After Being a Mermaid Chapter 79

President collet of the Institute of Botany thought and thought. He couldn’t help sending a message to Norman, strongly hoping that Norman and an Jin would return to si’ao as soon as possible.

At the same time, he asked, “Your Majesty, how does the queen purify the soil and plants?”

Norman: “the mermaid King’s ability.”

Dean collet was disappointed. In this way, no one could do it except the queen.

Soon, he was happy again. The mermaid king was the queen of SiO!

The rest of the Star Alliance envy Sioux. After all, the future queen of Sioux can purify the seeds!

If you know that the queen can purify the soil, I’m afraid you’ll be envious to death!

Collet once again expressed his strong wish that they could return to si’ao as soon as possible, and expressed his thanks to an Jin.

Norman conveyed collet’s thanks, looked at the boy and said seriously, “thank you.”

An Jin smiled at him: “you’re welcome. I’m just doing what I can, and I’m helping myself.”

At eight o’clock in the evening, the sky on Rabe was dark and the city lights were bright.

An Jin refused to be accompanied by the pro guards. Wearing a mask and wearing an ordinary face, he strolled around the night scene with the same ordinary Norman. To be exact, it was a date.

Norman drove a convertible shuttle. The shuttle crossed the colorful sightseeing track and arrived at the best scenic spot in Rabe, an island about 20 meters above the water.

The two wings of the shuttle rise, and an Jin and Norman get off left and right.

An Jin got out of the car and took two steps. He heard the sound of purring on his right hand. He tightened his heart and turned to look at it.

A tall teke Mermaid kisses a Sark Mermaid car. The Sark mermaid’s feet rub against the teke mermaid’s feet. At first glance, it’s not forced.

His face flushed, he quickly looked back and saw Norman walking around the front of the car towards him.

He quickly met Norman, took Norman’s hand and walked to the left. About ten meters away from the parking place, he slowed down and released Norman’s hand, but Norman caught him.

“What’s the matter?” Asked Norman.

An Jin said awkwardly, “no, nothing.”

Norman took the boy, his eyes flashed a smile, his fingers crossed the boy’s white and tender side face, bowed his head and kissed him on the lips.

He reminded the teenager: “Rabe star is the best viewing place and the most popular dating place for couples. You can see the scene just now everywhere. Do you want to go back?”

An Jin’s eyes opened slightly: “did you see it just now?”

“No,” Normanton added, “I can hear very well.”

There was a night light in the parking lot. The light was good, but the two intimate mermaids were in the shadow. He was pulled away by the boy before he came near.

He didn’t see it, but he heard the sound. Looking at the boy’s appearance, he immediately knew what had happened.

He asked again, “do you want to go back?”

An Jin shook his head: “No.”

He and Norman chose the scenic spots together. Although he was surprised by the mermaid’s open style, he was not ready to give up the original plan.

Norman took the boy and went to the viewing channel built on the outermost edge of the island to look at the night view of labe star.

The atmosphere was so good that they didn’t consciously kiss each other before long.

Norman leaned against an Jin’s forehead and said in a faint voice, “let’s go back.”

An Jin’s ears are hot and nods.

The next day, after eating breakfast, an Jin listened to the housekeeper’s report: “Wang, Admiral Mu Chen is looking for you with a teke Mermaid.”

Anxin quickly let him go. He got up from the table. Before he reached the door, Xiao Yin ran in from the outside.

“Ann!” Xiaoyin excitedly hugged an Jin and turned around. He put an Jin down and pointed to his feet. “My feet are very skilled. Is it super powerful?”

An Jin was stunned by his sudden action, secretly rubbed his back waist, nodded and agreed: “well, you’re very powerful.”

He looked at Xiao Yin with some surprise. Xiao Yin was very tall, about the same as Norman. There were no scales on his cheeks. His silver gray hair was loosely tied behind his head, with a kind of precious handsome.

Norman took an Jin’s shoulder and said seriously to Xiao Yin, “don’t hug an casually.”

Xiao Yin stared at Norman. Before he could say anything, Mu Chen put his hand on his shoulder and reminded him: “keep a polite distance from others.”

Xiaoyin frowned. Thinking of the basic social etiquette taught by Mu Chen yesterday, she nodded: “OK.”

He walked two times back and forth in front of an Jin and said, “let me show you first. I’ll go to school later and let Ling Ling see how I walk!”

He asked an Jin, “does an want to go to school with me?”

An Jin shook his head: “I have something else to do.”

Xiaoyin walked around an Jin, showed him the way he walked again, and then left. Mu Chen took him to school.

An Jin practiced his water power in a large area of water surrounded by the palace. Norman sat in an armchair on the bank and looked at the documents of the military headquarters. His eyes fell into the water from time to time.

He frowned when he looked into the water again.

Hazy water mist floated on the water surface, and the fog became larger and larger, isolating the line of sight.

“Ann?” He couldn’t help making a noise.

At the next moment, the water mist dispersed from the middle to form a clear channel. The little mermaid swam to the shore along the channel, put her hands on the shore, and her blue eyes wondered, “what’s the matter?”

Norman went to the shore and stroked the little mermaid’s side face with his palm: “it’s all right, don’t be tired.”

An Jin unconsciously rubbed and carefully explained: “I’m not tired. I didn’t move. This will only consume mental power.”

Norman kissed him on the face and let him continue his exercise.

An Jin turned back to the water and looked at the water mist on both sides. Suddenly, an idea flashed in his heart. Norman just called him because he couldn’t see him?

The mist behind him closed, cutting off his sight from Norman.

After a while, the water mist suddenly dispersed, and he and Norman looked up, so he smiled at Norman and no longer let the water mist block him.

After he easily controlled the water mist concentration and range, he was thinking about how to use the upgraded water power, and received Lingling’s communication.

“Ann, when can Ruirui and I be baptized?”

An Jin thought and asked, “when are you free?”

Ruirui’s voice came: “anytime, we can ask for leave!”

An Jin: “…” seeing that they were expecting so much, he didn’t want to disappoint them: “I’ll give you an answer later.”

After hanging up, he contacted jorens and asked about the time of Rabe’s Bar Mitzvah.

After that, he contacted Ling Ling: “the holy land will hold a rite of passage in the afternoon. It’s empty in the morning. You and ruiruigu bubble are ready. I’ll pick you up later.”

Ling Ling was very happy: “OK!”

Ann Jin went ashore, discussed with Norman, called hornard and went to the holy land with four mermaids.

It took almost two hours for the four mermaids to differentiate. It didn’t take time for an Jin to use his powers. Most of the time was spent absorbing animal nuclear energy.

After differentiation, the four are very excited. Ling Ling and Ruirui touch each other’s legs and look novel.

Ling Ling poked Ruirui’s calf: “although it’s bare, it’s so soft!”

Ruirui rubbed the skin of Ling Ling’s ankle with his belly, and Ling Ling quickly took back her feet. A layer of blush appeared on her cheek: “don’t touch!”

Ruirui’s red eyes brightened. He looked at Ling Ling and smiled. He jumped on Ling Ling and kissed her for a while. He said something in Ling Ling’s ear and was pulled open by Ling Ling’s hair.

An Jin: “… You can’t walk with your feet. First change your tail. We’ll take you back to your residence.”

The four are very obedient and become Mermaid form.

When the four were sent to their residence, Ann Jin said to hornard, “they’ll trouble you to take care of them.”

Garrot and Xie Li didn’t come to Rabe. Hornard is a human who is familiar with the mermaids.

Hornard said with a smile, “no trouble, no trouble at all. I’ve contacted other nurses.”

Four mermaids learn to walk. He can’t see alone.

Knowing that the mermaid would be taught to walk, the nurses scrambled to help. Hornard chose three more stable ones.

After lunch, an Jin sat at his desk, recorded the energy needed for the mermaids to differentiate, and made analysis and comparison.

His full mental power can almost help a mermaid, and make his spiritual sea fill quickly. The energy absorbed is almost the energy of a level 5 beast core.

After the calculation, an Jin was surprised. The higher the animal core level, the more expensive it is. A level 5 animal core is 100000!

He pressed the forehead. The cost of differentiation is too high.

But if you rely on nature to restore your mental power, it will take too long to let the Mermaids pass the baptism.

He secretly congratulated himself. Fortunately, pure seeds are very profitable. He bought a lot of animal cores to prepare for the Holy tree, otherwise I’m afraid they won’t be enough.

There will be no bar mitzvah on Rabe tomorrow. The holy land is empty all day!

He opened the list of Star Alliance mermaids and thought about how to arrange the mermaids to be baptized.

The reason why all mermaids come to Rabe is for baptism. Some of them will return to the planet where they were born. After baptism, they will be more convenient in the human world.

Thinking so, he circled the Mermaids who had decided to go back and gave priority to baptizing them.

He’s planning. His communication rings. He’s connected.

Jorence’s voice immediately came over, and his voice was very serious: “Wang, you have found the place with the most strong impurities.”

Ann Jin was surprised at Rabe’s efficiency: “so fast?”

Jorens was ashamed: “I should have found it yesterday. After all, the underwater is the world of mermaids. It’s just that Rabe’s impurity measuring instrument has not enough scope. At first, there were no impurities at the bottom of the water.”

He rejoiced: “fortunately, the detector provided by si’ao is very easy to use, and the impurities in the deep water bottom are very thick.”

An Jin heard that his tone was not relaxed and asked, “is the situation bad?”

Jorens said in a deep voice, “the densest place is a black stone wrapped by tree roots. It’s very large. We’re searching for other places with rich concentration.”

“Blackstone?” An Jin doubts.

“The stone composed of impurities is black,” jorens said. “Experts speculate that the impurities of the Holy tree are absorbed from the black stone. We don’t know how many such black stones. If we don’t find them all, the Holy tree will be polluted all the time.”

His tone was annoyed: “the manufacturing level of labe star’s measuring instrument is too poor.”

The ancestors exchanged the technology of the expedition team. The concerns of the members of the expedition team and Rabe star led to that Rabe star mainly developed combat related technology, and the technology of other aspects of Rabe star was still very backward.

An Jin thought and asked, “where is the black? I want to see.”

On the way, Ann couldn’t help asking Norman, “has Theo ever found this kind of black stone?”

Norman shook his head and said in a deep voice, “impurities are everywhere, but there is no place with particularly high concentration.” He paused. “I’ll have people continue to measure.”

Rabe’s situation forced him to consider that SiO also had Blackstone, but it was not measured.

Twenty minutes later

An Jin and Norman, escorted by the pro guards, arrived at their destination, which is a relatively remote water area in the north of Rabe star. A temporary parking lot was built on the water surface with heavy buoyancy plates.

The edge of the buoyancy board was cordoned off, and a circle of TEK soldiers stood outside.

When an Jin stepped down from the shuttle, the soldiers’ eyes fell on him with excitement and respect.

Jorens immediately greeted him: “king, your majesty Norman.”

He led them to a temporary office. The elder and four experts heard the news and saluted quickly.

An Jin said, “you’re welcome.”

He said, glancing over the black stone on the ground and then looking at the white translucent oval stone on the table.

He said slightly, “where did this come from?”


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