After Being a Mermaid Chapter 67

An Jin doesn’t know that the people of Xingwang are calling on the mermaid to open the hospital. After reading the information, he closes his brain and continues to entertain the guests.

After playing in the mermaid room for a while, the Mermaids went outside again. It was getting dark. However, the night lights were turned on in the garden, and the vision was not affected at all.

Mermaids chatted while eating. The atmosphere was relaxed and comfortable.

When leaving, several mermaids didn’t want to go. They wanted to live and eat delicious food every day.

Mermaid breeders have the same idea, but they are embarrassed to say it and secretly think about what name to visit next time.

If your majesty gets married! Will it be more abundant?

After the guests left, the housekeeping robot cleaned up the remnants of the barbecue, and the housekeeper began to clean up the pool.

Tonight, mermaids are eating in the water, barbecue and heavy oil. It is inevitable that they are stained with oil stains in the water.

Seeing off the guests, an Jin and Norman go back to the living room. He tells Norman the results of the mermaid test.

Norman was not surprised: “the animal core looks good. Some toys and decorations will use the animal core as ornaments, which is beautiful and provides energy. Mermaids have been in contact with the animal core before. If they can use the energy inside, they should have found it long ago.”

He took the boy to the mermaid room, bowed his head and asked, “are you tired?”

An Jin shook his head.

He stayed in the water at night. When he sent the guests away, he drained the water from his clothes, and then changed his legs.

Norman: the pool is still cleaning. Why don’t you go to my room and rest in the bathtub first

An Jin: “no, no,” he pointed to Norman’s coat smelling of barbecue. “You should wash, too. My room has a bathroom.”

Norman asked, “do you want to install a bathtub?”

An Jin shook his head: “no, just soak in the pool.”

At the mermaid’s room, Norman stood at the door and said, “Ann.”

An Jin later raised his head and waited for the words behind him.

Norman opened his mind: “this is the price of pure seeds calculated by the finance department. How many pure seeds do you want to sell to me?”

An Jin was slightly stunned. He didn’t expect him to be so formal. He thought about the price of the Sioux City villa he had seen before: “100 million will do.”

This is the price of a small villa. It’s enough for two people.

Norman decisively turned 100 million, and then asked seriously, “so now you can get ready to get married?”

An Jin was a little confused by his straight ball. After a while, he wanted to laugh: “yes.”

Norman’s heart was suddenly full of joy. He couldn’t help holding the boy. After a while, he loosened his grip and kissed the boy on the forehead: “I’ll make people prepare, and you’ll make jorens prepare.”

An Jin said.

Norman rubbed his head. “Rest early, good night.”

After washing, an Jin changed into a linen bathrobe, went out of the bathroom in slippers, and leaned against the big crab to look through zhinao.

He was going to contact jorens to ask about Rabe’s wedding customs, but seeing that it was not early, he decided to ask again tomorrow.

The hottest real-time news on STARNet is related to the Rabe Mermaid. He can click in and browse it once to know what happened.

After hearing that the mermaid robbed business in the hospital, the second hospital was particularly happy and provided an office free of charge, so that only two didn’t follow Joey to the two mermaids of the military headquarters.

Many people went to the treatment. The mermaid’s mental strength was limited. During the break, these people still insisted on queuing up and lined up on the road to attract more people.

Even if the hospital comes forward and tells the people behind that they can’t turn, these people are unwilling to leave.

Looking at the picture of the queue, an Jin inexplicably thought of the scene of queuing for food in the base at the end of the world.

In the most difficult times, food is very limited. It’s good to eat one meal a day. Receiving a piece of food is equivalent to prolonging life.

He didn’t have the ability to change the situation before. Now it’s different. He thought to himself that he must purify more seeds tomorrow and store more animal cores!

There may be a discount for large purchases.

He was thinking that there was an information prompt sound from zhinao. He checked and received a large amount of transfer!

He counted it carefully, almost 600 million, from jorens.

They make money tonight to give him money to spend?

He quickly transferred the money back, then contacted jorens and said seriously, “I can’t accept your money,” he paused. “I’m not short of money.”

“King, you don’t have to comfort us. You still depend on others!” Jorens said sincerely, “as soon as we see you, we should offer you a gift. But we came in a hurry and were not prepared.”

“This money is for you to buy a house. You can buy whatever you like, whatever you like.”

He said and added: “of course, it’s temporary at this time. When the follow-up troops arrive and have enough assets, we will build a palace for you in si’ao, and we will never lose to the si’ao palace.”

An Jin: “… No!”

He is not used to getting the benefits of others for nothing. Even Norman, when he was raised by Norman before, he felt comfortable because he could provide Norman with spiritual strength.

He hasn’t done anything for labe star yet. He suddenly gets so much and feels great pressure.

Jorens saw that his tone was firm and hesitated and said, “Wang, after the palace, take this money first. We originally wanted to buy a good residence for you, but we don’t have Xingmeng ID card and don’t know your preferences, so we can only trouble you to buy it yourself.”

Ann thought for a while and promised, “thank you.”

He thought that the money could be kept. When he wanted to go to Labei, he could buy some food or instruments that Labei didn’t have.

As for the money to buy a house… Norman’s money to buy seeds is enough.

Since jorens hasn’t rested yet, he won’t wait for tomorrow. He asked jorens, “do you have any information about Mermaid marriage in your mind?”

“King!” Jorens said excitedly, “are you going to marry his majesty Norman?”

An Jin said.

Jorens sighed, “the Tek warrior is not lucky. Norman is so lucky.”

An Jin: ”

He always felt that jorens had an old father mentality.

Jorens said seriously, “Wang, your wedding must be careful, but you don’t need to worry. I’ll contact the temple affairs officer to prepare for your wedding.”

An Jin: “what am I going to do?”

Jorens: “when you arrive at Bella, the Sark Mermaid will explain the wedding precautions to you. You just need to remember those.”

He added: “you may need to make up for the basic physiology class of mermaid, but you don’t have to worry. Even if you haven’t studied on labe, it’s not difficult to learn.”

When an Jin heard about the “physiology class”, he was embarrassed to ask in detail, but I guess when he thought of something he was worried about, he would get an answer.

“OK, thank you.”

“It’s very kind of you. Good night.”

Jorens looked at the other mermaids looking forward to him, smiled and said, “the king took it and expressed his thanks.”

“That’s great!”

JOYA asked, “is Wang ready to get married?”

Jorens nodded, and then cautiously conveyed the news to Rabe star, so that Rabe star began to prepare.

Rabe, who got the news, was boiling for a moment.

After learning that Wang is a Sark Mermaid, many teke mermaids look forward to the favor of Wang and hope that Wang can return to labe soon.

But unexpectedly, Wang decided to get married so soon!

Tonight, many Teck mermaids are lovelorn at the same time.

Nine o’clock, the conference room of the SiO palace

The Secretary General of Star Alliance and four employees, Norman, an Jin and rabesin, sat at the conference table in turn.

The panoramic live broadcast ball floating in the sky made a ‘tick’, and the green light at the top flickered, and the live broadcast officially began.

With a decent smile, the Secretary General said, “it’s a great honor to witness a new intelligent species recorded in the history of Star Alliance.”

The barrage has brushed the screen: “witness history.”

Before that, the Secretary General had confirmed the process with an Jin. After finishing this sentence, he looked at jorens: “elder Rabe, please introduce a Rabe star to the people of the Star Alliance and show the life of mermaids.”

Jorens opens his brain, the virtual screen expands, and Rabe star in aerial photography appears on the screen.

At a glance, it is almost all blue-green with different shades. The most other color is white, and the rest are very few.

When you zoom in, you will find that labe star is almost full of water. There are many small islands on the water. There are various buildings on the island and various cross Island channels, which are exquisite and beautiful.

In the water, the mermaid in clothes swings its tail and swims to its destination. On the shore, the mermaid with legs walks into tall buildings and greets colleagues.

They look like humans, but they have scales on their cheeks.

After the city and street are displayed, all walks of life of Rabe star are displayed behind, including the daily work of employees of machine armour manufacturing factory, garment factory, electronics factory, food processing factory and so on.

Then there are various buildings of mermaid, such as hospitals, schools, companies and so on.

This is a short video that briefly and comprehensively introduces labe star. Whoever sees it can know that it is a country created by intelligent creatures.

The Secretary General exclaimed, “what a beautiful planet.”

Jorens agreed: “yes, Rabe is very beautiful.”

The barrage was also very lively at this time.

“Ah, many mermaids!”

“It’s paradise. If I travel once, I can live at least a hundred years longer!”

After interstellar, medical means and genetic technology have developed rapidly, and the average life span of human beings has reached 300 years. However, more than 1000 years ago, dark galaxies collided with each other in the universe, α The dispersion of matter to the stars of the universe has brought great disasters to all organisms, and human life is getting shorter and shorter.

“Request to open the interstellar channel. I want to travel.” The barrage of bullets appealed one after another.

The Secretary General and the staff of Star Alliance neatly judged the mermaid as an intelligent creature. The Secretary General looked at the live ball in a serious tone.

“Mermaids are intelligent creatures. From now on, it will be a serious illegal act for any institution or private person to cultivate mermaids.”

An Jin looked slightly relaxed. He specially checked the star alliance law and asked the Secretary General to issue a warning during the live broadcast.

Artificial cultivation of intelligent organisms, involving ethics and other aspects, is prohibited.

After announcing the verdict, the Secretary General looked at the barrage, gave no response and turned off the live ball.

He looked at an Jin: “on behalf of Star Alliance, I sincerely invite Rabe star to join Star Alliance. I hope Rabe star can have good trade exchanges with all stars of Star Alliance and open to each other.”

An Jin did not respond, but said, “government affairs are decided by the elders.”

Jorens answered and said seriously, “this matter still needs to be discussed. The mermaid knows too little about the Star Alliance.”

The Secretary General expressed his understanding: “please inform me of your decision in time.”

He paused: “according to the process, the next step is to handle the ID card for the mermaid. The identity information of Rabe star can be entered into the star alliance system. As for the ID cards of other mermaids, what do you think?”

Ann looked at jorens and jorens said, “can you reply later?”

“Of course.” The Secretary General led the staff away.

Jorens immediately held a meeting with the two elders left behind on labe to discuss whether to join the Star Alliance.

Finally, from various convenience considerations, the elders unanimously decided to join the Star Alliance.

However, tourists were not received in the first ten years, and all star visits need to be applied. Rabe star will not release any organization or individual who arrived at Rabe star without permission.

This is for the sake of Rabe star’s security and in line with the Star Alliance regulations, giving new members time to get familiar with the Star Alliance.

Soon, the news of Rabe’s joining the alliance spread.

After the mermaid’s identity is determined, an Jin returns to the villa, and Norman goes to the military headquarters.

An Jin comes to the room where he puts the seeds. All the seeds he received have been taken out by the robot and stacked in the room like a hill.

Anjin runs the water power to purify. When the power is insufficient, he absorbs the beast’s nucleus and processes all the seeds in about an hour.

The robot received his message and took the seed back into space.

He took the juice from the cook and drank it on the sofa in the living room. He was in a very happy mood.

Everything is moving in a good direction. Soon, he can live the life he wants.

Before he finished drinking the juice, he received a communication from the Secretary General asking for help: “the mermaid doesn’t cooperate with the production of ID card. If you are free, can you help persuade?”

An Jin thought that the ID card needed to take a blood sample and immediately promised, “OK,” he confirmed, “Mermaid center?”


An Jin changed into a black sportswear with his hair tied behind his head and drove his small suspension car to the mermaid center.

As soon as he entered the entertainment area, he heard the Mermaids roar: “hum, I don’t want to bleed.”

“Damn bipedal beast, you must want to harm me!”

The staff said that they had done it. They also showed the mermaid the recording screen when an Jin judged the intelligent creature. As a result, the mermaid became more angry and felt that they had hurt an.

On seeing an Jin, the staff quickly breathed a sigh of relief: “please.”

When an Jin was assisting the staff, a message spread on the star network.

#The strongest marriage # his majesty Theo Norman is going to marry the mermaid king of Rabe!



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