After Being a Mermaid Chapter 6

An Jin’s eyes followed Norman all the time. When Norman came out of the door, he thought on his face.

After the man drank the liquid, a small part of the gray spiritual silk turned black in the spiritual sea.

In other words, the black particles in the liquid, like the impurities in the fish, will consume mental power.

However, compared with the changes of mental filaments after doctors eat fish fillets, the impurities in the liquid men drink are obviously much less than fish.

He understood why men didn’t eat fish.

People here know that impurities exist!

So why give Mermaid food?

It’s not like he doesn’t care about mermaids. He can feel human love for him. Those people feed naturally and don’t worry.

Thinking of the mental recovery after a sleep, he wondered whether the mermaid had strong mental recovery and was not afraid of impurities?

He thought for a while and then stopped thinking. He didn’t know the language. Many people could only guess what the truth was. It didn’t affect him.

He hasn’t eaten all afternoon. He’s really hungry.

He grabbed the fish and operated the water power to purify the impurities of both fish.

He chewed one piece in his mouth without impurities. The fish fillet is rich in juice and tastes delicious. It’s super delicious!

He removed the mental energy consumed by impurities. After eating the fish, he actually recovered some!

An Jin’s eyes are shining. It’s really a beautiful cycle. He won’t worry about the taste of fish in the future.

He ate two fish happily and floated on his back contentedly.

He slowly wagged his tail, circled the pool, ate after dinner, and trained his control over the fish’s tail.

“Ka…” an Jin turned to the third circle. The door was pushed open. He opened his eyes and looked at the door.

“Master” and a middle-aged man came in. The middle-aged man had mild facial features. As soon as he entered the door, he looked at him.

An Jin’s tail moved slightly, from floating horizontally on the water to floating vertically, facing the two.

Hornard observed for a moment, surprised: “he’s so quiet!”

Norman looked away from the tray of fish bones. “Well, you check him.”

Howard: I have to get him to the pool. I can’t control him in the water

Norman hesitated for a moment and waved to the little mermaid, “come here.”

“Your Majesty, I have said many times that you should know more about the mermaid. How can you expect the mermaid to listen…” hornard looked at the little mermaid swimming to the pool and swallowed the rest in silence.

Then he said excitedly, “he, why is he so good!”

He couldn’t help looking at Norman suspiciously: “Your Majesty, you won’t bully him with violence?”

Norman whispered, “Mr. hornard, do you think the Mermaid will be afraid of being beaten?”

Hornard’s IQ returned. He thought of the mermaid who had broken his hand and fought hard. He coughed: “I’m just reminding you that you can’t use violence against mermaids. They have poor memory, but they have super revenge.”

Norman recalled the little mermaid’s behavior of sharing food after he was injured, and thought: not necessarily.

An Jin raises his head, quietly listens to the two people, pays attention to their mouth shape, and silently learns pronunciation.

He found that his language learning ability has become much stronger. He can write down most of the words spoken by humans, but he doesn’t understand the meaning.

Hornard looked at his warm water blue eyes and loved them very much: “God, I finally know why mermaid is the favorite pet of the Sioux people! My heart melted when he looked at me so quietly.”

Norman corrected his thought: “that’s because their singing can heal mental power.”

Hornard looked at his serious face: “Your Majesty, you always let me understand why you are still single at the age of 35.”

He then squatted down, smiled at an Jin, and took out a round piece of metal from his right pocket.

An Jin is really familiar with this metal piece. This is the third time he has seen it.

It’s just that he’s strange. The frequency of physical examination is too high, isn’t it?

He meekly cooperated with hornard’s movements and looked quietly at Norman.

He’s so good, ‘master’ should like it?

At least not bored?

Hornard noticed his eyes and gave Norman a surprise look: “he seems to like you very much. What did you do?”

Norman: “… Sent two fish.”

Hornard looked at the results and said, “is it a food? He’s in good health. Only the back of his head has trauma and hasn’t recovered. It’s a small problem.”

He couldn’t help sighing: “you’re so lucky. This Mermaid seems to be very easy to get along with.”

Norman told the truth: “it’s not luck, it’s more money.”

Hornard: “…” doesn’t seem to be able to refute.

He changed the topic and said in a more serious tone: “your mental state is very bad. The sooner you coax him to be happy, the better. We don’t know the effect of his singing.”

If the mermaid doesn’t work, they must continue to buy mermaids.

Hornard didn’t say the topic of depression, smiled and said, “just in time, you can apply medicine to him yourself while the injury to the back of his brain is not well.”

Hornard didn’t take medicine with him. He placed an order online. A quarter of an hour later, the housekeeper robot sent the ointment to the room.

Norman looked at the Little Mermaid: “the mermaid has strong resilience. If she doesn’t apply medicine, she can recover the day after tomorrow at the latest.”

Hornard handed him the ointment: “this is a good chance to get a good impression. The more he likes you, the better the therapeutic effect of singing on you.”

Norman thought for a moment, took the ointment and squatted in front of an Jin.

He tentatively put his hand on an Jin’s shoulder. Seeing that an Jin didn’t resist, he exerted a little force.

An Jin glanced at the ointment and turned around with the back of his head towards Norman.

Hornard was surprised: “Your Majesty, do you think he is very clever?”

“How much do you know about solid mermaids?” Norman brushed away Anjin’s hair and quickly applied the medicine.

Hornard: “beautiful. The effect of singing on spiritual riots is the best of all mermaids.”

Norman stared at the clever little mermaid with her head down: “no record of higher IQ?”

“No,” honard said in an excited voice, “that’s great! Maybe the IQ has changed after adulthood. Fortunately, it hasn’t been found or photographed by others!”

He paused and couldn’t help worrying, “if he is smarter, it may not be easier to make him happy.”

He opened zhinao and forwarded a document to Norman: “Your Majesty, this is a complete Mermaid feeding strategy, video version. You must have a look when you are free.”

Norman received the file.

Hornard looked pleased.

“By the way,” hornard thought of something before he went home, “Your Majesty, have you named the mermaid?”

Norman: don’t bother. Just call a mermaid

“How can that work!” Hornard disagreed. “It’s irresponsible of you to be the master.”

Norman frowned. “It’s called a fish.”

Hornard: “Your Majesty, this is too perfunctory.”

Norman didn’t think the mermaid’s name was worth mental effort. In his eyes, the mermaid was just a tool to treat spiritual riots.

However, he never wanted to argue with hornard about small things. He didn’t want to bear more nagging.

“Mr. hornard, I’ve given you the right of naming.”

Hornard didn’t refuse either. He knew his majesty too well and couldn’t have a good name at all.

He pondered for a while and his eyes brightened: “yes! He’s so quiet, just call him xiao’an, no, call him An’an, be closer.”

Norman nodded in agreement.

Hornard was worried before he left and stressed: “the mermaid has poor memory. You must meet him every day, talk to him and call his name, or he will forget you.”

The next morning

An Jin woke up very early. After waking up, he floated on the water and looked out of the window. The soft white light of the bright star shone on the leaves, which were green and vibrant.

An Jin appreciated it. For a moment, he was in a trance, like when he lived in his parents’ villa before the end of the day.

At that time, he was really like now.

The corners of his mouth fell back and soon rose again. Compared with the end of the world, it was not free but stable, which was very good.

He kept a good mood and watched it for a while until his stomach hurt a little and his good mood turned into panic.

There is no toilet in this room!

He looked annoyed. Before, he only considered whether it was safe and didn’t think about whether the basic equipment of the room was complete!

This situation is really embarrassing.

He thought for a moment and resolutely climbed ashore from the slope in the upper left corner.

Such a big villa must have a bathroom!

He’s going out to find the bathroom!

However, he soon encountered difficulties. As a new Mermaid, moving on land was a big challenge for him.

Although his hands were strong, his tail was not light. When he climbed to the door, his breath was much faster.

He propped his left hand on the ground, propped up his upper body, and his right hand tried to touch the door handle, almost!

He relaxed and rested for a while, changed his posture, put his palm on the door, tightened his tail, arched his hips, and moved his hand up a little. When he reached a certain height, he quickly stretched out his hand and pulled down the handrail.

“Ka…” the door was unlocked, and he quickly rolled back to prevent hitting the door and closing it.

Fortunately, the tragedy of closing the door again did not happen. An Jin looked at the open door and his eyes bent.

He stretched out his hand and opened the door completely. Suddenly a dark figure appeared in front of him. He was startled and looked up quickly.

And a pair of emotionless silver eyes.

Ann was relieved that it was a robot.

He waved his hand to the robot and climbed out. This time he climbed a lot easier. He could use his hands and hips to exert force at the same time.

As for the bad posture, he couldn’t think so much for the time being.

He climbed to the door and patted the robot’s calf: “give way.”

The robot didn’t get out of the way. His intelligent system has judged the current situation and formulated excellent countermeasures.

The robot goes to an Jin’s side, squats down, stretches out his hands and wants to send the little mermaid back to the mermaid room.

Seeing this, an Jin hurriedly pushed away the robot’s hand, pushed his hand and buttocks hard, and climbed from the door to the door.

He finally came out. He must not be sent back until he found the bathroom!

His face turned green at the thought of being forced to solve personal hygiene problems in the pool.

He looked back at the robot that had stood up, looked left and right, gave up the right side leading to the back garden and resolutely climbed to the left.

He climbed all the way, his tail making a ‘pop’ sound on the ground all the way.

The robot tried to pick him up several times, but he escaped.

A mermaid and a robot are playing catch-up in the villa.

Although an Jin avoided the robot, he was not relaxed.

He has passed two rooms and still can’t see the bathroom.

He pushed away the third room and was stunned.

In front of the French window on the right, “master” is running on the treadmill in a black vest and sports shorts.


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