After Being a Mermaid Chapter 63

The door slammed shut in front of him. Mu Chen quickly stepped back to prevent being hit.

But he stepped on the feet of the people behind him. His heels raised and stepped down again.

“Hey!” Garrot pushed him down, moved his feet and angrily asked, “Mu Chen, did you mean it!”

“How could it be? I’m just not careful,” Mu Chen was afraid to open garrot’s hand on his shoulder, looked at the closed door and gritted his teeth. “If you don’t hold my shoulder, I’ll go in!”

Garrot took a deep breath, still savoring the fresh fragrance, smelled the speech and patted him on the shoulder: “you did it on purpose!”

Mu Chen said no, turned around and saw the Legion leaders. His upper body leaned back a little: “why did you all follow? No wonder your majesty closed the door so soon!”

“Admiral Mu Chen, you just followed up without saying a word. Did you know that Ann didn’t send nutrients?”

“Well, Admiral Mu Chen, you want to eat alone again!”

Mu Chen spread his hand: “I don’t even have food. How can I eat?” He sighed, “if I were the only one, maybe I could get some delicious food from your majesty. Now there are so many people, don’t think about it. Let’s go.”

Garrot was greedy: “have you eaten?”

Mu Chen felt that it was unreasonable for him to say that he had not eaten. As he walked out, he said, “before, he took Xiaoyin to find An’an to play. An’an asked the cook to make snacks.”

He decided to go home and roast the fish Xiaoyin gave him today to comfort the restless five zang organs.

He is very glad that Xiaoyin prefers delicious food. The seasonings in his family have been purified by Xiaoyin. The grilled fish made by the chef with pure fish and seasonings is super fragrant.

Unfortunately, there are only fish and there are too few kinds.

However, looking at the greedy face of the other army leaders, his lost heart was immediately comforted, planned silently, and encouraged Xiaoyin to play with an.

The head of the Sixth Army patted his palm: “speaking of it, my Mermaid likes Ann very much! ANN has made great contributions to the translator, and I haven’t thanked her.”

“Me too!” The head of the Fourth Army echoed and looked at the head of the Sixth Army. His eyes were all bright.

Garrot knew his colleagues very well and immediately understood their meaning. He also had the same idea. He took ruiruirui to find An’an to play and expressed his thanks by the way.

However, he picked up the mermaid yesterday. Today it’s Xiao… Director Xie’s turn.

He made a decisive decision and contacted director Xie.

The head of the fourth and sixth regiment went back to his office and sighed: “Your Majesty is so happy! If only my Mermaid were as clever as Ann.”

“I don’t have to send rice. I’ll be grateful if I only give me pure fish.”

In the Office

An Jin quickly arranges the food. When he hears the sound of closing the door, he looks up. The figure of the Legion leaders is blocked by the door.

He turned his head. Norman’s fingers had just moved away from the control button at the table. His expression was usually calm and could not see his emotion.

He thought the Legion leaders had to go home before they went to the parking lot. Now it seems that he misunderstood.

He put his hands on the table, pinched his fingertips and frowned: “are you busy? They seem to be looking for you.”

Norman put his finger to his eyebrow: “it’s all right. I was attracted by lunch.”

An Jin unconsciously opened his eyebrows and blinked his eyes quickly. Surprise flashed in his eyes. He thought of the situation of the world and showed a sudden look.

It’s no secret that Mermaid can purify food, so he didn’t worry about delivering food.

But now the truth is that even if the breeder buys and sells mermaids and exchanges star coins for pure fish, he can’t eat like him.

Norman looked down at the bottom of the table. The little mermaid’s tail had become legs. He sat very stable and well behaved, like a teenager in class.

His expression softened unconsciously: “you eat first.”

He turned and went to the bathroom in the office. As he walked, he untied his cuffs to wash his hands.

He had fought before. Although he stayed in the mecha without dust or dirt, his palms would sweat.

When he washed his hands and came out, he saw that the boy had set the dishes and chopsticks and didn’t eat. His small head looked around curiously.

Ann Jin was very curious when she came to Norman’s office for the first time.

The office is spacious and simple, with a set of office tables and chairs and a group of guest sofas. The back is a wall cabinet with many folders, but there are chips, few paper documents, and some star ships and mecha models.

An Jin unconsciously smiles in his eyes. Norman really likes the model.

His hobbies are very similar to Norman’s!

Thinking so, he was happier and a little sweet in his heart.

When Norman came back, he saw the boy with his body on his side, his hand on the back of the chair, turned his head and looked at the model in the cabinet. His expression was very happy.

The young man twisted his body and moved his clothes up slightly, revealing a section of white skin.

Norman’s eyes flashed slightly, walked over, opened the cabinet and took out a black mecha model: “here you are.”

An Jin looks up at him. He is a little embarrassed. It is impolite to look casually in other people’s space.

If it weren’t for Norman’s office, he wouldn’t be so casual.

Norman just gave him something, as if he had just seen it, to convey the message of ‘want’, like an ignorant child.

He shook his head. “I’m just looking around. You put it back.”

Norman: no? You just kept staring

An Jin: “you like it too. If I want to see it, I’ll come back to your office later.”

Norman thought the proposal was very good and put the mecha back.

Anjin turns around and sits upright, having lunch with Norman.

A meal, the atmosphere is very warm.

After eating, an Jin tidies up the lunch box, gets up and walks to the bathroom.

Because he wants to go to the mermaid center later, he wears a complete fishtail skirt and can only take a small step.

Norman took his shoulder. “Where are you going?”

Next to the bathroom is the bathroom and a rest room.

An Jin pointed to the bathroom and raised his hand to show him: “wash your hands.”

Norman glanced at the slender white fingers of the young man. His fingertips had just pinched the ribs and chewed them. Although they had been wiped with paper, they were still a little oily.

He leaned over and gently picked up the boy.

An Jin gave a soft cry. He subconsciously wanted to catch Norman’s clothes, but he took into account his dirty hands and held them back. He raised his hands in the air: “why didn’t you tell me in advance!”

He said complaining, but his voice was soft, like a spoiled child.

Norman put him at the sink. “Why didn’t you tell me in advance?”

An Jin heard his repeated words and looked puzzled: “ah?”

Norman stood behind him, his hands under his arms, put them on the washstand, and surrounded him in a small area.

Norman looked down and said, “you want to wash your hands, but it’s inconvenient to walk without telling me.” he paused and said seriously, “Ann, I like to take care of you.”

An Jin was stunned because he didn’t take the initiative to ask his boyfriend for help. Is his boyfriend unhappy?

He subconsciously explained, “it’s just inconvenient. I can do it. It’s not difficult,” he smiled. “You can’t help with everything.”

Norman said seriously, “I’m right next to you. I hope you let me help.”

An Jin thought for a while and said with a smile, “then I won’t be polite in the future.”

It’s no problem to meet your boyfriend’s little expectations.

He pressed some hand sanitizer in the palm of his hand and asked, “do you want it?”

Norman swept his white palm and nodded, “yes.”

So an Jin added some hand sanitizer. Norman stretched out his palm, dipped half of the hand sanitizer in his palm and rubbed his whole hand.

An Jin was held in his arms, his back against Norman’s chest, and he clearly felt the height difference between the two.

He lowered his head and rubbed the hand sanitizer. He felt a sense of security. It seemed that Norman was behind him, so he felt very safe.

After a while, Norman grasped the boy’s hands, put his hands together under the tap, washed the foam on his hands, turned over and continued to rush.

After washing, Norman held this position and went under the dryer with his hands.

An Jin moved his finger and said, “it’s done.”

Norman looked at the mirror closely hugging each other. For a moment, he didn’t want to loosen it.

An Jin noticed his mind, his heart pounded, kept silent for a while and said, “I’m going to the mermaid center later.”

Xiaoyin recently fell in love with water football and urged him to form a team early.

He found that this sport is conducive to exercise, so he actively participated in it every day.

Norman: I’ll see you off

I gently pushed his hand. When he released his hand, he turned and stood opposite.

An Jin looked up at him: “I can drive a suspension car, but you can give me a ride. You can take a lunch break in the saved time, and you will be more energetic when you go to work in the afternoon.”

Norman was funny and kissed at the tip of his delicate nose: “Ann is worried about my lack of energy?”

His voice was low and magnetic, and an Jin’s face was hot: “no,” he looked at Norman for a moment and said seriously, “I don’t want to give you trouble, and I hope your life will be easier.”

Norman looked at him as he was obedient and caring. His eyes were dim. He bowed his head and kissed his red lips. It was only after a half ring that he released them.

Holding his feet soft against the boy on his body, Norman suddenly said, “Ann, be my partner?”

An Jin’s eyes suddenly widened and his heart pounded. He didn’t expect Norman to say it so suddenly.

Norman’s eyes flashed with regret, but he didn’t regret it.

He had planned to follow the steps step by step, but the little mermaid was really good. He wanted to determine his relationship with the little mermaid and really have the little mermaid.

Ann was careful for a moment and saw Norman looking at him intently. His always calm expression looked a little nervous.

He said, “I, I would like to be your partner, but I may not be mature enough and ready.”

An Jin quickly wants to get married. Then he finds that he has nothing except the super small suspension car he just bought and a little deposit.

And he hasn’t paid off the money he owes Norman! He is still in the process of paying his debts.

“I’m not ready to get married.” Influenced by modern ideas, an Jin feels that he is in a terrible situation and does not have the conditions to get married.

Norman wondered, “why prepare?”

An Jin: “both partners are equal. I can’t take advantage of you,” his cheeks bulged. “It’s like a little daughter-in-law you bought.”

Norman thought, “do you want us to be economically equal?”

An Jin nodded and thought, “I’ll make more agent a every day and try to pay you back early.”

It’s 25 billion. It needs 250 boxes of agent A. now it’s two boxes a day. In fact, after his ability is upgraded, four boxes are OK. It’s easier to absorb animal nuclei all the time. It can be purified in one day.

He blinked and decided to do it, but didn’t tell Norman how to do it for the time being.

As soon as his eyes are bright, he can help many people, and will not affect the current situation of mermaid!

Although animal nuclei may not be useful to humans, after all, humans have had animal nuclei for so long, and the use of animal nuclei is related to energy, which may have been studied for a long time.

However, in order to be safe, the mermaid can learn knowledge without relying on mental power after memory gene repair can be used in clinic.

Before Norman could say anything, he said, “give me a little time?”

Norman nodded, “I’ll take you to the mermaid center.”

An Jin: “I really can.”

In the end, Norman personally sent the little mermaid to the mermaid center, but the little mermaid drove her own suspension car, and his suspension car followed.

An Jin’s suspension car landed in the parking lot of the mermaid center. He turned his legs into a wheelchair, opened the door and controlled the wheelchair to slide down the metal plate connected to the ground.

He turned his head and saw Norman jump from the black suspension car in a light and neat posture.

An Jin’s chin is slightly raised, his eyes are bent, his head is biased towards the entrance, and then controls the wheelchair to drive towards the gate of the mermaid center.

The little mermaid’s blue eyes are very bright, and the action of slightly raising her chin looks playful and lovely.

Norman smiled and soon disappeared, with a serious expression on his strong face.

Just looking at the little mermaid in front, his eyes are particularly soft.

An Jin smoothly drove the car to the entrance of the entertainment area, controlled the wheelchair to turn 180 degrees, and looked at Norman: “you see, I have no problem coming here alone.”

The little mermaid’s voice was light, as if she was happy to finish it independently.

Norman looked down at him and said seriously, “Ann is very strong.” he bent down and lowered his voice, “but he still wants to see Ann off.”

An Jin swept up and down his long and warped eyelashes and pursed his lips: “don’t you trust me?”

His identity was special, but he didn’t want Norman to spend more time because of this special need.

He hoped that one day, even if he went out as a mermaid, he would not attract the attention or covet of others.

Norman looked at him with deep eyes: “no, I want to stay with ANN for a while and see Ann more.”

He never beat around the bush. What he said was what he wanted.

An Jin casually put his fingers on the handrail and unconsciously forced his nails to pop out.

He quickly raised his hand, and his nails soon retracted. He secretly hoped that Norman didn’t see his gaffe.

He took a deep breath, stabilized his beating heart, bowed his head and whispered, “then, when you’re free, I’ll trouble you.”

Norman rubbed the top of the mermaid’s hair. “No trouble.”

Norman didn’t want to destroy the trip of the little mermaid to the entertainment area alone, let alone to the entertainment area, so he didn’t have to worry about the safety of the little mermaid at all.

He stepped back and said, “go in.”

An Jin looked up at him, um, made a sound, operated the wheelchair, turned around, drove forward a little distance, turned his head, raised his hand and waved, “see you in the afternoon.”

Norman stood there watching his posture unchanged. He waved and looked much softer: “see you in the afternoon.”

As soon as he entered the entertainment area, an Jin looked at the pool and was surprised.

Mermaids all gathered in the corner and whispered in a circle. In the middle was jorens, pointing to the virtual screen and talking excitedly.

Because of the distance and deliberately lowering the voice, the shore can’t hear it at all.

An Jin immediately knew that he was deliberately avoiding the breeders in the glass house.

I don’t know what jorens said, the mermaids were obviously angry.

An Jin is curious and releases his perception while controlling the wheelchair close to the pool.

Jorens: “you have no guarantee at all. You will be auctioned and hosted by a stranger you have never seen.”

“They are good to you now, just because your singing can convey spiritual power to them. Now agent a has appeared on the market. Humans originally had soothing agents, and there will be better soothing agents in the future.”

“When they don’t need you, they will abandon you at will. You are more pitiful than stray cats and dogs, because you have been abandoned and have no ability to survive.”

“Nonsense! We are already practicing our ability to survive in the sea!”

“Ah! I can only remember a little about the knowledge of the sea. I have forgotten what to do!”

Jorens said: “this planet is occupied by humans. Mermaids are intelligent creatures. We are not suitable to live with humans at all. We have our own territory and can decide for ourselves, rather than being auctioned at will. We have no freedom.”

Jorgenston said, “we should get out!”

“But… My two legged beast is very kind to me.” Gu Gu blinked his big green eyes. “He needs my help.”

“Yes, the bipedal beast hasn’t found a way to treat the spiritual riot yet. What will they do if we go?”

Jorens couldn’t believe it: “don’t forget, they treat you as a pet!”

“Nonsense, my two legged beast, call me master.”

“Yes,” said Xiaoyin Yinghe, “I’m the master.”

Jorens is very tired, and his family is too naive!

He pointed to the virtual screen: “look at this news. The auctioned Mermaid. Look at the advertisement for the auction of rare pets. It’s exactly the same. They just talk orally and don’t take you as the master at all. Anyway, they just coax you. The actual decision is still on them.”

Ann Jin looks at jorens in surprise. This mermaid is very different!

Jorens’s words stunned all the mermaids, and unconsciously grinned with sharp canine teeth, which looked very fierce.

Jorens felt very happy when he saw this! In order to persuade Wang and his peers, he wanted to break his head, but he didn’t think of a good way.

Unexpectedly, I suddenly saw the news of mermaid auction on Xingwang. God help me too!

He moved his hand to zhinao and thought that at this time, when the people of the same race saw the happy appearance of the residents of the mermaid planet, they would be eager to leave mankind!

His white gray eyes gleamed.

“Damn bipedal beast!” A mermaid roared. The mermaid happened to be next to jorens. The roar was too loud. Jorens shook his hand and silently moved away to adjust the video.

“Cunning bipedal beast, are you lying to me?” Little silver was angry.

Mu Chen was preparing to eat roast fish. Seeing that Xiaoyin’s communication was immediately connected, he was confused: “no, I dare not lie to you!”

As he spoke, he bit the fish and thought that he didn’t dare to annoy the ancestor with the delicious food!

Jorens heard the human voice, his fingers stopped at the play button, and his face was confused.

He lowered his voice: “how can you contact humans!”

“Are you questioning how I do things?” Little silver glanced at him, turned away from the corner, and said angrily to zhinao, “you don’t take me as the master, you’re just coaxing me!

Mu Chen opened his mouth and bit the fish. He was inexplicably guilty, but on second thought, his attitude towards Xiaoyin was more important than the master!

“I mean it!” Mu Chen inquired about the situation. “Why do you think so? Does someone speak ill of me? How can you listen to others and don’t believe me? I…”

“Shut up!” Little silver frowned, “noisy!”

Mu Chen took a deep breath and was wronged: “master, you misunderstood me. You have to let me explain? If you don’t make it clear, it’s not conducive to family harmony.

Little silver said angrily, “will the master be auctioned? You’re still lying to me, cunning bipedal beast! If we don’t understand the news, we’ll be cheated by you all our life!”

Mu Chen quickly turned the news. Sure enough, he saw the notice of the August auction of mermaids by the scientific research institute. His eyebrows wrinkled.

“Don’t get excited. I’ll ask about the situation first. Don’t worry, I’ll never auction you.”

In addition to Xiaoyin, the other mermaids contacted the breeders one after another, yelled angrily, and seriously pointed to the breeders to cheat the mermaid.

The mermaid, who has a mind to be active, said ruthlessly: “I will never sing for you again, nor will I give you delicious fish! Bastard bipedal beast, big liar!”

Jorens looked at this scene and wanted to mobilize the emotions of the Mermaids while it was hot. However, the Mermaids around were communicating with humans and would be heard as soon as they spoke.

His calm face fell into self doubt. Isn’t his mind attack good? Isn’t it perfect? Why is that?

These people did not immediately decide to run away, but also “teach” and “scold” mankind.

After listening to the mermaids, an Jin probably understood what had happened. He opened his mind and saw the news about the auction of mermaids by the scientific research institute.

He frowned and thought.

In the scientific research institute, una’s communication was almost destroyed by the mermaid breeder. He was two big and refused to accept them all. He looked at the head of the publicity department in a deep voice: “what’s the matter? Didn’t he say to wait for the discussion results this month?”

The person in charge has a white face: “hold, sorry, the publicity prepared in advance was deleted after receiving the notice. It should be in the dustbin. I don’t know why it was suddenly sent out.”

Euna: “delete it immediately, prepare a statement, change the plan, and wait for notice. You can deal with it quickly.”

The person in charge quickly responded and turned out of the dean’s office.

Una thought for a moment and contacted an Jin: “An’an, the mermaid believes in you and listens to you very much. Can you help appease the mermaid?”

An Jin looked at the Mermaids: “although the mermaid has not been determined to be an intelligent creature, the mermaid has IQ, which is known by the public. I don’t think it should be auctioned.”

Euna was embarrassed: “I also understand that the scientific research institute has held many meetings recently. Each Mermaid consumes a lot of money. Without auction, there may only be naturally born mermaids in the future, and this number is very small.”

He paused and asked, “what do you think should be done with mermaids?”

An Jin was a little surprised. He didn’t expect Euna to ask him, but he didn’t refuse, but said, “ask the mermaid’s opinion.”

Soon, new regulations on raising mermaids were introduced.

Mermaids choose their own breeders, sign employment contracts, and hire half the wages of mermaids and the Research Institute. When the money obtained by the research institute reaches the average auction price of mermaids in the past, no money will be charged.

Relatively fair provisions, but the candidate breeders must meet the conditions. After all, raising mermaids includes not only feeding but also protection.

The Mermaids calmed down when they heard the news.

“Hum, the two legged beast is obedient.”

“Damn, I seem to have been auctioned! Five billion.”

“Ha ha, I’m 8 billion! It’s more expensive than you!”

“Oh, haven’t you seen the news? ANN is the most expensive, 25 billion!” The little silver with an Jin’s shoulder despises the Mermaids around.

An Jin took a smoke from the corner of his mouth. He didn’t want to fight for this!

Jorens, shrinking in the corner, gritted his teeth and sulked: hateful, inciting failure.


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