After Being a Mermaid Chapter 59

The chat group was quiet for a moment, and the breeders were hit by the words “coaxed away”.

It’s really possible!

It’s too easy to be coaxed away by people even if game advertising is serious.

The breeders were worried secretly, especially the breeders who needed to travel recently: “I think it’s necessary for me to take my mermaid on a business trip!”

There are more optimistic breeders. Fortunately, he said: “it should be OK. In addition to Mermaid related institutions, only Mermaid breeders and mermaids have translators!”

“But the mermaid’s intelligent brain is bound with a translator. Outsiders can take the bait without communicating with them.”

“Is there any from the network security department? Hurry to crack down on false advertising and pop-up advertising!”

“Crack down! I remember a recent flywing advertisement: want to fly? Come to us. I think the mermaid may be coaxed away after watching it!”

“I’m from the network security department. I’ll send documents now and make unified rectification.”

“That’s not enough. You have to popularize the basic knowledge for the mermaid, otherwise it’s impossible to prevent!”

“Yes, does anyone have any good opinions?”

The breeders broke their hearts for the simple mermaids, and let the breeders find the orange Mermaid with the simple nature of mermaids. At this time, they looked confused.

He looked at the breeder pointing to the virtual screen and explained to him: “game?”

The breeder nodded: “yes, holographic game – deep sea king, what happened in it is false.”

The orange Mermaid looked at the huge sea beast in the virtual screen, her eyes shining: “I want to play!”

“I also want to play games!” Many mermaids are particularly interested.

The breeder asked in the group, and the boss of the game company was sure enough: “mermaids can’t use holographic helmets. They want to collect data.”

After the breeder asked the mermaid how to collect data, they agreed one after another.

An Jin looks at the whole process and secretly rejoices that the translator is not popular.

Mermaid is really too simple!

Norman pushes an Jin in. As soon as he gets close to the shore, the Mermaids greet an Jin one after another, and then talk about the game in high spirits.

A breeder looked at an Jin, his eyes brightened, approached and saluted Norman, who nodded.

The breeder said to an Jin, “the mermaid is too simple. We don’t feel at ease. We have prepared a video for them. Can you help pass it on to them and let them have a closer look?”

Instead of directly agreeing, an Jin said cautiously, “can I see the video first?”

“Of course.” The breeder sends the video to an Jin, who opens it – a collection of false propaganda and deception on on the Internet.

The video is about six minutes, and the explanation of various possibilities of being cheated is simple and easy to understand. An Jin notes that there is a line of small words in the right corner of the video – children’s safety publicity.

An Jin: ”

Well, when Mermaid first came into contact with human society, her cognition of society was really similar to that of young children.

He has the contact information of almost all mermaids, sends them directly to the group, and then says in the chat group: “look at the video just sent, don’t be cheated!”

“OK, Ann.” All kinds of voices came from different places.

An Jin smiled and said to the breeder, “it has been passed on to them.”

The breeder sighed to himself that he was indeed a fish fan. The mermaids were all little obedients in front of ANN.

He thanked Norman, said hello again, returned to the glass house and said in the group, “complete the task successfully.”

“So fast? Are you sure the mermaid saw it?”

“I asked Ann to help send it. Tut tut Tut, the mermaid can listen to him.”

“Worthy of being a fish fan!”

Norman rubbed the top of the mermaid’s hair: “go into the water.”

Although the little mermaid can keep her tail wet with her power, the little mermaid in the water is more comfortable.

An Jin jumped into the water, put his hand on the shore, looked up at Norman, and was ready to say see you in the afternoon as before, but he felt very ruthless. After all, they are in love now!

He thought that the boy should take the initiative, so he whispered, “I’ll miss you,” he paused. “See you in the afternoon.”

Norman’s eyes moved. Looking at the shy but calm expression of the little mermaid, he just thought the little man was too sweet.

He whispered, “see you in the afternoon. I’ll miss you too.”

Norman’s figure disappeared. An Jin’s heart hasn’t returned to calm, and his cheeks are hot. He put his backhand on his cheek with the back of his hand.

“Ann, aren’t you feeling well?” Xiaoyin swam to him and touched his face with the back of his hand, “you have a fever!”

An Jin quickly shook his head and looked around: “no, don’t worry.”

Xiaoyin pasted her backhand on her face: “really, you’re hotter than me.”

An Jin embarrassed to find an excuse: “I just… Have been exposed to the sun for a long time. I’ll go to the shade and have a rest.”

“I’ll go with you.” Xiao Yin followed him to the shade on the right.

Many mermaids floated in the shade of the tree, playing with their brains. They felt that an Jin was close, and they were closer one after another.

An Jin found that the Mermaids had intelligent brains and translators, which seemed to open the door to a new world. At a glance, many mermaids played with intelligent brains and their tails were swinging leisurely.

Of course, not all mermaids are playing. Mermaids in deep water are training combat effectiveness.

Xiaoyin also opened the intelligent brain. Xiaoyin clicked the next page, and a mechanical translation sound sounded. The mermaid could not read, and the intelligent brain was all voice mode.

Therefore, the sound of the whole entertainment area is very miscellaneous and lively.

Xiaoyin looked at the safety knowledge passed on to him by an Jin and Leng hum: “the two legged beast is so cunning. It’s all a trick to cheat fish!”

An Jin: “…” seems quite right. When he was modern, he felt brain burn when he saw a lot of deception.

He said to Xiao Yin, “I’ll go to the tree house and call me if I have something.”

Little silver nodded: “well,” he muttered puzzledly, “it’s strange that Ann likes helmets that are not fun at all.”

An Jin smiled and thought that Xiaoyin would be really fragrant after the game helmet was made.

He went to the tree house, put on his holographic helmet and went into the holographic world to exercise.

His ability to control water has reached its peak and is expected to be upgraded tonight.

After practicing for more than an hour, he went offline, went down the tree house, looked at Xiaoyin’s position, and then swam towards Xiaoyin.

Ruirui, Ling Ling and Gu Gu are also around Xiaoyin. An Jin hears them say “stupid bipedal animals” from a distance. Their tone doesn’t sound very happy.

When he approached, he heard Xiao Yin say, “nonsense. Ann won’t like that hateful bipedal beast.”

Gu Gu: “the bipedal beast doesn’t deserve Ann. ANN is so good. How can she not deserve the bipedal beast? I’m so angry!”

An Jin was stunned: “what are you doing?”

Xiaoyin looked away from the intelligent brain screen, looked at an Jin, and said angrily, “a bipedal beast named your majesty wants to pursue you! Unexpectedly, a bipedal beast says you don’t deserve your majesty!”

Ling Ling added: “there are also smart bipedal beasts. They envy your majesty and like an an.”

Ann knows that they must have seen Norman and his news on the Star Internet.

Since Norman said he regarded him as a partner, their news has been very hot. Yesterday, he and Norman appeared in the street, which must have added fire.

The news with high heat ranks high. If you listen to the news in order, the Mermaid will really hear the news of him and Norman soon.

An Jin was a little embarrassed. He leaned close and looked at the bad comment Xiaoyin said.

“Your Majesty, regardless of status or strength, is the top of the Star Alliance. A pure Mermaid, even if it is an intelligent creature, what if it can speak? It doesn’t deserve your majesty at all! Only the three princesses of Selen star are as good-looking and qualified as your majesty.”

“Bah… An’an is your Majesty’s partner. Your majesty thinks it’s worth it. It’s none of your business.”

“Ann is the most suitable! What about the three princesses? Can he provide spiritual strength for your majesty?”

“Oh, after the star alliance meeting, the whole star alliance people will find that queen SiO can’t even walk. It’s embarrassing to think about it.”

“Fuck off, do you have the ability to swim faster than ANN in the water?”

An Jin looked at it. There was no big fluctuation in his heart. Others could not affect him. He only cared about Norman’s attitude.

Moreover, what netizens worry about will not appear. He can walk normally.

“Ann, don’t be angry!” Little silver waved his sharp fingernails, and his fingertips drew a silver light, “who is your majesty? I’ll teach him a lesson for you!”

Gu Gu: “hum, many mermaids like Ann. A bipedal beast dares to covet Ann!”

An Jin blinked, shy and sweet: “Your Majesty is not his name. His name is Norman. He is my… Boyfriend.”

The four mermaids looked at him in surprise.

Small silver eyes stared round: “have you been cheated by the cunning two legged beast?”

Ling Ling’s platinum eyes blinked: “was he the one you said you liked last time?”

An Jin nodded and explained, “you’ve all seen him. He’s the one who picks me up every day.”

Little silver frowned tightly and her eyes were full of doubts: “he looks very unmanageable and bald. How can you like him?”

An Jin touched his nose: “he’s very good. Although he looks serious, he’s actually very gentle and careful, and… My aesthetics may be different from yours. I think he’s very good-looking and handsome.”

He said, his eyes also showed puzzlement: “do you think human beings are not good-looking? Don’t you think Mu Chen is good-looking?”

Little silver snorted, “what’s good about being naked?”

An Jin’s eyes widened: “then… Do you still do that kind of thing to him? Don’t you do it only when you like it?”

Little silver tilted her head and was confused: “what did I do to him?”

An Jin’s cheek was hot and whispered, “it’s what partners do!”

“When?” The little silver tail slapped down the water and splashed a string of water. The whole was stunned.

An Jin looked at his clean silver eyes and suddenly realized that Xiaoyin seemed to have forgotten at that time. Now it’s impossible to remember after a period of time.

An Jin explained, “it was the last time you were in estrus,” his cheeks were hot. “I asked you how you spent it. You said you pressed Mu Chen and felt very comfortable. I don’t remember much.”

Xiao Yin has no impression at all. He knows that his memory is bad, and Ann’s memory is very good. Well, he did say this before.

His eyebrows were almost twisted. What did he do to his two legged beast? He forgot!

This makes him particularly uncomfortable. Mermaids are very loyal to their partners. Generally, they only do intimate things to their partners.

Ruirui looked at Xiaoyin in shock: “Hello, scum!” He hugged Ling Ling, “I will never forget Ling Ling.”

He added, “it doesn’t count to be hurt by two legged animals!” He kept the matter firmly in mind in case he got caught again.

Gu Gu’s green eyes looked at Xiao Yin: “I didn’t expect you to be such a little silver. Even if the other party is a bipedal beast, you’re too scum!”

An Jin looks at Xiao Yin’s frown. She can’t help regretting. Shouldn’t she say it? He just asked questions and unconsciously said it.

He said: “it may be just an accident. Mu Chen doesn’t seem to want to mention it again.”

Xiao Yin: “how can I not mention it! I don’t want to be a scum fish!”

In the afternoon, when Norman came to pick up the little mermaid, he keenly felt that many mermaids were looking at him and looked at him with eyes.

He glanced, and all the Mermaids he saw were stunned, and then showed their sharp teeth.

“Hum, if Ann doesn’t like it, I must challenge you.”

“If you dare to bully ANN, I will not let you go!”

“What are you looking at?!”

Norman’s eyes flashed a trace of surprise. The other breeders looked at the scene curiously, with gossip in their eyes. However, neither his majesty nor Mermaid were easy to provoke, and no one dared to ask.

Norman had a guess in his heart. He looked down at the little mermaid and his eyes were slightly bright: “did you tell them about our relationship?”

An Jin was a little embarrassed and nodded: “they saw our news on the Star Internet, so I told them,” he paused, “you are my boyfriend.”

Norman’s heart beat suddenly disordered, and his heart was full of sweetness. The name “boyfriend” really sounded good.

Norman squatted down, rubbed the top of his hair and whispered, “I like this introduction. I hope I can change to ‘partner’ in the future.”

An Jin’s eyes are slightly open, and his eyelashes flicker. Will it be too fast to mention his partner now?

However, he had some inexplicable expectations.

Norman: “say goodbye to them and I’ll take you back.”

An Jin turned around and waved to the other mermaids. After a while, he turned back.

Norman reached out to pick him up and put him in a wheelchair on the shore.

An Jin noted that many breeders brought wheelchairs, probably finding wheelchairs more stable and safe.

Mu Chen and Norman work together and go to the entertainment area at the same time.

He found that Xiao Yin was very obedient tonight. He was very good all the way. He didn’t blow his hair at all. He was silent to some abnormalities.

And those silver eyes have been staring at him deeply.

Mu Chen was worried that Xiao Yin was cold. He quickly recalled in his mind that he didn’t do anything to make Xiao Yin unhappy, did he?

Send Xiaoyin to the mermaid room. Mu Chen can’t help squatting on the bank and looking at Xiaoyin: “are you uncomfortable?”

Little silver tilted his head, squinted at him and looked disgusted.

Mu Chen resisted the impulse to roll her eyes: “master, if you’re unhappy, get angry. I’m afraid you’re so stuffy.”

The little silver eyes flashed, suddenly rushed to him and grabbed his skirt: “did we mate?”

Mu Chen’s eyes widened, and then he coughed up. A wheat colored face coughed Red: “Hu, nonsense!”

He said with a straight face, “show me your brain. What the hell have you seen all day!”

He now understands those parents who like to worry! Checking your brain does involve privacy, but if you don’t look at it, you won’t be at ease!

Xiao Yin stared at him seriously and grinned with sharp canine teeth: “don’t lie to me. Although you are naked and ugly, I’m definitely not a scum fish. I’ll be responsible.”

Mu Chen smoked at the corner of his mouth: “tell me honestly, do you watch any compulsory love movies?”

Xiao Yin frowned and said in a low voice, “won’t you tell the truth? What happened during my estrus?”

Mu Chen’s expression froze for a moment, and his eyes moved.

Little silver narrowed her eyes and said, “sure enough! Do you dare to lie to me? Do you want to make me safe? They say it’s a scum fish! What a vicious two legged beast!”

Mu Chen couldn’t bear it. He rolled his eyes firmly: “cheat fart! Nothing happened that day! I… I just solved it for you with my hand.”

Little silver blinked her eyes and tilted her head: “hands?”

Mu Chen spread his face and felt that the pot could not be carried. He gritted his teeth and resisted the shame of exploding his watch.

He raised his left hand and his right hand. His right hand held his wrist and rubbed it back and forth. His voice almost came out from between his teeth: “do you understand?”

Little silver blinked: “what does your hand have to do with me?”

Mu Chen grabbed Xiaoyin’s wrist and felt his head big: “… Let go of me.”

Xiaoyin was stubborn: “make it clear! Ann said, I told him that I pressed you that day and was very comfortable, but I was confused and couldn’t remember clearly. Did I mate?”

Mu Chen’s scalp was numb: “is that what you said to Ann? Ann misunderstood?”

Seeing Xiaoyin nodding, Mu Chen fell back directly and chose to lie in paperback and die.

Xiaoyin grabbed his collar and was carried forward by him. When his abdomen was close to the shore, Xiaoyin felt uncomfortable and released him.

After lying down for a second, Mu Chen jumped up again and contacted an Jin. As soon as the other side was connected, he asked, “did you tell Norman?”

An Jin was confused: “what?”

“What happened between me and Xiaoyin… No, you misunderstood. Nothing happened,” Mu Chen took a deep breath. “I just solved it for him with my hand!”

An Jin’s cheeks flushed: “yes, I’m sorry, I didn’t tell Norman, I…”

“Oh, that’s all right. You don’t have to take it to heart.” Mu Chen breathed a sigh of relief, relaxed and hung up the communication.

He looked at the little silver lying on the bank. He was very tired and thought: This is really an ancestor.

He was so nervous that he had to get food to feed.

Little silver looked at Mu Chen and turned to leave, patting the shore edge: “come back and make it clear!”

An Jin looked at zhinao and looked at Norman sitting next to him. He looked helpless.

He didn’t tell Norman, but Norman must have heard all mu Chen’s words.

Norman frowned. “Are you still talking about this with Xiao Yin?”

An Jin said awkwardly, “when I was in estrus, I learned from Xiaoyin.”

Norman’s eyes were dim and decided to ask Mu Chen, an experienced man, when he was free!

He scooped a bowl of fish soup for the Little Mermaid: “drink it, it’s very fresh.”

An Jin bent his eyes and drank slowly.

In the evening, after saying good night to Norman, an Jin sank to the bottom of the water, spread his tail in the water against the Bank of the pool, held the animal core in his hand, closed his eyes and began to upgrade.

His far turn ability absorbs the animal nuclear energy, the spirit sea becomes more and more full, his body temperature rises, and the sweat soon mixes with the pool water.

One hour later, an Jinshui successfully rose to level 4. He opened his eyes. His blue eyes were very bright and contained an introverted light.

An Jin breathed softly. “Gululu…” a series of bubbles emerged, came out of his mouth and floated to the surface of the water.

An Jin’s eyes bent and breathed again. His sight moved up with the bright blisters.

Suddenly, he looked back at the garden.

All his previous attention was on the upgrade, when he noticed that Norman was in the garden.

He tilted his head suspiciously. Before he was promoted, he felt it deliberately and clearly felt that Norman had returned to the second floor to rest.

He thought about it, wagged his tail, walked through the brighter passage at night and went to the back garden. Before he completely crossed the passage, he saw Norman.

Norman sank in the water in his swimming trunks, his deep eyes closed as if in a coma.

An Jin’s pupil shrinks suddenly and quickly swings his tail. His tail crosses the water and draws a white line in the water. In the blink of an eye, he runs in front of Norman.

Norman opened his eyes when he heard the news. His eyes were surprised. He subconsciously wanted to speak and choked by the water.

An Jin took Norman by the waist, swam to the shore quickly, and soon surfaced.

At this time, the sky is very dark, only the silver blue light of Youxing is busy, and the field of vision is slightly dark.

Norman put his hand on the shore and coughed. After breathing smoothly, he looked at the little mermaid, “wake you up?”

Because he had just coughed, his voice was a little hoarse, and his voice line was low and magnetic, which seemed very sexy.

An Jin shook his head and stared at Norman nervously, trying to see Norman’s face in the dim light: “how do you feel?”

Norman: I’m fine

An Jin was still worried and felt very strange. He didn’t understand and asked, “why didn’t you sleep in your room and come to the pool? Can’t you sleep?”

Norman was silent for a moment, raised his hand, pinched both sides of the lower bridge of his nose, took off a transparent nose mask, and showed the little mermaid the transparent nose mask with his index finger and thumb.

“Get familiar with the new product,” he said

The sheet is slightly reflective in the dim light. It seems to be made of metal, but an Jin doesn’t understand what it is: “what is this?”

Norman: “the underwater respirator, with its nose covered, can absorb the surrounding oxygen during operation, and can move in the water.” He frowned. “We still need to improve. We can’t talk.”

An Jin looked at him: “is it because of me?”

Norman nodded and looked at the little mermaid’s bright blue eyes. He couldn’t help touching the end of his eyes: “well, I want to stay with you.”

An Jin blinked his eyelashes quickly and raised his hand to rub his eyes. When he started, he found that his hand was still on Norman’s waist.

He could not help lowering his head. Under the transparent water, Norman’s swimming trunks were wet and close to his body, and his body outline was completely exposed.

An Jin’s heart stopped for a moment. He quickly looked away and his heart jumped wildly.

As soon as he waved his tail, he subconsciously stepped back. When his hands were about to leave Norman’s waist, he was held by Norman, and then he was held in Norman’s arms.

The tip of an Jin’s nose was full of Norman’s breath. Norman’s chest muscles were very hard. His fingers moved and couldn’t help reaching out and pressing. As expected, he was very strong.

Compared with the exaggerated muscles in the hologram, he is more greedy for Norman’s realistic muscles. He is strong and not exaggerated. He is very handsome and man.

Norman’s body was slightly stiff, and the little mermaid’s palm was particularly soft. When he touched it, he seemed to run down with an electric current. His voice was dim: “Ann!”

An Jin quickly moved his hand, looked up and a pair of dark brown eyes. He whispered, “you have a good figure.”

There was a natural and undisguised envy in his eyes.

Norman couldn’t help but lower his head and rub his nose. Both of them could feel each other’s breath: “do you like it?”

An Jin blinked and honestly said, “I like it.”

Norman flashed a smile in his eyes, stepped back, looked at the villain’s fish lips for a moment, and moved away: “it’s too late today. I’ll touch it for you later.”

An Jin’s cheek was hot, turned his head and put his hand behind him: “who, who wants to touch?”

Norman couldn’t help it. He rubbed the little mermaid’s red ears. He felt the little mermaid’s body tremble, as if it was particularly sensitive, and his eyes were more heavy.

“I want you to touch it,” he whispered, rubbing the little mermaid’s hair. “Go to rest. It’s late.”

An Jin was flustered by him. He waved his tail and wanted to go. Two seconds later, he stopped, turned his head and said, “you go back to your room to sleep.”

Even if we can solve the problem of Breathing Underwater, people can’t stay in the water all the time, and their skin will wrinkle.

The taste was very bad. When he fled in the end of the world, he experienced a continuous rainstorm, his hands and feet were almost blistered, and his skin was wrinkled very uncomfortable.

Norman plans to spend the night in the water tonight. When he sees the little mermaid frowning, he can only compromise: “OK.”

Seeing him ashore, an Jin quickly turned his back to him, but his heart kept beating.

Norman’s figure is really interesting, ornamental and aggressive. He used to be shy when he saw it, but now it’s even worse.

Norman said seriously, “sleep well.”

An Jin nodded, “you too.”

An Jin returns to the mermaid room and lies on the clam shell bed. He feels that Norman has returned to the second floor and is relieved.

With his chin in his hands, his blue eyes turned and his mind turned. A water ball appeared in front of him. Soon, the water ball seemed to expand and get bigger and bigger.

The water ball becomes larger, the total amount of water does not change, and gradually becomes hollow. Finally, an oval water ball with a length of two meters is formed. The water ball wall is very thin, but it is very tight.

An Jin drained the water around him and let the water ball wrap him. He opened his mouth and talked. There was no problem at all.

He bent his eyes and decided to surprise Norman tomorrow.

In the morning, an Jin and Norman finished breakfast and were ready to tell Norman that he had a way to keep Norman in the water. As a result, Norman’s communication rang and his face soon became serious.

Norman looked at the Little Mermaid: “the military headquarters has something to do. I’ll go first. See you at noon.”

An Jin nodded obediently: “see you at noon.”


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