After Being a Mermaid Chapter 73

Norman walked into the living room and saw the boy sitting on the sofa in beige casual clothes. He looked at zhinao and frowned unconsciously.

He walked over, leaned over and kissed the boy’s eyebrows. Wen Sheng asked, “Why are you unhappy?”

An Jin’s eyebrows and eyes stretched out. He looked up and smiled at him: “I’m not unhappy.”

He didn’t even feel his frown. He showed Norman the product search interface: “there are no level 8 or 9 animal cores on the market.”

The higher the level, the more expensive the animal core is, and there is no animal core at level 89.

Although his current water ability is only level 4, he can upgrade very quickly. If he is baptized successfully on Rabe, the upgrade speed may be increased.

Therefore, he wants to prepare the beast core that will be used in the future upgrade in advance, so that the upgrade will not slow down because there is no beast core.

Norman sat next to him and gave him popular science: “level 89 beast cores are from SS and SSS star beasts. There are few of them. The research institute has made mecha energy boxes.”

He said, taking out the nine level energy box from the space button: “this is made of three nine level crystal nuclei. Can you try it?”

The energy box is a square black box, about 50 cm long, 50 cm wide and 50 cm high.

An Jin falls on the energy box and runs the water power. He feels the majestic energy, but he can’t absorb it.

The energy flowing and absorbable in the animal core seemed to lose its activity and solidify. He tried twice and shook his head: “No.”

Norman rubbed the top of his hair: “I asked the military to pay more attention to the star beast, and then kill the high-level star beast, and the beast core will stay.”

An Jin smiled at him, “thank you.”

Norman slid his hand to the back of his neck and touched his forehead. “Sleep in the bedroom tonight?” He paused and promised, “I won’t mess around.”

He didn’t want the boy to go back to the pool to sleep like last night.

An Jin’s cheeks warmed up instantaneously, his heart beat faster, and nodded.

Norman rubbed his thumb against his side face and whispered, “sorry, did you scare you the other day?”

An Jin shook his head and whispered, “I’m just tired if I’m not scared.” As he spoke, he pursed his lower lip, and his cheek swelled unconsciously.

Norman touched him on the cheek, his head ringing.

The cook informed them that dinner was ready. After the dinner walk, they returned to the living room.

An Jin translated the latest document from the technology department. The content of this document is rare in life and contains some professional terms.

This is the second upgrade of the translator. The work efficiency of the technology department is very high. We often visit the post use feeling of the translator users and constantly expand our vocabulary.

An Jin translated very seriously. After the mermaid was determined to be an intelligent creature and rabesin joined the Star Alliance, the translator has been sold to the outside world, the sales volume is very good, and he also has dividends.

Norman looked at the wedding process design table. Everything in the military headquarters had been arranged, and all the scenes that needed him to attend had been arranged.

He usually patrols extraterrestrials. Going to Rabe will not affect SiO. It’s no different from going out for a patrol. SiO doesn’t have to move his daily defense at all.

His bracelet kept shaking. He glanced. It was the news of the mermaid boss group.

Seeing nothing was just gossip, he set the group to do not disturb mode.

When the last group of mermaids finished the operation, the life of the first group of mermaids had changed quietly.

Mu Chenjia

When Mu Chen came home, he saw Xiao Yin sitting on the floor of the living room, his back against the side of the sofa, with a wheelchair beside him.

He was surprised and quickly walked over: “what’s the matter with you?”

Xiaoyin looked away from the virtual screen, looked up at him, his silver eyes lit up for a moment, and then screwed up his eyebrows: “you are 13 minutes later than usual!”

As he spoke, he raised his tail and patted the ground with a crisp ‘PA’.

Mu Chen was surprised: “you remember clearly,” he swept his silver tail from childhood and couldn’t help asking, “don’t you hurt?”

Little silver raised her eyebrows and glanced at him: “I’m a mermaid! I’m not as delicate as you humans.”

Mu Chen did not care to explain that he was’ delicate ‘, but said happily, “it’s rare. You finally know I’m human.”

Little silver hummed, “are you questioning my wisdom?”

“Of course not. You’re so smart.” Mu Chen said immediately. He went to Xiaoyin and pointed to the wheelchair. “Do you want me to take you up?”

Xiao Yin: “no, I’m not waiting for you to sit in a wheelchair!”

“Did you wait for me?” Mu Chen was surprised.

Xiaoyin thought of waiting more than ten minutes and said unhappily, “you’re too slow!”

Mu Chen was helpless: “I didn’t know you would wait for me. I took a little time to hand over the work with others,” he scanned Xiaoyin’s brain. “You can contact me directly if you have something in the future.”

He said, “what do you want from me?”

The small silver tail fin tilted upward and turned the virtual screen to Mu Chen. His eyes were full of expectation: “do you have a mecha?”

Mu Chen looks at the virtual screen. There is a video of Rabe being attacked. The mecha battle scene is very cool.

Mu Chen understood: “do you want to play mecha?”

Xiaoyin nodded immediately, and her eyes were very bright: “take me! I’ll give you a delicious flat fish!”

Mu Chen hesitated for a moment. The identity quality of the mermaid was great, but… He looked at Xiaoyin’s tail. Can he sit still?

Seeing that he didn’t speak, Xiao Yin thought he didn’t agree. He stretched out his right palm and compared two: “two!” He stared at Mu Chen, “damn two legged beast, don’t be greedy!”

Mu Chen took a smoke from the corner of his mouth: “you just called human beings,” he looked at Xiao Yin, “my name is mu Chen, you can call my name.”

Xiaoyin raised her chin and narrowed her eyes: “don’t you take me to play mecha without shouting?” He grinned his canine teeth. “Asshole, are you threatening me?”

Mu Chen glanced at his teeth and unconsciously touched his lower neck. The bitten wound had already recovered. He put down his hand and said silently, “where dare I threaten you.”

Xiao Yin paid attention to his movements. His expression froze for a moment and restrained his expression: “I, I didn’t mean it that day.”

He left the sofa with his back straight, stretched out his hand, but found that he couldn’t reach the height he wanted, and immediately said, “what are you doing standing so high? Show off to me?”

Mu Chen: “are you a fault finder?” He squatted down and reached for silver.

Little silver stared round: “what are you doing?”

Mu Chen: “take you to the mecha.”

Little silver’s tail subconsciously waved. Mu Chen quickly tried to stabilize his tail: “ancestor, don’t move. Don’t blame me if you fall down!”

Little silver hummed: “just move, you can’t hold it? You’re too weak!”

That said, his tail settled down.

Mu Chen knew little silver too well and followed good advice: “yes, I’m weak. You’re the strongest.”

Xiaoyin was satisfied: “glib human beings, they speak really well.”

Mu Chen silently turned his eyes and held it to the front yard. He bent over, slowly released his right hand and held Xiaoyin in his left hand: “you hold me to stop.”

Before learning the scooter, Xiao Yin was very skilled in holding Mu Chen at the station. He held Mu Chen’s arm in his hand, took out the space button in Mu Chen’s right hand and took out the mecha.

He was about to put the space button back. As soon as his left neck cooled, he jumped to the right and touched his neck.

Xiaoyin, who was holding his arm, suddenly lost his support, couldn’t stand steadily, fell to the right and hit Mu Chen.

Mu Chen quickly recovered and reached out to help Xiao Yin.

Little silver’s reaction is almost a conditioned reflex. His tail works hard, like bouncing on the water, but it’s on land.

His tail pushed back against the ground with great force. Before Mu Chen could hold him steady, he hit the ground.

When Mu Chen was about to land, he defended with mental strength in time. He didn’t fall. He was hit by something on his chin. He hurried to see Xiaoyin.

“Hiss…” little silver’s eyes floated physiological tears. The Yaoxing had not completely landed. The orange red light shone in his eyes and looked very bright.

Little silver covered her forehead and was very angry: “bastard bipedal beast, do you want to kill me?”

Mu Chen immediately knew what hit his chin. He propped up his upper body and took away Xiaoyin’s hand. His white forehead was red and his eyebrows were frowned.

He was helpless: “why did you suddenly touch my neck?”

Little silver stared at him: “didn’t you touch it yourself?”

Mu Chen was speechless: “can I touch it the same as you?”

“Why is it different?” Xiaoyin was unconvinced.

Mu Chen raised his hand and twisted his eyebrows. He decided not to fight against Xiaoyin: “I’ll take the therapeutic instrument to deal with it for you.”

Xiaoyin looked at his slender and neat fingers, his caudal fin burst unconsciously, and the scene of the night of oestrus appeared in his mind.

After he knew how mu Chen helped him, he decided to solve it in the same way. However, he found that it couldn’t work at all!

His nails are too long, and it doesn’t feel right.

Well… Being touched by someone is different from being touched by yourself.

He blinked quickly and said weakly, “OK, OK, it’s really different.” after that, he was full of confidence again. “I just want to see if you’re well! Why are you so timid!”

Mu Chen was slightly surprised. Xiao Yin looked at his neck again and reached out to lift his collar: “OK? I said that Mermaid saliva is good for treating wounds. You won’t let me lick it for you.”

Mu Chen held his wrist, quickly pulled down his collar and revealed his recovered neck: “OK.”

He loosened Xiaoyin, grabbed Xiaoyin and quickly stood up, changing the topic: “do you still play mecha?”

Little silver nodded heavily: “play!”

Mu Chen took Xiaoyin to the vice chair and made him sit unstable. He held the handrail and took the therapeutic instrument to deal with his forehead.

Little silver was surprised and patted her forehead: “it doesn’t hurt.”

Mu Chen put on the therapeutic instrument and drew at the corner of his mouth: “your own head, can’t you light it?”

“Hum, I’m the strongest Mermaid. I’m not afraid of pain.” Little silver lifted her chin gently.

Mu Chen looked at him and decided not to mention a mermaid with watery eyes before.

“Show you around the star of SiO?” Mu Chen paused, “soon you will go back to Rabe star and come back to si’ao. I don’t know when.”

Little silver looked at him: “are you unhappy?”

Mu Chen’s voice was slightly raised: “who said that?”

Xiaoyin proudly said, “don’t try to deceive me. Your voice is low. Don’t you want to give up me? Oh, I knew you were fascinated by me.”

Mu Chen: “… Why don’t you go back to the mermaid room?”

“No!” Xiao Yin immediately stared at him, “you go find someone to fight.”

Mu Chen hesitated and went to the challenge arena.

After two hours, Mu Chen was deeply regretted. This was definitely the loudest fight he had ever experienced.

Xiao Yin was so excited that he kept shouting in his ear. After the end, his ear seemed to still echo. Beat him, give him some color to see, and let him know our strength… These words.

When Xiaoyin went back, he was still not satisfied. Mu Chen couldn’t help but be very happy. Fortunately, he came out without dinner, otherwise he might have to “show off” all night.

Xiaoyin floats in the pool and eats the flat fish happily. Before Mu Chen leaves, he hears Xiaoyin say, “you’re quite powerful.”

Mu Chen’s original depression was gone: “good eyesight!”

Little silver raised her eyebrows and showed her canine teeth: “I will be more powerful than you.”

Xie left home

In the mermaid room, Ling Ling and Ruirui each have a roast fish in front of them. Xie Li sits on a seat not far away. There is a small tea table next to the seat, and garrot sits opposite him.

Ling Ling ate the fish: “it’s lighter than yesterday. Adding more salt should be more delicious.”

Ruirui also tasted the fish in front of him: “it’s a little spicy. You have to put less pepper.” he paused. “The spicy flavor was just good the day before yesterday.”

Xie Li wrote down their feedback: “I will adjust the chef’s menu.”

Lingling platinum’s eyes blinked: “can you add a new recipe? I read the history book. Previous humans, one Chinese dish, will be adjusted according to different people’s tastes.”

Garrot was surprised: “Ling Ling, you are so clever!”

Ruirui put his chin on Ling Ling’s shoulder: “of course, Ling Ling is the smartest.”

Xie Li nodded: “you can add a menu. In the menu, each Chinese dish is divided into categories according to the taste. When you order, be careful not to order wrong.”

As he spoke, he took notes in his mind. When it came to the last sentence, he paused.

Garrot glanced at his hand and looked at Ling Lingrui: “cook, will you take it away?”

Ling Ling shook her head: “no, we’ll be back soon.”

Xie Li looked at him. Ling Ling said, “Ruirui and I have discussed it. After baptism, they will come back after they become legs. Ann will also come back. Only he can make delicious seasonings.”

He seriously asked Xie Li, “will you still hire me? I’ve read a lot of books recently. I’m very interested in improving chefs. I need to learn a lot of knowledge and star coins for school.”

Ruirui said, “I want to be with Ling Ling, too.”

Xie Li: “of course, you are always welcome here. This is your new house.”

Ling Ling’s eyes lit up: “great!”

Garrot smiled happily: “don’t worry, you can go to school if you want. I’ll arrange it for you.”

Xie Li said faintly, “I hire both of them at the same time.”

Garrot: how can that be! Ruirui is my son

“What are you talking about?” Ruirui holds the shore with his hand and stares at garrot.

Garrot laughed, “you, you are my brother!”

The mermaid bosses all know that the mermaid is about to return to labe, and it is unknown whether she will come back after baptism.

Except for a few people who don’t care and are sure that the Mermaid will come back, most people are very depressed, especially those who have bought the mermaid for a long time.

The bubble floated in the pool and stared at Armon seriously.

While taking things from the space, Armon asked: “I checked the weather on labe star. Sometimes it will be very hot and the light is strong. You should remember to wear a hat.”

“These hair accessories are prepared for you. You should pay attention not to cut them off with your nails… But it’s okay. If you don’t have them, tell me and I’ll send them to you by express.”

His son Gaia whispered: “Rabe star has not opened Star Alliance express.”

Emon was silent for a moment and said to the bubble, “let your brother deliver it then.”

Bubble: “who is my brother?” His purple eyes stared round. “Did I forget my brother before?”

Emon patted Gaia on the shoulder. “He’s your brother.”


The bubble looked at Gaia’s feet and exclaimed, “when did you get baptized?”

Emon explained to the bubble, and the bubble realized that it was the human brother.

He hesitated for a moment, looked at the kind Emmon on his face, nodded and recognized his brother: “all right.”

Emmon was very happy and pleased: “after the bubble memory became better, he became more clever and sensible.”

Bubble nodded approvingly: “yes, bubble always remembers what the teaching video said to respect the old and love the young.”

Emon’s expression was stiff: old?

A week later, all the Mermaids responded well.

Jorens and Admiral Rabe were very happy. They gathered their troops and were ready to set off according to their deployment.

After another day’s preparation, Rabe’s army was integrated with the si’ao wedding team.

All the mermaids were sent to the main ship, accompanied by doctors, research institutes and maintenance personnel.

When an Jin and Norman arrived at the space port, they saw many former breeders and former Mermaid bosses who came to see them off.

Soon, the star fleet set off.


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