After Being a Mermaid Chapter 61

Norman opened zhinao and bought two tickets. Then he took an Jin to the end of the line and lined up for admission.

There is a large flow of people in the shopping mall. Vehicles come and go on the road not far away. It is very lively everywhere.

Norman put his hand on the boy’s shoulder and his eyes could not help falling on the boy. The experience of queuing like this was very strange to him.

An Jin turned his head left and right and looked around curiously.

He and Norman have been disguised. Unlike before, people always look at him. He feels very comfortable and the feeling of queuing up with his boyfriend is also very novel.

Looking at the people and scenery around, the feeling of being in a strange world is particularly obvious.

The person in front of him had fiery red hair. A group of people walked into the mall on the left. They had hair of various colors, varying in length. However, in a few minutes, he saw many people with long blue hair.

There are all kinds of advertisements on the outer wall of the mall. Many commodities are just imagination in modern times, but they have become reality here.

There is not even a restaurant where people come and go. There is no smoke and anger. I always feel a little worse in the excitement.

Norman looked down and asked in a low voice, “unhappy?”

An Jin shook his head and smiled at him, “No.”

It didn’t take long for them to line up. They entered and took their seats according to the seat number.

An Jin sat on Norman’s right side. His right side was still empty. After a while, a girl with blue hair sat down on his right side.

When he heard the news, he turned his head and looked. He found that the girl had two companions, both with blue hair and blue eyes.

He was a little surprised and wanted to see if it was triplets. He felt impolite and looked away.

He looked at the venue, a bit like an auditorium. The seats on three sides were raised from front to back. The area of the combat platform was large, and two tall mecha were arranged on the left and right.

An Jin is watching the “R mecha competition” on the electronic screen, and his arm is gently touched.

He turned his head. The girl on the right saw him, gave a light shout, and covered her mouth with her hand in time.

An Jin felt tight in his heart and subconsciously touched his face. Did the mask reveal its stuffiness?

The girl’s tone was excited: “you’re also from An’an backup group, aren’t you?”

An Jin blinked, with a puzzled look in his eyes.

The girl looked at his hair, grabbed the blue hair on her shoulders and shook it left and right: “me too, you see, Ann’s same hair.”

The friend on the right side of the girl put his head on the girl’s shoulder and asked, “handsome boy, we are all fans of ANN,” she pointed to her eyes. “Can you tell us where your Meitong was bought? It feels like Ann. The quality we bought is not very good.”

An Jin understands that the girls’ blue hair and blue eyes are fake.

He was relieved that he didn’t recognize him!

It’s unreasonable to think about it. He tried it. The mask is very real and firm. There’s no reason to reveal it.

He looked at the girl and was embarrassed for a moment. He didn’t wear Meitong at all.

Suddenly, his right shoulder was slightly heavy. Norman put his right hand on his right shoulder and said to the girls, “I made it to order, private.”

His eyes were faint and he unconsciously took the boy around him and opened the distance from the girl.

The girl was disappointed, but when she saw his jealous behavior, her eyes lit up again: “it’s okay, it’s okay.”

The girl tilted to the right and leaned against her friend. The three people gathered together to bite their ears: “the handsome boy boyfriend is so cold. It seems that we are unhappy because we talk. We have a strong desire for possession!”

An Jin didn’t deliberately release his perception, but he was close. He didn’t pay special attention to what happened around him, so it automatically came to his mind.

He tilted his head, raised his face, glanced over Norman’s face and whispered, “are you unhappy?”

Norman bowed his head and kissed the boy on the forehead: “no,” he pressed the button on the armrest of the seat, and the virtual screen popped up, showing the list of five games, “don’t bet?”

An Jin shook his head with a firm attitude: “No.”

Norman then pressed the button and closed the betting panel.

Suddenly, the audience darkened, the battle platform was brightly lit, and the countdown was displayed on the electronic screen.

The host appeared on the stage, welcomed the audience and briefly said the rules of the game.

All mecha are provided by R company. Both sides use the same model and grade mecha in each game, that is, the combat ratio is the ability of individual driving mecha.

Soon, two mecha appeared on the stage, one white and one black. The protective cover was raised around the audience. After the host announced the start, the two mecha fought quickly.

An Jin marveled. The mecha is huge and looks heavy at first glance, but when fighting, they will find that their movements are very smooth and can even make many difficult movements that human beings can’t do.

The level of mecha used in the five games ranged from level E to level a, and the mood of the audience gradually rose. When the two mechas of level a fought, the shouting of the audience almost overturned the roof.

An Jin’s mood was also aroused. When he saw the laser sword of the white mecha inserted into the heart of the black mecha, his fingers unconsciously clenched and became nervous.

When the host announced the victory, he breathed softly.

Norman’s eyes flashed a smile. The boy’s mood was too obvious: “like?”

An Jin’s eyes glittered: “how cool!”

Cool appearance and super combat effectiveness. It can not only fight on land, but also in the air. It’s really powerful!

Norman couldn’t help it. He raised his hand, stroked the end of his eyes with his thumb, saw him blink, bowed his head and kissed his eyes: “I have something worse.”

Norman took the boy’s hand and left the mall. He took the boy back to the suspension car and gave the order: “mecha mode.”

“Yes, master.”

An Jin was held by Norman, and the suspension car began to change around, and finally formed the appearance of a mecha.

Norman was in the driver’s seat, and he was in the co pilot’s seat.

An Jin looked around and touched the seat. His eyes were full of exclamation, which was much cooler than the deformation toys he played when he was a child.

His heart pounded and his blue eyes were brighter than usual.

Norman carefully introduced: “his name is Sirius, my comrade in arms.”

An Jin turned to look at him and remembered how he was fighting in a mecha. He said seriously, “you deserve it.”

Handsome and powerful.

Norman’s eyes moved, looked at him deeply, and whispered, “we deserve it.”

An Jin’s eyes are slightly open, his heart beats faster, very sweet, and the corners of his mouth can’t help but tilt.

Norman swept to the little mermaid’s feet that swayed back and forth unconsciously. A smile flashed in his eyes and pressed the safety button.

With a click, an Jin’s seat belt pops up at his waist to protect him.

Norman gave the order, the mecha started stealth mode and quickly returned to the palace.

After arriving at the palace, the mecha knelt down on one knee, extended his huge palm and placed it flat at the front door of the co pilot.

Norman pressed the open door button. An Jin looked sideways and saw that he was at least five meters away from the ground. He looked at the palm of the mecha and turned to Norman.

Norman moved to him, opened his seat belt and rubbed his hair. “Are you afraid?”

An Jin looked at his palm again, got up, carefully walked to his palm, stood still, and glanced at the ground quickly.

Suddenly, his back was hot and Norman grabbed him from behind.

Norman said, “don’t be afraid.”

An Jin whispered, “I’m not afraid.”

Then I heard a low smile behind me.

The palm of the mecha moves down carefully and slowly, and finally sticks to the ground.

Norman jumped down with him in his arms. He turned his head and looked at the tall black mecha, his eyes shining especially brightly.

Norman liked to see him: “take you to a place.”

An Jin was led up the second floor by him and went all the way to the top room on the second floor.

Norman locked the door with his pupils. The door slid open from the middle to both sides. An Jin’s vision fell into the house and whispered a cry of surprise.

This is a very large room, which is connected with the upstairs. It is very high. It is built into an open upper and lower floors, connected by a spiral staircase in the middle.

In the middle of the room, there are black sofas and tables of the same color. Beside the wall, there are museum shelves, in which there are all kinds of mecha models.

The surface of the museum shelf is separated by glass, like a mecha exhibition hall.

Norman took the boy: “go in and have a look.”

An Jin went in and looked from the left. There were instructions and switch buttons next to each model. Norman crossed him and turned on the switch.

The mecha model moves immediately, showing a combat state. The action is fast, accurate and fierce. The particle gun and energy run can even be used, but they are all blocked by glass.

An Jin found that the model here is at least an S-class mecha.

After watching the first floor, they went to the second floor. The second floor is a variety of warship models. The silver gray warship in the middle occupies a square glass container alone, which simulates the space environment, and the color of the warship changes constantly with the change of the environment.

An Jin couldn’t help approaching and carefully observed the warship model.

When he was a child, his grandfather bought him a lot of toys, including the most train and plane models. After his grandfather died, his parents strictly asked him to study, didn’t buy him toys, and didn’t let him play with children.

When he was bored, in addition to planting flowers with Grandpa gardener, he spent most of his time playing with childhood toys again and again.

When he was familiar with the game, he took it apart and reassembled it. Every time he reassembled it, he was very happy and proud, but he didn’t dare to tell others.

In the college entrance examination, he wanted to apply for majors such as mechanical automation. However, his parents had a big quarrel, and he finally compromised and learned financial management.

When Norman asked him what he liked, he didn’t say, because the things he liked at that time were too far away. At that time, he could only maintain his human form in the holographic world.

Looking at these models, he had the excitement he had when he was a child.

I also want to make such a model myself!

However, he knows very well that this is not a simple thing. In modern times, he doesn’t know much about the basic knowledge of machinery. In this world, he is still in the state of reading.

He pressed the idea for a moment.

His eyes fell on these models, thinking that Norman opened the door with his pupils, and he knew that this was very important in Norman’s heart.

“Which do you like? I’ll give it to you.” Norman said.

An Jin raised his head and looked at his serious eyes. He was moved and sweet. He kissed his lips with his feet: “no, I’ll just have a look.”

Norman’s eyes were dim. Even if he just kissed the little mermaid, it was just the little mermaid’s initiative that easily made him have the impulse to get close to the little mermaid.

He took the little mermaid’s waist, lowered his head, licked the little mermaid’s lips, and then drilled in.

An Jin’s feet softened with his deep kiss, and the two were close together.

Norman didn’t let go until he couldn’t breathe. He gasped, looked at Norman in surprise and whispered, “did you secretly learn to kiss?”

Norman’s eyes narrowed slightly: “learning?”

An Jin’s voice became less: “you obviously wouldn’t have done it before.”

Norman realized that the little mermaid had misunderstood and unconsciously exerted himself by holding the palm on the little mermaid’s waist.

An Jin’s body is closer to him, so he can easily find the change of his body. His neck and ears are all red, and his eyelashes tremble quickly.

Norman: I’m afraid to scare you

An Jin’s heart beat very fast and thanked Norman for his consideration: “thank you, thank you.”

Norman was helpless and funny: “keep looking. I’ll go back to my room.”

An Jin nodded silently, but felt that Norman’s face was getting hotter after he entered the bathroom.

He looked. It was not early. Instead of looking at the model, he went downstairs and sent Norman a good night message.

Before going to bed

An Jin lies on the water bed and thinks of Norman’s words that he wants to stay in the water with him. He is a little shy and buries his face in the soft water cushion.

He later tried that the effect of blisters was not very good because his ability could not continue to work while he was sleeping.

Do you really need a contract to keep your human form on the water? He blinked his eyelashes and pursed his lips.

At this time, Norman received a communication from guard captain Joseph: “Your Majesty, the search team lost contact after discovering the unknown star fleet.”

Norman frowned: “all lost contact?”

Joseph: “yes, including the accompanying historians, everyone’s communication is lost.”

Norman frowned. He arranged to check the mermaid planet. They were composed of a legion of soldiers who were good at interstellar navigation.

They are piloting the star ship of the Slovak Austrian military department. The star ship has the symbol of the Slovak Austrian military. The star thieves will never take the initiative to attack. They don’t know the star fleet. They don’t know what it is.

He said in a deep voice, “arrange special forces and investigation teams to investigate where they lost contact.”

Joseph: “yes.”

At this time, the search team they mentioned was hijacked by the alien star fleet on the edge of the yaoka galaxy.

The captain was sitting on a stool with his face hurt. His hands were tied behind his back. His face was ugly. He tried to send a distress signal before, but he found that he couldn’t send it!

After his brain was seized by the other party, the other party ignored him.

Opposite him, five men gathered together to look at his brain, and his expression became more and more ugly.

“Hateful human beings are so vicious that they treat mermaids as pets!”

“I can’t imagine how much our people have suffered these years.”

“Poor Wang, it really hurts me to be born in such a dangerous environment.”

“Second elder, what should I do now?” Three of them looked at the man with long white hair.

Jorens looked serious: “only when the king’s mood fluctuates greatly can he be sensed. First of all, we have to find out where the king is. In this direction, there is more than one human planet.”

The rest of the young white haired man who looked at the intelligent brain couldn’t hide his excitement: “I think I found it.”

“What? Joey, don’t be kidding.”

Although they didn’t believe it, including jorens, everyone looked at Joey, and then their attention was attracted by the blue mermaid on the intelligent brain virtual screen.

The mermaid sat in a wheelchair, the sun shone on his face, his skin was white and transparent, his blue hair was tied behind his head, and his blue eyes narrowed slightly. It was very beautiful.

JOYA: “after data processing, we know that he is the smartest Mermaid. He is a pure Mermaid. He made an intelligent biological judgment not long ago.”

“My heart is beating fast. Just one look, I know that he is the king!”

Everyone took a breath: “God, such a lovely king has endured so many painful things. It’s like a knife in my heart to think about it.”

Qiao Yafei quickly browsed the Star Alliance news and said, “human beings actually covet the king!”

Several people said together, “save the king quickly.”

Jorens pondered, “the main force of the army is moving slower than us, and we should not use force directly, so as not to accidentally hurt the king. We should outwit him.”

Several people discussed for a long time and formulated a plan to “save the king”.

In the morning, hornard walked into the mermaid room with bright eyes and an uncontrollable excitement on his face.

An Jin looked at him curiously and obediently cooperated with him to check.

Hornard looked at the data and said with a smile, “Ann is very healthy.”

After he finished the most important thing, he finally mentioned what excited him. “According to the gene comparison results between you and the other mermaids, the research team has made an important discovery that the memory genes of the other mermaids are defective!”

“At present, memory gene cloning is under way. President Yuna has begun to prepare for gene repair surgery. The memory problem of mermaid is likely to be improved.”

An Jin put his hand on the shore and straightened his upper body unconsciously: “really? Will it hurt the mermaid?”

Hornard comforted: “gene repair technology is very mature. Strict tests will be conducted before clinical practice. As long as it is implemented, there is no need to worry about safety.”

An Jin breathed softly and secretly said that the medical level in the world was really strong.

Hornard hesitated for a moment and said, “in addition, other different genes have been found. At present, the main research is on memory genes, and the other genes are not clear what they decide.”

An Jin’s heart moved. He guessed that it was related to adult leg change. Subconsciously, he looked at Norman.

Norman: “focus on memory genes first.”

Hornard was surprised that his Majesty’s attitude was so ordinary that he even felt that his majesty seemed to have expected the result long ago.

He knew very well that there were some things his majesty didn’t say, just shouldn’t ask, so he didn’t say anything and left the mermaid room.

After lunch, an Jin was sent to the mermaid center by Norman.

Before they reached the entertainment area, they heard the screams of the mermaid, in addition to the laughter of the mermaid and the soothing sound of human beings.

An Jin couldn’t help wondering. After entering the entertainment area, he finally understood what had happened.

“Ah… Help!” A voice of panic came from above.

An Jin looked up and saw a mermaid flying in the sky.

The Mermaids below raised their heads: “hahaha, lose the fish!”

“It’s so stupid to let the bipedal see jokes!”

“You are too counsellor. You fall into the water. What are you afraid of?”

The blue mermaid was very disappointed with her family and roared, “what nonsense? If I could go down, would I still do this?”

As he spoke, his body rose abruptly, and the tail tone immediately raised, bringing out a series of screams.

The breeder shouted, “don’t panic! Keep your balance, move your shoulder blades and control the direction of your wings.”

“Hold on, hold on! Hey! Don’t fly ashore. It’s over if you fall to the ground.”

An Jin watched the mermaid scurrying in the air and couldn’t help getting nervous.

Fortunately, soon two security guards came with flying wings. They were obviously good at flying wings. The flight route of the mermaid was irregular, but they caught the mermaid accurately.

Then holding the cyan Mermaid from left to right, a security guard forcibly disconnected the energy slot of the mermaid’s flight wing and fell to the water with the mermaid.

The security guard quickly removed the aircraft on the mermaid’s back. The cyan Mermaid quickly stretched out her hand: “mine!”

The security guard hesitated, saw the sharp canine teeth of the cyan Mermaid and gave it back to the mermaid.

The blue Mermaid stared at him, “can you teach me?”

The security guard was stunned. At this time, a man in a suit strode in, glanced at the security guard and said to the cyan Mermaid, “I’ll teach you when you go home.”

The blue Mermaid looked at him suspiciously, “will you?”

“Of course.”

The security guard received the man’s sight and hurried ashore to leave the entertainment area.

The breeder of the cyan Mermaid took him to the hospital for examination.

The breeders whispered, “it seems that we have to learn more skills in the future.”

“I hope the mermaid hobby is not too special!”

Ann Jin jumped into the water. Norman squatted in front of him and said seriously, “tell me what you want to play. Don’t play by yourself.”

An Jin nodded obediently: “well, I won’t mess around.”

Norman thought, sure enough, he was the best, and left the entertainment area reluctantly.

An Jin watched the literacy video in the shade of the tree. Before long, Xiao Yin came to him and asked him to play ball together.

He wondered, “what ball?”

Small silver opened the wisdom brain: “this.”

An Jin took a look. It turned out to be a video of a football match.

He thought about it, agreed and decided to move.

The breeders had a simple attitude towards mermaids, giving them whatever they wanted, so they soon installed the net.

Of course, mermaids can play football without feet, so they pass the ball with their head and hands and make rules. The ball can’t fall into the water.

This activity aroused the great enthusiasm of the mermaid. The mermaid swam fast in the water, and the speed of grabbing the ball and passing the ball was particularly fast.

The mermaid who didn’t play was in high spirits, as were the surrounding breeders.

“I thought it would be interesting to form a team for them.”

“Don’t think about it. They won’t beat people because of our sight, but if they are stared at by too many people, they will be angry.”

So that day, the breeders who came to pick up the mermaid found that their favorite and most cherished hair was all messy.

The breeder first straightened them with his hands, then comforted them and took them to the nursing area.

An Jin stays in the water, watching the video and waiting for Norman.

He received a communication from Norman. It will be a little late today.

Soon, there were only a few mermaids left.

An Jin heard an irritable voice. Looking at it, he saw a mermaid impatiently trimming her hair, but she couldn’t make it clear, so her temper came up.

An Jin looked at his fingers and swam over: “I’ll help you.”

As soon as the mermaid’s eyes brightened, she turned around and turned her back to an Jin.

An Jin patiently helps the mermaid tidy up. When he meets the knot position, he uses the water power to help and straighten it out soon.

When Norman entered the entertainment area, what he saw was the scene where an Jin cut the hair of other mermaids. The two mermaids were very close and the atmosphere was very good. His sword eyebrows were unconsciously closed.

“Ann.” He shouted.

An Jin looked at him and subconsciously smiled, “you’re coming.”

Norman looked at the mermaid and said, “let’s go.”

At this time, the keeper of the mermaid also came, said hello to Norman Anxin, and took the mermaid away.

Norman sent the little mermaid to the nursing area. On the way, he asked, “what’s the name of the mermaid just now?”

An Jin is embarrassed. He knows a lot of mermaids, but he can’t remember the names of each Mermaid, especially those with the same color.

“I don’t know,” he whispered and said immediately, “I’ll make a good inquiry tomorrow.”

Norman’s expression was slightly slow: “don’t ask.”

An Jin blinked: “are you jealous?”

Norman looked at him with deep eyes and said honestly, “I don’t like you to be close to other mermaids or people.”

“They are friends,” he said in a low voice. “They are different from you.”

A smile flashed through Norman’s eyes.

Soon, we arrived at the nursing room, and Norman sat next to us.

Before long, an Jin heard a noise outside. Two minutes later, the door was knocked.

When the nurse opened the door, the doctor at the door quickly said, “sorry, I saved a mermaid today. I must see Ann.”


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