lightly. Just looking at it, he thought how uncomfortable it would be.

“Let go of me and get out!” Emon’s angry roar, his eyes congested, his face flushed, and his green veins on his forehead burst, making him a little crazy.

“Come on, control general, Soother!”


The doctor stretched out his hand from the back, and the injection was not close to Emmon’s neck. Emmon seemed to have eyes behind him, the back of his head suddenly tilted back, quickly tilted his head and hit the doctor’s hand, and the soothing agent fell to the ground.

“Come on! I can’t hold it! Give it a shot.” The soldier carrying the stretcher and pressing Emmon’s left leg with one hand clenched his teeth and said.

Another doctor approached with the injection in his hand. As a result, Emmon immediately drank it back with red eyes: “get away!”

His arm muscles bulged and he struggled frantically: “let go of me.”

The young man holding his right hand stumbled one step, immediately stood firm and choked: “father, calm down and let the doctor give you a soothing agent.”

“It’s no use! It’s no use at all!” The man roared and frantically elbowed the young man.

“Give him a drink.” Norman spoke at the right time.

Both the stretcher bearer and Emmon on the stretcher looked at the door.

“Your majesty!” The young man’s voice was excited, and the eyes of the two doctors suddenly lit up.

Emmon looked intently at the glass tube in Norman’s hand, calmed his struggle a little, and muttered, “agent a!”

The young man grabbed Armon’s arm and hesitated for a moment. He was afraid that if he let go, Armon would go crazy.

Before, Emmon had fallen a lot of things and even hurt himself.

Norman came forward and asked Emmon to drink pure nutrients.

The young man looked at Norman gratefully: “thank you, your majesty.”

Norman returned to the little mermaid and watched the change of Emmon.

Emon had apparently fallen into a riot, unlike Jim who was about to fall into a riot.

An Jin stared at Emon’s spirit sea. The spontaneous combustion spirit filament on the inner side gradually extinguished and turned gray. However, it was soon ignited by the burning spirit filament on the outer side.

An Jin frowned. Emmon’s mental state was really worse than before Norman.

The young man’s happy look soon disappeared. A doctor whispered and slowly lost his tone: “it’s useless.”

Emmon’s eyes were clear for a moment, and his eyes were soon dyed red. The sharp pain in his brain made him manic and irrational, just trying to destroy everything in front of him.

Norman took the nutrition again. Ann Jin grabbed his wrist and looked up at him: “I’ll try.”

He can see the spirit silk clearly and can’t understand the transformation of the spirit sea.

A dose of agent a has too little mental power to supplement. If only a cluster of mental filaments burn, agent a can play an important role. In this state of Emmon, a single dose of agent a is completely useless.

Because the spirit filaments recovered from agent a will soon be ignited by the rest of the spirit filaments, more spirit force must be continuously input at one time to quickly extinguish all the burning spirit filaments.

Norman put his palm on the mermaid’s shoulder and whispered, “pay attention to safety.”

Ann Jin smiled at him and looked at Emmon.

In everyone’s surprised eyes, an Jin began to sing.

The light and ethereal song sounded, as if the spring breeze had blown away a body of dust, and like running water, washing the ChenKe of the body.

An Jin looked intently at Emon’s spiritual sea. Blue energy particles poured into it continuously, like a heavy rain, watering out the spontaneous combustion spirit.

Soon, the withered and black spirit silk was moistened by the rain, and its color became lighter and lighter. It became healthy white, like rice paper dyed by water halo. This cluster of white slowly dispersed and the area became larger and larger.

At the end of the song, the originally dark spiritual sea is renewed, and the white spiritual silk extends towards the edge.

An Jin was stunned and hesitated to stop ahead of time. At the moment of hesitation, a spirit of Weiya suddenly dispersed from Emmon.

“Oh, my God! It’s upgraded!” A doctor whispered.

The onlookers in the distance roared, and some people couldn’t help getting closer regardless of their spiritual coercion.

The young man clenched his hands and his eyes were full of excitement. He clenched his teeth tightly and dared not speak. He was afraid to disturb the singing Mermaid.

Emon hummed dully. At the same time, his spiritual sea expanded, and the expanded area was all black at the edge.

An Jin didn’t expect him to upgrade so soon. Before Norman’s upgrade, he maintained a state of mental sea filling for several days.

He looked at those black spiritual filaments, gave up the idea of ending the song in advance, and didn’t stop until he finished singing.

“How are you?” Norman looked down at him.

An Jin nodded. He still had half his mental strength, and his mental strength was still recovering. He was in a very healthy state.

Armon regained consciousness. What happened during the spiritual riot seemed to be covered with a layer of bloody gauze in his brain. He stabilized his mind and said in a hoarse voice, “let go.”

Listen to his voice steady, press his several people’s eyes not from red, excited and excited.

Emon got up from the stretcher, stood upright, raised his hand and gave Norman a standard military salute.

Norman responded.

Emmon looked at an Jin and held down his excitement: “I don’t know how to thank you. No matter what you ask, as long as I don’t violate morality and law, I will try my best whenever I can do it!”

He was in his forties, but because he was often tortured by spiritual riots, his face was haggard, but his eyes were shining and energetic.

An Jin became serious because of his solemn attitude. Seeing that he looked firm and serious, he wanted to refuse, but it made people feel indebted.

He said, “I remember.”

He said, “bubble… Where’s the purple Mermaid in your house?”

Emon looked remorseful on his face: “so his name is bubble! I must have scared him just now.”

He looked at his son and took Norman and an Jin to the mermaid room.

As soon as they entered the mermaid room, the purple mermaid who had been floating on the water immediately turned over and shouted, “damn bipedal beast, you dare to come back! Why don’t you continue to provoke me!”

Emon comforted: “sorry, I lost my mind and scared you.”

“Even if you act like a spoiled child, it’s no use. I won’t forget your hateful behavior!” The bubble waved its sharp nails.

An Jin came out from behind Emon: “bubble, you misunderstood. He was just a spiritual riot, not provoking you.”

He explained, the bubble’s angry expression dissipated, and said to Armon, “since Ann begged you, let you go this time. If you dare to do this again next time, I will kill you!”

Emmon turned and asked, “what did he just say?”

An Jin only said the general meaning: “he doesn’t care,” he wondered, “bubbles should be singing sooner or later. Why do you still have a mental riot?”

Emmon: “my mental state is very poor recently. As long as I get close to the mermaid room, bubbles will be angry and scream. I lost my mind in the mental riot before. I wanted to hear him sing and rushed to the mermaid room, which scared him.”

An Jin understands that the mermaid is very sensitive to her poor mental state and feels manic. The mermaid even thinks she has been provoked.

He calmed bubble and made an appointment to see him tomorrow and leave Emon’s house with Norman.

Soon, an Jin sang to cure Emmon who fell into a mental riot. At the same time, the news that Emmon’s mental power was restored from level B to level a soon became popular on the star network.

“What a strong spirit, worthy of being a pure mermaid!”

“Ann doesn’t know general Emmon? He can provide treatment to strangers!”

“No wonder your majesty regards him as a partner. I would like to change me! With An’an, not to mention spiritual riots, spiritual strength will always be full!”

“Kneel down and ask ANN to speak freely. I want rumors. I’m willing to hire him for 300 million a month!”

“Get out of the way. I don’t want a month. Sing me a song to restore my mental strength to class A. I’ll pay 300 million immediately!”

Star net talked a lot. Anxin didn’t know it. After he and Norman left Emon’s house, they went back to the palace.

He floated in the pool, looked up at Norman and couldn’t help asking, “are there many people like general Edmund?”

Norman nodded seriously: “although many civilians did not enter the military headquarters, they did not have mermaids and could not eat high-grade nutrients every meal. Their daily life would consume their mental strength.”

“When mental strength is insufficient, there will be mental riots, then mental collapse and mental degradation. The lower the mental level, the more frequent the riots.”

He rubbed the little mermaid’s hair: “with agent a, there are fewer and fewer people with mental breakdown in the military headquarters. As long as you take agent a at the beginning of the riot, you can prevent the riot.”

An Jin can see the spirit silk clearly and knows the state of the spirit sea very well: “but after taking it once, he can’t persist for a long time, can he?”

Norman was silent for a moment, nodded, saw the little mermaid’s serious face and comforted: “because of you, the situation has improved. The 200 nutrients you provide every day have prevented many soldiers from degrading their mental strength, which is very important to the military headquarters.”

Although an Jin knows that people in this world need spiritual strength, he has only seen Norman spiritual riots before today.

The scenes of Norman and Emmon riots flashed in his mind, and he couldn’t help thinking of the people who struggled to survive in the end of the world.

At that time, his powers were very weak. Even if he wanted to contribute, he had no ability but to do what he could.

Now, he is capable.

If we plant pure food and no more impurities in our daily diet, at least ordinary people should no longer suffer from spiritual riots.

He thought for a moment, thought of the seeds that had just grown into seedlings, and pressed the proposal for the time being.

When it is determined to be feasible, it will be put forward.

Before dinner, the technology department will mail the translator to each breeder, one for the breeder and one for the mermaid.

An Jinzhi’s brain rang again and again. It was all the breeders who asked him to help persuade the mermaid to wear earrings.

An Jin then enters the chat room and tells the mermaid that the earrings are translators. The Mermaids are open and put out to cooperate with the breeders.

“I’m wearing it. Can the bipedal beast understand us now?”

“Hey, bipedal! I’m calling you, do you know!”

“Bipedal beast, I want to eat flat fish!”

An Jin then received a series of channeling messages: “what does the mermaid call me, how can I not understand?”

An Jin: “…” bipedal beast is not the content of document translation.

He thought for a moment and replied, “the mermaid calls man a bipedal beast.”

Anjin’s brain has no new information.

Mu Chenjia

Little silver folded her hands on her chest and looked at Mu Chen with silver eyes.

Mu Chen smiled and asked, “don’t you know me? I’m your master, Mu Chen…”

Before he finished speaking, the little silver tail suddenly patted on the water and splashed huge waves. The waves rushed on him and he was all wet.

Little silver showed her sharp canine teeth: “stupid bipedal beast, I want to challenge you to see who is worthy to be the master!”

He said that and rushed to the shore.

Mu Chen couldn’t step back and was grabbed by Xiaoyin. He quickly strengthened the skin on his feet: “don’t be angry, you are my master! You’re more than my master, you’re my ancestor!”


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