After Being a Mermaid Chapter 68

Mermaid Center Entertainment Area

On the shore, the staff took blood from the first silver with a blood taking needle.

An Jin squats on the bank, soothes Xiaoyin with a warm voice, makes Xiaoyin relax, and secretly uses water to heal Xiaoyin when his fingertips are pricked.

At this time, the Mermaids who are usually scattered are lined up neatly  Long line, looking at the past from a distance, the eyes are all kinds of hair, and the scales of the tail are refracted into the water, shining very brightly.

It was the first time for mermaids to line up like this. It felt very novel.

Touching the hair of the mermaid in front, the smart tail cocked up and brought a string of water droplets, so there was a local light rain before and after. If it was too strong or deliberately bad, it would become a rainstorm, and there would be a violent beating.

The staff making identity chips asked nervously, “will they get hurt if they fight like this?”

An Jin sees Mermaid fight for the first time  The fight was also very tense, but now he was very calm. He looked at each other and hit each other  Mermaid: “they’re just playing.”

Not long, call  The fight turned into a fight  The water battle spread to the whole audience, and even the shore was inevitably drenched by water.

Compared with the mermaid in a mess, the atmosphere of the glass house is more dull.

Sit by the window  People watching  The mermaid in line raised her hand and motioned to her wisdom: “you  Have you all received it? ”

“Got it,” the other man held on  Face, look sideways  Mermaids, “ten times more than the average auction price  500 million yuan will be returned to me. If my Mermaid chooses to leave, she will reissue agent a every week in the future. If she doesn’t leave, she will pay the mermaid salary every month. ”

He sighed: “agent a is more stable than a mermaid. It is obviously a good thing. At the thought of mermaid leaving, I always feel almost anything. Since I can communicate, I found that mermaid is very cute.”

“I don’t want the mermaid to leave!” A man said loudly, “I recently bought a lot of interesting and good-looking things for my Mermaid. You  Look at that Mermaid with a red bow on her head! Isn’t it super nice? I did it myself. There are many hairstyles I haven’t tried. ”

The man next to him looked at the pool and saw a mermaid with a huge bow hanging on both sides of his head like ears  Long flaxen hair, very cute.

Of course, it all depends on the mermaid’s long hair and exquisite appearance.

He sincerely suggested: “Mermaid leaving doesn’t affect you , you  This hobby, just have a child, how do you want to play  Just play it  Pretend to be. ”

“Gentlemen, don’t be so sad. Mermaids don’t necessarily leave! Ann said that mermaids can’t leave. It’s up to them to choose.”

“After the memory gene repair operation, exchange more feelings, and the mermaid may be reluctant to leave!”

“Yes, after their memory is normal, mermaids are equivalent to freshmen. They are not familiar with Rabe. If they are happy in SiO, they may not go back.”

Some people don’t care: “agent a is more worry-free. Although the usual effect may not be as good as Mermaid singing, but  First aid is better. I always go on business. Mermaids always worry when they stay at home alone. It’s also good that they can go back to their own planet. ”

“If the planets I stay on are mermaids and the number of people is small, I may also want to go back to the human planet.”

After collecting blood samples, Xiaoyin soon got the ID card chip and inserted the chip into zhinao with the help of the staff.

He adjusted to the information interface according to the guidance of the working Mermaid. After listening to the identity information, he swam to the side to brush the star network.

“Ann!” After a while, he quickly swam to the shore, his silver eyes slightly surprised, “you  Are you getting married? ”

An Jin looks at Xiaoyin in surprise and wants to ask how Xiaoyin knows. Xiaoyin has repeatedly listened to the news.

“Your Majesty Norman and the mermaid king are getting married! Your majesty Norman himself made a speech. Although he did not specify the date of marriage, but  Your majesty said that he was very looking forward to the wedding and seemed to be eager. ”

Xiaoyin pressed the pause button and looked at it interrogatively  An Jin.

The phrase “Ann is getting married” spread from the front row to the back row of the mermaid team  The noisy mermaids calmed down and looked at an Jin with doubt and curiosity.

An Jin felt a little embarrassed, happy and shy in their eyes. He nodded calmly: “well, Norman and I are going to get married.”

“Congratulations, Ann!”

After a series of congratulations, Ling Ling platinum’s eyes flashed a doubt: “will the two legged beast make the baby safe?”

An Jin’s eyes suddenly opened wide and subconsciously looked at his stomach: “…”

In terms of mermaid’s body, he can conceive a little mermaid, but what if the other side is human?

Will there be reproductive isolation?

He is not worried about the reproductive isolation that cannot breed offspring and the unhealthy baby.


An Jin responded that the first problem is that he is not ready to have a baby!

The staff thought that the mermaid thought quickly, and couldn’t help but show a thoughtful look: “si’ao has no record of Mermaid and human breeding offspring, it’s hard to say.”

Seeing that an Jin was stunned, he quickly comforted: “don’t worry, An’an. Si’ao’s technology is very advanced in all aspects, even if your majesty can’t let you  Natural pregnancy, can also be cultivated in vitro, you  We will have and you  They are similar babies. ”

An Jin reluctantly smiled: “well, I’m not worried.”

The number of mermaids was small, and they cooperated with the work. Before long, all mermaids had ID cards.

Once again, the staff thanked an and left the entertainment area.

Little silver, they float not far from the shore and chat with an Jin. They are very curious about Rabe star and look forward to restoring their memory.

When the identity information of mermaid is generated, all breeders receive the notice.

In this case, whether in the real situation or according to the law, they are no longer the masters of mermaids.

The notice is accompanied by an attachment: Mermaid temporary employment contract.

This contract is the contract drawn up by the scientific research institute after the news of the mermaid auction was exposed, but there is a slight difference, because the mermaid was obtained by their auction, so the salary to be paid to the mermaid is lower, and the scientific research institute does not divide the salary.

An Jin is talking to the mermaids , Received Euna’s communication, said goodbye to the mermaids and went to the mermaid Research Institute.

The security of the mermaid Research Institute is very tight. An Jin landed from the suspended vehicle to see the mermaid, and went through layers of detection on the way.

When Yuna saw an Jin, he called first  Hello: “it’s hard. All the minor mermaids are here. There are more than one bad event to steal mermaids every year, so it’s very strict.”

Mermaids represent for businessmen  Great interests, for ambitious people, represent  Strength and longevity, it is inevitable that some people move their minds to mermaids.

An Jin expressed his understanding. Yuna took an Jin to the mermaid activity room: “all the Mermaids are together. They are very exclusive of the staff who collect blood samples. I heard that the work in the entertainment area is progressing smoothly  Thought of inviting you  Help. ”

Before reaching the activity room, an Jin heard the mermaid scream and roar.

When they arrived at the door of the activity room, the mixed voice was quiet for a moment. The mermaids, large and small, turned to the door and their eyes fell on an Jin.

An Jin subconsciously smiles at them, and his eyes fall on a small pink mermaid on the right.

The little mermaid has a fleshy face and big round eyes. It is very cute. It looks like a human cub two or three years old.

“An an ~” the milk voice sounded. The little mermaid with fat hands on the bank raised her right hand and waved to an Jin.

Anjin subconsciously went that way.

Una said with a smile, “his name is Yi. It’s been three months.”

An Jin was surprised: “only three months?”

Una looked at me in surprise  He thought that he seemed to have a normal memory only when he was an adult, so he explained: “mermaids grow faster than humans.”

An Jin: “so, how long does it take to grow up?”

Euna: “generally speaking, ten  At the age of eight, the mermaid grew up very fast and reached ten  At the age of, it basically maintained the adult form, but  The organs are not fully developed and mature. During this period, mermaids have been accumulating energy and have strong combat effectiveness in adulthood. ”

He paused and added: “inferring from your situation, the pure mermaid is about ten  Eight years and a month to grow up, later, probably more capable and need to accumulate more energy. ”

An Jin: ”

He understood a little why Norman had always thought he was’ underage ‘.

About ten years old, it looks like it now.

“Ann.” The little mermaid shouted again. Her fleshy little body straightened up and seemed to want to get close.

An Jin quickly walked over, squatted down, avoided his fingers, held his wrist, and his fingers sank into the meat.

The adult mermaid is exquisite and beautiful. When she was a child, she was also a little fat!

An Jin’s action was very light. He was afraid of hurting the little mermaid. The little mermaid smiled happily, bent her round eyes into crescent teeth, and bowed her head to kiss an Jin’s hand.

After kissing, it seemed that it was not enough. Little fat waved his hand: “hold ~”

An Jin’s heart is very soft and nervous because of her milk voice.

Euna: “he usually hates being held by a nurse. He likes you very much.”

An Jin watched in embarrassment  Little Mermaid: “I haven’t held a child.”

“It doesn’t matter. The mermaid of three months is very strong and not fragile.” Yuna said.

An Jin carefully picked up the little mermaid Yiyi. He held his fat little body in his right hand and dragged it in his left hand  Light pink tail.

Yiyi is very happy. Hold it  His hair was stuffed into his mouth. He hurriedly said, “you can’t eat it.”

Yiyi stared at him with round eyes, slowly took out her hair and leaned her small head against him  His shoulder: “Ann, comfortable!”

“Ann, I want to hold it too!” A dark blue Mermaid reached out.

“I want it too!”

An Jin looked embarrassed and couldn’t cry or laugh. He comforted her, held Yiyi and helped the staff collect blood samples.

At Yuna’s suggestion, Yiyi collects it first. Yiyi stares at the needle. An Jin quickly talks to him to divert his attention.

After successfully collecting, una gave an Jin a thumbs up: “it is worthy of being the mermaid king.”

An Jin smiled.

When talking about the baby with the mermaid before, he was a little flustered. Now he held the mermaid and thought it would be good to have a baby in the future.

Although he had never had this idea before, after all, he was a human male before, but  Now his identity has changed. It’s not surprising that he has a baby as a mermaid.

But let it be with Norman.

All Mermaid ID cards are handled  Well, Yiyi has fallen asleep, and una looks at it  The little mermaid, with kind eyes: “Mermaid cubs grow very fast, eat a lot, and need enough sleep.”

An Jin’s hands are a little sour. The little mermaid is not very heavy. She doesn’t feel it for a while. After holding in a position for a long time, she feels uncomfortable.

A nurse saw him quietly moving his shoulders and said with a smile, “Ann is still young and has no experience of taking care of the baby. She is easy to get tired. I put him in a small pool to let him sleep.”

An Jin breathes a sigh of relief and hands Yiyi to the nurse.

Euna sent an Jin out of the activity room. Knowing that he was busy, an Jin quickly said, “you’re welcome. I remember how to get out.”

Una didn’t insist on sending, and asked the security guard to send Anjin to the parking lot.

When an Jin came to the door, he saw Norman coming in from the door.

An Jin thanked the security guard and walked quickly to Norman. His eyes lit up unconsciously: “you  Why are you here? ”

Norman looked gentle: “lunch break. Listen to Joseph say you’re here and pick you up.”

An Jin smiled and felt a little happy and excited. Although Norman often picked him up, he was very happy  Yes, it feels different now.

What’s the difference?

An Jin thought about it. Probably because he was doing business today, he was like a lover picking up work. He used to play in the entertainment area, like parents picking up kindergarten children.

An Jin was amused by his idea.

Norman: “what’s so happy?”

An Jin was embarrassed because of his idea: “nothing.”

He followed  Norman walked to the parking lot, changed the subject, talked about what happened in the morning, and when it came to Yiyi, he couldn’t help saying it several times. It’s so cute.

On the suspension car, an Jin looked sideways  Norman: you  Do you like little mermaids? ”

Norman, look  The boy’s blue eyes: “yes,” he rubbed the boy’s head, “you  It’s the little mermaid. ”

An Jin’s heart beat faster. He felt the gentle touch on his head and his face was hot. He shook his head and said seriously, “I’m an adult Mermaid.”

He spread his hands and compared the length: “the little mermaid I said is only so big! It’s so cute.”

Norman glanced at the young slender white hand, held it in his hand and gently squeezed it: “you  It’s cute. ”

His eyes are light and deep. Does the teenager want a mermaid baby?

He was not sure whether mermaids and humans could breed offspring, nor was he prepared to raise this serious question. He decided to let the scientific research institute start research in private.

An Jin’s palm was pinched, and his thoughts soon dispersed. He was quiet for a while and pretended to look out of the window. After a while, he couldn’t help turning his head: “you  Did you secretly learn how to say sweet words? ”

Norman said with a question, “which is sweet talk?”

An Jin looked at him. His blue eyes didn’t blink. Seeing that he was serious, an Jin leaned back in his chair and whispered, “that’s it.”

Norman kissed him on the side of the eyebrow. “Hornard always says I’m boring,” he paused. “I can only try to say what I think and let you know.”

When he said this, his voice was very low, like wrapped in a string of current. An Jin’s heart beat faster and said seriously, “you  That’s good. ”

He is sensitive to emotions, but  He is not good at guessing other people’s thoughts. His parents didn’t like him before. He felt it, but  I don’t know why, always trying to please.

When he grew up, he knew that the reason had nothing to do with him. His parents had no emotional combination and had their own favorite small home. He was just superfluous.

If he had known earlier, he would not have done those useless work, let alone disappointed again and again.

An Jin looked up and smiled at Norman, “what’s wrong with me, you  Let me know, “he paused,” I’ll try to do it, too. ”

He thought for a moment and stressed again, “you  It’s good now. ”

Norman held his side face, bowed his head and kissed him in a dark tone: “you  Is it sweet talk? ”

An Jin breathed slightly, his ears turned red and denied: “no!”

One communication, call  Broke the ambiguous atmosphere between them.

Norman connected: “OK, I’ll convey it.”

At this time, the suspension car landed at the door of the villa.

Norman took the teenager out of the car and conveyed the message: “Yuna said that the second test of memory gene repair surgery has passed, and three tests will be carried out this afternoon. If there is no problem, it can be applied to clinic tomorrow.”

After dinner, an Jin asked about the robot seeds, learned that all the seeds were received, and praised: “you  That’s great. ”

The robot’s eyes flashed a silver current: “thank you.”

An Jin took over the space button: “thank you, housekeeper.”

He returned to the living room and sat down next to Norman, who was browsing his brains: “you  Aren’t you going to give the housekeeper a name? ”

Norman: “no, you don’t  If you want to take it, feel free. ” He paused, “you  I didn’t take any names. I won’t give others names. ”

An Jin: ”

Is that so? No wonder Norman, the domestic robot, said he didn’t have to choose a name. In order to distinguish, he thought for a while before taking the name of Xiaolan.

The silver housekeeper couldn’t take it according to the color. He frowned and thought for a while and gave up. Fortunately, the three intelligent robots are very different.

Chatting freely , Ann’s mind rang and received jorens’s communication.

“King, Rabe’s main fleet has been raided. They are expected to arrive at SiO tonight.”

An Jin’s heart tightened: “how’s the situation? Is there a mermaid injured?”

Jorens comforted: “don’t worry, Wang. No Mermaid died. All the Raiders have become prisoners.”

Ann was relieved, and jorens asked, “Wang, according to the regulations, can we take their things as our own?”

An Jin: “… I’ll check the star alliance law.”


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