After Being a Mermaid Chapter 60

Norman arrived at the military headquarters. The adjutant waited at the elevator door. As soon as he saw him, he immediately reported: “all the army heads have arrived.”

Norman entered the conference room, and the heads of the armed forces brushed their eyes on him, shining with expectation.

Norman sat in the middle of the throne and nodded slightly.

When the adjutant opens the smart brain, a virtual screen pops up in the middle of the conference table. Looking at this screen from any position of the round table, the visual effect is like looking at your own smart brain.

Adjutant: “this is the hologram sent by the vanguard experts. After many measurements, it is planned to establish the sixth defense zone here.”

“The vanguard encountered a group of star beasts near the site, was chased by star beasts, was forced to evacuate and apply for support.”

The second regiment commander immediately said, “I am willing to take the second regiment to support and ensure the smooth completion of the sixth defense zone!”

“Second commander, this time we should go to the sixth Corps. The accumulated military achievements of your corps are enough. Don’t be too greedy!”


The commanders of the Legion were red in the face and wanted to take over the task.

After the interstellar era, the greatest threat facing mankind is resources and star beasts. All legions have expeditions to search for resources and explore undiscovered resource stars.

If the resource star is discovered and occupied before other countries, military achievements will be recorded according to the richness of resources.

However, resources depend not only on ability but also on luck. They often take a long time and face many hidden dangers in the universe.

The way people in the military headquarters are most willing to accumulate military merit is to kill the star beast. Everyone hates the star beast. The star beast can not only be happy, but also accumulate military merit, which is very in line with the wishes of soldiers.

Although the establishment of a defense area is not to directly kill the star beast, it is more important than killing the star beast. Moreover, after the establishment of a defense area, the defense area belongs to the front line during the spring beast tide, and is generally garrisoned by the established Legion.

The Legion leaders all have mermaids. In fact, they are fighting for welfare for the subordinates of the Legion. Although the degree of danger is very high, since they join the army, they will not put the danger first.

Norman looked serious and listened to the quarrel of the Legion leaders. Seeing that they were more and more lively, he raised his hand and the conference room became quiet.

Norman: “the commander of the second army went to support.”

The second commander’s face was happy and said seriously, “yes, marshal, I promise to complete the task.”

Norman made the rest of the arrangements after he confirmed the support staff.

The meeting lasted a long time, but it was the sixth defense zone. With past experience, all arrangements were orderly.

It is not easy to establish a defense zone in space. It is a huge project. There are too many participants in the establishment, which is easy to attract the attention of wandering star beasts, and battles often occur.

In addition, the main force of the Second Corps goes to the defense area, and the relevant arrangements also need to be changed.

The meeting ended near noon.

Norman first left the conference room, didn’t go back to the office, and went directly to the parking lot.

The heads of the armed forces left the conference room and chatted with each other.

“In fact, like me, it’s much more convenient to send the mermaid to the mermaid center every morning and pick it up at night,” said the head of the Sixth Army, looking at the direction of the parking lot. “It’s not too troublesome to pick it up at noon every day?”

Mu Chen put his hand on his shoulder: “no wonder you are single. Do you think your majesty doesn’t know which is more convenient? You can meet when you go back at noon every day!”

The sixth regimental commander glanced at him: “do you understand so, take off the order?”

Mu Chen choked.

Garrot laughed, “hurt each other!”

Head Liu and Mu Chen turned to look at him and said in unison, “come on! They are all single dogs. Who is afraid of who?”

“Stop talking, something big has happened!” As he walked, he opened the four heads of the intelligent brain and said loudly.

The others immediately became serious and looked at the fourth regimental commander.

The fourth leader paused: “don’t be too nervous. It’s a good thing. Look at the chat group.”

The chat group was chatting enthusiastically: “really? Are you sure your mental strength increased after eating? Isn’t it an illusion?”

“Absolutely not! I just finished the concert. My mermaid is very good. I don’t have the spirit. I sent a fish to me. I didn’t want to eat it in the morning. I just ate it as a fish fillet. It tastes great, fresh and juicy, and my spirit rises instead of falling! There are absolutely no impurities in the fish!”

“Didn’t your Mermaid send you fish? My mermaid is really the best baby!”

“My son is unfilial!”

“To get down to business, who else has eaten it?”

Mu Chen took a bubble silently: “it’s not an illusion.”

The real names in the group are similar in format, and Mu Chen’s name is preceded by “Xiaoyin”.

“Admiral Mu Chen!” Garrot put his arm around Mu Chen’s neck, “why don’t you explain?”

Mu Chen gave a dry smile and joked, “it’s like saying you can get fish?”

His little silver gives him a fish every day!

The crowd became more lively. Suddenly someone said, “in this way, I feel like agent a!”

There was a moment of silence in the group, and at this moment, Hans, President of the Pharmaceutical Research Institute, suddenly received a series of messages.

“Dean, is the raw material of agent a made of pure food?”

“Dean! Is agent a made by mermaid?”

Hans looked at the news, his eyes flashed surprise, and then suddenly lit up. Mermaids can provide spiritual power to humans, so can they also provide spiritual power to food?

If mental power can remove impurities and accept mental power, will it become pure food?

After he got agent a, he had been studying it, but he had no clue. At this time, he suddenly felt a sudden feeling.

He dialed the Norman newsletter: “Your Majesty, did Ann make agent a?”

Only An’an is the mermaid that your majesty often contacts, and the pure Mermaid transmits a lot of spiritual power. It is speculated that it can only be An’an with the continuous and stable output of agent a.

Norman was silent for a moment. Hans said the message he received: “many people are asking me.”

Norman’s eyes flashed clearly. It was not too surprising that mermaids could communicate with people and had a great chance of finding pure food.

He then did not deny: “yes.”

The suspension car landed in the parking lot. Norman strode into the villa. The robot reported: “Ann is in the restaurant.”

An Jin feels Norman approaching, turns around and first looks at Norman’s expression. Seeing his expression as usual, he is a little relieved.

In the morning, Norman answered the communication and left. He was worried that Norman would encounter thorny problems and that Norman would go to the battlefield.

Norman saw the little mermaid’s small movements clearly and held the mermaid’s shoulder: “sorry, I scared you this morning?”

The defense zone plan was made by him. Even after his mental strength was degraded, he never thought of giving up the plan and always asked the vanguard to find a suitable address.

It has always been his goal to make Theo no longer troubled by the star beast tide.

So when you hear the news in the morning, you subconsciously take it seriously.

An Jin tilted his head, saw his neat jaw line, raised his head slightly, pursed his lips, and honestly said, “I’m not scared, but I’m a little worried.”

Norman bowed his head and kissed him. “It’s all right.” He talked about the defense zone.

An Jin: “when I entered the holographic world, I heard people discuss the defense zone,” his eyes glittered, “you’re great!”

The little mermaid’s eyes were clear and pure, and her emotion was very straightforward. The admiration in her eyes made Norman’s eyes move slightly, with an unprecedented pride.

He received a lot of praise, but he was not satisfied with a look from the little mermaid.

He said seriously, “I’m very powerful, but the construction of the defense zone has something to do with many people, and I do very little.”

An Jin’s eyes bent and felt that Norman was serious and cute.

After dinner, Norman talked about the discovery of the efficacy of pure food.

An Jin thought, “it doesn’t matter. With a translator, you will find it.”

Breeders will be curious when they see the mermaid eating with relish and keep saying it’s delicious. After tasting it, they will find something different.

Norman was slightly surprised: “aren’t you afraid of being found?”

An Jin: “no, I have an ID card,” he lowered his eyes and raised his eyes, “and you.”

Norman couldn’t help it. He raised his hand and stroked the end of his eyes. He whispered, “Ann can really talk.”

An Jin’s eyelashes blinked quickly: “I, I didn’t say anything.”

Norman: I’m glad to hear that

An Jin recalled that he didn’t think there was anything special, but Norman was happy and smiled with curved eyebrows and eyes.

Norman loved the way the little mermaid’s eyes were bent. They looked good and sweet.

Send the little mermaid to the mermaid center. Before getting off the suspension car, he held the little mermaid’s wrist and looked down at the little mermaid.

An Jin’s heart jumped suddenly. Thinking of the scene of the car the day before, he felt that he should take the initiative, so before Norman asked, he looked up and kissed Norman’s lips.

Norman’s eyes were slightly bright and subconsciously held his waist: “good boy.”

An Jin’s face was hot: “what, what good! I just want to kiss you.”

Norman’s eyes flashed a smile, his head bowed close, and his voice was low: “kiss again?”

His voice was magnetic, and an Jin’s heart beat faster. His sight fell on his lips for a moment and kissed him quickly. When he was ready to evacuate, the back of his head was held, and his lips were pasted together again.

An Jin’s eyes were slightly open and he clearly felt that Norman’s breathing had become heavier.

Suddenly, Norman’s lips moved slightly and gently polished his lips. The tingling sensation rushed from his lips to his brain. His body was soft and was tightly held by Norman.

After a while, an Jin felt that his breathing was not smooth. Subconsciously, he opened his mouth and wanted to breathe fresh air. The gap between his lips was licked. His body trembled and hummed uncontrollably.

Norman’s eyes were dark and restrained. He stopped, his hand close to the side face of the little mermaid, and his thumb rubbed on his smooth scales: “don’t be afraid.”

An Jin’s face burned and his heart seemed to jump out of his chest. He whispered, “I’m not afraid.”

His reaction was almost conditioned, but he was not used to it and embarrassed.

But it feels good.

He glanced at Norman’s Adam’s apple, which rolled up and down and looked inexplicably sexy.

He was a little curious. His Adam’s apple was not obvious and very different from boys. However, Norman was different. It seemed that even his Adam’s apple was full of the smell of a tough man.

He raised his hand and put his finger belly on the Adam’s apple. The Adam’s apple rolled up and down quickly. He felt something rolling from his finger belly. It felt very strange and a little fun.

He stared at the slightly raised position and was about to put his fingers back on. Norman’s head tilted back, his neck went further, and his hands were tightly held.

Norman looked at the little mermaid and took a breath towards his clear blue eyes. He understood what sweet torture was for the first time.

His eyes narrowed slightly and scared him: “touch again, don’t go to the entertainment area.”

An Jin listened to his dark voice, and immediately became honest. His small face leaned over and whispered, “I just think it’s beautiful and want to touch it.”

Norman was sweet and funny: “is the Adam’s apple beautiful?”

An Jin nodded immediately and honestly said what he thought: “it’s beautiful! It’s sexy!”

Norman slowed down for a while and felt that he could not continue to stay with the sweet little mermaid. He resolutely took the little mermaid to the wheelchair and pushed it out of the suspension car.

In the pool of the entertainment area, mermaids scattered everywhere. Most of them wore helmets. Some looked excited, some were violent, and some were panic.

After an Jin entered the entertainment area, all the Mermaids without helmets looked at him, their eyes shining.

Norman frowned slightly, and an Jin was stunned. He felt that the mermaid seemed more enthusiastic today, but it was different from usual, because they didn’t swim to the shore and tried to get close to him.

Norman pushed the little mermaid to the shore and whispered, “they all like you very much.”

An Jin turned to look at him and blinked. He was a little surprised. Isn’t he jealous?

He whispered, “it should have something to do with my inheritance and water power.”

Xiaoyin stayed in place for a while, swam to the bank and lay on the Bank of the pool. Yinmou looked at an Jin and said in surprise, “an an, you’ve really become powerful again!”

An Jin made a sound and sighed again about the sensitivity of the mermaid.

Little silver tilted her head: “I want to be close to An’an, and I feel a little… Afraid!” He wrinkled as he said it, feeling that the word was not accurate.

After thinking for a while, he didn’t want to. He waved, “Ann, come down.”

Ann Jin looked at Norman and said, “I’m going down?”

Norman nodded, an Jin jumped to the pool, and Xiao Yin approached.

The fish were naked and too close. An Jin’s bare hands were close to the little silver. He was a little uncomfortable and moved to the side.

Little silver didn’t notice. She raised her hand and put it on an Jin’s shoulder. Her eyes were puzzled: “it’s strange. An an is not terrible!”

Norman stared at his hand, his eyebrows jumped sharply, and said seriously, “don’t put your hand on ANN’s shoulder.”

Little silver raised her eyes and looked at him: “damn bipedal beast, are you ordering me?”

Norman looked serious. “I’m reminding you!”

The Mermaid will make friends with each other. Although the little mermaid’s attitude towards Xiaoyin is only a friend, he doesn’t like sleeping so close to the little mermaid.

Whether it’s a man or a mermaid, it’s too close.

Little silver grinned, showing her sharp teeth. Her fingers rolled a cluster of an Jin’s hair: “I’m going to be next to an an!”

An Jin looks at the confrontational people and mermaids. He has a headache. Xiao Yin’s action is not unusual. It’s normal for a good brother to put his shoulder on like this.

He was a little uncomfortable because Xiaoyin didn’t wear clothes, but he didn’t care much because he knew Xiaoyin was simple in mind.

He raised his hand, shook Norman’s naturally drooping finger and gently shook it: “don’t be angry, Xiao Yin is my friend.”

The little mermaid’s voice line was soft. If it deceived people, it was like being spoiled. Norman’s expression was slightly slow.

Thinking of the scenes of hooking shoulders and carrying back often seen by the military headquarters, he couldn’t help reflecting that he was too possessive of the little mermaid.

He said in a warm voice, “I’m not angry. ANN has a good time. I’ll pick you up in the afternoon.”

An Jin nodded, raised his hand and waved, “see you in the afternoon.”

After seeing Norman leave, an Jin thought of what happened yesterday and quickly said to Xiao Yin, “I’m sorry, Mu Chen told me that I misunderstood. You didn’t do anything to him.”

Little silver’s eyes lit up: “I said I’m not a slag fish!” His silver eyes flashed doubt: “what happened? Damn bipedal beast, I don’t know!”

“No,” he paused, took his right hand and rubbed his left wrist. “I asked him, he did this, but what does his hand have to do with me?”

An Jin was very embarrassed. Although he had no experience, he understood at a glance: “don’t think about it. Just remember that you didn’t do anything sorry to him, and he helped you.”

After an Jin’s ability is upgraded, he has stronger perception. He controls the range to avoid the impact of too much information, which makes the brain uncomfortable.

He can’t feel what happens far away, but he can feel what happens near clearly.

For example, now, when he talks to Xiaoyin, he also knows that the Mermaids around him are looking at him and want to get close and hesitate.

He looked around and smiled at the Mermaids: “why didn’t you play games?”

Looking at his smile, the Mermaids relaxed. A mermaid was a little angry and said, “Damn, I was killed by sea animals and there was no star coin to revive!”

“Me too! ANN, how can I get star coins?”

“Only from bipedal beasts?”

“I watch the video. Only bipedal cubs ask their parents for star coins. Adults earn star coins by themselves.”

“Ann, do you think we can make gold coins?”

An Jin nodded: “after I became an intelligent creature, I signed an employment contract. Xingcoin is my reward for singing.”

“Damn, I also sang to the bipedal beast. He didn’t give me star coins!”

“Are we in a hole?”

An Jin is funny. He doubts the word “pit”. They learned it from the children’s safety video.

He thought for a while, without too much intervention, just said, “you can also discuss with them and sing in exchange for star coins.”

“I want star coins! There are many interesting things in the bipedal beast mall!”

The Mermaids had a lively discussion.

That night, the breeders seemed to be hit by a big cake and forced to sign a contract by a mermaid.

The breeders were very lively.

“Thank you, Ann! How can you sign a contract with a mermaid without a translator!”

“Thinking of the days when I tried to coax the mermaid in the past, I was really sad and had to be beaten if I couldn’t hear the song. Now I can listen to the song only by giving star coins. It’s too happy!”

“Yes! What can be solved with money is called a matter?”

“My Mermaid also agreed to exchange pure fish for star coins! I’ve tied him 100 million and spend it freely.”

At the same time, these breeders secretly told their relatives and friends about the transformation of mermaids, and then… It spread on the Internet.

The topic of mermaid on Xingwang became hot quickly, and netizens spoke one after another: “ah! I really want a mermaid!”

“I also want someone to spend my money!”

These comments can not affect breeders and mermaids.

These days, mermaids play games and enjoy the fun of buying. The breeders are energetic and walk with wind.

In the afternoon, Norman picked up the little mermaid and returned to the palace. In the suspension car, Norman took out two capsules and handed them to the Little Mermaid: “the mask is ready.”

An Jin’s eyes lit up, Norman: “the blue one fits the scales, and the white one fits the skin.”

An Jin couldn’t wait to say, “I want to try.”

Norman taught him how to open the capsule. The capsule bounced open to form a thin mask. Norman taught him how to use it.

An Jin wears a mask that fits the scales, and then looks into the mirror. Inside the mirror is an ordinary and unfamiliar face, with only a pair of blue eyes, very obvious.

An Jin shook his head and touched his face with his hand. The mask was very obedient. He didn’t have to worry about falling off.

An Jin moved in his heart and looked forward to Norman: “how about going shopping in the evening?”

Norman swept at the little mermaid’s tail and suggested, “if you wear a mask, your tail must be covered. You can wear a long skirt.”

An Jin: “I’ll just turn into legs! I want to use a mask.”

Norman disagreed: “can’t you keep your legs all the time?”

An Jin: “I have a way, and it doesn’t matter if we don’t visit for too long!”

Norman can only compromise: “if you are uncomfortable, even if you are exposed, you must first ensure safety.”

An Jin nodded repeatedly.

After dinner, they went back to their rooms to change their clothes.

An Jin has a lot of animal nuclei in his mind in case he can absorb them in time when his mental strength is insufficient. As long as he has enough animal nuclei, he can keep his legs all the time.

He stood in front of the wardrobe to get changed clothes. When he saw his underwear, he thought of the previous misunderstanding and flashed a trace of embarrassment on his face.

After thinking about it, I chose a set of blue and white sportswear, wide T-shirt and loose pants. The cloth is soft and very comfortable.

After wearing it, he carefully tied up his hair, put on a mask and went out of the bathroom.

He went to the door and put on a pair of white sneakers. Then we opened the door and stopped walking outside.

Norman was wearing a dark blue shirt and black trousers. The shirt was not as rigorous as usual. The top button was loosened and the lock library was exposed.

An Jin smiled at him, “you change your clothes so fast.”

Norman also wore an ordinary mask, but he was tall, serious and expensive. He knew that his identity was not ordinary at a glance.

Norman’s eyes fell on the little mermaid, and the blue peach eyes were set off more charming by the ordinary face.

As long as you look at it, you can guess that his original appearance is amazing.

An Jin noticed his eyes and touched the end of his eyes: “didn’t you wear it?”

Norman’s eyes moved: “well.”

He bowed his head, kissed his lips at the end of his eyes, and then withdrew: “all right.”

If you really don’t wear it well, I’m afraid such a light touch won’t work.

An Jin blinked, his cheeks burning, and understood Norman’s meaning.

He walked to the hall and took two steps. As soon as the back of his hand was warm, he looked down and his hands were held by a pair of big hands.

He turned his mouth slightly and listened to Norman ask, “watch a movie or go shopping, or watch some other program.”

After thinking about it, I decided to go shopping.

The suspension car landed in the largest Golden Square in si’ao. In a huge building, it looks like a castle from a distance. It is brightly lit and modern.

An Jin found that the door with the mecha model on the right was very busy. It seemed to be the ticket gate, and there was a long line.

He asked curiously, “is that the mecha exhibition hall?”

Norman looked. “No, it’s a mecha battle field,” he paused. “Do you want to go? You can bet.”

Ann Jin didn’t expect Norman to remember the bet. He didn’t agree, but he thought he liked it and let him.

He said seriously, “we don’t bet. I want to see the mecha.”

Norman took him there and said, “OK.”


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