After Being a Mermaid Chapter 64

An Jin listened to the little silver and the Mermaids talking about the auction price, but his eyes unconsciously fell on jorens in the corner.

He thought for a moment and swam to jorens.

Jorens looked serious and looked at an Jin from time to time. He noticed that an Jin was very concerned about his fellow countrymen, who trusted him very much.

He thought in his eyes that if he told Wang the truth, Wang might agree to leave!

Or, find a way to pack the human away.

While he was thinking, he saw the king swimming towards him

His white gray eyes lit up for a moment!

He quickly glanced around, and the other mermaids gathered to argue about the auction price.

On the shore, people stay in glass houses. Although many people look at the pool, they can’t hear voices at such a distance.

Good chance!

Ann Jing swam to jorens and asked softly, “did you come to me to discuss the escape with me?”

Jorens focused.

Sure enough, it wasn’t because he liked him. Anxin was a little embarrassed and thought it was good that jorens didn’t know.

Jorens was ready to be frank. Seeing that Wang spoke again, he quickly listened carefully.

An Jin noticed before that his mood seemed a little low.

So he comforted and said, “what you worry about is very correct. However, the mermaid’s tail is inconvenient to move on land and it is difficult to leave. Even if you leave, how do you live? I think it’s best to maintain the current state temporarily. Help each other with humans. When the mermaid’s memory becomes better in the future, you can learn knowledge, judge as an intelligent creature and live independently.”

Jorence’s eyes were slightly open and his face was excited for a moment.

Wang is really thinking about his family! Wang attaches great importance to his family!

He felt Wang’s gentle and dignified temperament, bowed, put the palm of his right hand against his heart, and said respectfully and excitedly: “Wang!”

An Jin opened his eyes wide and looked at jorens in surprise. He was stunned for a second and then reacted. He guessed, “do you also feel the inheritance?”

Jorens shook his head: “when you accepted the inheritance, we sensed your existence, and then immediately summoned the army to take you back to your home planet.”

An Jin was even more surprised: “you’re not the mermaid that SiO grew up… The mermaid of the mermaid planet?”

Jorens nodded, “yes.”

An Jin was stunned. Although he accepted the inheritance and the mermaid around him had an unusual attitude towards him, he never called him king.

The king was very vain to him, like a dream.

But seeing the excited face of jorens and feeling the strong expectation conveyed by jorens, he had to face up to it: he was the mermaid king.

But he was still very confused: “do you only identify the king according to inheritance? I know very little about Mermaid and Mermaid star, and I won’t govern the country. What’s the use of such a king?”

Jorens said seriously, “how can the king bother to govern the country? The elders will deal with government affairs. The king is the spiritual belief of the mermaid. With the king, the difficulties encountered by the Mermaid will be solved.”

An Jin was suddenly under great pressure: “I’m not that strong.”

Jorens said firmly, “no, you are the most powerful! I have felt your power.”

An Jin’s heart moved. Is it a water power?

Jorens thought of Wang’s treatment and was very angry: “you have suffered! Before we came, we didn’t expect that mermaids would be so despised by humans! They actually treat you as pets!”

“As long as you agree, I will contact the vanguard now, cooperate inside and outside, and take you and your fellow countrymen away!”

He looked at an Jin with a sincere tone: “please follow us back to the home planet labe. All mermaids are looking forward to seeing the king.”

An Jin clearly felt his expectation, and strange waves also rose in his heart.

He was silent for a moment, shook his head after calmly thinking, “no, I can’t go with you.”

He promised Norman to get married.

Jorens: is it because you like humans

An Jin made a sound and didn’t deny it.

Mermaid planet was strange to him, more like a dream, but Norman was the one he really got along with.

He was worried that jorens acted impulsively and warned: “you can’t take the mermaid directly. Mermaids are very important to mankind. So many mermaids are taken away by you. The si’ao military will never give up. It’s difficult for you to successfully leave si’ao.”

Jorens: “as long as you cooperate with your family, you can leave smoothly!” He looked at the Mermaids who had a good talk and was tired of snacks: “the reason why I used the auction to incite them was that I was worried that they would not cooperate.”

“Wang, as long as you are willing to leave, they will follow you!”

An Jin shook his head: “I can’t make a decision for them. You can tell them what the mermaid planet is like. It’s up to them to choose.”

He thought of another important thing and asked, “their memory is very poor. Is this the case with mermaids on Mermaid planet?”

Jorens shook his head: “no,” his eyes darkened and his face was very serious, “but more and more mermaids have greatly reduced their ability because of the withering of the Holy tree, the failure of adult baptism, and the inability of their tails to become legs.”

He looked at an Jin with a heavy tone: “king, rabesin needs you.”

An Jin was still stunned by what he said in front of him: “do you mean that the mermaid’s tail becomes legs and needs to be baptized by adulthood?”

Jorens looked shocked in his eyes: “don’t you know? Didn’t you mention it in the inheritance you accepted?”

An Jin wrung his eyebrow and recalled: “I know that adults will become legs and… Differentiate into teke mermaids and Issa mermaids. After the contract is concluded, the legs and tails can be changed freely. If the contract is not concluded, the legs can be maintained with mental strength.”

He looked at jorens. “The inheritance doesn’t mention how the tail became legs when I was an adult,” he added. “When I was an adult, it became legs directly.”

He thought he could change directly as an adult.

Suddenly, he remembered the huge tree in his mind when he accepted the inheritance. Is that the Holy tree?

Jorens: “you are the king. When you are an adult, you will also accept the transformed energy, but ordinary mermaids need to undergo baptism to obtain energy!”

An Jin thought to himself that changing legs has nothing to do with Mermaid genes?

Jorens looked at an Jin with a frown and a worried look: “Wang, you probably didn’t accept all the inheritance. You should also go back to the temple and accept the adult baptism.”

An Jin looked at his expression and couldn’t help worrying: “what will happen if you don’t accept baptism?”

Jorens: “complete inheritance will give you strong strength. Incomplete inheritance will affect your strength.”

An Jin was stunned. When he accepted the inheritance, he didn’t seem to become stronger. No, he suddenly realized that his promotion was actually faster.

Although the speed of upgrading to level 4 is similar to that of upgrading to level 3, it is reasonable to say that the later it goes, the slower it will be upgraded. Its speed remains the same, but it is actually getting stronger!

Jorens said again, “please go back with me.”

An Jin thought about it. When the mermaid planet appeared, the mermaid problem he had worried about could be completely solved. He could let go of the impurities.

Although I don’t know what kind of strength full inheritance can bring, for him, the stronger the strength, the better.

He could not help but look forward to going to the streets with Norman in the future. The streets were no longer smoke-free, but there were snack bars and restaurants everywhere.

He asked, “what the mermaid urgently needs to solve is related to the withering of the Holy tree?”

Jorens nodded.

The water power does have healing power, but Ann is not sure: “I’d like to go to Rabe and try to solve the Holy tree problem, but not now,” he looked at the other mermaids. “Go back when their memory recovers. It’s up to them to decide whether they want to go back.”

He paused: “also, I will go back to Sioux. Of course, if the mermaid is in trouble, I will try my best to help.”

Although jorens was disappointed, he fully understood. He thought it was not easy for Wang to think of the mermaid without accepting all the inheritance.

He looked forward to the tone: “I hope that at that time, the beautiful Rabe star and the handsome teke warrior can make Wang change his mind and be willing to live in Rabe star for a long time.”

An Jin: ”

So generous to say, I hope he will empathize and don’t fall in love, okay?

However, jorens did not mention going back to treat memory. It is likely that the medical level of mermaid planet is not as good as that of SiO.

He asked jorens, and it was true.

He said to jorens, “don’t call me king. I won’t settle in Rabe.”

Jorens: “you are the king. It’s doomed. You can live anywhere you like. Of course, I hope Rabe can get your favor.”

He bowed and said, “jorens, the second elder of the temple, listens to your instructions. You don’t agree to take the mermaid directly, so what do you think we should do?”

After pondering, an Jin said, “I think we should contact the Star Alliance in the name of the country. Mermaids are very important to mankind. Taking mermaids away secretly is easy to cause war.”

“But those hateful human beings will certainly be unwilling to let the mermaid leave for selfish reasons.” Jorens said.

That’s why, at first, they just lurked rather than contacted directly.

An Jin thought of the pure melon growing in the backyard and had a plan: “I have a way.”

He has purification ability, can make the soil grow pure food, can make a large number of pure seeds, and Mermaid only benefits a small number of people, and planting can benefit the whole planet.

He believes that all members of the Star Alliance will choose more favorable seeds rather than mermaids.

Moreover, according to the star alliance law, there is a mermaid planet, and mermaid is judged to be an intelligent creature.

Intelligent creatures have autonomy. They can’t ignore the opinions of mermaids.

Jorens instinctively trusted an Jin. He said he had a way and didn’t ask much, so he said: “I asked the vanguard to contact the Star Alliance in the name of Rabe star immediately.”

He said, suddenly thinking of something, paused: “when we came, we hijacked the star fleet of SiO, and learned the situation of mermaids from their brains.”

An Jin’s heart tightened: “how are they?”

“It’s under control. It didn’t hurt anyone.”

Ann was relieved. Fortunately, there were no casualties, otherwise it might cause war.

He pondered for a moment. If he let go directly, the hijacked star ship team is likely to fight back and contact the si’ao army, so the mermaid vanguard may be in danger.

He said: “contact with the Star Alliance and si’ao shows that the conflict is an accident.”

Soon, a news that shocked the Star Alliance was born – Aliens are coming!

After receiving the communication from Rabe, Star Alliance and SiO first thought was not to believe it.

After all, the other party’s appearance is very similar to human beings, and it can’t be seen that they are aliens at all.

They even suspected that it was a star thief or some criminal who had a secret facelift, then disguised as members of the African Star Alliance and started a new life in the name of aliens.

After hearing their questions, spokesman Joey cleanly adjusted the virtual screen to full-body mode, and then changed his tail to his feet on the spot.

All the Star Alliance and the si’ao military department, except Norman, were stunned.

Norman’s eyes moved: “Mermaid planet?”

JOYA nodded, “yes, human.”

Norman: what is your purpose

JOYA: “find your family and meet our king.”

Norman raised his sword eyebrows.

JOYA looked at him: “man, I know you covet our king, but the king has absolute freedom. You don’t want to force him! Trap him!”

The rest looked at each other. Your majesty coveted it?

At the next moment, everyone was surprised and seemed to think that the mermaid king was An’an.

All mermaids, the most suitable Mermaid king, only Ann.

After all, the rest of the Mermaids have incomplete memory.

Norman said in a deep voice, “yes, he has absolute freedom. You don’t want to force him to do what he doesn’t want to do in the name of the king.”

They looked at each other as if sparks were exploding in the air.

After a while, someone around JOYA said something. He looked at Norman: “we are about to arrive at Sioux. Please allow passage.”

Norman: “when you enter si’ao, you must abide by the laws of si’ao. For the safety of the people, it is forbidden to carry weapons. The whole journey is monitored by the military headquarters.”

JOYA: where’s the mecha

Norman: “disarm.”

JOYA sent a message to jorens and nodded after a while, “OK.”

Before long, six warships quickly landed at the military airport, and the waiting military personnel stared at the door.

A line of people in black clothes came down from the corridor bridge. Their appearance was all very handsome. Their clothing style was somewhat different from that of human beings. They were similar to windbreaker, but they had a cross collar, the length of hem to calf, and their feet were wearing leather military boots.

The leader was a very young, flamboyant white haired man with neat hair tied into a horsetail and walked very fast.

“Welcome.” Greeting people, reaching out and whispering to themselves, are these people really mermaids?

“Major general rabesin JOYA,” JOYA introduced herself, held her hand, and then cooperated very much, “Ann.”

The greeters were also worried that they would dislike him and were surprised at his initiative. JOYA said, “I hope to see Wang as soon as possible.”

All mermaids were fitted with positioning devices and sent to the palace.

After the communication between Norman and Joey, the military mermaid was arranged to meet the mermaid of labe at the airport, and then went to the mermaid center.

JOYA has been in touch with jorens, and Ann Jin is next to jorens, so she knows exactly where it happened.

When he saw Norman, he was not surprised. He was a little happy and worried.

Worried that Norman was unhappy, after all, he would go to Mermaid planet in the future.

Anjin swam to the pool and jorens followed.

Norman gave jorens a faint look: “of mermaid planet?”

Jorens and Joana look alike.

Jorens nodded, “yes, I’m leaving with Wang.”

Norman looked at the little mermaid and said, “you know?”

An Jin nodded, “yes.”

Norman took the little mermaid back to the palace, and jorens followed, but not in the same suspension car as Anjin, and got on the suspension car of the escort.

Before leaving, jorens did not forget to whisper, “Wang, don’t forget what you promised.”

Jorens was baptized by the guard’s eyes. He twisted his eyebrows and put his hands on his chest: “I have a partner. My son is about your age.”

The guards: “…” they are just curious about mermaids who can change their legs!

Jorens took out his wisdom brain hidden in his hair, took out long clothes, wrapped them, turned his tail into legs, and felt comfortable.

In order to hide, he has been naked, which really makes him uncomfortable.

He stared at the guards and said coldly, “what are you looking at? Respect the elders!”

Norman took the little mermaid into the suspension car, put the little mermaid on the seat, and an Jin looked out of the car: “what about my car?”

“ELO will drive back.”

Norman, please hold the little mermaid’s chin and look down at the little mermaid. His eyes are slightly heavy: “what did you promise him?”

Ann Jin immediately found Norman unhappy and pulled Norman’s sleeve: “don’t be angry.”

He gave a concise account of what he was talking about with jorens.

Norman said in a low voice, “when are you going?”

An Jin said, “after the mermaid’s memory returns to normal.”

Norman said, “are you taking them away?”

An Jin: “if they want to go back to Mermaid planet, take them with them.”

Norman frowned and reminded: “I’m afraid this operation will not be easy after the emergence of mermaid planet.”

An Jin is well aware of the importance that humans attach to mermaids and what Norman means.

With the existence of mermaid planet and complete memory, mermaid is likely to no longer rely on humans and even return to Mermaid, which is very bad news for humans who need mermaid to provide spiritual power.

An Jin smiled at Norman: “I will hold a meeting on behalf of the mermaid, the scientific research institute and the senior management of si’ao. I am willing to make a deal with si’ao with a message. I believe everyone will agree to continue to study this operation.”

Back to the palace, an Jin first went back to the villa to change his clothes.

Then he went to the main hall of the palace for the first time. As soon as he entered, he immediately noticed many excited and eager eyes.

“Major general rabesin JOYA, I have seen the king.” JOYA stood in front of an Jin and bowed very gentlemanly.

An Jin is not used to it: “you’re welcome.”

JOYA got up and looked at an Jin with an undisguised appreciation. The mermaid always said frankly, “you’re so beautiful.”

An Jin: “… Thank you.”

Norman looked awkwardly at JOYA and sat down with the boy in his arms.


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