After Being a Mermaid Chapter 62

An Jin heard the doctor’s words, propped up his upper body and looked out the door.

There is a mermaid car parked at the door. A white Mermaid floats in a glass water tank with her hands on the top of the water tank.

The white mermaid has white hair and white tail, and its eyes are white gray. At first glance, it looks very cold.

However, when those eyes saw an Jin, the gray pupils expanded because of excitement, and the eyes were very bright. In the blink of an eye, there was a water light.

It’s the king!

Before, I only read the information of an Jin on the Internet, and the mermaids in the same industry all felt that an Jin was the king.

But jorens thinks he should be more cautious. His purpose tonight is to determine the identity of the king.

Even if he was at a distance from Wang, he could feel Wang’s natural temperament, which made him want to be close and not too close because of respect.

He wanted to talk, but he already knew that Wang had made a translator! He also wears one on his ear.

If he speaks rashly, all the people around him can understand.

He can’t reveal the identity of the king, let alone his purpose. Otherwise, he may be controlled by human beings before saving the king.

His white gray eyes excitedly looked at an Jin and said, “can I talk to you alone?”

An Jin was slightly surprised, confused and strange. The other party actually used a honorific title.

He said, “sorry, I’m not free now.”

Jorens tried to persuade an Jin to speak alone again. Suddenly, his eyes widened, his tail suddenly patted down the water, and his upper body suddenly raised, as if he wanted to get out of the water tank and get closer to an Jin.

His movement was stopped by the water tank and he couldn’t get close. He had to stare at an Jin tightly.

Oh, my God! He marveled at the bottom of his heart.

Mermaid planet has always been famous for its calmness. At this time, there was a huge wave in his heart.

Wang is an ISAR mermaid!

Influenced by their habitual thinking, they didn’t think about Wang’s gender at all, and tacit mermaid was the default.

The fighting power of mermaids is super. The kings of all dynasties are the most perfect existence. Their fighting power explodes. All kings are tektrons.

Jorens was shocked. The unsettled ISAR mermaid was still the king. He could already predict how much shock the news would cause when it was sent back to the mermaid’s mother planet, Rabe.

An Jin is really not used to being stared at by the line of sight, especially the line of sight is very warm.

“What can I do for you?” He asked, adding, “don’t use honorifics. I don’t sound used to it.”

Norman’s sword frowned slightly and his eyes fell on jorens with vigilance.

Jorens looked back: “I, I heard other mermaids talk about you. I admire you very much. I want to see you and talk to you.”

An Jin is a little embarrassed. The other party looks very excited and a little like a fanatic fan.

He looked at the doctor at the door and said, “you cooperate with the doctor’s work and keep healthy. I go to the mermaid center every afternoon. If you go to play, you can meet me.”

Jorens sighed to himself that Wang was so gentle and had a good temper!

At this time, the nurse behind an Jin said, “I have to put on a hair mask.”

Jorens noticed that Anjin was holding up his body and talking to him. His hair was wrapped in a blue bag and seemed to be nursing.

Chagrin flashed in his eyes. He was so excited that he didn’t pay attention to Wang’s state.

He hurriedly said, “sorry to bother you. I’m too reckless. See you tomorrow.”

An Jin nodded. Jorens looked at the doctor, who pushed him back to the mermaid hospital.

Half an hour later, an Jin came out of the nursing room with a soft and smooth hair.

Norman took him into the suspension car and put him in his seat. Instead of evacuating, he half knelt on the seat, put one hand on an Jin’s shoulder and almost covered the little mermaid under him.

An Jin raised his head and his heart beat a little fast.

Norman ordered the suspension car to return to the palace, looking at the little mermaid all the time.

After a while, Norman began to speak. He stroked the little mermaid’s hair: “Ann likes mermaids very much?”

An Jin nodded: “well, they are all very simple.”

Norman pondered for a moment: “I don’t want to interfere with your teaching friends, but…” his voice was lower. “You are too close to the mermaid and too good to the mermaid. I will be jealous.”

An Jin looked at him in surprise and thought, “is it because of the white Mermaid just now?”

Norman didn’t deny it. Well, he said, “as long as a mermaid wants to see you, will you agree like that?”

An Jin shook his head: “that mermaid has made a contract! If it is a single Mermaid, i… I will directly refuse.”

Norman was surprised, “is it a contract?”

An Jin nodded: “his breath is much calmer than that of a single Mermaid. The breath is very obvious.” seeing Norman’s doubt, he said, “humans may not recognize it.”

Norman looked not relaxed and said seriously, “human beings may cheat when they get married.”

Norman deeply felt that the little mermaid was too simple and unsuspecting.

Ann would like to see Norman frown slightly, put his fingers against his eyebrows, looked up and kissed him: “don’t worry,” his face was slightly red, “I only like you.”

Normanden thought the little mermaid was too talkative and sweet!

The previous unhappiness was suddenly forgotten. He gently pinched the little mermaid’s chin, bowed his head and kissed it deeply.

Half a ring, an Jin’s body softened and leaned against him to breathe.

Norman stroked his cheek and calmed his breath. He looked thoughtful and had to get married as soon as possible.

After dinner and a walk

An Jin and Norman stay in the mermaid room. An Jin floats in the pool and plays with his brain. Norman sits on the sofa on the shore to check the military documents and the latest warship report.

An Jin first inquired about the information he wanted to know, and then found the teaching video of si’ao traffic rules. While watching the video, he unconsciously followed the silent reading with a focused expression, hoping to recite it as soon as possible.

He checked that the driver’s license of si’ao is divided into two types: intelligent vehicle and non intelligent vehicle. The driver’s license of intelligent vehicle is very easy to test. You only need to learn traffic rules and hand over the driving to the intelligent system.

Norman was obviously busy recently. He picked him up later than usual tonight, which made him realize that he couldn’t rely on Norman all the time.

He now has an independent identity and should be independent. He can’t rely too much on Norman. He doesn’t want to add trouble to Norman.

When Norman is free, there is no problem picking him up. When he is busy, he hopes to deal with his own affairs.

Norman occasionally looked at the little mermaid and saw that his red lips were moving and his expression was focused. He thought he was reading.

The little mermaid studied hard. She looked very good and soft, and Norman couldn’t help feeling soft.

At 9:30, Norman shut his brain: “Ann, you should wash and rest.”

An Jin looked at the time, paused the video, closed his brain, swam to Norman, smiled and said, “good night, Norman.”

Norman squatted down, knelt on one knee, bowed his head and kissed him on the mouth: “good night, good night.”

After Norman left, an Jin went ashore to wash.

Afternoon, mermaid Center

An Jin put his hands on the shore, raised his small head and waved, “Norman, see you in the afternoon.”

Norman rubbed the top of his hair. “See you in the afternoon, Ann. Don’t play dangerous games.”

The mermaid had great courage and curiosity. He was worried that Ann would be pulled by other mermaids to play some dangerous games, so he told her again and again.

An Jin nodded obediently: “well, I’ll pay attention to safety.”

“What are you doing? Get your hands off!” An angry voice came from the door. An Jin and Norman looked at it.

Jorens was in a wheelchair and was pushed in by a nurse. His right hand raised and pointed to Norman. He leaned forward and his caudal fin exploded. He looked very excited.

The nurse quickly pressed his shoulder: “jorens! Calm down, you’ll fall to the ground!”

Jorens’s chest fluctuated violently, stared at Norman, grinned with sharp canine teeth, opened his mouth and made a bite, which was full of threat.

Norman’s face was slightly heavy, and he felt more and more that jorens was wandering on the edge of cheating.

This picture clearly shows that I like Ann!

He felt insulted to Ann when he saw her.

Jorens hated very much. Damn human beings not only humiliated the people, but also dared to covet the king and take advantage of the king!

When the queen is rescued, he must give these humans some color to see.

Jorens operated a wheelchair and drove quickly to the shore.

The nurse didn’t expect him to act suddenly. Before, jorens pretended to be very smart. The nurse always thought he didn’t learn how to drive a wheelchair, so he couldn’t stop it at all.

Norman’s face remained motionless, standing where he was looking at jorens approaching quickly.

An Jin’s eyes are slightly open. He is trying to build a water wall. His wheelchair stops one meter away from Norman.

Norman’s right foot moved a little, and a pity mood flashed in his eyes.

If jorens bumps into him, he will kick the mermaid into the pool.

If the mermaid didn’t take the initiative to attack, it would be difficult for him to do it.

Jorens lifted his eyelids, glanced at Norman, drove his wheelchair to the water, jumped into the water, and then looked at an Jin.

He really wanted to hit it, but he checked the identity of this hateful human last night to prevent the emperor from being forcibly taken away.

He had to stay with the king, take the opportunity to talk to the king and take the king away.

Norman squatted down and said to the little mermaid, “stay away from him. If he dares to kick you, you’re welcome.”

He understands the fighting power of the little mermaid and is not worried about the loss of the little mermaid.

An Jin nodded and felt a little uncertain.

Jorens’ rejection of Norman was too obvious and he was very close to him.

His expression froze for a moment.

I don’t really like him!

Jorens listened to Norman’s words clearly and said angrily, “asshole, don’t provoke my relationship with… Ann!”

Norman didn’t look at him. He rubbed the top of the little mermaid’s hair, slipped again, gently rubbed the little mermaid’s ears, stroked his finger belly on the little mermaid’s cheek, and then got up and left.

An Jin looked at his back and his cheeks were hot.

Norman was obviously intentional at last. In the past, Norman used his right hand, but he just used his left hand, and he did it very slowly. It was obviously for jorens.

Jorens was really angry. His tail suddenly patted down the water and was about to rush to an Jin. His shoulder was caught.

Little silver looked at him: “newcomer? You have a bad temper?”

Jorens has always been proud of being calm. However, seeing the king’s situation, he can’t calm down, except being grumpy or grumpy.

Jorens gritted his teeth: “don’t you think that human is too much?”

Mermaid’s closeness and respect for Wang nature is mermaid’s belief.

He simply could not understand how the rest of his clan could be indifferent to the king being coveted by other clans.

Little silver’s head tilted: “what’s too much?”

“He rubbed… Ann’s hair! He did such an intimate act!” Jorence’s voice almost came out of his teeth.

Xiaoyin looked at him strangely: “he is Ann’s boyfriend. Isn’t that normal?”

“What?” Jorens raised his voice and looked shocked.

Little silver narrowed her eyes, folded her hands and looked at him in front of her chest: “you don’t want to pursue An’an? You want other mermaids after the contract is concluded. Why are you so scum?”

“Nonsense! I have only worship and respect for Ann!” Jorens immediately retorted.

“You’re so strange,” said Xiao Yin. “Ann likes her boyfriend. Don’t destroy it!” He waved his paw, “otherwise I won’t let you go.”

“And us.” The Mermaids around should keep in touch.

Jorens suddenly felt disillusioned. Wang actually recognized a human as a boyfriend. With the loyalty of mermaid, he was basically a future partner.

What should I do? The man is here, and the king must not want to leave.

This must be a human conspiracy!

Jorens was autistic on the spot and quickly thought about how to persuade Wang to leave.

Not only the king, but also the rest of his family.

When he looked around, he saw these people scattered, some playing games, some watching Star net, all very happy and comfortable.

Two mermaids next door are still discussing what to buy.

He suddenly felt that it was very difficult to persuade them to leave.

He shrank in the corner and opened the star net to find a way to change the mermaid’s ideas, especially Wang’s.

If Wang had seen a high-quality teke Mermaid, he might not be fascinated by humans.

After all, human beings have no flexible tail, no shiny scales, and no charm at all!

Ann Jin breathed a sigh of relief. She could not help suspecting that she might have misunderstood jorens.

Little silver looked at the corner: “Ann, you should stay away from this new slag fish!”

An Jin nodded, “well, I’ll keep a distance from him.”

After all, jorens’s reaction was really strange.

In the evening, jorens secretly contacted the vanguard: “don’t act rashly for the time being. Wang may not be willing to leave.”


Jorens looked very serious: “the king has a crush on a human. I’ll try my best. If not, let Joey lurk in when you arrive.”

“Father, don’t worry, Wang is just confused by mankind. He will forget mankind when he sees me!”

After Norman went to the military headquarters, Ann floated in the pool with a serious expression.

He learned the traffic regulations for two days and brushed three more test papers. He remembered the traffic regulations very clearly, so he scheduled the exam this morning before going to bed last night.

Smart driver’s license a five-year-old Sloan can apply for the exam. It’s very simple.

However, he didn’t take the exam for a long time and couldn’t help being nervous.

He entered the examination room in advance, that is, the website of the Traffic Management Bureau. His brain was bound with his ID card, saving the time to fill in the information and only using the information scheduled before verification.

At 9:00, the blank interface displays the test questions, and there is a 30 minute countdown in the upper right corner.

An Jin took a deep breath and answered the question carefully and attentively. When he finished, he checked it again before handing in his paper.

After handing in the test paper, the test paper disappears. Ten seconds later, a green box pops up: Congratulations, you have passed the test and your driver’s license is being generated. Please check it in the personal information interface in five minutes. If you don’t receive it, please contact us in time.

An Jin saves this information, opens the personal information interface, and refreshes it once in a while. It refreshes many times in less than five minutes.

Five minutes later, he finally saw the smart car driver’s license in the column of his driving certificate.

He happily raised his mouth and opened the suspension car mall.

There are many models of cars in the mall. Some of them have a red circular sign in the upper right corner. He is curious to drive. It says: if he does not meet the purchase conditions, he needs a non smart car driver’s license.

An Jin knows that after screening smart cars, all interfaces are available for purchase, but the price is not cheap.

He hesitated. Considering that he didn’t have a house and was just a simple means of transportation, he bought an ultra small model, double seat, which also cost more than 500000!

After buying, he went ashore and waited in the living room.

A quarter of an hour later, the robot received a reminder from the serviceman to pick up the goods, went outside the gate and signed for the suspended vehicle.

An Jin feels that there is no one in the front yard. He goes out with his legs and turns around the dark blue suspension car. He is very satisfied.

This car is very similar to modern cars. The body is half spherical and round. It’s very cute.

After checking the instructions, he started the machine, connected the suspended vehicle with the intelligent brain, checked them one by one, and input the voice.

“Hello, master, please select voice mode.” The initial sound is mechanical.

An Jin looked at all the options and finally used the mechanical sound. If he used the sweet female sound or sexy male sound, he might be frightened.

He got in the car and gave a voice command: “fly above the palace.”

The suspended vehicle starts, because the driver’s license shows that the first driving time is less than 100 hours, so it is a novice mode and the speed is very slow.

The hovering car circled in the sky. An Jin looked at the palace below, his eyes shining.

He looked at the line on the display screen and tried to set the route. The suspended car soon followed the route.

An Jin laments that high technology is convenience. He can’t wait to share the news that he can drive a suspended car with Norman.

Suddenly, his heart moved. He clicked on the map to check the distance between the palace and the military headquarters.

He estimated that even if his suspended car was slow, it would arrive in a quarter of an hour.

After he was familiar with the operation of the suspension car, he stopped the suspension car at the door, got off and went back to the mermaid room to learn to read.

At eleven o’clock, he opened his brain and sent a message to Norman: “what would you like to eat at noon?”

Norman made an appointment with the heads of the various armies to practice mecha.

Norman was watching the war and was slightly surprised by the information. The little mermaid asked him this question earlier than usual. He couldn’t help guessing that the little mermaid was hungry.

He ordered two dishes and added a sentence: “if you are hungry, eat first, don’t wait for me.”

An Jin’s mouth tilted slightly and muttered, “I’m not hungry.”

He ordered good dishes, removed impurities, sat in a wheelchair, stayed at the door of the kitchen and watched the cook cook with great interest.

After thinking about it, he bought six lunch boxes online, cleaned them and put them away.

After the meal was ready, he didn’t ask the cook to send it to the restaurant, but put it in the lunch box, pack it, and then get on the suspension car.

He looked at the time and estimated that Norman could arrive at the military headquarters before work.

“Captain! Ann seems to be leaving the palace in a suspended car. Do you want to intercept it?” The guard in charge of monitoring quickly reported to the second captain iloh.

ELO: “no, Ann has the freedom to go in and out of the palace. Two or three teams, follow and protect,” he paused. “Be secret.”

An Jin was relieved to see the suspension car leave the palace smoothly. His eyes couldn’t help bending. He was very happy that Norman didn’t restrict his freedom.

His humanoid ID card has been completed. He is a mermaid keeper and lives in the palace.

But he didn’t use a fake identity today, because he was going to the mermaid center after dinner.

Norman didn’t have to go back to the palace to pick him up or send him. He could have a good rest at noon.

The more he thought, the happier he was, both for his independence and for Norman’s relief.

“Master, after receiving a warning, vehicles without permission are prohibited from entering the military region.” Suddenly, the intelligent system reminds.

An Jin was stunned: “can’t the parking lot?”

A second later, the intelligent system said, “no, they belong to the military region.”

An Jin looked out of the window: “is there a parking lot nearby that can land?”

“There is a public parking lot one kilometer away.”

An Jin thought it was OK. At the speed of the suspended car, it took less than a minute to get there every kilometer. Even if Norman came, it would save more time than going back to the palace.

“Go to the public parking lot.”

The suspension car landed in the public parking lot. The small suspension car parked between two huge suspension cars. You can’t see it without coming over.

An Jin checked the window mode and determined that it was single view mode. People outside couldn’t see him and leaned back loosely.

His appearance is too easy to attract attention. If others see him, it may cause a sensation.

He didn’t like it. He just wanted to wait quietly for Norman to get off work.

At this time, Norman received a report from iloh: “Ann drove the suspension car to the military headquarters, was stopped, and is now in the public parking lot.”

Norman is dueling with Mu Chen. After receiving the report from iloh, the mecha immediately retreats and pulls away from Mu Chen. The mecha’s eyes are shining white.

“What’s the matter? Your majesty surrendered!”

“Shouldn’t you have pressed the wrong key?”

Norman jumped off the mecha. After a while, Mu Chen also jumped off and joked, “Your Majesty, do you despise me?”

Norman: Yes

He opened his brain, contacted the little mermaid, was about to dial, thought of something, and contacted iloh.

“Do you know why he came to the military headquarters?”

ILO: I don’t know

Norman asked again, “did he get off?”

ELO: No, sitting in the car, I can’t see what’s going on inside

Norman: protect it

After hanging up, he sent a message to the Little Mermaid: “Ann, stay where you are and I’ll find you.”

An Jin got up, looked around and thought of something. He looked up at his head and found that there was a suspended car hovering far away. It was a very common style, but it was strange to stop all the time.

He soon understood and understood that Norman must be worried about his safety.

He voiced, “haven’t you finished work yet? It doesn’t matter if I wait a minute.”

Norman: it’s all right

An Jin: “but you left work on time before. Did I get in trouble?”

Norman: “of course not,” he paused. “Ann, send me the license plate number and come to the military headquarters.”

He doesn’t trust the little mermaid to stay in the public parking lot.

An Jin immediately sent it. This time, he successfully parked the suspension car in the parking lot.

After a while, he saw Norman stride to the parking lot. To his surprise, Mu Chen and the other military commanders followed.

But it’s normal to think about it. They may have to go home after work.

He and the Legion commanders had seen it many times, so he was not afraid. The door slid open. He smiled and waved to Norman, “here.”

Norman approached, saw the little mermaid’s tail in the less spacious seat, frowned slightly, and reached out to hold the little mermaid down.

An Jin was stunned. Seeing the other army leaders, his cheeks were hot, he whispered, “put me down. I brought you lunch. We’ll eat in the car.”

Norman stopped and looked at the little mermaid with his eyes slightly deep.

He didn’t expect the little mermaid to bring him lunch.

He whispered, “it’s all right. Go to my office. It’s spacious. Is your tail uncomfortable?”

An Jin’s tail moved and understood why Norman directly took him out of the car: “it’s not uncomfortable. It’s actually quite spacious.”

Norman disapproved and went back to the office with the little mermaid in his arms.

“Did I hear you right? ANN has brought lunch to his majesty!” A military commander could not help but say in surprise.

“Isn’t lunch nutritious? What can I give you? Your majesty has it without the military headquarters.”

“Maybe it’s the interest of lovers.”

Mu Chen thought of delicious food, swallowed his saliva silently, did not participate in gossip, and quickly followed Norman behind him.

Ann may be more prepared!

The rest of the Legion saw this and quickly followed.

“General Mu Chen must have concealed something!”

Ann Jin was firmly put on the seat by Norman.

He took out his lunch box and put five dishes on the table. They were full of color, smell and taste.

When several people arrived, they only smelled the fragrance of hooking people.

“I don’t know much! It turns out that lunch is not just nutrition!”

“My nutrient is suddenly hard to drink!”


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