After Being a Mermaid Chapter 8

Ann Jin is nervous by Norman. Why are you looking at him so much?

Did you find something wrong with him?

Anxin is upset. If only she could see the same kind! So he can refer to the behavior of the local Mermaid.

He has no idea what a mermaid should be like.

Norman saw that the little mermaid had no intention of singing. He looked serious and said, “I meet all your preferences. You have to sing to provide me with treatment.”

An Jin blinked in confusion. The man spoke seriously to his pet, which really didn’t match his tough guy style.

Can it be said that… Mermaids here can understand human language?

This behavior of men is not strange. Is it normal?

An Jin is secretly happy because of this conjecture, but he is not sure that the conjecture is correct.

After all, he has seen many cat and dog excrement shovelers talking to their “Sons” and “daughters”.

Norman unilaterally put forward the agreement. The predecessor went to the shelf and put the pallets on the wall shelf to the shore one by one.

After all the trays are placed, they occupy a long side and a wide side of the pool.

In the tray, there are all kinds of aquatic products.

Fish, shrimp, crab, scallop, oyster, scallop, scallop, squid, etc. there are all kinds of food that an Jin doesn’t know.

An Jin glanced at the food, swallowed his saliva silently, and gave the “master” the title of a local tyrant.

Norman saw the little mermaid motionless, pointed to the food and said, “eat.”

An Jin can understand the word, but he doesn’t eat immediately. He has difficulty choosing.

He has a limited appetite and has to choose what he wants most!

He looked at the food one by one, and various recipes flashed in his mind. However, the fact was that he could only eat raw.

Perhaps, he looked at his master and could cook secretly.

So he concentrated on choosing delicious food to eat raw and boiled.

When his eyes fell on a tray containing long strips of pink and white meat, he was stunned for a moment, and then exclaimed.

His ear fin and tail fin exploded at the same time and retreated several meters in an instant.

Norman looked at the little mermaid in surprise and followed his eyes to the snake meat.

Scared me.

Too timid.

He pushed the tray. The dead snake didn’t move: “dead, won’t bite you.”

An Jin retreated again. He looked nervous, thought, and looked at the plate: “bah, bah…”

Norman: ”

He closed the lid and silently accepted the fact that the mermaid he bought was timid.

In my heart, I classified food such as water snakes and sea snakes as prohibited goods.

An Jin still didn’t move.

Norman looked at the little mermaid nervous and asked the robot to take the plate away.

Ann was relieved and smiled at Norman. What a sweet master!

Fortunately, there was only snake meat in the food, and an Jin was no longer frightened.

After he looked at the food variety, he finally focused on a prawn on the right.

There are six different kinds of shrimp in all foods.

This shrimp is the largest, about the size of an arm. Its shell is transparent. You can see the white and tender meat at a glance. It looks very delicious.

He swam to the side of the pool, picked up the tray, swung his blue tail left and right, swam to the side of the pool furthest from the door and put down the tray.

After putting it away, he swam back and caught two round fat fish and put them with shrimp.

After thinking about it, he swam back, caught two big crabs, raised his hands and swam his tail to the food store.

Norman looked at the little mermaid as busy as a porter and pointed to the rest of the food: “it’s all yours.”

An Jin couldn’t understand what he said, but looking at his gestures, he guessed a little and shook his head.

The food he chose, including snacks, couldn’t eat any more.

Norman wrote down the preferences of the little mermaid and asked the robot to move the remaining food to the kitchen for high-pressure separation of impurities to make a seafood flavor nutrient.

An Jin thought of his delicious breakfast and was very happy. His tail swayed unconsciously in the water.

He looked at Norman and hoped that his master would leave soon.

He didn’t want to expose his water power. He had to deal with the food while his master was away.

Norman glanced at the little mermaid’s wagging tail.

He did his homework last night. Such a frequency shows that the little mermaid is in a good mood.

However… The little mermaid still didn’t sing.

His sword eyebrow frowned. Isn’t he happy enough to sing?

It seems that we should continue to make up lessons.

Before leaving the mermaid room, Norman suddenly remembered hornard’s reminder and watched the little mermaid seriously introduce himself: “Ann, I’m your master Norman.”

An Jin blinked with a blank face.

Norman finished and left the mermaid room.

Seeing the door closed, an Jin turned around happily, looked at the food he chose and swallowed his saliva silently.

After thinking about it, he first removed the impurities from the round fat fish, and then gathered a water ball with mental strength.

The water polo wraps the crab. He runs the power. The water polo runs at high speed to generate heat and starts boiling the crab.

He secretly regretted that if his powers were stronger, everything could be cooked together.

The control of his water power has reached its peak. Unfortunately, there is no zombie crystal core and can’t be upgraded.

While controlling the water polo, he grabbed the fat fish and ate it.

Fish is a little fishy without lemon juice, but now he is a mermaid. He is not afraid of fishy. His mouth is full of fresh, tender and slightly sweet taste. He squinted with satisfaction.

After eating the fish, the crab was also cooked. His nails were very easy to use. He split the crab in three or two times.

After eating a mouthful of crab roe, an Jin suddenly felt that life was perfect.

It’s good to meet a trench master!

The trench owner is learning how to make the mermaid happy.

Norman looked at the video of hornard’s turn and was still looking through the mermaid feeding manual.

He looked as serious as if he were reading a military report.

After the patrol, he had only one day off. This day was the best time for him to get closer to the mermaid.

I don’t have so much time to spend on the little mermaid in the future.

Combined with the video and manual, he decided to play the most popular game with the little mermaid.

An Jin finished his breakfast and floated on the water with a satisfied face.

The food he chose left a crab, which was his reserved snack.

In fact, he had to stay. He was lack of mental strength and couldn’t control the water polo.

Breakfast used a lot of mental strength. When he rested, he noticed that his mental strength recovered faster than usual.

He found that the speed of his mental recovery seemed to be related to his mood.

The better the mood, the faster the recovery.

Suddenly, he felt someone approaching the room, looked at the door, and gently shrugged his nose.

Making sure that the smell of cooked crabs had dissipated, he looked very relaxed.

After breakfast, he broke the leftover crab shell and washed it into the toilet.

No one will find that he cooked crabs.

Soon Norman came in with a fishing rod and a leather ball the size of a blue bowling ball under his arm.

An Jin looked at him curiously. What was he going to do?

Norman fastened the fishing line at the lower end of the fishing rod through the round hole at the top of the ball, extended the fishing rod, shook the fishing line, and the ball swung up and down.

Make sure the ball won’t fall. Norman extends the fishing rod to the little mermaid and puts the ball not far above the little mermaid’s forehead.

An Jin is at a loss. What’s going on in this world?

Even if you fish, how can you fish with a ball?

An Jin looked at the serious master and thought that he could not disappoint the master. He decided to meet the master’s wishes.

He reached out, grabbed the ball and looked inquisitively at Norman.

Is that all right? Are you happy?

Norman frowned, which was different from the product promotion!

In a moment of silence, he pressed the button and retracted the fishing rod.

An Jin feels the pull in his hand and thinks that his master, like the previous doctor, wants to coax him to the shore.

So even if he could let go of his master’s plan, he still clung to the ball.

Even worried that his master was dragging him, he took the initiative to swing his tail and swam to the pool at once.

He looked up at the man and was happy now!

Norman was not happy. It was different from what he thought. He stared at the ball for two seconds and looked at the Little Mermaid: “like this ball?”

Otherwise, how can I cling to it.

An Jin didn’t understand and looked confused.

Norman: I’ll give it to you later

He had analyzed what had just gone wrong and guessed that the little mermaid might not remember the activity.

After all, mermaids have poor memory.

He opened his brain and clicked on a video to show the little mermaid.

An Jin looks at the virtual screen with bright eyes. The video shows a man playing a game with a mermaid.

Men hang the ball with a fishing rod, and mermaids top the ball with their heads.

The man moves irregularly along the edge of the pool and controls the fishing rod at the same time. The position of the ball changes rapidly.

The mermaid’s reaction is very fast. Its beautiful tail beats the water strongly and jumps out of the water quickly. It can top the ball almost every time.

An Jin carefully observes the man’s expression in the video. He is very excited and energetic.

An Jin’s expression gradually became complex, as if he saw the scene of his sister teasing the cat with a cat teasing stick next door.

It’s just that he’s not the one with the cat stick, but the cat.

He looked up at the man. All right, the master is the biggest.

Since the master wants to play, he has to accompany him anyway.

He was a little worried that his host would not enjoy himself.

He doesn’t like sports, but he used to have no sports cells.

In fact, he did very well. The mermaid’s body is very strong.

Only at the beginning, he was not very good at patting the water with his tail and taking advantage of the situation to take off. He seemed a little clumsy.

His jumping height was limited. Fortunately, the host didn’t embarrass him and didn’t let him challenge the difficult header position.

Norman’s pupil reflected the agile figure of the little mermaid, and his vision moved from the powerful tail of the little mermaid to the sharp fingernails of the little mermaid.

He suddenly had a wonderful idea in his mind to practice a mermaid and pet!

Mermaid’s combat effectiveness is not weak. If trained, it will be stronger.

Mermaid body can fully withstand the strength of the transition. It’s no problem to go to the front.

If the mermaid is around, he doesn’t have to worry about spiritual riots outside.

The more he thought about it, the more he thought it was a good idea, but he had to cooperate with the mermaid.

He pressed the idea temporarily and only waited for the right time to implement it.

An Jin didn’t know that he tried his best to play with him, but he actually made the host have a very terrible idea.

After playing for more than 20 minutes, his physical strength decreased and he floated in the water for breath.

It’s not easy to be a pet!

His beautiful blue eyes looked expectantly at Norman: are you happy?

Norman frowned, too weak!

And… The little mermaid didn’t seem to have a good time.

He thought expressionless, what is the most popular game of mermaid? It’s all bullshit.

He was worried about how to make the pure Mermaid happy to sing?

He took back his fishing rod, took down the blue ball and handed it to the little mermaid.

Ann Jin swam to him and took it tentatively.

Norman observed carefully and found that the little mermaid was not very happy to get his favorite ball.

What a mermaid in a difficult mood!

An Jin holds the ball and thinks that the host gives him a gift. He should think he is doing well.

Well, isn’t it too much to ask for a little?

The author has something to say: Thank you for your support

An Jin: it’s hard to make the host happy

Norman: it’s hard to make pets happy —


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