After Being a Mermaid Chapter 76

An Jin is no stranger to this uncomfortable feeling.

Since he had the water power, he would have this feeling as long as he saw or felt harmful substances.

It’s just that I’ve never felt so deep and uncomfortable as I do now.

He knew immediately that the Holy tree was seriously polluted.

He thought for a moment and sang to the trunk. While singing, he thought in his heart that he hoped the Holy tree could become prosperous.

The blue energy particles floated outward from his spiritual sea and scattered on the black trunk. The energy particles disappeared, and the very light green light on the trunk skin flashed, and soon turned black again.

The expressions of the three elders and Norman changed slightly.

They all felt that after the song sounded, a faint but pure energy appeared in the direction of the trunk and soon disappeared.

An Jin felt the flash of energy and thought of the baptism mentioned by jorens.

He continued to sing, and soon he found that singing was useless.

The trunk is too large and the energy particles are dispersed. After removing a little impurities, it will be polluted again soon.

He stopped singing a few words and confirmed his guess to jorens: “the energy needed for baptism is transmitted by the Holy tree?”

Jorens nodded and looked worried: “the test shows that the coverage of impurities has expanded, the situation of holy trees has become more and more serious, and fewer mermaids have successfully been baptized.”

An Jin recalled the scene just now: “at the moment of singing to remove impurities, I felt energy, but I couldn’t feel it after being polluted.”

He thought for a moment: “the energy of the Holy tree actually exists, but it is covered by impurities.”

Jorens nodded, “Wang is right.”

His expression was not relaxed at all. He explained to an Jin: “singing can temporarily remove impurities. After removing impurities, the original energy of the Holy tree will be emitted. Enough energy can support the adult mermaid to differentiate into legs.”

“In recent years, Rabe has organized a bar mitzvah every other day.”

“At the initiation ceremony, a large number of mermaids sing for the Holy tree. After removing impurities, the energy of the Holy tree will be automatically distributed and transmitted to adult mermaids with undifferentiated legs.”

He sighed: “the speed of pollution is too fast. After singing, the energy of the Holy tree is limited. In recent years, fewer and fewer mermaids have successfully differentiated.”

Ann Jin had heard jorens mention it before, but now she knows the specific reason.

The elder said: “according to the current pollution rate, theoretically, only by continuously removing a large amount of impurities at one time or in a short time, can the Holy tree be completely restored.”

An Jin thought for a moment. His mind moved. The water power converged into a fist sized water ball, close to the surface of the trunk. The water with healing power almost instantly purified the trunk on the surface.

An Jin immediately found that the color of the trunk became lighter. It was no longer dark black, but cyan, with only a little black.

At the same time, there is pure energy.

As soon as his eyes brighten, the water power is more useful.

Unlike singing, water power can accurately determine the range. It can act on one place and will not disperse.

Sanming elder’s eyes suddenly burst into light and his face became excited. What did the king do?

Although they had great doubts in their hearts, they did not speak rashly for fear of disturbing the king.

Without paying attention to their reaction, an Jin turned and asked jorens, “is there a picture of the Holy tree?”

Jorens nodded and showed the picture to an Jin with some doubts.

An Jin took a look and determined that the branches of the Holy tree were originally green, so he stopped looking.

He looked up at the Holy tree. The Holy tree was very large. The trunk diameter was more than 30 meters and the height was more than 200 meters. His face became serious.

Healing water polo is formed by power. It has a small amount, but it contains a lot of energy.

This is different from attacking water arrows and defending water walls. They are formed by invoking natural water. Water already exists. Powers just change the way to use them.

In contrast, healing is more spiritual.

With his current mental power, even if he can absorb mental power through animal nucleus, it will take a long time to completely heal the Holy tree.

He decided to try the mental power needed to completely purify a tree trunk.

He looked at the lighter trunk and ran the water power again. The fist sized water ball covered the same position. The skin was immediately completely purified and the color inside became lighter.

The rest immediately felt the energy from the Holy tree stronger.

An Jin also felt that, unlike others, the color of the tree had changed greatly in his vision.

That piece of bark, the color has completely turned green, no longer a little black, slightly green, just look at it, you feel vibrant.

At the next moment, many green energy particles suddenly floated out there and rushed into an Jin’s body in the blink of an eye.

An Jin was stunned. Then he felt that his body was hot and his limbs were swollen. He couldn’t help humming and frowning.

“Ann!” Norman quickly grabbed him and his eyes fell on his face with worry.

“King!” The three elders quickly leaned over and looked at him nervously.

An Jin closed his eyes. The heat of his body didn’t dissipate, but he didn’t feel worse.

He opened his eyes and shook his head at the others. “I’m fine.”

He looked at the trunk, the green bark lost its luster, and a trace of black ran to the bark from below.

He was surprised that the pollution rate was too fast!

When the energy didn’t reach him before, the speed of pollution was obviously not so fast! But the Holy tree is not human and can’t communicate. Let it not transfer energy to him.

Jorens inquired about an Jin’s feelings, and then pondered, “maybe it’s because you don’t fully accept the inheritance and need to be baptized. The Holy tree automatically transmits energy to you.”

The elder agreed and nodded: “because of the lack of energy, the king just got hot.”

An Jin thought: “if I remove more impurities at one time, will there be more energy?”

“The theory is like this.” Jorens said.

Ann thought carefully, “I’ll try,” he looked at jorens. “Didn’t you say that? After complete inheritance, my ability will become stronger.”

He paused: “my current ability is not enough to heal the Holy tree.”

Norman frowned: “is there any danger?”

“No, Wang has successfully differentiated. Lack of energy will only lead to unacceptable inheritance,” jorens said

An Jin held Norman’s hand: “I was short of energy just now. I’m just a little hot now. I’m not uncomfortable.”

Elder: “if Wang wants to try, please enter the holy pool, which is more beneficial to you.”

An Jin looks at the pool in front of him. The Holy tree is in the pool. During the inheritance, he remembers that there are many Mermaid eggs in the pool.

He went down the pool, turned and asked jorens, “did the mermaid put its eggs here before?”

Jorens nodded: “yes, but that was a long time ago. Mermaid eggs absorbed the energy released by the Holy tree and grew healthier. Later, the energy of the Holy tree weakened, and Mermaid eggs were cultured in nutrient solution. Only adult baptism was allowed to come here.”

An Jin takes out the beast’s core, absorbs energy, and starts to act when his mental strength is sufficient.

He used the water power, spent most of his mental energy to assemble a square thick water cloth, and then attached the water cloth to the tree trunk.

Suddenly, the square area on the surface of the trunk was purified, showing a turquoise color with only a little black.

With his previous experience, an Jin controls the amount of water very accurately. He pauses, absorbs the animal nucleus again, and repeats the previous step after his mental power recovers.

When the water cloth covered the trunk for the second time, the black on the surface disappeared without a trace. The turquoise trunk glowed green, turned into energy particles and flew to an Jin’s body.

An Jin’s body immediately became hot and his limbs swelled and hurt. His feet unconsciously turned into a tail. He was dizzy and his consciousness pulled away.

Norman stared nervously at the red faced little mermaid leaning against the pool, trying to resist the impulse to come forward.

Half a ring, a strong energy wave radiated from an Jin and soon disappeared.

“Wang’s mental strength has improved!” Jorens lowered his voice and said excitedly.

Norman’s expression was slightly relaxed, and the other two elders were excited.

An Jin opens his eyes. His body feels strong, but he feels tired. There are still inherited memories in his brain. He knows and is closer to Rabe star.

He felt the sea of spirit, his eyes lit up, and his mental strength rose to level 5!

He turned to look at the shore. No accident, he was right in Norman’s sight. He smiled: “I’m fine. My mental strength has become stronger.”

Norman praised: “Ann is really good.” He approached, leaned over and asked, “shall I bring you up?”

An Jin shook his head: “don’t go up first.”

He absorbed the energy of two three-level animal nuclei in a row, waved his tail and swam to the tree trunk.

He put his hand on the trunk, sensed the diffusion of water materials along the Holy tree, and recognized the image of the Holy tree in the sea.

Under the huge trunk, countless tree roots are distributed. The tree roots pass through the island, go deep into the underwater, extend far away and spread continuously.

The tree roots cover a huge area, but they are buried deep under the water.

After a while, an Jin frowned unconsciously. There were too many, too scattered and very long roots. Even if his power had just been upgraded, he couldn’t go any further.

He withdrew his mental power and felt the situation of the Holy tree along the trunk.

From the root to four fifths of the trunk, it is full of impurities, and the remaining one fifth of the trunk, the more upward, the less impurities.

When Anjin reached the top, he immediately felt the energy of the Holy tree. The energy no longer ran uncontrollably to his body as before.

He withdrew his powers and his hands left the trunk.

After thinking about it, he put his hand back on the Holy tree, and the water power acts on the farthest root that can be sensed.

Compared with the trunk, the slender roots quickly returned to their original khaki color, emitting a faint light.

However, before long, the dim light disappeared, and the place turned black again. It was polluted faster than the trunk.

But like the trunk, it is polluted from the bottom to the top.

He couldn’t help thinking of the scene of planting small saplings in the backyard. He couldn’t help but doubt that the impurities were absorbed by the root system!

He swam to the shore, his tail turned into legs, went to Norman and leaned against Norman.

Norman took him in his arms. “Tired?”

An Jin nodded: “my body seems to be getting stronger, but I’m very tired.”

The elder quickly said, “king, I’ll send you back to the palace to rest immediately!”

An Jin smiled. He was tired and not uncomfortable. He said his findings, and then asked, “is there any way to find the position with the highest impurity concentration with the instrument for detecting impurities?”

The elder immediately said, “I’ll contact the Research Institute immediately.”

An Jin said, “at present, we can’t completely remove the impurities of the Holy tree. If a mermaid is eager to differentiate, I can help later.”

The three elders looked moved, and jorens said, “this matter will be discussed later. The king will rest first.”

The three elders sent an Jin back to the palace, and then immediately held a meeting. The military personnel cooperated with the research department to detect the impurity concentration in different areas.

Norman took the little mermaid to the bathroom: “take a bath first, and I’ll get you clothes.”

After an Jin washed, he put on the clothes Norman sent in. When he walked out of the bathroom, he found that Norman had also taken a bath and was sitting on the sofa operating his brain.

He looked at Norman’s clothes and looked down at his own. Their clothes were obviously casual clothes of the same style. He was beige and Norman was coffee.

An Jin was surprised. When Norman finished sending the message, he asked, “did you buy it?”

Norman said, “do you like it?”

An Jin nodded, looked at Norman’s serious appearance and couldn’t help laughing: “when did you buy it?”

“Before departure,” Normanton added, “it’s the clothes on the list of the most popular lovers. It’s a couple at a glance.”

He held the boy’s face and kissed it for a long time before he let go: “Ann is so popular with mermaids.”

An Jin’s lips were kissed red and whispered, “without lovers’ clothes, the people of the All Star Alliance also know that we are getting married.”

Norman’s fingers brushed the boy’s white side face, his eyes fell on his red lips, his eyes were slightly dark, and he wanted to kiss again. An Jin’s intelligent brain rang.

An Jin, embarrassed, rubbed his cheek and connected the communication.

Xiaoyin’s tone was very excited: “Ann, when will you come to see our school? We have divided classes. We are familiar with the school in the afternoon and start class tomorrow.”

An Jin said with a smile, “it’s so happy to go to school in the afternoon?”

Xiao Yin: “well, it’s fun. I want to learn a lot.”

He quickly said a lot about the curriculum and school, and then looked forward to asking, “Ann, when can we be baptized?”

An Jin asked with a smile, “don’t you think the human shape is bald and ugly?”

Xiao Yin said loudly, “but it’s useful. It’s more powerful and convenient to drive a mecha with both feet!”

Ann thought, “I’ll make some preparations and let you be baptized as soon as possible.”

You have to ask jorens about how much energy can divide a mermaid’s legs.

Xiaoyin was happy: “Ann is great! See you in the afternoon.”


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