After Being a Mermaid Chapter 75

An Jin was stunned. He quickly reacted and said with a smile, “elder, it’s hard.”

On the way, he knew that someone would meet him. He also met a man in purple at the video conference to discuss the wedding date. Therefore, although he was not used to this scene, he was calm.

The elder stood up and looked at Norman: “Your Majesty Norman, welcome to Rabe.”

Norman nodded politely, “thank you.”

After greeting the guests, the elder looked at an Jin and said with concern: “Wang is tired all the way. Please go to the palace to have a rest first.”

Jorens knew that an Jin was very concerned about the mermaids. At this time, he said, “please don’t worry, Wang. I’ll arrange the other mermaids.”

An Jin nodded: “it’s hard.”

Jorens has taken good care of the mermaid’s residence on the Starship. An Jin is not worried.

The elder sat in the vice seat and introduced to an Jin and Norman in the back seat.

“This is the most common means of transportation in Rabe. The flying shuttle is very similar to the suspension vehicle of Xingmeng. Rabe has many buildings in the water and the main traffic tracks are over.”

An Jin looks out of the window. There are many color channels staggered up and down in the air. From time to time, flying shuttles pass by quickly.

Below is a water city. The highest building is only about 20 meters away from the water surface, but it is not necessarily the height of the building.

The height of the buildings on the island can be seen at a glance, but more buildings are built in the water, and the parts in the water can’t be seen.

Bending over from the air, you can clearly see that the urban architectural planning is very neat.

Many mermaids swim in the street, and their scales reflect light, which is particularly dazzling.

The elder introduced the landmark buildings of Rabe all the way. When passing a silver building, Norman’s expression changed slightly.

The elder just looked back at Norman and pointed to the huge logo on the building: “there is the mecha Research Institute of Rabe star. The emblem of the Institute is the team emblem of the human expedition.”

He paused and said, “the Ministry of education has been revising the history book. All mermaids will know the real history.”

Norman said solemnly, “Theo will also make up history.”

Twenty minutes later, the shuttle landed in front of the main hall of the palace, and the two wings of the shuttle rose automatically.

An Jin stepped down from the shuttle and saw two rows of Sark mermaids in uniform white and blue standing at the door.

As soon as they saw him, the Mermaids brushed their eyes and bowed neatly: “welcome back.”

An Jin hurriedly said, “thank you. You’re welcome.”

The Mermaids stood up and thought to themselves: how gentle Wang is!

The elder came to an Jin and said, “they are the staff of the royal palace. They take care of you.”

He pointed to the Mermaids standing behind him from the other eight flying shuttles: “they are the captain of your pro guard and the best teke mermaids in Rabe.”

An Jin gave the elder a meaningful look: “….”

He said seriously, “I don’t need a personal guard. I think I’ll be safe on labe.”

He instinctively knew that the mermaid would not hurt him, and Rabe was full of water. For him with water power, it was a very safe place.

Elder: “yes, you are very safe on Rabe. But if you leave Rabe, you must be protected by Pro guards, otherwise all mermaids can’t rest assured.”

As soon as an Jin heard this, his expression became serious: “I can’t want a pro guard to leave Rabe star. They all grew up in Rabe star. They can’t leave their hometown because of me.”

All the Mermaids present were moved.

The teke Mermaid behind the elder shouted, “no matter where the king goes, I am willing to follow the king and protect the king!”

“I’d love to!” The rest of the tektrons agreed.

An Jin was slightly stunned. Seeing that he was embarrassed, the elder said, “king, take a rest first and talk about the pro guard later.”

An Jin nodded. This is not a good place to talk.

The Sark Mermaid standing at the top of the two columns stepped forward and asked an Jin, “Wang, I’m Jenny, the housekeeper of the palace. Would you like to have dinner or rest first?”

An Jin: “have dinner first.”

At dinner, an Jin receives the news from Xiao Yin. He knows that Xiao Yin has lived in the side hall of the palace, and zhinao is also connected with labe’s star network.

Xiao Yin: “Ling Lingrui and I have agreed to go to school tomorrow. Will Ann go?”

An Jin thought, “I have something to do tomorrow. I’ll find you when I’m free.”

After dinner, he contacted jorens and said he wanted to see the Holy tree tomorrow.

He wanted to know about the Holy tree and whether he could deal with it.

Jorens was very moved: “Wang, you can rest a few more days.”

An Jin: “no, I’m in good shape.”

He rested on the star ship for more than ten days and was not tired at all.

Jorens hesitated for a moment and said, “then for tonight’s celebration dinner, you should go back to the palace early to rest.”


The sky turned from light to dark, and the lights in all cities of Rabe were bright.

An Jin looked out of the window. Virtual screens were raised on the top floors of all buildings. Colorful fireworks were repeatedly played on the screen. Each building was hung with colored lights, which looked particularly festive.

Underwater buildings are also lit, and the lights above and under the water glow, making the whole labe star very lively.

The palace housekeeper knocked on the door and brought a dress.

An Jin shook away. It was a dark blue cross collar robe with gold thread embroidered on it. It was shining in the light.

Norman looked at an Jin coming out of the dressing room. His eyes flashed with amazement, followed by a slight frown.

An Jin looked down and said, “isn’t it nice?”

Norman kissed the shiny scales at the end of his eyes and said in a deep voice, “it’s so beautiful.”

An Jin looked into his deep eyes and his heart beat faster. A moment later, he smiled and asked, “are you jealous?”

Norman bowed his head against his forehead. “Well, you’re so popular. Those tektrons like you.”

He even wanted the little mermaid to look ugly.

An Jin explained: “you misunderstood. They are only close to me because of my identity.” seeing Norman’s serious expression, he kissed Norman on the corner of his lips. “The news of our marriage has spread on labe. Don’t be jealous.”

Norman thought the date was ok, but now he couldn’t help saying, “the tenth is too long.”

Now it’s the middle of September, nearly a month from October 10.

As they talked, the housekeeper reminded them that it was almost time for the dinner.

The dinner was held in the banquet hall of the palace and broadcast live.

When an Jin and Norman appeared, the barrage on Rabe star’s official website exploded immediately, praising an Jin’s good looks and Norman’s good luck.

Accompanied by the elder, an Jin met with many important people in Rabe, and then left the banquet hall.

He stayed there, and all the mermaid’s eyes fell on him. It really made him uncomfortable, and the banquet was difficult to go on normally.

On this night, celebrations were held everywhere on labe. The mermaid’s song was ethereal and beautiful, and it was especially good after rehearsal.

Mermaid songs can be heard everywhere.

Si’ao people were all very happy, and their smiles were particularly bright. In one night, their mental strength recovered a lot!

Some people can’t help sharing with their relatives and friends. Those people want to come to Rabe star.

In their view, Rabe is heaven!

As a result, many people leave messages in the official labe star shortly after certification, hoping to open the tourism channel quickly.

The next morning, the three elders came to the palace.

An Jin is wearing a set of black sportswear and his hair is tied in his head. He looks young and energetic.

Jorens saluted and said, “Wang, you need to go into the water today. I’m afraid it’s inconvenient for you to wear this suit.”

On hearing the speech, an Jin chose a clothes convenient for activities from the wardrobe.

When he returned to the bedroom from the dinner last night, the housekeeper gave a lot of Rabe clothes, all his sizes, and filled the wardrobe.

After he changed it, he pulled and swayed. He was not used to it.

In his opinion, rabesin’s clothes are a bit like a dress, but the style is more masculine.

He is wearing this one now. The upper body is a T-shirt style, and the lower part is a wider cylindrical skirt. For good activities, he chose the middle style with the hem flush with his knees.

In this way, both humanoid and Mermaid form are very convenient.

Norman glanced over his white legs and frowned unconsciously.

Sitting on the shuttle, an Jin pulled the clothes pendulum awkwardly and moved uneasily.

Norman whispered, “isn’t it comfortable?”

An Jin made a noise, leaned close to his ear and whispered, “I’m not used to being empty.”

Considering that he would change his tail, he didn’t wear underwear. After all, when he changed his tail, the underwear burst and fell to the ground. It was too embarrassing.

Norman rolled his Adam’s apple, put his hand on his thigh and pressed his skirt: “I asked the research department to study clothes suitable for variants.”

An Jin’s eyes lit up: “can you do it?”

Norman said, “there will be a way.”

More than twenty minutes later, an Jin gave a soft cry and looked firmly out of the window.

In the distance, an island appeared in the view. There was a huge tree on the island, and the crown completely covered the island.

“That’s the Holy Island and the Holy tree,” jorens said

An Jin immediately knew that when he accepted the inheritance, his consciousness was here. He was too impressed by the tree.

However, after approaching, he found that it was still very different from the inheritance. The Holy tree was not green. At this time, the green was yellow and seemed lifeless.

Before long, the shuttle landed on the island next to the Holy Island.

An Jin looks out of the window and has some doubts. There is still a long distance between the two islands.

Jorens explained: “there is magnetic interference in the area near the Holy Island. The shuttle can’t move forward and has to swim.” He added: “only manpower boats can pass by.”

He looked at Norman: “will your majesty Norman wait here or go together?”

Norman did not hesitate: “go together.”

The mermaid swims very fast. Norman uses his mental strength to strengthen his body, and his speed is no less.

An Jin was going to secretly use his power to help. He smiled.

On the contrary, Norman helped him in the last short distance.

He was a little embarrassed and thought silently that he must strengthen exercise and practice endurance!

When he got to the island, he used his power to dry everyone’s clothes.

In addition to jorens, the other two elders were very surprised and soon calm.

The elder led the way. The five people crossed the path hidden by vines and came all the way to the middle of the island, where the trunk of the Holy tree is located.

As soon as an Jin’s eyes fell on the tree trunk, his eyebrows twisted.

In his vision, the trunk color of the Holy tree was very abnormal, dark black, which made him very uncomfortable.


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