After Being a Mermaid Chapter 66

Ann Jin looked at Norman’s brown eyes and his heart beat wildly.

Norman put forward the request to buy seeds. The purpose is obvious. He wants him to gather up the money for marriage as soon as possible and get married.

After all, the last time he agreed to get married, he said he would wait because he wasn’t ready for the money.

He was nervous and sweet. He could feel that Norman really liked him.

His cheeks were hot, his toes gently touched the ground and whispered, “I, I don’t know how to price.”

Norman’s eyes flashed a dark light: “did you agree?”

An Jin took a deep breath, looked at Norman, and said seriously, “well, I agree.”

Norman happily kissed the boy on the forehead: “I let people calculate the value of pure seeds.”

An Jin subconsciously held his breath and waited for Norman to evacuate before he gently exhaled: “OK.”

With a soft sound, an Jin received the cook’s notice that the raw materials for dinner arrived.

An Jin raised his hand to show Norman the information, and then quickly said, “I’ll go to the kitchen first.”

With that, he left quickly without waiting for Norman to speak.

Norman watched the boy walking towards the kitchen until he disappeared around the corner.

He thought, Ann is easy to be shy, whether it’s a little mermaid or a teenager.

However, although shy, he is very calm and lovely in his feelings.

He softened his expression without knowing it. As he walked to the kitchen, he opened his brain and asked the finance department to calculate the price of pure seeds according to the price of one million a agent.

He set the seed price not only to buy the seeds and let the teenagers gather up the money for marriage, but also for the future.

The contract between the teenager and the rest of the planet stipulates the number of seeds.

After those seeds are planted, the production of pure nutrients benefits more people than the current Mermaid, and it is more stable.

After all, mermaids are difficult to provide spiritual power to people caught in riots.

However, the number of contracts is far from enough to benefit everyone. Although there will be more seeds when the food matures, it needs a growth cycle.

Everyone hopes to plant pure plants in a large area as soon as possible, so each star cannot meet the number of contracts and absolutely wants to buy seeds.

He has now worked out the price so that the boy can make a direct quotation in the future. As for the price reduction when the number of seeds is large, at least after the first batch of pure seeds are mature.

An Jin thought about getting married while removing impurities from the food.

His mind was in a mess. He had no experience at all, only general knowledge, and it was not necessarily in line with Theo.

Do you want a bride price? Want to buy three gold?

Norman is the emperor. The wedding must be very grand, and he… Is the mermaid king. You have to ask jorens about the stress and ceremony of the Mermaid Wedding.

After thinking about the wedding, he couldn’t help thinking of the wedding night. The more he thought, the more hot his face was. At the same time, he couldn’t help worrying.

After the contract is concluded, it can be transformed at will, but what about the first time?

When he is conscious, he can control the human form with mental force, but can he still keep his mind at that time? What if, if you don’t control it, it turns into a tail at the critical time?

With his hands on the cooking table, he subconsciously turned and looked back – now he was in human shape. He couldn’t see the back of his tail.

However, this posture reminded him of the scene when he first looked at the body structure of the mermaid.

The scales at the key points in the rear can be controlled, but can they suddenly change? What is the state of scales?

Suddenly become a tail, will something terrible happen?

Realizing what he was thinking, he gasped, turned suddenly, put his hand under the faucet to wash, and put the back of his cool hand against his cheek.

Norman stood at the kitchen door and saw clearly the changes of the boy’s expression and movement. His eyes stopped at his hips for a moment with the boy’s eyes and quickly moved away.

Seeing that the young man’s face seemed to be burning, he couldn’t help walking over and asked, “what are you thinking?”

An Jin quickly turned to look at him, quickly put down his hand, kowtowed and said, “I, I’m thinking…”

He swept the processed food. “In the past, only Xiaoyin and Mu Chen came as guests. There were many people and many mermaids tonight. Although the mermaid room was large, the water area was too large and inconvenient.”

He calmed down a little, but he didn’t dare to look at Norman: “how about having dinner in the back garden tonight? Set up the tables and chairs, the mermaid stay in the pool, and the human sit around the table. The position is relatively open and the environment is good.”

Norman also had no such experience. After all, the Sioux only drank nutrients every meal and did not have the activity of dinner.

He was surprised. The little mermaid was thoughtful and nodded, “OK.”

Seeing that Norman was ready to speak and didn’t want him to continue, Ann quickly said, “I also want to invite the Mermaids of Rabe,” he paused, “but they have experienced a long interstellar journey and don’t know if they have a good rest.”

Norman gently raised his eyebrows. It was obvious that the boy changed the topic, but looking at the boy’s embarrassment, he didn’t want to embarrass the boy.

He followed the young man’s words, looked serious and said, “this is your home. You can invite anyone you want. You don’t have to ask me for advice.”

An Jin gently pursed his lips. He trusted Norman very much. He lived in a villa and was usually very casual.

Just influenced by his childhood education, he lives in other people’s homes. Even if he is a boyfriend or future partner, he is not used to inviting others to be guests at will. In his opinion, it is very impolite without the permission of the host.

An Jin smiled at Norman and didn’t directly agree. In his opinion, he can invite guests as a host only after he gets married.

This time Norman agreed, he was not polite and dialed jorence’s communication.

Jorens quickly connected: “Wang, what instructions do you have?”

An Jin: “… Can you speak freely?” He added, “I’m not used to it.”

Jorens: of course, Wang. What can I do for you

An Jin’s lips moved, and finally he didn’t force jorens to remove the word “you”.

He could feel jorens’ respect for him. Although he could not fully understand jorens’ feeling when he saw him, he also decided to respect jorens’ etiquette.

“Nothing. Are you still used to living? Do you have any plans for the evening?”

He did not directly explain the purpose, because jorens attached great importance to him. He was afraid that jorens would change his plan when he heard his invitation.

Next to jorens, JOYA stood with her fingers in front of her mouth, opened her mouth and said two silent words: “keep secret.”

Jorens: “we are going to go out for a walk in the evening. We are very interested in the night market of SiO for the first time.”

Ann thought it was OK to ask, otherwise jorens might change his plan because of him: “have a good time,” he was going to say goodbye and thought of one thing, “by the way, you should not have star coins. I’ll transfer some to you.”

“No!” Jorens was very moved and firmly refused an Jin’s kindness. “Don’t worry, we have star coins.”

An Jin listened to his firm tone and didn’t think much: “that’s good. Remember to contact me if you have something.”

After hanging up the communication, the rest of the Mermaids who kept quiet beside jorens spoke in a moment.

“Wang is so gentle that he even sent a communication to care about us!”

“Wang still wants to give us money to spend. I’m so moved!”

JOYA clenched his right hand and hammered the palm of his left hand neatly: “today we must make money and present a gift to the king.”

He looked at jorens: “father, luckily you didn’t tell Wang our plans for the evening, otherwise there would be no surprise.”

At this time, there was a knock at the door. After jorens said “please come in”, the clerk led the servant to deliver all kinds of fish that had just been caught and disposed of.

Jorens thanked the clerk who sent them dinner in advance. After the clerk left, jorens and his party stared at the rich dinner.

“Father, when you were lurking, did you eat so much every day?” Asked Julia.

Jorens nodded.

A mermaid ate a piece of sashimi. Although there were impurities and the taste was slightly bitter, the fish itself had a strong fragrance. His eyes narrowed with enjoyment: “I suddenly understand why my peers are so happy.”

Jorens asked him, “if you would be traded at will, would you be willing?”

The mermaid quickly shook her head.

They chatted and had dinner. There were several kinds of fish. Labeixing didn’t exist. They met for the first time. After eating, they couldn’t help comparing them with fish similar to labeixing.

A meal is satisfying and lively.

After eating, the party moved to the sofa and sat down. JOYA opened her brain: “I screened many ways to make money and selected two methods that are very profitable and most suitable for us.”

“First, you can win more and earn more by participating in the mecha challenge arena. If you become the challenge arena king that night, the bonus will be very rich, at least 100 million.”

“The second is to convey spiritual power to the si’ao people. Their spiritual sea situation is very poor and they need spiritual power very much. The price is also very high, but the price is not accurate. I don’t know how much spiritual power can be restored with the one hundred and one thousand a-dose produced by Wang. We don’t know if we can compare it with singing a song.”

JOYA: “I suggest that the people with the strongest combat effectiveness go to the challenge arena, and the rest go to ‘sell’ their mental strength.”

“It’s reasonable. Just one challenge arena king. We go a lot and lose a lot of money beating our own people.”

So the soldiers were divided into two routes. Jorens went to the field of the mecha challenge arena alone. The rest were led by joea to the imperial second hospital.

On the way, Qiao Ya explained to his companion: “the second hospital is the top hospital for the treatment of mental disorders in si’ao. Let’s first see how the patients charge. Our price is a little cheaper than them, so we have an advantage.”

“Major general, will si’ao catch us in the name of disturbing the market?”

Joey stared at him: “who said it disturbed the market? Our small business, of course, the price is a little cheaper.”

He thought for a moment and called up a news: “if our singing effect is the same as that of Wang, it can also upgrade human spiritual power, then we can set a price at will.”

He pointed to a comment: “you see, this man is willing to upgrade his mental strength by 300 million, which is enough to buy a villa.”

He reminded his companions: “pay attention when singing. If the spiritual power of the Sioux people is upgraded, the price must be increased!”

His eyes were firm: “for the king!”

“For the king!” Labe star vanguard players are in high spirits and their eyes are shining.

Soon, a line of 19 mermaids entered the second courtyard. There were a lot of si’ao people coming in and out around. The Mermaids frowned involuntarily.

“It’s not easy to make money. The mental state of these people is really uncomfortable for the mermaid.”

“Hold it,” said JOYA, with bright white gray eyes. “They have poor mental strength. It’s a good opportunity for us to make money.”

“Major general, shall we set up a stall here?”

Chia glanced at the ‘patients’ coming out of the hospital building: “ask the treatment expenses required for different levels of mental strength in groups. The fifth group is scattered, guard the intersection, look for patients who are not cured and keep in touch.”

All the Mermaids performed their duties, and JOYA stood at the gate, searching for the target.

Then he found that the goal is really easy to find, because many people are still in a bad mental state when they go out.

He looked at it secretly and decided to find someone with rich assets.

Soon, he had a goal, a middle-aged man in suits and shoes, followed by two assistants.

He quickly walked over: “Sir, your mental state is not very good!”

The middle-aged man frowned and saw that he looked good. Although his clothes were strange, they were not cheap: “people with good spirit will not come here.”

Although he tried to resist the bad mood because of his poor mental state, his tone was still impatient and sarcastic.

Joey didn’t mind. Her eyes lit up. “I can improve your situation,” he smiled. “As long as you’re willing to pay.”

The middle-aged man, including the assistant behind him, looked strange.

When the middle-aged man saw that he was young, he pressed his forehead and was too lazy to care: “little brother, hurry home. You can’t cheat people like this.”

Although everyone in the Star Alliance knows that the mermaid of the mermaid planet is coming, they don’t know the appearance of the mermaid except the Star Alliance and the upper class of the theo.

Therefore, they did not expect that the “liar” in front of them was a mermaid.

JOYA stared at him: “I’m not lying! Don’t you believe…” he wanted to say ‘forget it’, but when he thought of Wang, his voice changed, “you let me try. It’s useless and don’t charge money.”

He shook his head and some groups in the discussion group inquired about the price.

After reading it, Joey looked at the middle-aged man: “if it works, you have to pay me at least a million.”

This is the lowest price for middle-aged people to treat mental strength.

What he doesn’t know is that this is just a long-term relief of symptoms and prolonging the time of mental violence, which is different from the treatment he thought.

JOYA said and added, “if you upgrade your mental strength, you have to add – 100 million more.”

The mental strength of this middle-aged man is only level C, and he can only be upgraded to level B. the price must be lower than that of level A. he thinks 100 million is very reasonable.

The middle-aged man looked at JOYA with the eyes of a fool and shook his head: “let’s go.”

He bypassed Joey, and two assistants hurriedly followed him. One whispered, “young people’s fantasy is getting more and more serious now.”

Make complaints about the car park. Another person agreed to go to the parking lot and couldn’t help but Tucao: “he also improved his mental strength. He thought he was a mermaid king.”

“What are you talking about?” They were about to get on the suspension car when a soldier asked.

The nurse immediately said what had just happened: “you can catch people now. Maybe someone will believe it when they are desperate. Being cheated of money is not a blow. It’s really…” the three words’ too bad ‘haven’t finished yet.

Soldier: “thank you.”

With that, the soldier hurried to the suspension car next door: “boss, those mermaids came to the second hospital not to treat mental power, but to ‘sell mental power’ to make money!”

“What?” The major general of the military headquarters, who was responsible for monitoring the dynamics of Rabe and his party, looked surprised, and then his eyes lit up.

“I’ll buy it!” He paused, sent a message to his superior to explain the situation, then jumped out of the suspension car and ran to the hospital.

Soon after, the news that mermaids of mermaid star were selling “spiritual power” in the second hospital spread among the upper echelons of the military headquarters.

Many generals without Mermaid went to the second hospital immediately after asking the price.

The middle-aged man who got on the suspension car looked at the major general who suddenly disappeared, and his eyes showed a shocked look: “the man who just ran, is the major general title?”

“Yes.” The two assistants looked confused.

Middle aged man: “wait a minute.”

Soon, the major general took JOYA to the suspension car: “major general JOYA, let your people come back. People in our military need treatment. We will definitely collect money according to the rules.”

JOYA thought for a moment and felt that the deal was very suitable and time-saving.

He sent a message and said after receiving a reply: “some mermaids have received the work, and those who have not received the work will come later.”

On the other hand, the atmosphere of the si’ao machine armor challenge arena was particularly hot. The machine armor master who won the challenge arena king for two consecutive weeks was defeated by a person who was unpopular and didn’t know where to come from.

For a time, there was a big surprise. People who lost their bets at the venue questioned the fake match one after another.

However, what shocked them next was that the white haired man was really strong. He didn’t even ask for a rest and fought continuously. It was completely a wheel fight.

You know, the previous challenge arena king had to rest for at least one hour after each fight, let the others play, and then he played with the winner.

Jorens once again rejected the organizer’s proposal to let him rest, frowned and doubted that the organizer didn’t want him to make money.

After all, in addition to the reward of the challenge arena king, there are rewards for winning every game. According to the bet, there are many rewards.

His white gray eyes are very firm, rest, impossible!

He wants to make money!

His mental strength is SSS level. The excitement brought by making money and fighting makes his mental strength recover quickly. He is not afraid at all.

In the recruitment department of the Military Ministry, the adjutant walked into the minister’s office and said excitedly: “minister, I found a good seedling! Super strong.”

The minister looked at the face on the virtual screen and always felt familiar.

How do you feel? It looks like major general JOYA of Rabe?

Back garden

Not far from the pool, there is a rectangular solid wood table with empty plates. Not far from the table, there is a large barbecue oven. Next to the barbecue oven, there is a container containing all kinds of processed food.

The blue robot, a little smaller than the housekeeper, came to the back garden with a tray full of snacks.

This is the housekeeping robot Norman bought not long ago.

Ann Jin looked at the dinner arrangement. Norman’s brain whispered, “they’re here.”

An Jin asks the cook to start the barbecue and meet the guests with Norman.

Shortly after the door, an Jin heard the voices of mermaids.

After work, Mu Chen made an appointment with everyone, so all the guests arrived at one time.

Everyone brought gifts. An Jin couldn’t receive them. Norman asked the robot to hold them for him, so he just kept thanking him.

The mermaids were all driving the scooter. When they saw an Jin, they were all very curious and stared at his feet.

An Jin thought that fortunately, he said his changes in the mermaid group in advance, otherwise the mermaid’s reaction might be more intense.

He subconsciously stepped back, trying to divert their attention: “the chef has prepared dessert. I hope you like it.”

The effect was very good. Xiaoyin immediately said, “Ann’s dessert is the best!”

The other mermaids looked forward to: “really?”

An Jin looked at the other guests. Mu Chen smiled and said, “an an, please entertain them. Don’t worry about us.”

An Jin smiled at them, looked at Norman again, and took the mermaids to the back garden.

Mermaids were immediately attracted by the smell and gathered in front of the barbecue oven.

An Jin pointed to the direction of the pool: “just go to the pool and wait. Xiaolan will send the food.”

Xiaoyin said, “who comes first, who eats first!”

Ruirui saw that he had opened to the pool and grinned: “cunning!”

The Mermaids drove a scooter to the pool and dived neatly. Suddenly, they burst and splashed.

“Ann, can you still have a tail?” Gu Gu’s hands were on the edge of the pool, and his green eyes blinked. He was very curious.

An Jin nodded. Xiao Yin saw him and said, “an an, come down quickly. It’s comfortable in the water.”

An Jin hesitated for a moment and jumped into the pool. His feet suddenly turned into a tail.

He has been ready for a long time. He wears a cross necked long shirt, which is very convenient for the transformation of his legs and tail. That is… He is not used to neutral.

Small silver revolved around an Jin and looked at his tail: “an an is really powerful!”

An Jin took the opportunity to tell them that mermaids can change like this.

Ling Ling asked curiously, “is Ann the mermaid king?”

An Jin told them about the inheritance and labe star. Seeing that they were confused and yearning, he comforted them and said, “when your memory recovers, you will understand a lot of things.”

Ruirui looked forward: “then I can remember everything that happened with Ling Ling.”

“How nice!” Gu Gu said, “I can learn more songs.”

Little silver’s eyes brightened: “hum, the two legged beast can’t hide it from me anymore!”

After a while, the little blue robot brought them food, and the Mermaids lined up neatly on the shore, eating and chatting.

“Ah ~ I really want to live in An’an’s house.”

“It’s delicious!”

Norman took the human guests to the back garden. The guests smelled the aroma of food, subconsciously inhaled deeply, and the Adam’s apple rolled.

This is too sweet.

Brushing, everyone couldn’t help looking at Norman with envy.

Your majesty is so lucky!

Norman took them to the table and said the boy’s arrangement: “you can sit and wait for the cook to bake, or you can bake yourself. The empty oven is for you.”

Guests: “don’t send it. I’ll take it myself.”

“I’ll have some first and try my craft later!”

After the mermaids were satisfied with their food, an Jin said to the mermaids, “except Xiaoyin, you haven’t been to my room. Let me show you?”

The Mermaids nodded together.

An Jin swings his tail and swims to the passage.

Xiaoyin immediately followed, and the Mermaids passed through the channel one by one.

Ling Ling looked at the clam shell bed and her eyes fell on the big pearl at the head of the bed: “good looking!”

Ruirui looked at her and put her chin on Lingling’s shoulder: “I’ll buy it for you! I’ll exchange delicious fish and garrot for star coins.”

After the Mermaids visited, an Jin whispered, “there’s something you need to help confirm. You should remember to keep it a secret.”

Xiaoyin swam to him and asked curiously, “what’s up?”

An Jin took out a beast core and gave it to Xiao Yin: “take it and try to feel it?”

Xiaoyin took it, dragged it up, looked at it carefully and said, “it’s not very good-looking, not transparent.”

“Yes, no gemstones look good. Has Ann been cheated by the merchant?”

An Jin explained with a smile, “no, it’s a beast core,” he said to Xiao Yin, “you run your mental power and try again?”

Little silver’s eyes showed a confused look: “how does it work?”

An Jin thought for a moment and said how he felt about the operation ability: “mental power flows and tries to contact the beast’s nucleus.”

Xiaoyin tried for a while and shook his head: “I don’t feel it.”

An Jin asked the other mermaids to try again, but they didn’t feel it.

After thinking about it, an Jin only works his mental power and can’t absorb energy from the animal nucleus.

So the energy in the beast’s nucleus can only be absorbed by water power?

Just thinking, his brain received a message from Norman. It was a news that the mermaid of Rabe was selling spiritual power in SiO!

Ann would like to ask Norman that they did not break the laws of Austria and did not contact jorens. This is their freedom.

He thought the Mermaids’ way of making money was very good, which showed the advantages of mermaids, and was very suitable for si’ao and would be welcomed by si’ao star.

As he thought, this behavior of the mermaid on labe is very popular.

The topic of star network has exploded. People keep asking, “where is it? Is it still open?”

“Appeal to your majesty to attract Rabe mermaids to SiO and provide them with jobs free of charge!”

“Yes, welcome the Rabe mermaid to make money in SiO. I’ll wait for you with the money!”

“Suddenly, I think it’s better for mermaids to become intelligent creatures! When it comes to interests, mermaids are more motivated!”

“Please open a hospital for the treatment of mental strength in SiO!”


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