After Being a Mermaid Chapter 74

Main ship

An Jin sat on the sofa chair near the window, his hand against the window edge, his head facing out of the window, and his blue eyes were full of amazement.

Stars of different colors, dazzling nebulae and strange space scenery are close at hand. It feels very dreamy.

Norman looked at the boy attentively. Because he was amazed, the boy’s eyes were slightly open, and his clear blue eyes reflected all kinds of colored light, which was very charming.

An Jin’s excited mood calmed down after a while. Turning to share his mood with Norman, he looked into Norman’s deep eyes.

He blinked his eyes as quickly as he was burning. “Is such a voyage boring for you?” He smiled. “You don’t have to accompany me. I’ve seen the distribution map. There’s a training ground on the star ship.”

Norman is different from him. Norman has seen these scenes too many times. He knows that Norman likes fighting.

Norman kissed the shining scales at the end of his eyes and said seriously, “it’s not boring. This will definitely be my most impressive interstellar voyage.”

He held the boy’s hand and said, “the space scenery is different in different periods and regions. We’ll see it together in the future.”

An Jin’s eyes brightened and his heart was full of expectation: “good.” He turned to look out of the window and asked curiously, “will we pass the planets of Star Alliance Member States?”

“Of course.” Norman took the boy and explained the planets one by one.

Whether it was the resident star or the resource star, Norman explained carefully and told the youth what he knew.

His voice was steady and pointed to a green and yellow planet in front of him on the left: “it’s xihuixing. Their intelligent creatures look like humans, but their skin is green. Xihuixing has dense vegetation and is a large exporter of nutrient solution.”

An Jin is attracted by the content and listens very carefully. Looking at the green planet is completely different from the feeling of looking out of date not long ago.

Suddenly, he felt the rapid rise of mental strength. He was stunned. He turned and looked outside the door, but because he sat on the inside, his lips rubbed Norman’s side face.

He quickly deviated and was a little embarrassed.

Norman looked down at him, pinched his reddish ears, didn’t say anything more embarrassing to the boy, and asked, “what’s the matter?”

An Jin said his feelings and guessed: “there may be mermaids singing.”

Norman asked the Starship guard and soon got a reply: “yes, most mermaids are excited and singing.”

Norman rubbed the boy’s head: “don’t worry, the star ship is equipped with an energy isolation system, and their songs won’t attract star beasts.”

An Jin was stunned: “will singing attract star beasts?” He thought of something, “the star beast appeared in the backyard because I was singing?”

Norman nodded: “Haru beasts can easily feel energy fluctuations. They are the most difficult of all star beasts that feed on spiritual power. They can jump in space.”

An Jin suddenly realized, and then immediately understood: “later, an energy isolation system was installed in the garden?”

Norman made a sound and continued to explain the planet to the boy.

The guards and staff on the main ship all had bright eyes and excited faces.

In order to ensure the safety of the mermaid and help the mermaid solve the difficulties in time, the sound insulation system is not turned on in all the mermaid rooms.

Therefore, when the mermaid was excited about interstellar navigation and seeing the beauty of space, the song spread.

There are Mermaid songs everywhere, and the energy is scattered everywhere, pouring into the spiritual sea of the creatures on the star ship.

This must be heaven!

The guard who was not on duty during the rotation was too excited and shared the good news in the group, which was admired by the other star ship soldiers.

The atmosphere of the star fleet is relaxed. It’s like a group tour. In fact, it’s almost the same.

After an Jin’s excitement dissipated, he felt uncomfortable. He felt carsick. He pressed the corner of his forehead.

Norman immediately worried about asking. When he learned that he was uncomfortable, he quickly picked up the man and called hornard.

Ann Jin noticed that Norman was tight and patted him on the arm: “don’t be nervous, I’m fine, just a little dizzy.”

Norman carried him to the sofa where the guests met outside, with a very serious expression and no relaxation.

Anxin is helpless. He wonders if he is usually healthy. He rarely feels uncomfortable. That’s why Norman is so nervous.

Leonard’s next door. He’ll be here soon.

Seeing that Norman was so serious, he looked serious. After inspection, he breathed a sigh of relief: “it’s all right. It’s a normal symptom of the first interstellar voyage.”

Norman’s body was still tight: “no other reason? Not because of pregnancy?”

An Jin’s heart suddenly jumped and subconsciously looked at his stomach.

Hornard was stunned and checked again: “I’m not pregnant. I just need to supplement energy and rest more, and I’ll recover in two days.”

Norman finally breathed a sigh of relief and relaxed: “hard work.”

An Jin also breathed softly. He didn’t think that the discomfort might be due to pregnancy. Norman suddenly said, and he was startled.

Norman picked him up again and put him in the inner bedroom: “take a rest first. According to the time expected by jorens, you will stay on the star ship for more than ten days. When you are well, you can enjoy the scenery.”

An Jin slept for two hours, got up and drank a dose of agent A. he was not so dizzy.

Before long, jorens went to find Anjin.

Jorens sat down on the sofa in the outside reception room: “Wang, this is the place you chose. What do you like?”

He sent a document to an Jin.

An Jin opens it. It contains pictures and words. The first picture is the rabesin palace. The palace is divided into water and underwater parts. The building is very magnificent.

The last two are underwater and above water villas. They are very luxurious, but they have more breath of life than the palace.

An Jin thought about it and asked, “how do you arrange the mermaid?”

Jorens sent him another document: “I’m looking for you today for this matter. This is our plan. I want to listen to Wang’s opinions.”

An Jin read carefully. The juvenile mermaid was sent to the cub Conservation Association. The adult mermaid was temporarily arranged to a specially prepared school to study the courses of junior middle school and senior middle school.

Each mermaid is assigned a residence, and the residence of mermaids born on the same planet is closer.

In addition, each Mermaid enjoys tuition free treatment and a lifetime subsidy of 10000 yuan per month.

Although 10000 is far less than the salary of the mermaid signing the agreement in the Star Alliance, it belongs to the medium salary level in labe.

When jorens saw that an Jin looked away from the virtual screen, he knew that he had finished reading: “entering a special school is to make them familiar with Rabe star and understand the world. If they want to go to another school, they just need to pass the school’s enrollment examination.”

He paused: “but some majors in the University Department must pass the baptism to apply for the examination.”

An Jin thought for a moment and said, “why don’t I ask the Mermaids for you?”

Jorens smiled and said, “trouble king.”

An Jin sends the document to the group and opens the group voice: “you can put forward your opinions.”

The first ten minutes were very quiet. The Mermaids had been able to skillfully use their brains. They couldn’t open their voice when they didn’t speak. Unlike before, the voice was always on, which seemed noisy.

A familiar avatar appeared on the virtual screen. Xiaoyin’s voice came with some doubts: “why do you treat us so favorably? Do mermaids also need our spiritual strength?”

The next moment, there were several more avatars on the screen, and several voices sounded at the same time: “yes, yes, curious.”

“Doesn’t it mean that only by working can we make money? Why do we do nothing and are willing to give us money?”

“Didn’t the teaching video say? You can’t be greedy for cheap! It’s dangerous to get something for nothing.”

“Ling Ling is right. Emmon also said that you can’t take other people’s money casually, or you may sell yourself!”

An Jin flashed surprise in his eyes, and the corners of his mouth bent unconsciously. The Mermaids grew faster than he thought.

In fact, he had the same doubts, but he could feel jorens’ kindness, so he didn’t doubt jorens.

Jorens was equally surprised, and soon his surprise turned into relief. There was a moment of silence, and he spoke in a deep voice.

“It’s not something for nothing. This is the compensation given to you by Rabe star.”

Joe lunston explained the reason: “many years ago, Rabe’s life was still very backward. There was no mecha or spaceship. He didn’t even know that there were aliens.”

“It was not until one day that the human expedition came to labe that it brought a great shock to labe. Labe’s predecessors knew that there were not only other intelligent creatures, but also ferocious stars and beasts in the world.”

“Humans have found that Mermaid singing can help them heal their mental power, and Rabe also suspects that the ability of the Holy tree is weakened, as they said α Related to substances. ”

“Finally, rabesin made a deal with humans and exchanged Mermaid genes for technology. When humans left with genes, they promised that they would regard mermaid as the guest of honor, and would help Mermaid find another way of baptism, and then tell us.”

“But after the expedition left, there was no news. The predecessors of Rabe star kept developing technology. With star ships and mecha, they could carry out interstellar navigation. Unfortunately, they encountered new difficulties.”

Jorens stopped for a moment and said, “you are the continuation of genes. Rabe is developing well, but you… Sorry, we found you too late.”

An Jin didn’t expect such a history.

Norman, who had been sitting quietly next to him, opened his mouth and said in a low voice: “when the expedition returned, it encountered a star explosion and the whole army was destroyed. At that time, their communication was disturbed and left little information.”

“They ejected the life capsule at a critical juncture. The life capsule was destroyed and there was only one space button in it. After repairing the space button, the scientific research institute got the mermaid gene and cultivated the mermaid a long time later. At first, humans didn’t even know the particularity of the mermaid.”

Jorens sighed deeply: “I found the queen and was very angry when I learned about the mermaid’s situation. Later, I inquired about history and learned what happened later.”

He looked at the virtual screen: “you don’t have to worry. You deserve the treatment you receive.”

The crowd was silent for a while and became lively again.

“I don’t remember the past, but in my memory, human beings are very good to me and don’t need compensation.”

“Me too. I feel… I feel like I haven’t done anything. I need compensation. I’m curious.”

“Great! It’s great to have real estate and salary!”

Jorens gradually relaxed as he listened to the Mermaids’ discussion.

Of course, not all mermaids live well. A few mermaids born in private or on the black market have had bad experiences, but they have forgotten before the operation.

Most mermaid’s memory starts a few days before the operation, and there are no bad memories.

The history of labe is more like a story to them.

Jorens discussed with them for a while, only changed a little, and then made arrangements for the mermaid.

The Mermaids unanimously decided to live closer to an Jin before going to school.

An Jin guessed that they were nervous when they arrived at the new place, so he finally decided that he and the Mermaids lived in the palace.

Among the three options given by jorens, only the palace can accommodate all mermaids and their colleagues.

As for the troops Norman brought, other arrangements had to be made except for the pro guards.

Ten days later, the Starship broadcast a notice that it will arrive at labe in two hours.

In the Starship viewing area, a lot of people and mermaids came soon.

An Jin, Norman and jorens sat in the front. The wall directly opposite showed the view of the outer space of the star ship in real time.

An Jin looked at the two large planets in front of him and asked jorens curiously, “which is labe?”

Jorens shook his head. “Neither.”

Half an hour later, the star fleet passed through the planet. The scenery in front of everyone changed. Space seemed to become an ocean. The waves and huge vortices looked magnificent.

Norman’s sword eyebrow slightly twisted: “magnetic storm area.”

Jorens nodded and looked serious.

On the starship in front of the Starfleet, Admiral Rabe looked serious: “all starship pilots, please pay attention and drive in strict accordance with the route!”

At this time, the star ship broadcast reminded: “we are about to cross the magnetic storm area, and the signal will be disturbed. Please don’t be nervous.”

Jorens pointed to a large ocean like scene and sighed in a tone: “Rabe stars are not disturbed because they also prevent us from contacting the outside world. Later, they found a way, but they can’t find a direction.”

He looked at an Jin: “fortunately, when Wang adult accepted the inheritance, he gave us induction, otherwise it might take us a long time to find you.”

“This is a temporary channel. We will establish a transition point connecting SiO as soon as possible. In the future, it will be very convenient for Wang to travel between the two planets.”

More than an hour later, the star fleet arrived at Rabe

Jorens led Anjin and Norman down the Starship.

The warm and moist breath coming from the front made an Jin feel a kind of kindness in his heart, and his eyes narrowed slightly.

The terrain of the airport is very high. An Jin looks into the distance and his vision is occupied by blue sky, water and green islands.

As he walked down the last step, a lively and cheerful song sounded around him.

Over the sky, two teams of warships came from a distance. Colored smoke was dragged on the tail of the warship. At the same time, gorgeous fireworks were raised on both sides. Although it was daytime, colorful colors could be seen.

A tall man in a dark blue robe and beautiful hair ornaments stood at the front of the welcoming team, followed by two rows of excited men.

The man in purple came to an Jin, put his right hand against his left chest and bent over: “welcome, king.”

The people behind him were doing the same actions as him, and his voice was particularly loud.


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