After Being a Mermaid Chapter 69

Norman looked away from the virtual screen and fell on the boy: “what happened?”

You don’t have to check the star alliance law at all.

Ann thought so, swept the epaulet on Norman’s uniform, conveyed jorens’s words again, and asked, “is it OK?”

Norman’s eyes flashed with surprise: “yes,” he reminded in a deep voice, “let them take all their prisoners to SiO. The data of Rabe and Star Alliance have not been fully communicated, so it is difficult to find out the true identity of those people.”

He paused and said, “keep the evidence of the attack to prevent the other party from biting back.”

He looked very serious. As far as he knew, Rabe’s main fleet had a large number of legions, close to 80000 Mermaid soldiers. Ordinary star thieves rarely bite hard bones.

Ann would like to convey Norman’s words, and jorens answered.

The fleet commander who received the news from jorens carefully said that he would strictly guard the prisoners, and explained that some soldiers were injured and had been treated by military doctors. After arriving in SiO, he had to buy medical supplies.

Jorens thought that JOYA had exchanged contact information with the hospital director, so he said, “I’ll arrange it.”

After hanging up jorens’ communication, the commander immediately grinned and said to the adjutant next to him, “the vanguard has presented a gift to the king, and our main fleet must express something!”

He waved his hand: “go, go with me to see if there are any treasures on the captured warship, inform the information department and let the technicians try to transfer the star coins in the captured wisdom brain to our wisdom brain.”

He laughed: “pay attention to the guard. If there is another sneak attack, we must not let them run away.”

“Yes, general.” The adjutant responded excitedly.

An Jin soon received a reply from jorens: “please be at ease, Wang. The star ship has installed a recorder. The whole process of the sneak attack has been recorded. The sneak attacker has no chance to pour dirty water on us.”

An Jin is completely relieved. After returning the information, he tells Norman the news.

Norman raised his hand and rubbed the top of the boy’s hair: “then don’t worry. Look, do you like it?”

He turned the virtual screen to teenagers.

An Jin saw that he had been looking at zhinao intently before and thought he was dealing with military affairs without interruption. At this time, he knew that he was looking at the dress.

The nine palaces on the virtual screen show a variety of different styles of dresses, all matching men’s styles.

An Jin remembered what he had forgotten when he was busy. When Xiaoyin repeated listening to the news on Xingwang, he wanted to see Norman speak freely.

But I was doing business and there were people around me. It was not interesting.

He opened his mind and clicked on Norman’s free speech. The top one had been set, and the number of replies below was as large as ellipsis.

“Start preparing for the wedding and look forward to it.” Behind @ Anjin, with a blue little mermaid icon.

An Jin’s eyes fell on the expectation, the corners of his mouth turned up, turned down, and turned to the video that reminded the live broadcast before.

The previous information has been hidden by the account owner for more than a year and can’t be seen.

However, it can be seen from this that Norman rarely spoke freely, and the latest news is related to him.

An Jin felt sweet in his heart and repeated his words.

Norman looked at the young man’s actions, hesitated for a moment, opened his brain, modified his open speech information, and was completely open to an Jin.

Ann Jin has seen enough and is about to speak freely. Norman reaches out and refreshes his interface: “he has hardly used it in adulthood, and he sends less when he goes to school. They are all personal… A little childish.”

An Jin was more curious. Looking slowly from front to back, the first Norman went to middle school: “there is a birthday every year. It’s not special at all.”

Changyan is also equipped with a photo. Norman is wearing a white shirt, suit and vest. Although he has no expression, he looks cool because of his good facial features.

An Jin looked at the date. On March 20, he wrote it down silently and turned to Norman: “are you under a lot of pressure to go to school?”

Norman: No, i… don’t like laughing very much, do I

An Jin turned his head: “no, everyone’s character is different. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t like to laugh as long as he is in a good mood.”

Norman felt soft and bowed his head and kissed the boy on his side.

An Jin’s heart beat fast. He continued to look. Before long, he finished reading, because there were few.

Satisfied, he closed his mind and looked at the first draft of the dress again. He thought back: “should we fix the wedding date first?”

Norman: “after the mermaid has completed the memory gene repair operation, she goes to Rabe star. Now Rabe star holds a wedding and then returns to SiO. The operation time and journey take time. There are too many interference factors and it is difficult to determine for the time being.”

An Jin moved in his heart: “are you going to labe star with me?”

“Well,” Norman nodded and paused, “if you like labe, I can stay with you until January and February. I have to be in SiO.”

In fact, when he was in a normal state of mind, he stayed in si’ao for the longest time except during the star beast tide. If it weren’t for the little mermaid, he would have led a team to patrol everywhere.

The si’ao empire is not only the si’ao star, but also the other sub stars are very peaceful and calm. In this case, he is more willing to get along with teenagers.

An Jin thought about it. Now there are almost five months to January, and there is plenty of time.

Norman said, “choose some styles you like. The dresses are all handmade. It takes a lot of time. You have to decide in advance. The wedding venue is still under design. You can choose again at that time.”

An Jin: “let’s choose together.”

When choosing, an Jin found that there were far more than nine candidate maps. It was only the first page of the nine palace grid, and there were more than a dozen pages behind it.

An Jin was surprised: “designers are so efficient!” As he spoke, he suddenly had a guess in his heart, “won’t you prepare it very early?”

Norman’s expression froze for a moment and nodded.

An Jin’s blue eyes opened slightly: “it’s difficult. Do you like me when I can’t speak?”

“No,” Norman explained solemnly when he realized the misunderstanding of teenagers. “When I grow up, palace designers will design wedding clothes for me every year. These are their most satisfactory designs.”

That’s why I announced that I would get married. There are so many plans because Norman is older and single!

An Jin: “…” he looked at the diagram, “have you always liked men?”

Norman shook his head: “I only liked you. The other half of the dress has designs for both men and women. They modified it overnight according to your shape, and some are still in design.”

The designer of the imperial palace is really comprehensive.

An Jin and Norman chose together. They both suffered from selection difficulties and finally chose five sets.

Norman almost went to the military headquarters at card point.

When he arrived at the military headquarters, the adjutant reported to him the itinerary that had been determined in the next few months and the itinerary that might be available.

Norman rearranged all his itineraries according to his priorities. What he could deal with recently was dealt with as soon as possible. If he did not have to come forward, the rest of his army head came forward on his behalf.

The adjutant thought, your majesty is really enlightened. In the past, these arrangements must be for patrolling, but now they are really for accompanying prospective partners!

After Norman left, an Jin visited the mall and bought a small villa. Then he contacted jorens and told him that Norman would go to Rabe star together.

Jorens: “of course he will go with you. If you are so good and he doesn’t follow, he will be worried that you will be attracted by the teke Mermaid. Rabesin is already preparing to meet you and the queen to be.”

An Jin took a smoke from the corner of his mouth: “…” the queen to be?

Then he suddenly thought, will the Sioux call him the quasi queen?

He ignored the title and asked jorens again if he needed to prepare, get the same answer and hang up the communication.

He went back to the mermaid room and made ten boxes of agent A. then he took a rest in the pool. After the rest, he began to exercise his powers.

At five o’clock in the afternoon, he received a communication from Euna: “the memory gene repair operation has successfully passed five tests. It is determined that it can be used in clinic. During working hours, the operation can be arranged at any time.”

An Jin asked nervously, “is there a risk?”

Euna: “in terms of current technology, it’s just a small operation. The whole process is controlled by a micro robot. The stability is very high, and the failure rate is less than one thousandth. Even if it fails, the worst thing is to remain the same.”

An Jin’s understanding of medicine is still modern. After hearing what Euna said, he relaxed. He said, “I’ll tell the mermaid the good news right away. They’re looking forward to it.”

“I will inform the breeders so that they can arrange time to send the mermaid to the hospital,” Yuna said

An Jin said sincerely, “thank you. It’s been hard.”

Una: “you’re welcome. The news you said about animal nuclear is very important. Besides, this is what we should do. Mermaids have brought hope to mankind and made a lot of contributions to mankind.”

An Jin said thank you again.

After hanging up, he told the Mermaids that they could have memory gene repair surgery.

“Great! Will my memory improve soon?”

“I’m going to do it now!”

“I want it too.”

The Mermaids are very excited and look forward to it.

The group became lively and talked about how to improve their memory.

At the same time, all the former breeders and the current Mermaid bosses have received the notice from the scientific research institute and asked them to take the mermaid to the Scientific Research Institute for surgery as soon as possible.

The bosses have adjusted their itinerary and tried their best to arrange their recent free time to take their Mermaid employees to the scientific research institute.

The group is also very lively.

“I never thought that one day I had to coax the employees to be happy and take them to surgery!”

“Who can think of it? I don’t want to be a boss. I want to work.”

“Wake up, can you convey spiritual power by singing? Is there a mermaid pleasing to the eyes?”

“Alas, as long as the employee is willing, I am willing to pay him all my life.”

A quarter past seven in the evening

Rabe star fleet will arrive at si’ao airport in ten minutes. The large troops will stop at the airport and take the generals down the corridor bridge.

First, have a friendly exchange with the Slovak and Austrian military, send fish to send the prisoners to the Slovak and Austrian military headquarters, and then go to the palace.

An Jin originally proposed to pick him up at the airport, but he was persuaded by jorens.

Admiral mermaid is very tall. He is a middle-aged teke Mermaid. He looks publicity and forthright. When he sees an Jin, he bends down with his right hand against his heart, and then hands over the space button: “Wang, this is a gift we have prepared for you. I hope you like it.”

An Jin experienced jorens giving gifts and knew that they were very persistent in giving gifts, so he didn’t refuse and said seriously, “thank you, I like it very much.”

The general laughed and his eyes fell on Norman: “Your Majesty Norman.”

Norman nodded: “it’s hard. The logistics director will contact your logistics department so that you can replenish materials.”

The Admiral thanked and looked more serious when talking about the sneak attack: “those people acted in a military style. There were no obvious signs for weapons and star ships, but they were well made.”

“We interrogated them, and they only admitted that they were star thieves,” the general sneered. “They want to sneak in and rob some mermaids.”

Norman: “in your opinion, I should have come prepared. Probably I can’t find the specific identity.”

Sure enough, he soon received a notice from his subordinates that there was no coincidence between the attacker’s genes and the Star Alliance gene bank. All the attacker’s genes were not in the gene bank.

The Star Alliance gene bank collects the genes of the people of Member States. Of course, gene fragments will not be known, but only correspond to specific identities.

Of course, there are people on every planet who have false genes on record.

After all, there is competition among members. These people exist to make small moves.

Only the government can do this.

Jorens asked, “Wang, what should we do with these people?”

An Jin had no idea at all and didn’t make a blind idea: “you decide.”

Jorens nodded and did not worry Wang.

Norman suggested: “send the video of your attack to the star network. Whoever is guilty will show his feet.”

Jorens nodded after thinking, and then looked at the delicate and young king with a worried face.

Humans are so cunning… Smart, Wang won’t be cheated!


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