After Being a Mermaid Chapter 80

The oval stone is placed horizontally on the desktop, with a long half axis of about 40 cm. The white in the middle is dim and the edge is transparent.

After an Jin asked, everyone in the room fell on the stone.

An expert replied, “it was salvaged and wrapped in the roots with black stone.”

At this time, Joey came in wet from the outside, holding an oval stone in each hand, with a dull white in the middle and transparent colors around.

After saluting an Jin, he said, “this is found in the mud next to the tree root. There are several more.”

After a while, several soldiers came in one after another, all of them sending stones.

There were nine stones on the table and sent in by Joey. The last one was almost transparent with cracks on the edge.

An Jin’s eyes were full of surprise. He was almost sure that these oval stones were animal cores.

To be exact, it’s a fast running out of energy.

Every time he absorbs the energy of the animal nucleus, the animal nucleus will gradually become dim. After complete absorption, the animal nucleus will become transparent.

The expert took the instrument and said in surprise, “there is energy fluctuation.”

An Jin came forward and raised his hand to touch the stone. Before he touched it, Norman held his wrist.

Norman disapproved and said, “unknown matter, don’t touch it.”

“Although no radiation has been detected, there may be other dangers,” jorens said

The expert took out the isolation box with isolation gloves: “Wang, I’ll immediately take it back to the research room for comprehensive testing and send it to you after confirming that there is no harm.”

Elder: “do you like transparent stones? I’ll send a cart of natural crystals to the palace immediately.”

An Jin: “… No, I probably know what it is. There is no danger.”

The experts looked at him in surprise: “do you know?”

An Jin nodded and was surprised to see their faces.

The appearance of animal nucleus is different due to different species of star beasts. Norman has never seen labe’s animal nucleus normal, but the experts are labe natives.

He asked, “haven’t you seen it?”

Several people shook their heads together.

An Jin doesn’t show off. He takes out a white animal core from the space. The appearance of the animal core is a milky white sphere. At first glance, it looks a bit like a pearl, but it is much larger than the Pearl. An Jin barely holds it in his hands.

He works his powers to absorb the energy of the beast’s nucleus, and the edge of the beast’s nucleus becomes white and dim to the naked eye.

His spirit sea is full without too much waste. If the appearance of the animal core changes, it will no longer be absorbed.

“This is the animal core.” He looked at the animal core in his hand and looked at the oval stone on the table. “Those should be the same, but there is only a little energy left.”

The experts were surprised. After carefully looking at the changes of the animal nucleus, they looked at the energy display on the instrument: “it really looks like the animal nucleus.”

“I’ve seen all the sea animal cores of Rabe, and I’ve never seen such animal cores!”

“Is it an unknown creature?”

“Inferred from the size of the beast’s nucleus, the size of the sea beast will not be small, and it is impossible not to be found.”

Seeing the lively discussion among the experts, the elder thought and said, “maybe it’s extinct sea animals. They are buried deep underground. It’s obviously many years from now.”

“That makes sense!”

An Jin turned and asked Norman, “will the energy of the wild animal core gradually disappear?”

Norman: “no, the animal core is one of the daily energy sources of si’ao. Most of them come from the virgin forest in the resource star. The search team found the animal core a long time ago. It is full of energy.”

An expert nodded in agreement with Wen Yan: “animal nuclear energy will not be consumed naturally.”

JOYA pointed to the stones on the table. “What’s the matter with them?”

“Maybe it’s just like the animal core?”

An Jin said, “I can be sure if I touch it.”

Norman said seriously, “wear gloves.”

Knowing that he was worried, an Jin nodded obediently, “OK.”

He put the animal’s core back into space, asked the expert to borrow a pair of gloves, put them on and touch the stone. He operated his powers and immediately felt the familiar energy.

He absorbed a little and saw that the White was darker. He moved his hand and said, “it’s a beast’s core.”

Experts couldn’t help discussing: “where’s their energy?”

“Is it related to Blackstone?”

“Do the experiment now!”

The experts were strong in action. They quickly took an oval stone and put it next to the black stone. They opened the instrument to scan and observe the energy change of the stone in real time.

Everyone stared at the screen. Ten minutes later, there was no change.

“Maybe it’s too short.”

“It may take a long time to see the results.”

An Jin’s eyes fell on the black stone. The black stone was very dark. Just looking at it, he felt very uncomfortable.

He works his power. A stream of water sticks to the black stone and disappears in the blink of an eye. The black stone remains unchanged.

He frowned. The black stone itself was more difficult to remove than the impurities in the plant!

The elder is looking at the screen. His brain vibrates. He connects. After hearing the opposite words, he directly puts the video on the public.

“Elder, I found another black stone, thirty-two meters from the bottom of the water, which was entangled by the tree roots. In addition to the black stone, I also found the sea animal core in the tree roots. The animal core broke when touched, and there was no energy.”

The elder heard the speech and said seriously, “take good care of the black stone.”

An Jin looked at the animal core with the black stone, looked at the unchanged panel, and moved in his heart: “maybe the energy of the animal core is absorbed by the Holy tree?”

The room was quiet for a moment, and an expert echoed: “what Wang said is very reasonable. Near the animal core, there are not only black stones, but also holy tree roots!”

An Jin immediately said, “I’ll go into the water to verify!”

Jorens hurriedly said, “Wang doesn’t have to go in person. Joea can go. He will broadcast the whole process live.”

JOYA immediately nodded in agreement.

An Jin shook his head: “I want to verify it myself.”

He can only see impurities at the scene. If he sees the video, the Holy tree is also green.

Seeing his insistence, jorens did not persuade again, but followed the guard closely.

An Jin jumped into the water. When he got to the water, his feet turned into tails. He turned his head and smiled at Norman and swam down.

The water was very deep. An Jin swam for a while before reaching the bottom. The mermaid of the military surrounded the key area at the bottom of the pool. He released immediately after seeing him and jorens.

An Jin looked at the clear water and was surprised. He dug such a big black stone. Why is the water not muddy?

After jorens explained, he realized that the thing in the soldier’s hand was not a weapon, but a cleaning instrument.

The water was clear and convenient. He looked at the big hole not far away. Outside the hole were scattered some broken roots and those that were not broken but were brought to the bottom of the water.

He swam over and saluted a middle-aged Mermaid. An Jin learned from his introduction that he was Rabe’s botanist.

“Wang, please rest assured that there are many holy trees. When we take stones, we use the scheme with the least damage, which has no impact on the Holy tree.”

An Jin nodded: “it’s hard.”

He took out the previous white animal core and put it at the root of a healthy tree.

Three minutes later, the black roots in his eyes faded, and the surface gradually showed a light yellow color.

At the same time, the color of the white animal core is slightly dim.

An Jin puts his hand on the beast’s core, runs his powers and feels the energy of the beast’s core.

He clearly felt that the energy of the beast’s nucleus gradually decreased.

His eyes lit up gradually as he looked at the black roots.

Animal nuclear energy is really absorbed by the Holy tree!

And after the Holy tree absorbs energy, it removes impurities!

Because there is no black stone near the root system, the tree roots are no longer polluted.

An Jin was very happy. When he swam out of the water, he saw Norman waiting for him on the shore and stretched out his hand to him.

He put his hands on Norman’s hands, turned his tail into legs, landed with Norman’s force, and then removed the water from his body.

Norman untied his messy hair, patiently folded it up and tied it again.

Returning to the temporary office, an Jin said his findings. His blue eyes were very bright: “as long as you find all the black stones and place enough animal cores at the root, the Holy tree should recover by itself.”

The eyes of the elder and experts burst into a very bright light.

Elder: “I immediately contacted the military headquarters to strengthen the investigation of Blackstone, and then asked the logistics department to buy a batch of measuring instruments and animal cores from si’ao.”

Jorens: I’ll take stock of the animal nuclear inventory in the warehouse

Norman said at this time, “I’ll directly ask the military headquarters to send the measuring instrument and animal nucleus you need.”

Jorens said cautiously, “thank you,” he added. “Rabe will pay an equivalent reward.”

Norman: No

Jorens said seriously, “we can’t take advantage of theo. We’re not selling you the king.”

Norman: “…” he pondered and said, “I want a different way of reward.”

Jorens wondered, “what?”

Norman: “how to extract the energy that can remove impurities from the animal nucleus has not been made by the si’ao Research Institute, and the Holy tree can do it. I think maybe we can find a breakthrough from the Holy tree.”

“I hope rabesin agrees with the research team sent by the si’ao Research Institute to study the Holy tree. Of course, we promise not to hurt the Holy tree.”

Jorens tilted his head to discuss with the elder and finally nodded: “yes, there should be no more than 20 team members. If there is any action to hurt the Holy tree, the agreement will be invalid.”

Norman nodded solemnly, “yes.”

Rabe soon became busy, looking for and salvaging black stones and collecting animal cores.

An Jin took the mermaids to the Holy Land in batches according to the plan.

The Holy tree was so polluted that he was not sure when the Holy tree would recover, so he gave priority to helping the mermaid who decided to leave labe to split his legs.

A week later, the military department salvaged all the black stones found. The farther back, the smaller the black stone is, less than two fists.

An Jin came back from the holy land, sat on the sofa and chatted with Xiao Yin, and received a report from jorens.

“All salvage channels are reserved for the placement of animal cores. As a precaution, Rabe will be fully explored again in the next week.”

“In case there are not enough animal cores, Rabe military headquarters and the Sloan military headquarters have negotiated cooperation. Today, we will send troops to the Sloan sixth defense zone to assist in the guard work. The animal cores killed belong to Rabe.”

After reading the information, an Jin politely praised rabesin’s efficiency and added “hard work”.

Jorens insisted on reporting important things to him. Every time he saw it, he didn’t know what to return. If he didn’t return, he felt impolite, so he said it was hard every time.

Fortunately, jorens seems to like this reply very much.

He leaned against the sofa, his elbow on the armrest of the sofa, holding his cheek, and his eyes fell to the door.

The housekeeper is busy with his servants and receives dresses, jewelry and other things needed for the wedding.

Watching the servant take the dress to the fitting room, I felt tired at the thought that he had to try on so many clothes.

Norman came in from the door and touched his face. “Tired?”

An Jin shook his head and his eyes fell on his straight military uniform. Suddenly, he came to his spirit, sat up straight and said, “you have to wear labe’s clothes at the wedding.”

Norman: “well, when jorens was in Sioux, he said hello to me and asked the palace dresser for my body data.”

Seeing that he was ready, an Jin said, “let’s try.”

Norman put his hand on his shoulders and leaned over to look at him. “Do you want to see me in a Rabe dress?”

An Jin nodded. Norman touched his earlobe and thought of something. His eyes were dim. He held his hand and said, “change together.”

When they arrived at the dressing room, they saw several rows of tall clothes hangers against the wall, which were full of colorful robes and gowns. Each cloth was slightly reflective, especially gorgeous.

Ann asked Norman which one he liked. Norman chose two peacock blue dresses, took them in his hand and took the boy into the compartment.

This is different from what an Jin thought.

His tone faltered and took the small one: “I, I’ll change it next door.”

Norman took him and didn’t let him go: “I can’t wear Rabe’s clothes. Teach me.”

An Jin looked up at him: “liar.”

He often wore Rabe’s clothes. Norman was very skilled whether he took off his clothes at night or dressed him in the morning.

Norman smiled and kissed him on the lip. “I’ll go next door.”

An Jin looked at his back and pursed his lips.

They have done the most intimate things. The wedding will be held in half a month. It seems that he is too generous.

He thought for a moment, put on his dress and looked down.

It feels like ancient men’s clothes, but it’s not so complex. It’s a single piece, but the fabric texture is great and looks gorgeous.

He walked out of the compartment and saw Norman standing outside, his eyes flashing with amazement.

The peacock blue robe is a cross collar style. Norman is tall and fully supports his clothes. The V-neck formed by overlapping skirts reveals his wheat colored collarbone and strong chest. At a glance, it makes people feel very powerful.

Norman looked at the boy with a slightly loose frown. Fortunately, the boy’s style was similar to but different from him. Only the collarbone was exposed after the collar was folded.

Soon, he frowned again. His belt pinched the boy’s waist very thin, which was very annoying.

An Jin stretched out his hand and nodded his eyebrows: “don’t you like it? It suits you very well and is very handsome.”

Norman hugged him and put his palm on his waist. “You’re so eye-catching.”

An Jin only wore such a piece. He immediately felt the heat of his palm at his waist, noticed his hand moving down, and quickly grabbed it: “housekeeper, they will come in.”

Norman whispered in his ear, “you’re wearing the wrong dress.”

An Jin was stunned. He felt that his underwear belt was gently pulled down by his hand and put it back.

An Jin’s face turned red. Rabe’s clothes really didn’t have underwear.

He put his hand on Norman’s chest, subconsciously looked under his abdomen and said in surprise: “didn’t you…”

Before he had finished asking, Norman picked him up and he gave a soft cry.

Norman took him out and went to the bedroom: “find the answer yourself.”

After a long time

An Jin lay on Norman and gasped gently. He poked Norman’s shoulder with his finger: “you used to be very serious.”

Norman’s hand lingered on his smooth back: “it’s the same now,” paused. “I can’t control it because I like Ann too much.”

An Jin was silent for a moment and whispered, “I like Norman very much, too.”

In a flash of sight, he had changed his position, put his back against the bed, looked at Norman above, and easily saw the joy in Norman’s eyes.

Ann couldn’t help thinking whether he would disappoint Norman because he was shy and dodged before?

He held back his shyness, grabbed Norman’s neck and said seriously, “I will try to learn from you and express my mind calmly.”

Norman kissed him on the cheek. “Ann is fine now.”

The next day, an Jin returned to the palace from the holy land. The housekeeper reported that principal Xinbei was looking for him.

He was a little surprised and met the headmaster in the reception room.

The headmaster is a middle-aged teke Mermaid. He has a gentle temper. When he speaks, he speaks in a gentle tone. He comes straight to the point: “Wang, I want to discuss the blind date with you.”

Ann Jin was stunned, and Norman frowned slightly.

The headmaster smiled at Norman and said, “Wang Fu misunderstood. I’m talking about the students’ participation in the blind date meeting.”

He looked at an Jin: “students come from all parts of the Star Alliance. No one can manage them uniformly except you.”

“90% of the students are adults, but almost all of them are single, which is incredible in Rabe. After all, if they are single, even if they are successfully differentiated, they can not change their forms freely, which has a great impact on their career choice in the future.”

The headmaster said: “I also know that they used to have a bad memory, and in addition to love at first sight, their partner’s feelings need to get along with the accumulation of memory. I can understand that they have been single all the time, but now their memory has recovered and they can find a partner.”

An Jin: “… Do you want me to persuade them to attend the blind date?”

The headmaster nodded.

An Jin thought for a moment and said, “you explain the situation to them. They will participate if they are willing. I don’t want to intervene.”

The headmaster said helplessly, “they are very vigilant. They seem to be worried that we will force them to match randomly, so I would like to ask you to explain.”

An Jin immediately understood that the Mermaids should think of the black market.

And the mermaid can remember, it must be in the memo.

He asked the headmaster about the blind date.

The headmaster said: “every city in Rabe star has such activities every month. Choose a place or scenic spot, invite single mermaids to go, and give single mermaids the opportunity to meet their peers. It’s completely free.”

The headmaster also pushed several pairs of partner diaries, all of which were promoted by the previous blind date meeting. The diary described the blind date meeting from the perspective of participants.

An Jin searched the drop-down Beixing network and found that there were many partners who would get married on a blind date.

Principal: “all single mermaids can participate in the blind date, so mermaids can easily find partners. After the development of science and technology, the mermaid communication circle has narrowed. The blind date is also to expand the mermaid communication circle.”

An Jin finally helped the headmaster announce the news, introduced the blind date meeting in detail, and explained the principle of voluntariness.

The mermaid crowd suddenly became lively.

An Jin watched silently and found that many mermaids knew that there was no danger and that there was a free mode. They were looking forward to it and warmly discussed the love fish in their dreams.

An Jin found that almost all of these were mermaids who decided to stay on labe.

After that, an Jin didn’t need to manage the process. The headmaster arranged for the teacher to deal with it.

To an Jin’s surprise, Xiao Yin actually wanted to participate.

Three days later, an Jin received a communication from bubble: “an an, Xiao Yin fought with a mermaid at a blind date and was caught at the police station.”

An Jin: “


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