After Being a Mermaid Chapter 65

After an Jin sat down in the main seat, the other mermaids sat down and looked at him excitedly.

JOYA looked at Norman: “king, should irrelevant personnel avoid when we meet mermaids?”

An Jin said seriously, “Norman is not an irrelevant person. He is his majesty and marshal of SiO. He needs his help with the mermaid.”

The mermaid beside Qiao Ya whispered to remind Qiao ya: “the person who sent us said this is the palace, this is his territory!”

Although the voices were small, they were not far away from each other. The mental strength of the people present was not low and they heard them.

The Mermaids looked at each other and thought of the news they learned from the star network. Their eyes showed a sad expression.

Wang doesn’t even have his own residence. It’s terrible that he has to depend on others!

An Jin feels the mermaid’s low mood and is very confused.

Did the mermaid find that it was Norman’s territory and could not let Norman leave, so she was unhappy?

An Jin can’t help it. He can’t afford a house. Moreover, national meetings should also be held in the palace.

He thought of what jorens said. Only when the mermaid vanguard drove the super star ship on the way can he quickly reach SiO, so he smiled and comforted and said, “you’ve worked hard all the way.”

“Not hard!”

“For the king!”

The Mermaids’ low mood suddenly became hot blood, and their eyes were full of moving.

Wang is so gentle!

An Jin accepted their bright sight and thought to himself that the mermaid was so good!

He said, “jorens has told you my plan. Before the mermaid’s memory recovers, you can live in SiO or go back to Rabe first.”

“We’ll go back to Rabe with the king!” JOYA said immediately.

An Jin said, “Mermaid intelligent biological judgment still needs your help. Can you contact the mermaid on Rabe?”

“Yes.” Jorens said.

An Jin thought this would be better. He looked at the mermaids and said, “take a rest today. I’ll contact you when I need your help.”

JOYA: Wang, I don’t know your communication yet

An Jin looked at him warmly and pursed his lips with some embarrassment: “I have a boyfriend. It’s inconvenient to exchange contact information with unmarried people.”

“Jorens has my newsletter. You can contact me whenever you have something.”

JOYA’s eyes darkened, soon full of fighting spirit, looked at Norman: “I want to challenge you!”

Mermaids have never been a race to give up easily. When pursuing a partner, the most common means is to show their ability.

An Jin was stunned. Just about to persuade him, he heard Norman say, “I accept.”

An Jin: ”

An Jin looks at the black and white machine armor that is hard to give up above the palace. He is helpless and helpless in his eyes.

Jorens: don’t worry, Wang. Joey has a sense of propriety

A quarter of an hour later, jorens looked at the white mecha kneeling on one knee. He was surprised and a little embarrassed: “Wang, jorya must have made a mistake.”

Among the Mermaids of the same age on Rabe, JOYA has the strongest combat ability. She drives an SSS mecha and loses?

Joey jumped off the mecha and looked at Norman who jumped from Sirius: “you are very strong. Wang’s eyes are really good.”

Norman raised his eyebrows and thought the mermaid was a little cute.

JOYA continued, “it’s just that the naked are too ugly.”

Norman solemnly reminded, “you’re also bald now,” he said as he walked up to the blue haired boy and passed Joey. “Ann said I was handsome.”

Qiao Ya touched her cheek, snorted and walked back to an Jin: “Wang, do you think I’m handsome?”

He deliberately controlled his mental power and exposed the scales on his cheeks.

An Jin: “…” he said politely, “very, very handsome.”

Mermaids have unique looks and are very exquisite.

JOYA proudly raised his chin towards Norman, deliberately tilted his head, exposed the scales shining white in the light, and the corners of his mouth seemed to say: you don’t have it!

Norman’s eyes flashed slightly, looked down at the boy, and his voice sank slightly: “do you think he’s handsome?”

An Jin was helpless and wanted to laugh. “I’m telling the truth,” he said, holding back his embarrassment. “But in my heart, my boyfriend Norman is the most handsome.”

Norman thought the boy was very talkative. He looked at Joey and said faintly, “the most handsome.”

The word “most” is especially pronounced.

The members of the guard team who stood around stood upright, clenched their teeth and stretched their expressions, and a big question mark appeared on each head.

Is this really your majesty?

A man in love really has no wisdom… Ah, your majesty is the wisest!

He couldn’t win, and Bimei failed. Joey was very disappointed.

Norman looked at jorens and said, “you have a hard journey. You can stay in the palace for the time being. If you have something to do, you can contact the affairs officer.”

The palace has a special residence for foreign guests. The mermaid and her party are foreign guests. This arrangement is reasonable.

Without waiting for Joey to speak, jorens nodded and said politely, “excuse me.”

The palace affairs officer has always been idle, because his majesty does not live in the palace and is forbidden to enter the villa. His daily work is just monotonous maintenance of the palace.

He will be busy only when there are aliens at the royal ceremony.

The royal family has not had a major ceremony for a long time.

The affairs officer was very happy when he received the reception news, especially when he learned that the other party was a mermaid.

Mermaid walking on two legs!

The affairs officer was meticulous and enthusiastic. He soon arranged the residence of rabesin and his party and took good care of them.

And asked very carefully: “do you usually eat fresh or nutrient solution?”

Jorens answered on behalf of the mermaids, “fresh.”

The clerk asked the meal time again before leaving.

The Mermaids’ rooms were connected together. They went back to their rooms to wash and repair, and soon met in jorens’ room.

JOYA: “the king can’t live in other people’s territory all the time. The king should have the best residence instead of relying on others!”

“Yes, it’s a pity that we set out in a hurry and didn’t prepare a gift for Wang. It’s really impolite.”

Jorens agreed: “Wang means that he will live in Sioux for a long time in the future. We must at least let Wang have a comfortable residence.”

“The Star Alliance currency is common, but we don’t have it.”

For a time, the atmosphere became dull. Rabe was not a member of the Star Alliance, and even really contacted aliens. Where did you get the money?

JOYA bowed her head and pondered for a while. She looked up. The long ponytail gently shook behind her head. Her eyes were firm: “if you don’t, you’ll make money!”

The Mermaids’ eyes lit up.

Ann Jin didn’t know that the mermaids were going to give him gifts. After the affairs officer arranged the mermaids and his party, he went back to the villa with Norman.

He looked at the time and said, “do you want to go to the military headquarters?”

Norman: “don’t go if you have nothing to do. I’m responsible for receiving ‘alien visitors’.”

He looked at the little mermaid. Although he couldn’t bear the disappointment of the little mermaid, he said: “it’s difficult for the mermaid to be judged as an intelligent creature. The mermaid is too important to mankind. All Member States of the Star Alliance will not agree to the mermaid to leave.”

Intelligent creatures have complete personal freedom. Unless they are criminals, they have absolute freedom of action.

If mermaids are identified as intelligent creatures, it means that if they want to go to Mermaid planet, the star alliance can’t stop them.

An Jin: “you too?”

Norman looked very serious: “as your majesty, I am.” He stretched out his hand and nodded the boy’s frown. “As your future partner, I hope everything is as you think.”

An Jin wrung his eyebrows: “but mermaids are intelligent creatures?”

Norman: “but the Star Alliance will not agree to make a judgment.”

For a moment of silence, an Jin opened his brain and contacted the Secretary General.

He came straight to the point and proposed to judge the intelligent creature of the mermaid race and let the Star Alliance recognize the independent and equal status of the mermaid.

The Secretary General’s tone was vague: “if the mermaid of Rabe wants to judge, it’s no problem.”

An Jin said seriously, “I’m talking about all mermaids.”

Secretary General: “it’s difficult to do. There are many kinds of organisms. Although some look alike, they can’t all be classified into one category. The Star Alliance Mermaid can’t change its legs. It’s very different from the Rabe Mermaid. They can’t be represented.”

An Jin immediately understood what he meant. He didn’t want to identify the mermaid of the Star Alliance as an intelligent creature.

An Jin looked serious: “what if the body side report of an authoritative hospital proves that two kinds of mermaids are one kind of creature?”

The Secretary General hesitated: “this… Report must be reviewed and approved by Star Alliance experts.”

An Jin understood his hint. If the Star Alliance experts failed to pass the audit, the Star Alliance would not recognize the mermaid as a creature.

An Jin said, “OK, I see. Thank you for your answer.”

After hanging up the communication, an Jin frowned and said to Norman, “you’re right. The Secretary General really didn’t agree.”

Norman rubbed the top of the boy’s hair, gently and visibly soothing.

Ann Jin understands that Norman’s difficulties are related to the Star Alliance, and Norman can’t make a decision.

After all, there are so many members of the Star Alliance, not only Theo, but also mermaids.

He thought for a moment and looked at Norman: “as your majesty, if you recognize the equal status of mermaids, you can exchange the seeds of pure food. Would you like to?”

Norman immediately understood, “in exchange for pure seeds?”

An Jin: “would you like to?”

Norman mused, “if there is enough.”

An Jin relaxes. As long as the seeds don’t treat the soil, it’s simpler than he thought.

He couldn’t help asking, “has the Institute of Botany grown pure plants?”

Norman nodded: “after pure seeds germinate from the soil, there will still be impurities. However, if pure chemical fertilizer is used, pure food can be produced, but the yield is not as good as that of plants planted in the soil.”

As an Jin knows, impurities are in organisms, and chemical fertilizers are free of impurities.

He laughed, “then I’ll exchange pure seeds.”

He thought: “I want to go to the Institute of botany to prove that I am Mr. A, and then tell the Star Alliance Council that they will agree to make an intelligent biological judgment on the mermaid.”

Norman: “I’ll accompany you,” he looked at the boy seriously. “You must not overuse your mental power. You can sign a contract first without purifying all the seeds at once.”

An Jin was very warm in his heart. He looked up and kissed him: “don’t worry, I have a way to restore my mental strength.”

Norman held the back of his head and deepened the kiss before he could evacuate.

An Jin is very sensitive to other people’s emotions. He clearly feels Norman’s uneasiness. He is a little surprised. Soon, he wants to understand.

Was Norman worried that he would leave?

After Norman released, he leaned soft against Norman. After a while, he gasped, put his hands on Norman’s shoulders, and looked at Norman carefully with blue eyes.

Norman looked at the glimmer of water on the boy’s ruddy lips, his eyes were dim, his thumb rubbed gently, and his soft lips changed their shape.

An Jin pursed his lips subconsciously, and his face was slightly red.

He blinked, thought, took out a thin blue hair band from the space, grabbed Norman’s left hand, bent his head and wrapped it around Norman’s ring finger.

He was a little shy. His eyelashes trembled quickly, but he still looked at Norman seriously: “I have promised to marry you. You should believe me.”

Norman was surprised at the boy’s sensitivity and his heart was particularly soft. He clenched his fist and held the floating hair band in his palm, like holding the boy’s sweet comfort.

His mood calmed down for a moment.

He said solemnly, “I believe you,” he added after a pause. “If you like labe, we can also play often.”

An Jin couldn’t help saying, “it’s very kind of you.”

Norman accompanied an Jin to the Institute of Botany and the Institute of pharmacy.

Soon, the Star Alliance announced that at 9 o’clock tomorrow morning, representatives of the mermaid planet labe will appear in the Star Alliance live studio to judge the intelligent creatures of the mermaid.

The announcement details that mermaids include Rabe mermaids and Star Alliance mermaids.

The news spread and STARNet blew up immediately.

People reacted differently, and the civilian mentality was relatively peaceful: “sure enough, after Ann identified intelligent creatures, I knew there would be such a day.”

“After I heard that there was a translator for Mermaid language and interstellar language, I expected it, but I didn’t expect the mermaid planet to appear.”

“It seems that the mermaid of Rabe is going to bring the mermaid back to the mermaid planet? Oh, I don’t care. Anyway, I won’t get a mermaid in my life.”

The rich and powerful, including some people in the military, and those who had the opportunity to get mermaids, reacted particularly fiercely.

“Don’t be kidding, the mermaid of labe is not the same as the mermaid of Star Alliance, okay? Have you ever seen the tail of a mermaid turn into legs?”

“I seriously doubt that Rabe is an unknown Galaxy Pathfinder trying to destroy the alliance. Judging mermaids as intelligent creatures means that members of the alliance can’t feed mermaids. Without mermaids to provide spiritual power, the top combat effectiveness of each star will be greatly reduced.”

“I don’t understand why the Star Alliance should agree to this ridiculous judgment, which is obviously harmful to the interests of the Star Alliance.”

“Rabe is not a member of the Star Alliance. I propose to arrest them all and find out their conspiracy.”

“I actually believe some of your speculation!”

An Jin looked through the comments and was surprised. He thought that there would be opposition, but he didn’t think there was conspiracy theory.

He whispered that he was well prepared.

He refreshed his speech without accident and brushed out two official announcements, namely the Institute of pharmacy and the Institute of Botany.

Mr. Hans, the person in charge of the Pharmaceutical Research Institute, personally sent a document: “before, many people wondered what the name of agent a was based on. Today, I answer you, because agent a was made by Mr. A, and I just learned the specific identity of Mr. A.”

A video is attached below the announcement.

After the netizens click on it, they see a familiar and strange face, which is familiar because of its facial features and strange because its cheeks have no scales and look like human beings.

“Hello, I’m an Jin, and I’m also Mr. A.”

After that, the video demonstrated the production of agent a, which is actually an ordinary nutrient, but the impurities were removed with mental force.

Not long ago, there was a rumor that agent a was made by his Majesty’s mermaid, but it has not been confirmed.

After all, the yield of agent a is not low. How much pure food is needed! Can a mermaid do it? Many people are skeptical.

This video confirms the rumor.

Below the announcement, countless comments were made in less than a minute.

“Who said that your majesty paid the highest price for a mermaid? This is not a mermaid, this is a cornucopia!”

“That’s great! If every mermaid has such ability, I think I can live another 100 years!”

“Brothers, go next door and see what’s the best.” A link is attached.

Click the link, and then the official speech of the Institute of Botany will be displayed.

Compared with the Institute of pharmacy, the Institute of Botany is relatively high and cold, with only one video.

In less than five minutes, the video was broadcast by more than ten million. Later, netizens quickly opened the video.

In the video, the research Dean, who spoke freely and looked cold, his eyes were slightly red and excited: “a few days ago, after receiving the pure seeds sponsored by Mr. A, I did a research with my team members.”

As he walked, he briefly said two groups of tests and came to an experimental greenhouse. There were a grid of plastic containers on the ground, and the container was green.

The Netizens found that the bottom of the container was full of liquid with different colors. After listening to the introduction of the president, they knew that it was water mixed with chemicals.

The Dean took the smallest measuring instrument: “I have tested the results before. Now please witness.”

He will measure the bottom facing the growing melon. The outward side is an electronic screen. The full screen is white, flawless, very clean and bright.

All Xingmeng people are familiar with the measuring instrument. When they see here, they can’t help screaming: “God! Pure plants!”

Then the dean said, “yes, pure plants! We have mastered the fertilizer ratio for this batch of seeds. As long as there are enough pure seeds, we can plant a large number of seeds when the planting shed is built.”

As soon as the video picture turned, an Jin smiled at the camera: “not long ago, I accepted the mermaid inheritance.” he seemed a little embarrassed and paused before saying, “I’m the king of mermaids.”

“In order to express the care of all members of the Star Alliance for mermaids, I will purify seeds for all countries free of charge, and look forward to the day when pure plants become the staple food of the Star Alliance.”

“I see.”

“I see! No wonder the Star Alliance will agree.”

“Ann is the mermaid king! It’s so powerful. The human shape is so beautiful!”

“Another day to envy your majesty.”

“Ann is so talkative! I also want to eat delicious food in reality.”

After reading the comments, an Jin was very happy. His head rested on Norman’s shoulder and his feet moved back and forth unconsciously.

Norman rubbed his hair. “Ann’s great.”

An Jin’s mouth turned up: “it’s not very powerful, just… Talent.”

Norman couldn’t help smiling. An Jin looked at him and said seriously, “it’s true. If others have water power, they can do it.”

Norman poked the boy’s slightly bulging cheek: “Ann handled it well, and the ability was upgraded because of serious exercise.”

An Jin thought about it and took out a beast core: “it’s still on it,” he added. “This is what I said before to exchange the news that the scientific research institute has done gene surgery on mermaids.”

Norman was slightly surprised: “did you tell me in advance? I’m not afraid I disagree?”

“You won’t.” Ann is sure.

Norman was in a happy mood. He bowed his head and kissed the boy. “Ann can really talk,” he paused. “I won’t. don’t worry, the mermaid’s memory will recover.”

An Jin made a sound and shook the animal core in his hand: “I can absorb the energy of the animal core and transform spiritual power. I need a lot of energy to upgrade, and I have to use the animal core.”

Norman looked cautious.

An Jin put the animal core in his palm: “don’t you feel it at all?”

Norman shook his head and Ann thought, “try to mobilize your spirit?”

Half a ring, Norman still shook his head: “I’ll let the experts in the spiritual power of the scientific research institute study.”

An Jin nodded: “invite Xiaoyin to be a guest in the evening. I’ll let it try.”

Norman agreed and sent a message to Mu Chen.

At this moment, close to the point of getting off work, Mu Chen and the Legion leaders are talking about the manufacture of agent a and pure seeds by an an.

He sounded intelligently. When he saw the information, he raised his eyebrows and immediately replied, “OK!”

Xiaoyin likes Ann very much. If he hadn’t stopped her, she would like to go to the palace every day.

“What’s so happy?” Garrot grabbed Mu Chen’s neck. Mu Chen quickly closed his brain, and garrot’s eyes were faster. “Go to the palace!”

Garrot smiled, “I’m also worried that your majesty and Ann will be very busy tonight! In that case, let’s go according to the original plan!”

The sixth commander asked about the situation and quickly echoed: “I’ll go too! By the way, celebrate Ann’s becoming the mermaid king.”

Soon after Norman sent a message to Mu Chen, an Jin’s communication rang out one after another. The Mermaids who played well with Xiao Yin said they would come to play with Xiao Yin.

After asking Norman’s opinion, an Jin agreed, and then ordered immediately. There were many mermaids, many representatives and needed a lot of food.

After ordering, the robot came to him and said, “Ann, your express.”

An Jin saw the word “seed” written on the packing box and was surprised: “so fast?” When he saw the sender, he paused and looked at Norman. “Did you ask the Institute of botany to mail it?”

Norman: Well, follow the rules

An Jin immediately understood that Norman was working for his convenience. He had previously negotiated the number of seeds with the Star Alliance countries and agreed to send them to si’ao by mail.

After he purified the seeds, the alien alliance personnel checked them and mailed them back.

The number of stars is the same, and they all have to be checked by the Star Alliance.

Norman asked the robot, “has the empty room been cleaned?”

The robot said, “OK.”

Norman took an Jin to see the second room next to the mermaid room, which is large and empty: “there are a large number of seeds. After you take them out of the space, you purify them here, and then the robot will install them back into the space.”

Ann Jin looked up at him with a warm heart. Norman was always considerate: “thank you.”

Norman looked down at the boy’s blue eyes and said, “thank you so much?”

An Jin was stunned and kissed him on the face.

“Not enough.”

Anxin suspected that Norman was teasing him. He hesitated for a moment and kissed Norman on the lips again.

Norman: “not enough.”

An Jin’s eyes opened slightly: “what do you want?”

Should, should not… His cheeks were getting hotter and hotter, and his tongue involuntarily lifted against his lower and upper jaw.

Norman: “while the seeds of the other stars haven’t been mailed, purify some more seeds. I’ll buy them.”

Ann is relieved that this is simple.

Before he could promise, Norman bent down, looked at him and said, “how much do you think it would cost to get married, purify the corresponding number of seeds, and I’ll pay in cash.”

An Jin was stunned and suddenly understood Norman’s meaning – he wanted to get married.


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