After Being a Mermaid Chapter 70

After discussing how to deal with the sneak attack, the general left the palace and Rabe star’s main fleet settled down in si’ao under the arrangement of the si’ao military logistics department.

Soon, the video of Rabe’s fleet being attacked secretly spread on the star network.

Because it involves mermaids, it soon attracted the attention of the people on STARNet. The number of hits soared in a short time, and quickly became the first video with real-time hits. At the same time, relevant topics were hot.

“Sneak attack can’t be caught?”

“Labe’s mecha is so cool!”

“See you for a long time. Two mecha chased the star ship. The star ship was blasted into rags. I want to ask the star ship pilot how he feels.”

“The students of the imperial mecha Department said that they had cried greedily. At least five of Rabe star’s mecha were SSS. I didn’t count those above S. anyway, there were a lot of them.”

“I’ve lost well. I admire these sneakers. Isn’t it good to live? I have to die.”

“Hey! Isn’t your focus right? Am I the only one guessing who did it?”

“It doesn’t feel like the handwriting of the star robber group. The star robbers were afraid of being beaten by his majesty Norman. They didn’t dare to move the fleet related to si’ao. Even ordinary caravans didn’t dare to do it, let alone the mother’s house of the prospective queen.”

“Maybe I didn’t recognize it?”

“Can’t you recognize it when you live in the primitive world? You can’t see the labe sign so big on the Starship? No one has not seen the live broadcast of mermaid judging intelligent creatures?”

“Haven’t you seen the live broadcast? Haven’t you seen the video yet? I seriously doubt that someone is trying to divert attention.”


Norman received the information from his subordinates. After the video was put on the star network, the prince of Sailun star who sent the attacker couldn’t sit still. He was worried that the wind of the captured population was not tight and was ready to die.

Norman’s eyes were sharp and cold. He kept his subordinates quiet and waited for those people to take the opportunity to deal with the hidden pile in SiO.

“Ann.” He shouted softly, attracting the teenagers sitting next to him browsing the news and showing the information to the teenagers.

After reading it, an Jin asked in surprise, “have you always made people pay attention to the movements of the stars?”

Norman nodded. The members of the Star Alliance were seemingly harmonious and alert to each other.

An Jin looked at the information again, tilted his head and thought: “Selen star, where do I seem to have heard of it?” he recalled, suddenly remembered and looked at Norman. “Someone said that Selen star princess is the best match for you, good-looking and good life experience.”

Norman solemnly corrected: “Ann and I are the best match. I don’t know any princess.”

He looked at the boy’s expression: “Ann is jealous?”

An Jin shook his head honestly: “no, what netizens said is not what you said. I don’t care. I just think Sailun star looks familiar.”

Norman: “cyron star is the supremacy of strength. He is very persistent in strength and extreme in his means. He is a fanatical militant. They are likely to go for the mermaid.”

An Jin couldn’t help worrying: “cyron star dares to attack the fleet for the mermaid. Will he really hand over all the Mermaids according to the contract?” He said, his face becoming serious.

Ten minutes later, an Jin and jorens met and worked out countermeasures against the possibility of hiding mermaids.

Jorens soon contacted admiral Rabe to make a series of arrangements.

At the same time, an Jin logs in and speaks freely for identity authentication – Rabe Mermaid king.

Then, he released the first official news: “Rabe star will send troops to each star to assist each star in handling ID cards for the mermaid and receiving the mermaid to si’ao for memory gene repair surgery.”

“I hereby solemnly declare that mermaids are intelligent creatures, and no planet can hide mermaids. Once found, Rabe star will be held accountable, and the pure seed contract will be automatically terminated. No matter who finds that someone has hidden mermaids, as long as you report, Rabe star will restore first-class divine power for you free (if there is no degradation, it will fill your spirit sea) and give you a agent A.”

His speech immediately caused the star network to vibrate.

Because the number of mermaids is rare, only the powerful and rich can have them. Therefore, the attraction of mermaids to ordinary people is limited, and the attraction of seeds is greater to civilians.

When the seeds are mature, there will be more and more seeds. One day, civilians can also get them.

But mermaids are different. Whether it is genetic technology to cultivate mermaids or natural reproduction, the birth rate of mermaids is very low.

Over the years, the number of mermaids has grown slowly. Except for the top dignitaries and rich, others can’t have them at all.

The people of all stars unanimously called on the government in power and the people with mermaids to actively cooperate with labe star and not to make small moves to destroy the transaction.

People very much hope to establish good relations with Rabe.

After all, the mermaid king can make pure seeds, and Rabe has joined the Star Alliance. Maybe Rabe will really open hospitals on other planets in the future?

It is conceivable that even if the hospital is really opened, Rabe star will never open the hospital on the planet of small actions.

The leaders of some planets responded very quickly and replied to the comments with official comments, indicating that they would never let their planets hide mermaids, and expressed their sincere gratitude to mermaids.

The official reply was soon topped by the people of the planet.

Not only the official position, but also many people have expressed their position.

“From tomorrow on, I’ll go around to see if anyone has hidden mermaids! I hope to meet a brave man and give me a chance to report!”

“I also pray for a chance to report! My mental strength has been reduced from a to C. if it goes down again, I’m dying!”

The mercenary regiment that has just finished its mission is repairing a satellite planet of Cylon.

When one member saw the news of an Jin, he excitedly told the news to another member: “look, good opportunity!”

They have taken over numerous employment tasks, dealt with many people, and learned many secrets, including the private raising of mermaids.

The young man leaned against the back of the chair, glanced faintly, immediately sat upright, with an excited light in his eyes, and soon calmed down: “maybe he will take the initiative to hand over the mermaid.”

“That’s not necessarily true. Over the years, they have great courage and think highly of themselves. They may think that they are foolproof in their confidentiality work and are not afraid.”

“Keep an eye on him.” Said the young man.

Many places staged the same drama. In the past, some people knew that some people kept mermaids privately by avoiding the mermaid Protection Association. However, they had nothing to do with them and were unwilling to offend others.

Now, driven by interests, they are no longer indifferent, but will actively report.

The next day, after replenishing sufficient supplies, Rabe’s army was divided into 32 teams to pick up mermaids from the member planets of the Star Alliance.

6’o clock

Mu Chen wakes up on time. When he hears the information prompt sound and opens his brain, he sees that the mermaid bosses are particularly busy. Unread information has to be expressed with a plus sign.

He was a little strange. Except for people from the military headquarters or some people in a hurry on business, they seldom got up early. This was the first morning in the group after he joined the group.

He got up, changed his sportswear and listened to the information.

“It’s terrible. I slept soundly and suddenly got a splash of water on my face. I thought it rained in my dream and the roof was gone. As a result, I opened my eyes and saw the long hair of my Mermaid, which scared me to death.”

“Hey, I’m used to staying up late. I slept too hard. My Mermaid tore down my quilt in order to call me.”

“My ears are still ringing. Blame me. If I knew that my Mermaid would take the trouble to climb to the room and call me to get up, I would definitely set the alarm clock to wake myself up.”

After hearing the historical news, Mu Chen knew that many people were awakened by mermaids in various ways before dawn.

“It’s really my little ancestor. I said that the people in the operation Department of the scientific research institute go to work at least 8:30. Do you want me to go out and sit foolishly now?”

“Brothers, please don’t rob me. I promised my mermaid that he would be the first to have an operation.”

“So is my family. If I change into an adult, who wants to be the first.”

Mu Chen looked serious. He also promised Xiaoyin to go to the scientific research institute early and let Xiaoyin have the first operation! I heard the mermaid also bet.

Mermaid’s desire for competition is so strange.

Mu Chen thought as he pulled down his clothes and walked to the mermaid room. In fact, he was a little strange. Based on his understanding of Xiaoyin, he should also be “awakened”. As a result, Xiaoyin was so quiet.

He gently pushed open the door of the mermaid room and saw little silver sinking in the water and sleeping soundly.

The silver gray long invoice floats in the water, and the silver scales on his cheeks shine. It looks very beautiful.

Mu Chen accidentally raised his eyebrows. He rarely saw Xiaoyin so quiet. In the past, Xiaoyin’s alert eyes fell on him as soon as he entered the mermaid room.

After communicating, Xiaoyin’s eyes were not alert, but he was still alert.

Although the scientific research institute works at 8:30 at the earliest, it seems too early to go now, but go early and queue up early.

He hesitated for a moment and chose the first one after waking up Xiaoyin and abiding by the agreement to go to the scientific research institute early, or regardless of the two options.

He squatted by the pool and lifted the water in the direction of Xiaoyin: “Xiaoyin, you can’t blame me if you don’t get up and don’t row first for surgery.”

Xiao Yin frowned and suddenly opened his eyes. His silver eyes looked at Mu Chen impatiently. A second later, his silver tail swung rapidly and broke out in front of Mu Chen in the blink of an eye.

He shook his head, shook off the drops of water on his face, and splashed Mu Chen with water: “it’s so noisy!”

Mu Chen was very familiar with Xiaoyin. As soon as he heard it, he found that his voice was a little lower than usual. He wiped away the beads on his face and looked at Xiaoyin: “are you… Is it time for estrus?”

Sleepiness and grumpy temper are the manifestations in the early stage of estrus.

After Mu Chen asked, he recalled the time. It was almost a month from the last estrus.

He said seriously, “you may not be able to do the operation today. You have to postpone it for a few days.”

Xiaoyin was very unhappy and grinned: “no, I want to be the first!”

Mu Chen again quietly Tucao this strange Competition Psychology, he knew that small silver is very stubborn, it is very difficult to persuade, but make complaints about this kind of operation.

He thought about it and discussed with Xiaoyin: “if the doctor says your physical condition can be operated on, do it today, or it will be delayed.”

He was worried that Xiaoyin wouldn’t agree. He paused and frightened Xiaoyin: “if you don’t act according to the doctor’s requirements, you may not recover your memory, but become a fool.”

In the operation notice they received, there were test reports and risk assessments about the operation. In fact, the operation was very safe.

Little silver frowned fiercely: “I won’t become a fool!” He raised his chin. “I’m the smartest.”

Mu Chen nodded, “yes, you’re so smart. It’s a pity if you become stupid, so listen to the doctor?”

Xiaoyin reluctantly agreed to Mu Chen’s proposal.

Mu Chen prepared breakfast for him. After eating, he took Xiaoyin to the scientific research department, told the doctor about Xiaoyin and had a physical examination.

Hearing that the doctor said he could operate, Xiao Yin’s low breath dissipated. However, when he went to the operation Department and saw the mermaid waiting there, he was immediately unhappy.

He sat angrily in his wheelchair, his fingernails scratching the armrest, sulking. He stared at Mu Chen, but didn’t roar, because he knew that he got up late.

The mermaid in front of him was talking proudly about waking the bipedal beast!

Mu Chen comforted: “it doesn’t matter. You have surgery on the same day. Your memory is getting better today. You will remember today’s things. It’s the same.”

“Not first, remember what to do?” Little silver stared at him.

Mu Chen: “… Then forget it. If you forget it, you won’t know.”

Xiaoyin: “you will forget! After the operation, my memory will become better. I won’t forget!”

Mu Chen took a smoke from the corner of his mouth and looked at the small silver attached to the body with the rod essence silently. It was difficult to do at ordinary times, and it was unreasonable near the oestrus period.

Xiaoyin stared at him: “hum, my memory has become better. Don’t try to hide anything from me in the future!”

Mu Chen rolled his eyes: “what did I hide from you?”

Xiao Yin was cold and held his wrist with his right hand. Before he could rub it, Mu Chen quickly grabbed his wrist: “ancestor, master, don’t mention it again, will you?”

The mermaid bosses around looked curiously, their eyes confused and curious.

Mu Chen wondered why Xiao Yin could still remember it, but he didn’t have the face to ask clearly in public. He whispered, “I’ll explain it to you when you have an operation. Don’t say it now.”

“Really?” Little silver doubt.

“Really,” Mu Chen gritted his teeth, “after you finish the operation, your memory will become better and you will remember more clearly.”

Little silver thought for a moment and nodded: “I won’t say,” he looked at Mu Chen with silver eyes and seemed very satisfied with his performance, “smart bipedal beast.”

Mu Chen reluctantly pulled at the corners of his mouth, grabbed Xiaoyin’s wrist and put his hands on the armrest to prevent him from continuing his previous actions.

After all, the people sitting next to him are very good. If they are seen, they don’t know what to make up his brain.

After the rabesian army left, an Jin was sent to the scientific research institute by Norman. He said he could come alone, but Norman insisted.

By the time he arrived, the operation had not started, and more than a dozen mermaids had come.

The mermaid was very happy to see him. An Jin noticed that they were all very excited. No mermaid was relieved because of the tension of the operation.

Soon after he became a mermaid, human thinking dominated. He was worried that some mermaids would be nervous or afraid. He thought that mermaids would feel relaxed with him, so he specially came to the scientific research institute.

Although the mermaid didn’t need his help, he didn’t leave and looked at Norman: “I’ll wait for them to finish the operation.”

Norman rubbed the top of his hair. “I’ll pick you up at noon.”

After Norman left the Research Institute, he went directly to the military headquarters. He has to deal with a lot of things to prepare for labe star, as well as Selen star.

He and an Jin discussed and temporarily retained the evidence of Sailun star’s action, and then investigated after receiving the mermaid, so as to avoid the injury of the mermaid caused by the conflict.

After receiving the notice from the staff, Yuna knew that the Mermaids couldn’t wait, so he went to the scientific research institute in advance.

As soon as he arrived, the eyes of all the people and mermaids fell on him.

Yuna said with a smile: “please wait a minute. The operation is operated by micro robots. Let’s prepare first. At present, there are ten robots. Every ten mermaids can perform the operation at the same time. You can take the number and queue up now.”

The number taking machine, which had not started yet, had already started running when Euna spoke.

Everyone here knows who came early. They are all people with status, so they didn’t rob. They took the number according to the principle of first come, first served.

Mu Chen showed Xiaoyin the number: “No. 6, the first batch of operations.”

The little silver tail fin shook up and down, obviously happy.

Before long, the first operation began.

When Xiaoyin had an operation, an Jin and Mu Chen were outside the operating room. They were a little nervous.

Mu Chen comforted and said, “there will be no problem. It’s just a small operation.”

An Jin glanced at Mu Chen’s tightly held hands, nodded and smiled: “well, it’s just a small operation.”

Half an hour later

When the door of the operating room opened, Euna said with a smile to the people outside the door: “the operations are very successful. They will wake up in about half an hour. After a week of observation, if they have any discomfort, please contact us in time.”

“Hard work.”

After receiving the operation notice, the mermaid bosses rearranged their work. Therefore, in one day, all the mermaids in si’ao, including Yiyi, who is only three months old in the scientific research institute, completed the operation.

After the operation, the mermaid didn’t feel any change for the time being.

Among the mermaids, the Mermaids couldn’t wait and asked each other, “do you remember what happened yesterday? What happened the day before yesterday?”

In the group of mermaid bosses, humans kept asking each other, “has there been any change in your mermaid?”

“What’s the urgency of the operation? According to the previous memory, some mermaids have to see it for at least seven days?”

“Yes, after the operation, the mermaid with the worst memory should be the first to show a difference.”

“It will take at least two days.”

Mu noticed that his brain was shaking, but he didn’t want to look through the information at all, because Xiao Yin had a pair of silver eyes staring at him since he got home.

Little silver floated in the water, holding his chest with his hands and slightly lifting his chin: “can you say it?”

Mu Chen’s face changed and changed. He didn’t answer directly, but asked, “how do you remember?”

It should have been more than seven days since the incident was mentioned to An’an. Xiao Yin should have forgotten it long ago.

Xiao Yin hummed. With a little contempt, he opened zhinao, let go of the memo, and click play.

Xiao Yin’s voice came out through her brain: “Mu Chen helped during estrus in July, but he concealed how to help and only made an inexplicable move…”

“All right!” Mu Chen clenched his fist falsely and beat the center of his eyebrows. His voice almost came out from between his teeth. “You’re so smart.”

Xiaoyin proudly waved his tail: “of course!” His eyes narrowed. “You should explain to me!”

Mu Chen: “……” he took a deep breath, squatted on the bank, raised his fingers and pointed to Xiaoyin’s abdomen. His facial expression was stiff and moved down again. “When you are in estrus, you will come out at that time. I’ll help you with my hand.”

He said, quickly got up and walked out of the mermaid room: “I asked the servant to bring you lunch. I’m leaving when the military headquarters has something to do.”

Xiaoyin bowed her head when she heard the speech and didn’t notice that Mu Chen seemed to run away.

He stared at his body, thinking in his eyes. After a while, he stretched out his right hand and held his left wrist. His eyes flashed.

After lunch, an Jin heard the report from the robot, and his express arrived.

He received the express box, which was a space button from an alien, full of seeds.

After an Jin determines what the thing is, he gives the space button to the robot and asks the robot to help take out the seeds and put them in the seed room.

Before dinner, he had received five seed express, all mailed from the planets closer to SiO, including Cylon.

An Jin purified all the seeds and put them away.

After receiving the news that labe planet is returning with mermaids, he will take the seeds to the Star Alliance for testing, and then send them to the Star Alliance director of the corresponding planet.

In the next few days, Rabe’s army returned one after another and brought back many mermaids.

Mermaids are becoming more and more lively. The life of mermaids with poor memory has changed significantly.

An Jin finds that Xiaoyin, who is usually very active, becomes very quiet. He is worried that Xiaoyin is not feeling well. He sends Xiaoyin a private chat and asks about the situation.

Xiaoyin: “I’m fine. I was in estrus yesterday. I’m a little tired.”

An Jin was stunned: “you have a good rest.”

He thought for a moment, slid the communication, hovered his finger on jorens’s contact information for half a day, closed the contact interface, and entered a line of words in the star search box: Mermaid estrus frequency?

Once a month except during pregnancy!

Ann remembers clearly that his last estrus was very close to Xiaoyin.


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