After Being a Mermaid Chapter 78

Small silver changed back to Mermaid shape, with silver eyes shining and tail swinging up and down excitedly.

Mu Chen pulled hard on his hand and tightened his tail: “don’t move, be careful to fall.”

Little silver glanced at the ground: “I’m not afraid of falling so low!”

Mu Chen: “I’m afraid.”

With the ancestral character, he must be in trouble if he falls.

Xiaoyin looked away from his tail and fell on Mu Chen’s face. He raised his chin gently and proudly said, “you are really fascinated by me and care about me so much.”

Mu Chen took a smoke from the corner of his mouth and whispered, “I don’t know whether you are confident or narcissistic.”

He raised his feet, hooked the wheelchair in front of him, bent over and put little silver on the wheelchair.

When he got up, Xiao Yin grabbed his collar and frowned at him: “what did you just say? I didn’t hear you clearly.”

Mu Chen: “nothing, it doesn’t matter.”

Little silver hummed and looked at him: “whispering in the film is bad talk.”

“How dare I speak ill of you!” Mu Chen denied, and then said, “I’ll recommend you some movies later. Don’t watch them indiscriminately. Be careful to learn bad.”

He patted the back of Xiaoyin’s hand: “loosen.”

Xiaoyin looked at him for two seconds. Mu Chen’s face remained unchanged. Xiaoyin let go of his clothes: “I knew you didn’t dare.”

Mu Chen thought it was still so easy to deceive, but he couldn’t help worrying. He was so simple. What if he was cheated by others?

This idea is almost instinctive. From the beginning of raising Xiaoyin, he was concerned and worried about Xiaoyin.

Worry about Xiaoyin’s unhappiness and discomfort.

After all, mermaids are too precious. Although Xiaoyin has a bad temper, he has always provided him with spiritual strength. Before An’an appeared, his relationship with Xiaoyin was envied by many breeders.

He has always been very grateful to Xiaoyin, and his concern and worry about Xiaoyin has almost become a habit.

Before he decided to leave labe, he would teach Xiaoyin more in his spare time to let Xiaoyin understand the world.

He asked an Jin, “is there anything else to pay attention to later?”

An Jin recalled the memory of inheritance and shook his head: “when you have enough mental strength, just practice walking with your feet.”

The little silver tail tilted up and the hem slipped down to a little below the abdomen.

He fell back and realized the current situation. He quickly held the handrail and was eager to try: “I have enough mental strength now.”

Mu Chen knew him very well. He quickly stretched out his hand and pulled down his clothes to cover the upper tail. He reminded: “don’t change your legs casually. You must put on your clothes before changing your legs!”

An Jin also said, “Mu Chen is right. Don’t change your legs at will.”

Xiao Yin looked at Mu Chen, then at an Jin, nodded, “well, I remember.”

When the four left the Holy Island, Xiao Yin was particularly excited on the shuttle, staring at his tail and shining silver eyes.

Mu Chen sent a video to Xiaoyin, which was about being civilized and polite in Xingmeng public places: “if it’s all right, you can have a look.”

Little silver opened it and asked, “can you recommend a movie to me?”

“No.” Mu Chen searched for a movie suitable for Xiaoyin in his brain, “the movie will be given to you later.”

Xiaoyin looked at the video. The video said that he should dress neatly and not be too exposed. He looked down at himself.

He is very civilized!

Seeing Xiaoyin’s eyes removed from the video, an Jin suggested, “why don’t you go back to the palace with me?”

Little silver tilted her head and thought, “I want to go back to school to find Ling Lingrui and let them see how I change my legs.”

Mu Chen glanced at his tail and his clothes that didn’t fit well.

“Aren’t you afraid of being seen as weak? I’m free to help you practice walking with both feet. How about going to show your friends after you practice?”

Little silver’s eyes lit up, nodded, and then praised Mu Chen: “you are really a smart human!”

Mu Chen: “I’m really smart, but I prefer you to call me Mu Chen.”

Xiaoyin appreciated his proposal and boasted, “smart Mu Chen.”

Mu Chen: “…” after primary school, no one praised him with such a sentence pattern.

Soon, the shuttle arrived at the side hall of the palace.

Mu Chen pushed Xiao Yin down the shuttle. Xiao Yin waved to an Jin: “goodbye, An’an. I’ll soon learn to walk with my feet. I’ll show you when I’m done.”

An Jin smiled and warned, “don’t worry too much. Safety is the main thing.”

Mu Chen said, “I’ll look at him.”

Mu Chen pushes Xiaoyin back to his bedroom, and an Jin and Norman return to the palace.

The Royal Palace has a large bedroom area, which is divided into internal and external rooms.

The bedroom has a balcony, the whole wall is full of French windows, and a sliding wooden screen is separated between the bedroom and the balcony, inlaid with shell pearl coral, which is very exquisite.

An Jin sits on the balcony chair and enjoys the scenery of labe during the day.

The blue water meets the sky, the green islands are everywhere, and the water surface reflects the light of scales from time to time, which is beautiful.

Norman stood behind him, put his hand on his shoulder and looked down at him: “do you like it here?”

An Jin tilted his head and looked at him, nodded and said, “si’ao is also very good.”

Norman smelled the speech and looked more gentle: “si’ao has negotiated with Rabe to cooperate to establish a transition point. In the future, it will be very convenient.”

An Jin smiled: “it will be convenient for mermaids to return to the Star Alliance in the future.”

At this point, he thought of mermaid school and spoke with great interest.

“The buildings in the water have fluorescent exterior walls, which are very good-looking. They must be better at night,” he said with expectation in his blue eyes. “Shall we visit the night scene at night?”

Norman certainly wouldn’t refuse him. He stroked his finger on the shiny scales at the end of his eyes: “OK.”

An Jin took out the mask from the space, smiled and whispered, “the mask has been put in the space. We wear the mask and go out again to avoid being surrounded!”

Thinking of something, he frowned: “the mask seems useless in Mermaid. Mermaid can sense me.”

Norman pondered for a moment and said, “unless there is a spiritual riot, the si’ao people can release and restrain their spiritual authority at will. Can you try to control it?”

An Jin blinked his eyes, focused on feeling the spiritual power, thought for a moment, and the water blue spiritual silk floating in the spiritual sea slowly rolled up, finally forming a small group and floating gently in the spiritual sea.

“Do you feel any change in me?” He asked Norman.

Norman shook his head.

Anjin guesses that only mermaids can feel his water power.

Think about it. If Norman could feel the change, he would have found his abnormality.

He called housekeeper Jenny.

Jenny walked into the room and looked at an Jin with worry: “Wang, are you feeling well? I’ll call a doctor right away.”

An Jin hurriedly said, “no, I’m fine.”

Jenny was worried: “but you… Your energy almost disappeared.”

An Jin’s eyes lit up and explained, “it’s all right. I’m just practicing.”

After Jenny left, an Jin opened zhinao and searched labe star tourism strategy.

Norman sat next to him and they discussed together.

Just watching, zhinao sounded a communication reminder. Seeing the caller ID, an Jin looked at Norman in surprise: “it’s the housekeeper.”

Norman was also a little surprised. He had set the boy as the housekeeper for a long time. However, the housekeeper would inform him first if he had something to do at ordinary times.

An Jin connected and set the external playback mode. The sound of the robot’s metal texture came: “Queen…”

An Jin coughed softly, “you’d better call me an an.”

The robot paused for half a second: “the wedding date between you and your majesty has been spread all over the Star Alliance. You are the quasi queen. According to the comprehensive judgment of wisdom and brain, your Majesty would prefer to hear me call you the queen. As a family housekeeper, this is the best name for family harmony.”

Ann Jin couldn’t help looking at Norman and whispered, “is what he said true?”

Norman said seriously, “no,” paused. “That’s a good call. Don’t you like it?”

An Jin shook his head: “I’m just not used to it,” he stopped bothering to call and asked the housekeeper curiously, “what are you looking for me?”

Housekeeper: “the watermelon in your backyard is ripe. What should I do?”

An Jin was stunned. Then he became happy and became familiar!

He asked, “is only watermelon ripe? Where’s Hami melon?”

Housekeeper: “after testing, the growth state is not very good.”

An Jin thought about it and guessed that it was caused by the environment, so he was not discouraged: “you open the video and let me see them.”

Soon, an Jin saw the melon he planted.

The original seedlings have grown up, green vines cover the ground, and large and round watermelon is exposed in the leaves. It is green and growing happily.

These melons are planted by an Jin from melon seeds. Looking at the watermelons, his heart is full of harvest joy.

An Jin thought, “take a tester and check them to see if they have impurities.”

Robot out α The material measuring instrument quickly concluded: “there are no impurities.”

Ann was relieved. Before he went to labe, he was worried that the melon would be polluted when he was away, which purified the plants and soil in the back garden.

In this way, his practice is very useful!

Norman’s eyes fell on the soil: “have you purified the soil?”

An Jin nodded and explained, “water can purify.”

He looked at the melons and wondered what to do with them.

After thinking for a moment, he discussed with Norman: “how about leaving one and sending the rest to the Institute of botany? We have to cultivate the seeds of these melons to see if there are no impurities.”

Norman’s eyes fell on the watermelon and thought that these were planted by the boy himself. He wanted to stay all of them, but reason told him that it was better for the Institute of Botany.

“Leave two.” He said.

An Jin immediately agreed and proposed: “give several watermelons to the guard team and let them give the seeds to the research institute?”

Most of the imperial palace guards followed Norman to labe. Compared with the players who listened to mermaids singing everywhere in labe, the days of the remaining players were very miserable.

Norman knew that the boy was good to the guard because of him. He kissed the boy on the side face and said, “good.”

When President collet of the Institute of Botany took two assistants to the palace, he was still confused.

Your majesty asked him to go to the palace to pick watermelon! I don’t know when your majesty planted it.

He sighed silently that his majesty really has the spirit of specialized research. He actually planted melons himself and successfully planted melons without impurities!

The guard who greeted him had bright eyes and couldn’t wait: “Dean, this way, please.”

Dean collet went into the back garden through the back door. When he saw the watermelon planted in the soil, he was stunned, and his eyes burst out with brilliant brilliance.

The two assistants behind him reacted exactly the same as him, even more excited: “is there really no impurity?”

The Dean gathered his mind and took out a measuring instrument to measure quickly. No melon fell. He also measured the small saplings mixed in the melon.

Looking at the test results, he said excitedly: “melons growing in the soil without impurities!”

“Dean, these trees and flowers are free of impurities.”

“Not in the soil either.”

Two researchers took a measuring instrument to test around and were surprised to find that the back garden was like a pure land, completely free from impurity pollution.

“It must have something to do with queen Ann… First pick the melons and save them carefully until your majesty and queen return to SiO.” The Dean ordered.

The guard company hurriedly said, “don’t forget there are five for us.”

The Dean finally understood why they were so excited. He tried to discuss: “how about I exchange the melons of the Research Institute for you?”

“No! The queen gave it to us.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll get a lot of melon seeds.”

Knowing that there was no hope of persuasion, the Dean picked the melon.

Soon, they finished picking all the ripe watermelons.

The Dean looked at the watermelon with flowers on his head and said, “in half a month, the rest is almost ripe.”

The convoy was excited to receive five watermelons belonging to them.

Iloh arranged a suitable guard, quickly arrived at the office and personally separated the melon. After cutting, the red pulp of watermelon was exposed, and there was the fragrance of watermelon.

“Pure food is too delicious!”

“Captain, you’re a waste! Get a bowl and then the juice flows onto the table.”

ELO: one for each one. Taste it. Put away the one on duty first

The Dean urged: “eat quickly,” he urged iloh, “you let them finish the shift, and I’ll take all the melon seeds. Be careful not to swallow the melon seeds and wash them for me.”

The guards were particularly reluctant: “I want to bring it to my father during the rotation.”

“I want to give it to my sister!”

Pure, soil grown watermelon, not to mention si’ao, the whole Star Alliance has never been eaten. Where are they willing to eat.

The Dean understood their mood, but he wanted to study melon seeds more strongly and said seriously, “no, time is very precious. I want to carry out research as soon as possible and cultivate early, so I can see the results early. Hurry up and I’ll take it away if you don’t eat.”

Ten minutes later, the last guard reluctantly put down the melon skin with no red pulp, or more accurately, only a thin layer of green melon skin.

The Dean left the palace quickly with the remaining watermelon and cleaned melon seeds.

When the researchers learned that watermelon was planted from the ground, they were all very excited. Everyone turned red and their eyes glowed.

“Ah! Why is the wedding scheduled for October 10th? It’s too late.”

“Yes, your majesty is so looking forward to the wedding that he agreed to this date. The wedding should be held immediately and then go back to SiO!”

“Woo woo, I really want to see the queen.”


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