After Being a Mermaid Chapter 72

An Jin’s breathing suddenly became more urgent. He closed the communication with shaking hands.

Before the communication hung up, Norman heard the little mermaid’s panic breathing clearly, and almost immediately thought of the little mermaid’s embarrassment and shyness.

An Jin bit his lips and reluctantly sat up. He wanted to put on his fishtail skirt again. However, the cloth wrapped around his feet and rubbed his skin, which made him tremble uncontrollably.

As soon as he released his strength, his body fell back to the door panel, hit the back of his head and made a thump. His voice was urgent and embarrassed: “I…”

Norman’s heart tightened when he heard the sound of knocking against the door, and he felt distressed because of the little mermaid’s hoarse voice.

“Ann, don’t panic, don’t be afraid,” Norman said steadily. “Good boy, stay away from the door.”

An Jin’s hot head was hit more clearly. Because Norman’s comfort was a little calm, he subconsciously listened to Norman’s words and wanted to move aside, but he didn’t move because his lower body was a big tail.

He turned his tail into legs and stood up with the door.

The next moment, his body froze, and the feeling of the liquid flowing from behind slipping on the inner side of his thigh was particularly clear, like climbing up and down.

As soon as his feet were soft, he moved to the wall and sat down. His feet became tails.

One of his few rational thoughts, at least his tail has scales, and it’s no shame not to be naked.

“Ann,” Norman didn’t hear anything, and his eyebrows frowned slightly, “I’m coming in.”

An Jingcai moved his position and felt the cool touch under his body. His tail twisted unconsciously. He wanted to absorb the coolness and reduce his impatience through friction.

When he heard Norman’s voice, his long eyelashes trembled, and a deep desire came into his heart, so he didn’t stop it.

Norman didn’t hear the rejection. He was really worried about the little mermaid and gently pushed the door open.

Without feeling the pressure behind the door, his expression was slightly relaxed.

The little mermaid obeyed his words and moved away, which also means that the little mermaid did not exclude him from coming in.

As soon as he entered, he saw the little mermaid sitting against the wall, with her side face against the wall, her cheeks reddish and her tail rubbing against the ground.

At the same time, he keenly smelled the light relieved smell. His eyes were slightly dark and his Adam’s apple rolled up and down uncontrollably.

“Ann.” He squatted in front of the little mermaid, raised his hand and brushed away the long hair that slipped to the little mermaid’s eyes.

An Jin’s eyes seem to be filled with a Wang of water. His peach blossom eyes are hazy and his eyes are red. His usually crimson lips are darker and very gorgeous.

The finger belly with a thin cocoon brushed his cheek with a slight numbness. An Jin’s whole body was hot. At this time, he was added with a fire. He had no reason but instinct.

He subconsciously grabbed Norman’s hand, his body also pasted towards Norman, raised his tail and slammed it down to the ground, with great reverse thrust.

Norman was stunned by the extra active little mermaid, so he was pushed back and hit the door half pushed, and the door was wide open.

He was about to stabilize his body, but the little mermaid tightly wrapped around him. He stretched out his hand around the little mermaid’s waist and lay on his back on the ground.

An Jin pressed Norman, his face buried in Norman’s side neck, rubbed his action in a hurry, and his tail kept twisting, close to Norman.

Norman breathed again. He took a deep breath and restrained his mind.

An Jin couldn’t vent. He was more eager. He made an uncomfortable hum in his throat and sobbed.

He loosened his hand around Norman’s neck, put one hand on Norman’s shoulder and moved the other down.

Norman glanced at his long nails, quickly took his wrist, put his hand on his shoulder and comforted him in a deep voice: “I’ll help you.”

The hand he held on the little mermaid’s waist moved forward and down along his side waist. The palm was soon hot, and the heat ran all the way to his heart.

Norman’s forehead was covered with fine sweat, and his brown eyes were very dark, like the deep sea that set off a hurricane. They looked very dangerous.

An Jin didn’t notice it. He hummed comfortably and painfully, and kept rubbing. After a half ring, his breathing stagnated and his body softened.

Norman got up with the little mermaid who had temporarily stopped. The little mermaid was obedient, with his cheek close to his side neck and his head down. He could only see the red neck and ears.

An Jin’s eyelashes trembled quickly. After relief, his reason returned a little. He remembered the previous scene clearly and wanted to evaporate on the spot.

Norman stood up with the little mermaid in one hand and went to the washstand to wash his hands.

An Jin glanced slightly and hurriedly buried his face back.

Although he was an unmarried partner, he still felt very embarrassed.

His body was very tired, but the tip of his nose was full of familiar male breath. The heat that had only receded slightly swept again, even more violent.

An Jin unconsciously rubbed Norman’s tail, took Norman’s neck again, and put his face close to him.

Norman was slightly stunned, his sword eyebrows closed, and looked down at the little mermaid. His exquisite little face was a little tired.

He smelled the smell before. He just helped the little mermaid himself.

According to the data, the body instinct of Mermaid will be ready before estrus, but the little mermaid is different, and the preparation period is less than one day.

He pondered for a moment and decided to take the little mermaid to the bathtub on the second floor. In the water, the spirit of the little mermaid might be better.

He leaned over slightly and picked up the tail of the little mermaid. His hand was immediately contaminated with a liquid slightly thicker than water. He paused and looked at his tail.

Just look at the front. There is no water on the surface of the tail.

An Jin’s tail was picked up and couldn’t rub. He just felt worse: “itch.”

Norman’s Adam’s apple rolled and his voice was deep: “where?”

An Jin only hoped that Norman would make him comfortable. He said it honestly.

Norman’s breathing was slightly sluggish. He held the little mermaid and turned to the washstand. From the mirror, he clearly saw that the scales moved away, and the exposed part had a bright surface, and water kept flowing out.

Norman’s cheeks were tense for a moment, his forehead was blue and his veins jumped violently, and he just felt that he was going to explode the next moment.

He took the little mermaid in his arms and quickly walked out of the mermaid room.

When an Jin was put into the bathtub, he regained some consciousness, and then his tail suddenly bounced up and splashed Norman with water.

Embarrassed and alarmed, he raised his hand and covered his back. Norman was careful and put warm water. However, his body was too hot and his body was even hotter. Due to the obvious temperature difference, the water enters the body, and the ice makes him smart.

“I……” an Jin almost cried. Why is this!

He lay on his hands in the bathtub. His first idea was to go out, but his tail just raised and couldn’t move at all.

He subconsciously changed his feet, raised his feet and stepped out. As soon as his feet came out of the water and touched the air lower than the water temperature, the feeling of empty belly was particularly obvious. His expression was stiff and he turned and lay down in the bathtub.

However, he soon realized that this posture was not very good, and he changed back to his tail.

He has no face to see Norman.

The little mermaid made a series of movements very fast. Norman saw clearly and soon understood the root cause.

He said in a dull voice, “I’m sorry.” After a pause, he adjusted his breathing and said again, “I’ll adjust the water temperature and tell me if it’s appropriate.”

An Jin whispered until he didn’t notice the obvious temperature difference. He whispered, “OK.”

When the water temperature rose, he was swept by the heat again.

Norman keenly felt that the breathing sound of the little mermaid became heavier. He squatted in front of the bathtub, tried to restrain the surging desire, and seriously asked, “Ann, can I help you?”

An Jin curled up his fingers, and the long fingernails popped up against the palm of his hand. The slight pain made his thoughts clear.

He thought for a moment and nodded.

If Norman would, he would, with their relationship, he had no need to refuse.

Moreover, according to Xiaoyin’s experience and his physical reaction, the methods of Issa Mermaid and teke Mermaid through estrus are likely to be different.

It’s hard for him to get through it by himself unless he resists.

But there is no need to refuse Norman’s hard resistance, which is not good for him and Norman.

After he nodded, his body completely changed into human form.

His jade white skin was stained with powder, and the red of his cheeks and ears was even more obvious. His fingers curled up but were held by his nails.

He looked at Norman quickly. Norman’s uniform was wet. He said, “go to bed.”

He wasn’t sure when it would end. He could stay in the water all the time, but Norman couldn’t. his skin would wrinkle.

Norman leaned over and picked him up, walking a little uneasy to the bedside.

An Jin went to the bed and removed all the water from his body. He didn’t wet the bed. As soon as he was next to the bed, he stretched out his hand and lifted the thin blanket to cover his body.

Norman quickly took off his military coat and leaned over an Jin: “an an an.”

An Jin’s eyes are slightly red with the hot steam. He still remembers his worry: “I’m… I’m afraid my nails will scratch you. Also, I’m not sure if I can keep my human shape all the time.”

Norman lowered his body and said in a dark voice, “it doesn’t matter. Don’t worry. I won’t get hurt.”

An Jin trusted Norman very much and relaxed at the sound of his speech.

Norman kissed his crimson lips. The soft touch almost made him dare not use force and licked gently like wind and rain. Until the urge of the juvenile instinct, he could no longer restrain himself and became like a storm.

After a long time, an Jin’s body heat finally subsided. He lay on the bed and didn’t want to move.

Norman was satisfied and distressed: “Ann, eat and sleep?”

An Jin’s delicate eyebrow frowned, and his head turned to the other side, as if he wanted to stay away from the disturbing noise.

Norman looked at the back of the boy’s head and his eyes were very gentle. He thought for a moment, gave up asking the boy to get up and eat the delicious food prepared by the cook, and took out a agent a.

He took the little mermaid and slowly fed a dose of agent a.

An Jin swallowed subconsciously. When his tongue was entangled, he unconsciously shook his head and said in a hoarse voice, “No.”

Norman kissed the corner of the boy’s mouth and pressed the mood that he still wanted to “eat again” to let the little mermaid have a good rest.

It was two o’clock in the morning the next day, but he was not sleepy at all. Instead, he was in good spirits.

He used to think that driving a mecha and fighting happily is the best and happiest thing in the world. Now, he has completely changed this idea.

He sat by the bed and looked at the boy’s side face. After a long time, he looked away and opened his mind.

Zhi has a lot of unread information in his mind, most of which are concerned about an Jin.

There was too much noise when he returned to the palace. Although stealth mode was enabled on the road, many people in the military headquarters saw him leaving in a hurry.

Norman first replied to jorens’s message: “Ann is all right,” he paused and added, “it’s just the estrus period.”

Then he replied this message to Mu Chen, and the others simply replied in two words: nothing.

Mu Chen was awakened by the news prompt. He looked at it at will and dropped his hand. The next moment, he raised his hand and looked at it again. After sweeping the time, he immediately gossip: “did you help Ann spend it?”

Norman did not answer and asked, “did you help Xiao Yin spend the last two days?”

Mu Chen: “good night, go to bed.”

An Jin slept until twelve o’clock and woke up hungry. When he woke up, his head was still a little confused.

He subconsciously wagged his tail, but his body didn’t feel light swimming in the water as usual. Instead, his feet hit the bed, which didn’t hurt, but the feeling of resistance was very obvious.

He immediately lowered his head and tilted his feet. He saw a pair of straight long legs. The light shone through the window. His skin was almost white. Therefore, the mottled green, red and purple marks on it were particularly conspicuous.

An Jin was stunned for a moment. Last night’s events appeared in his mind. His face turned red.

He did not expect that Norman, who was usually calm and serious, would be so crazy when he was in love. The feeling of being gently bitten all the way from heel to inner thigh seemed to remain on his skin.

His heart beat rapidly and he hurriedly got up on the bed. His movements were stiff because his waist was sore.

He rubbed his waist and wrinkled his beautiful face.

Suddenly, a pair of big hands stretched out, and his body soared. Before he shouted, he sat on Norman’s legs the next second.

He quickly looked up and looked into Norman’s deep eyes. He was nervous and shy: “good morning.”

Norman smiled low and his chest shook slightly.

Ann Jin’s nervous mood dissipated when he saw Norman’s obvious smile.

“Good noon,” Norman rubbed the boy’s waist. “It’s hard?”

An Jin felt the feeling of his body and was embarrassed: “I exercise too little.”

Norman asked, “is it uncomfortable not to be in the water for so long?”

An Jin shook his head. When he and Norman were officially together, he could change his feet at will.

Thinking of what happened last night, his thoughts involuntarily turned to his body. He moved uneasily, and Norman breathed: “what’s the matter?”

An Jin was a little embarrassed, but when he thought of their relationship, he didn’t hide: “I feel that there is something in it.”

Norman took him by the waist, drew the boy closer to himself, and bowed his head to kiss his lips, which could easily make him disorderly.

However, only kissed the back of the hand.

An Jin’s right palm stopped between them. His eyes blinked quickly and said seriously, “I, I haven’t brushed my teeth yet.”

He hurriedly pushed Norman away and jumped out of bed. His white feet stepped on the ground. He looked down for a while and suddenly thought that he didn’t wear slippers yesterday.

Norman followed him out of bed, gently picked up the boy and let the boy step on his big Slippers: “wear mine.”

“And you?” An Jin didn’t put his foot in the hole.

Norman’s foot gently touched the back of the boy’s foot: “hot, no need.”

An Jin felt the heat in Norman’s feet, and his round fingers shrank. Then he bowed his head and stuffed his feet into his slippers.

He walked out the door and was held by Norman on his shoulder. “There’s your toiletries in the bathroom, new.”

An Jin’s heart jumped quickly. Are you going to live together?

Norman took the boy to the bathroom and said, “after washing, you go to the mermaid room to rest, and I’ll ask the cook to deliver lunch.”

An Jin nodded, glanced at his casual clothes, and suddenly came over: “did you ask for leave because of me?”

Norman didn’t want to burden the boy, and he didn’t have to go to the military headquarters on time: “normal vacation.”

After washing, an Jin returned to the mermaid room, soaked in the pool, and checked the unread information before lunch.

Jorens reported on the rabesian army who had returned in the past two days, and then cared about his body: “Wang, the pregnancy rate during estrus is very high. Please pay attention to your body at all times. Maybe you already have a baby.”

Ann Jin looked a little embarrassed. Unexpectedly, jorens would know that he had a relationship with Norman.

But soon, he was more curious than embarrassed: “… Can humans and mermaids have babies?”

“Of course!” Jorens’s message came in less than a minute. “One of the humans who broke into Rabe fell in love with the mermaid and didn’t leave with the team with Mermaid genes. He stayed in exchange. He had offspring with the mermaid.”

An Jin was stunned, thanked jorens, and then looked at his abdomen.

Shouldn’t it be so accurate?

The lunch was very rich, but Ann Jin didn’t concentrate on it. Norman couldn’t help worrying: “I’ll ask hornard to check it for you?”

“No!” An Jin has a lot of marks on his body. He doesn’t want to see people, and he’s not uncomfortable. He’s just a little tired. This is a normal phenomenon.

After eating, he looked at Norman and reminded him in advance: “I want to tell you something. Don’t be too nervous.”

Norman was surprised to see the little mermaid’s serious appearance. The little mermaid was in good health. He couldn’t think of anything that would make him nervous: “OK, I’m not nervous.”

An Jin said about the adult differentiation of the mermaid into gender, and then pointed to the end of his eyes: “I’m the Sark Mermaid. Jorens said that humans and mermaids can also breed offspring.”

Norman froze and looked down, but he couldn’t see his lower abdomen because the little mermaid was next to the wall of the pool.

He stood up abruptly. “I’ll ask hornard to examine you!”

An Jin was funny and moved: “you said you wouldn’t be nervous. Even if there is… Baby, you can’t find it now.”

Norman breathed out, squatted down and looked at him carefully: “sorry, I don’t know. I should take contraception.”

“It’s none of your business,” an Jin smiled at him. “I should have asked earlier, and it doesn’t matter.”

Now that he has accepted the baby, he doesn’t care sooner or later.

Norman was very concerned: “it doesn’t matter. You’re still young! We don’t want children for the time being.”

An Jin didn’t think he was very young. After thinking about it, he didn’t understand the baby Mermaid, and there were still a lot of things he didn’t do, so he nodded: “let Dr. hornard prescribe some medicine for me.”

At such a recent time, there are totally ways to avoid pregnancy, and the medical technology here is so good that there is no need to worry about the side effects of drugs.

Norman showed a rare tangled look: “what if it already exists?” His face soon became firm. “Don’t take medicine! With a baby, I will take good care of you.”

He said seriously, “I’ll pay attention later.”

An Jin was very warm in his heart and held his hand: “don’t be nervous, I will take good care of myself.”

Norman nodded, saw that his face was tired, rubbed the top of his hair, let him rest, and sat on the sofa in the mermaid room to deal with the documents.

An Jin slept for two hours. When he woke up, he was in good spirits and played with his brain with a big crab.

He first read the news of the mermaid group. The mermaid with poor memory has noticed that his memory has become better!

Jorens sent the video of Rabe’s early childhood education to the mermaids to let them learn. They seem to like it very much and always talk about it.

Three days later, the mermaid from the last remote planet was received to SiO. After a day’s rest, she underwent gene repair surgery.

After the seven-day observation period, if the Mermaids have no physical problems, they are ready to go to labe.

Norman is busy these days, arranging various military headquarters and arranging a welcoming team.

An Jin is also busy. First upgrade the mental strength of the three who expose the private Mermaid, and then buy seeds to purify it.

Jorens sued Selen star on behalf of labe star and showed evidence that the main fleet of labe star encountered a sneak attack, which was ordered by the prince of Selen star.

At the same time, an Jin announced the public sale of purified seeds, but banned the purchase of selenxin.

The reputation of the eldest prince of Selen star suddenly became very low. The other princes and princesses took advantage of the chaos to seize power, and there was chaos in Selen star.

Finally, in the voice of the people, the Grand Prince took the initiative to apologize and send rich reparations.

Only then did an Jin open the purchase right of purified seeds to Cylon star.

Everyone in the Star Alliance realized that even if the mermaid planet joined the Star Alliance, it was not easy to provoke. Of course, it could not be provoked.

The compensation was all handled by jorens. An Jin took the money to sell seeds and bought a large number of medical equipment and animal cores.

Rabe prepared his wedding for him. He also wanted to do something. As for the beast core, it was prepared for the Holy tree and used to upgrade his powers.

When his mind turned, a mist appeared in front of him and exploded.

It forms a more delicate and rich fog, blurring the line of sight.


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