After Being a Mermaid Chapter 7

Norman heard the voice, turned back, and his eyes flashed with surprise.

An Jin found that the man’s figure was very talented and his muscles were strong everywhere. He exclaimed in his heart that the “master” had a good figure.

He scanned all kinds of sports equipment and his eyes fell on the small room on the left.

Regardless of the man’s reaction, he quickly climbed to the small room, opened the door, and his eyes lit up.

It’s the bathroom!

He climbed inside. Suddenly, a pulling force came from his caudal fin and he turned back.

The man bent over, grabbed his tail fin with his right hand, and looked at him expressionless.

An Jin noticed his strong momentum and swallowed his saliva nervously. His tail fin tilted up and made a slight force: “let go of me.”

The man didn’t understand, but he noticed the meaning of prayer in the little mermaid’s soft voice.

He thought for a moment and let go of his hand.

There are no precious things in bathroom. What does little mermaid want to do?

Anxin hurriedly climbed into the bathroom and looked back at Norman at the door. He patted his tail on the door and slammed it shut.

After thinking about it, he was still worried. He turned and climbed to the door and locked the door with some strength.

He breathed and quickly observed the toilet equipment, toilet, toilet paper, perfect!

As like as two peas, he finally sat on the toilet, sitting in the same position as the human, but his tail was upturned and occupied the line of sight.

It takes a lot of effort to maintain this position. Keep your hands on it all the time.

Otherwise, the scales are slippery and slide straight forward.

An Jin thought, if only there were handrails on both sides

After the solution, the toilet automatically pumped water, and the air purifier also began to operate. An Jin stretched out his right hand to take the paper, and his left hand supported his body, trembling.

Suddenly, his buttocks cooled, he was shocked, his body shook, and quickly supported himself.

After the intelligent cleaning system stopped spraying water, an Jin was still worried. He wiped it with toilet paper, but only touched the fish scales.

He turned around curiously and looked at the fish scales there. Recalling his previous feeling, he made a slight effort there, and several fish scales slid open, revealing the holes in the powder.

An Jin blushed. Although he was looking at his own body, he was still inexplicably ashamed and hurriedly closed the scales.

He turned around, stayed for a moment, and looked silently at the bottom of his abdomen.

He never drank water and had no idea of trumpeting.

But! It’s not easy to come to the bathroom once.

It has to be solved!

He didn’t know what it was like there. He thought for a moment and decided to get up first.

He propped up his upper body with his hands, and his hands and tail moved forward slowly to the ground.

His hands kept exerting themselves. At this time, he was very tired and sour. He rested for a while, looked at his tail and thought for a while.

Climbing all the way, he found his tail very powerful.

He bent his tail and tightened it, trying to see if he could help his tail support his body.

Holding the edge of the toilet with both hands, he slowly straightened up. His tail was about to force. Behind him came the sound of the door.

He quickly turned back and saw the ‘master’ standing at the door, staring at him.

Norman was more sure when he heard the door locked. The pure Mermaid had a high IQ.

However, after a while, the mermaid still didn’t come out.

He couldn’t help but doubt that the mermaid didn’t know how to get out.

So he opened the door directly with the authority of the owner.

As soon as I entered the door, I saw the little mermaid holding the edge of the toilet, raising her upper body and just crossing the edge with her chin.

Seeing the posture of the little mermaid, he frowned, then strode to the mermaid and said seriously, “the water in here can’t be drunk!”

An Jin shrinks his neck. He doesn’t understand the man’s words, but the man’s serious tone. He guesses that the man is teaching him a lesson.

Norman ordered the robot at the door, “pour a glass of water.”

He leaned over and hugged an Jin.

An Jin quickly grabs the edge of the toilet, and Norman’s movement to get up is blocked.

Norman frowned: “that’s what the Academy taught you?”

An Jin blinked innocently. He was afraid that after this time, the men wouldn’t let him out.

He thought quickly, how can a man install a bathroom in his room?

The robot sent the water. Norman took it with his right hand and sent it to an Jin’s mouth: “drink.”

An Jin looked up at the man’s serious face and drank it obediently.

After drinking half a cup, he shook his head and said he would not drink.

Norman once again recognized the high IQ of the little mermaid. He handed the glass to the robot and pointed to the toilet: “the water here can’t be drunk!”

Ann looked with his fingers and blinked blankly.

Norman’s jaw tightened and soon loosened.

Hold back, it’s not his soldier, it’s a mermaid!

In a moment of silence, he took the water cup in the robot’s hand, took a sip, and then unnaturally smiled at an Jin.

An Jin’s eyes widened. What does that mean?

Are you happy to drink the water he drank?

He looked at Norman’s expressionless face again, lost in thought.

Then he saw Norman press the toilet drain button, and then put the glass over to receive a glass of water.

Norman put the water cup in front of his mouth and pretended to drink. Then he tightened his eyebrows, peeped and looked disgusted.

He looked at an Jin seriously: “do you understand?”

An Jin really understood it and was embarrassed.

He didn’t want to drink toilet water!

He looked at the man’s handsome face and couldn’t help bending his eyes.

Although it looks serious and inaccessible, it’s a responsible master!

He tilted his head, peeped at the toilet, and then observed Norman’s expression.

Norman was very satisfied, gave the glass to the robot, ordered disinfection, and got up with the little mermaid.

An Jin saw that the man was not surprised by his imitation. He guessed that the Mermaids here might also have IQ. After all, they are so similar to humans.

Relieved, he pulled Norman’s arm, pointed to the toilet and then to his stomach.

Norman immediately understood what he meant: “it’s not for you.”

Norman took the little mermaid all the way back to the mermaid room and put the little mermaid in the small pool.

Then in front of an Jin, open zhinao, skillfully find the documents sent by hornard, and click one of the small videos.

An Jin thought that the man had not understood his meaning and was thinking about how to express it clearly with actions.

Seeing the man’s action, he was distracted and looked at the virtual screen with bright eyes.

In the screen is a room. Like his room, there are two pools, one large and one small. In the middle of the pool is a mermaid with a dark green tail.

The mermaid climbed ashore from the slope of the large pool and jumped into the small pool to solve the physiological needs.

Then climb up the bank along the slope of the small pool, return to the large pool, and float comfortably on the water.

After he landed in the small pool, a vortex was formed in the water, and the water in the pool was quickly reduced to disappear. After the mechanical arm was cleaned, it was refilled with clean water.

An Jin: “…” he knows what the small pool is used for.

This is the mermaid’s bathroom!

An Jin stared at the pool for two seconds, resolutely climbed ashore and climbed to the door.

The sanitary pool is very clean, but an Jin thinks that his tail will soak in the pool when it is convenient. Even if he climbs ashore soon, he still doesn’t feel very good.

Or the human toilet is better.

Norman frowned and pressed an Jin’s shoulder: “don’t you want to go to the bathroom?”

An Jin didn’t understand. He pointed to the location of the toilet and drew a circle to briefly describe the shape of the toilet and express his ideas.

Norman stared at him for two seconds, operated his fingers in his brain, and then showed him the screen.

Two pictures, the human toilet on the left and the mermaid sanitary pool on the right.

An Jin immediately pointed to his left and thought. In order to express himself more clearly, he turned back and bah at the small pool.

Then he looked up at Norman with expectation.

Norman was surprised that the mermaid’s IQ was higher than he thought.

So he didn’t regard the little mermaid as an ordinary pet. His face said seriously, “are you sure you choose this? If you make a choice, you can’t regret it.”

He reversed the order of the two photos.

The position of an Jin’s fingers changes accordingly, and he firmly chooses the human toilet.

Norman: OK

He bent over, picked up the little mermaid, returned to the bathroom of the training room and put down the little mermaid.

An Jin was overjoyed and looked at the man standing still. He climbed to the door, held the door, looked at Norman and looked outside the door.

Norman understood the idea that the little mermaid wanted him to go out, and thought of the closing of the door before the little mermaid.

The pure Mermaid not only has a high IQ, but also seems to have a sense of shame.

He thought for a moment and went out.

The door closed behind him immediately, and it didn’t lock this time.

An Jin holds the toilet in his hand and goes on the trumpet in an awkward posture. He takes the opportunity to see his new body and learns to control and protect the scales of key parts.

His face flushed, he looked away from the fish’s tail, climbed to the door and opened it.

Norman picked him up and walked in.

“Ah……” an Jin was stunned. He had solved it.

The master doesn’t think he likes the bathroom!

Norman put the mermaid in the shower and turned on the shower switch.

An Jin was immediately drenched with water. He didn’t feel uncomfortable. Instead, he felt comfortable. He liked water.

Norman asked the robot to look at the little mermaid and left the bathroom.

An Jin laments that he won’t have to live in the bathroom in the future!

Without a pool, you can’t soak in water. You can only live by water?

That won’t work!

He tried to climb out, but the shower door was narrow and the robot stood in the door. He couldn’t get out at all.

An Jin tried several times, failed to break through the robot’s defense line, and gave up temporarily.

He leaned against the wall, his tail flat under the water, and his posture was very idle.

He looked at the light outside the window and thought that when the ‘host’ delivered breakfast, he must find a way to explain clearly that he didn’t want to live in the bathroom!

We also have to speed up the speed of learning the language. It’s too easy to misunderstand if we don’t know the language.

About an hour later, Norman appeared again. An Jin’s eyes lit up immediately and his head was close to the glass to see him.

Norman gave him a sparkling look.

So sticky?

Norman was surprised that the mermaid he had seen was fierce and cold.

The robot moved away from the door. Norman went into the shower, turned off the water and picked up the little mermaid.

An Jin looks at his wet clothes. He is a little embarrassed and happy to leave the bathroom.

After returning to the mermaid room, he was even happier.

The original small pool is gone, and the toilet is built in place, in the form of human beings!

The bathroom door is connected with the large pool. The connection is still a slope, but it is not built.

Perhaps time is limited, using a metal plate with a raised cross bar.

An Jin is very happy. He not only hasn’t been assigned to the bathroom, but also doesn’t have to be embarrassed to solve his physiological needs.

He raised a bright smile at Norman: “thank you.”

Although he didn’t understand the language, Norman could understand the emotions of the Little Mermaid by the expression and soft voice of the little mermaid.

He stared at the little mermaid with a thoughtful face.

Happy, why don’t you sing?

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Norman [sighs: what if the tool fish is not dedicated!


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