After Being a Mermaid Chapter 71


Norman finished his morning exercise, went back to his bedroom to take a bath and opened his brain to order breakfast.

He used to check the little mermaid’s breakfast for reference, but found that the little mermaid had not ordered.

He was a little surprised. He glanced at the time at the top of the screen. At 7:03, the little mermaid would order a good breakfast before 7:00.

After a pause, he changed his route and went to the mermaid room.

He knocked on the door and didn’t respond. The little mermaid had a strong perception. If she was awake, she could definitely feel it even if she was in the bathroom.

He called the housekeeper robot: “where is Ann?”

“Pool, bottom.”

Norman frowned: “check his physical condition.”

The robot’s emotionless silver eyes flashed an electric current and quickly reported the results: “sleeping, the signs are normal.”

The little mermaid had a regular work and rest. She got up late today and ruled out the reason for her illness. Norman couldn’t help guessing that the little mermaid stayed up late last night.

His face became serious. He stood at the door in a moment of silence and ordered, “monitor his health all the time.”

Robot: “yes.”

Norman didn’t disturb the little mermaid’s sleep. He turned and walked to the bedroom. At the same time, he opened zhinao and ordered shrimp dumplings and crab roe soup dumplings, which the little mermaid liked best for breakfast.

Although it doesn’t taste good to remove impurities after the food is prepared, it tastes good to cook it in advance. When the little mermaid wakes up, she can eat breakfast directly.

The interval between dinner and Breakfast becomes longer. I’m afraid the Little Mermaid will be hungry when she wakes up.

An Jin didn’t wake up until almost eight o’clock. He was stunned when he saw the time. Usually he woke up at six thirty. He also slept at ten o’clock last night.

And even if you wake up, you don’t feel very cautious, and even feel a little irritable.

Norman, dressed in a neat military uniform, sat on the sofa in the living room reading documents. Suddenly, he received a report from the robot. The little mermaid woke up.

He strode to the door of the mermaid room and knocked on the door: “Ann, may I come in?”

An Jin also sat on the clam bed to wake up. At the same time, he recalled whether the sleep quality was too poor due to his dream last night. That’s why he slept so long. When he heard Norman’s voice, he quickly said, “yes.”

Embarrassment rose in his heart. Norman must know he had slept in.

He swam out of the water with his big blue tail, put his hands on the edge of the bank and looked at Norman who pushed the door in.

He said subconsciously, “good morning.”

Norman replied, went to the little mermaid and squatted down. He raised his hand and pushed away the hair pasted on the little mermaid’s cheek. When his finger abdomen touched the little mermaid’s cheek, his eyebrows twisted up: “you have a fever!”

The body temperature of the mermaid is lower than that of human beings. He knows the temperature on the body surface of the mermaid very well. At this time, it is obviously a little hotter than usual.

An Jin was slightly stunned. He didn’t feel headache or dizziness. He probed his forehead with his finger belly: “No.”

Norman took the back of his neck, lowered his head to his forehead, and remained serious: “there’s almost no temperature difference.”

The two were too close. An Jin’s heart jumped uncontrollably. When they didn’t realize it, they rubbed Norman’s forehead.

This intimate touch dissipated his original impatience.

“Ann?” Norman was slightly surprised, and an idea immediately came to his mind. He was uncomfortable and was flirting with him.

An Jin was stunned for a second and then recovered. His eyes were slightly open and his head subconsciously shrank back, because Norman’s hand around the back of his neck couldn’t pull away.

Norman quickly let go of his hand: “sorry, I’ll contact Dr. hornard.” He opened his mind and comforted with a warm voice, “it won’t be uncomfortable soon.”

Realizing that he had misunderstood, an Jin reached out and grabbed Norman’s wrist: “no, No.”

Feeling the insignificant temperature difference between the two people, the information about the estrous period of the mermaid queried last night appeared in his mind.

Estrus will consume a lot of energy, so the Mermaid will become sleepy in the early stage of estrus. At the same time, the body will have fever, and the temper will become irritable.

When the heat reaches its peak, the Mermaid will fall into formal estrus, and then the Mermaid will have a short period of weakness.

When he read yesterday, he thought it might not be applicable to him. After all, his previous symptoms were completely inconsistent. He just lost scales and changed scales.

Now it seems that the data also apply to him. He has a fever.

This also means that his estrus period has come.

Thinking about his last reaction, he turned his head to look under the pool. He didn’t see any scales and felt relieved.

Although he knows that scaling off will not affect his health, the scene of large-scale scaling off is terrible and there will be a sense of crisis of baldness.

Norman looked into the water along the little mermaid’s line of sight. He didn’t find anything strange. He was worried that the little mermaid refused to see the doctor and wanted to hide in the pool.

He comforted: “don’t be afraid. After the doctor’s treatment, your body will be comfortable.”

Ann Jin shook his head at Norman: “I’m not afraid.” He grabbed Norman’s hand and unconsciously used a little force. With a crack, his nails bounced out.

He quickly loosened his hands and looked at Norman’s hands. Fortunately, his nails were opposite and didn’t scratch Norman.

“I’m not uncomfortable,” he relaxed his fingers and retracted his nails. “Yes, it’s normal.”

Norman’s eyes showed a trace of confusion. Soon, he would come again.

The last time the little mermaid changed scales during estrus, he was very worried. He consulted all the information related to Mermaid estrus, so he knew it very well.

His heart beat quickly. He took a deep breath and restrained his mind: “I’ll ask the cook to bring breakfast. You have more rest.”

An Jin’s cheeks were burning uncontrollably, and he was a little surprised. Norman’s reaction was clearly that he had understood what was going on with him.

He was a little embarrassed and whispered, “go and be busy. I’ll take care of myself.”

This was just the early stage. Even if he fell into estrus, he didn’t mean to let Norman stay, like courtship.

He experienced it once. Although he was embarrassed and shy, he thought he could spend it by himself. He could do it!

Norman hesitated for a moment: “well, if… Uncomfortable, contact me in time.”

The physical reaction of the mermaid in the early stage is all for preparation. It will be difficult for the mermaid during the formal love period.

The response of the little mermaid during estrus last time was completely different from the data, but this time it was very consistent.

Although he didn’t know how the little mermaid spent last time, he knew very well that the little mermaid didn’t last long.

If the later reaction of the little mermaid is the same as the data, I’m afraid it will be very hard. He has to make some preparations.

Ann Jin didn’t know Norman’s mental activity. Seeing Norman cooperating with him, she was relieved and nodded.

Military parking lot.

Norman jumped out of the levitation car and walked to the military headquarters building. After passing a levitation car, he stopped, turned and looked to the left.

Mu Chen stood between the two suspension cars, facing his suspension car, leaned close to the window and sorted out the shirt collar in the military uniform.

After finishing, he tilted his head and lengthened his side neck. He looked carefully. He seemed dissatisfied and raised his collar again.

“Are you going on a blind date today?” Asked Norman.

More than half of the heads of the military are single, high-ranking and single, and the market is very good.

A small number of former army heads who have successfully retired to the second line and are in the technical department, logistics department and other departments are particularly keen to lead the red line.

Most of the time, in order to save the face of the elders and want to get rid of the order, some Legion leaders will agree to a blind date.

Only at this time, the Corps leaders who have always paid no attention to appearance will pay special attention to dressing.

In Norman’s opinion, Mu Chen’s act of striving for perfection in dress is to dress up.

Mu Chen jumped down in situ. When he landed, his body had turned to Norman. He put his hand down from his collar and smiled: “no, I didn’t pay attention in the morning. I twisted the button.”

Norman looked at it with eyes and raised his eyebrows. “What are you panicking about?”

“No, where am I panicking?” Mu Chen immediately retorted and left the parking area.

Norman didn’t tangle with this topic. They went to the military headquarters building together.

Norman looked thoughtful. When the little mermaid was in estrus last time, Mu Chen told him how to deal with it and decided to buy everything online later.

Walking around, Mu Chen’s left neck itched slightly, his fingers moved, always wanted to reach out and touch it, and restrained in time.

This feeling, which could not be ignored, made him think of what had happened the night before yesterday. His expression changed rapidly, and his palm seemed to be burning and suddenly clenched.

He shouldn’t be soft hearted! His hands were sour and he was bitten by the cool little silver.

The more you think about it, the more you lose!

“Admiral Mu Chen, why are you so angry early in the morning?” Garrot met them, saluted Norman and slapped Mu Chen on the left shoulder.

Garrot was the tallest and strongest of all the army leaders. He slapped boldly and touched Mu Chen’s side neck.

“Hiss…” Mu Chen took a breath in pain, immediately tilted his shoulder to get rid of garrot’s hand and took a step aside.

If it hurt on the battlefield, he could not look at it. However, garrot’s action was too sudden, and he was in a safe state, unprepared, and the conditional reflex made a sound.

Garrot looked at Mu Chen in surprise: “what’s the matter with you? Why are you so delicate? It’s no good. It’s not practical,” he was eager to try, “how about we play at noon?”

Mu Chen stared at him: “you are delicate and don’t fight.”

Norman: “hurt?”

Garrot looked at Mu Chen’s shoulder: “why is it red?”

Mu Chen immediately pulled up his collar and took the opportunity to say, “take it easy in the future.”

Garrot looked at his hand incredulously, and then looked at Mu Chen: “Why are you more delicate than little white face?”

“Your Majesty.” Xie Li walked up, saluted Norman, nodded politely to Mu Chen, and returned to the research department with a faint look.

Garrot looked back and wrinkled his face. “It’s over. It’s heard again.”

Mu Chen smiled at the corners of his mouth, quite gloating: “who asked you to give nicknames to others?”

The three went to the office area. Before they separated, adjutant Norman came over excitedly.

“Your Majesty, after discussing with the technical personnel of rabesin, director Xie has formulated a plan to directly strengthen and upgrade the mecha. I hope your majesty and all military commanders will send the mecha to you when they are free for real-time adjustment.”

Norman nodded: “direct notification.”

The adjutant should step down.

Mu Chen’s eyes brightened and patted garrot on the shoulder: “don’t argue. Just take the last place. Thank you for your humility.”

Garrot retorted loudly, “who said I should be humble! I’ll go after the meeting!”

Mu Chen reminded: “don’t forget the last mecha maintenance. If you just said, director Xie heard it clearly. People didn’t give you a look.”

Garrot opened his mind: “I apologize now!”

After breakfast, Anjin soaks in the pool to check jorens’ information.

Jorens told him that rabesin had signed a technology exchange agreement with siosin, exchanging mecha technology for medical technology, and said some other government arrangements.

He told jorens that he didn’t have to tell him, but jorens insisted and said: Wang won’t bother in government affairs, but everything must be told to Wang.

After reading it, he received a report from the robot, and the seeds of the last two star alliance members arrived.

When the robot takes out the seeds, an Jin leaves the pool, goes to the seed room to purify the seeds, and then asks the robot to send the space filled with pure seeds to jorens.

On the first two occasions, he sent the seeds to the Star Alliance for testing after he learned that the Rabe army was about to return. Only after the Rabe army officially set out from that planet did he hand over the seeds to the director of that planet.

But then it was taken over by jorens.

So an Jin had nothing to do for the time being. He just waited for all the mermaids to finish the operation. After the observation period, he went to labe star.

An Jin returned to the pool and opened the mermaid chat group. The group was very lively, and Xiaoyin became active again.

At noon, Norman returned to the palace and had lunch with an Jin. Seeing that the little mermaid was in good condition, he returned to the military headquarters.

In the afternoon, an Jin watched a two-hour reading video and began to practice his powers. In less than half an hour, he felt tired and sensitive to the discovery that his body was hotter.

He stopped practicing and rested on the big crab. After a while, he fell asleep unconsciously.

Norman finished processing the papers, sat in the office, browsing the usage of various magical tools, frowning and looking deep.

Really want to use this for the little mermaid? Just think about it, he finds it unbearable.

An Jin was awakened by heat. This familiar dryness and heat and the sense of emptiness in his heart made him immediately understand what had happened.

Although there are some differences with the information, without a buffer period of one or two days, an Jin feels more happy because he can avoid embarrassment as soon as it ends early.

However, he was not happy soon, because he found that his last experience was useless.

He was paralyzed behind the door of the bathroom. The fishtail skirt was spread under him. The beautiful blue tail was completely exposed. There was a faint fishy smell in the air. The light blue fishtail skirt was stained with some white.

An Jin’s tail patted the ground up and down, and his body unconsciously rubbed the fishtail skirt, but he couldn’t relieve the itching behind him.

His brain was chaotic and his hand stretched back, but his hand was too shaking. He hit the scales and his fingernails snapped out.

An Jin lies on the ground discouraged. This time he feels much worse than last time, and almost loses control of his body.

He was dry and hot. When his cheek was close to his wrist, he met his brain. He almost instinctively wanted to find a way to make himself comfortable. He unconsciously dialed Norman’s communication.

Norman immediately connected and heard the murky and rapid breath of the little mermaid.

Norman sprang up from his seat. How fast!

He ran all the way out of the office. When he got out of the building, he took out the mecha, set the stealth mode, and drove the mecha back to the palace.

“Ann?” Stand at the bathroom door and knock gently.

An Jin put his head against the door, and the knock directly rushed to his head. His unclear mind immediately found a trace of reason.

He was stunned first, thinking vaguely, how did Norman come back?

“Good boy, open the door.” Norman added.

At this time, an Jin found that the sound had a duet and a sound from zhinao.

He was almost on the spot.

He’s looking for Norman!


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