After Being a Mermaid Chapter 81

Among the Mermaids that an Jin is familiar with, Rui Ling Ling is a partner. Gu Gu returns to si’ao. Only Paopao and Xiaoyin attended the blind date.

He was still thinking about asking about Xiaoyin’s blind date with bubble at noon. Unexpectedly, Xiaoyin went to the police station.

Hearing the anxious tone of the bubble, he quickly comforted: “don’t worry, are you in the police station?”

“I’m not here. I’m not with Xiaoyin,” bubble was annoyed. “I’m not the same as Xiaoyin’s favorite amusement project. When I arrived at the amusement park, I separated and agreed to meet in the amusement park restaurant at noon.”

“I just heard the mermaid discuss that there was a teke Mermaid fighting for the ISA Mermaid. I was curious and asked. I knew that one of the teke mermaids was Xiaoyin. I contacted Xiaoyin. Xiaoyin didn’t answer. It was the police officer who answered. He asked me to inform Xiaoyin.”

An Jinchang: ”

He got up and walked out: “go back to your residence first. I’ll go to the police station right away. Don’t worry.”

Bubble: “I’ve got a taxi. Go to the police station.”

An Jin: “OK, you pay attention to safety.”

The blind date meeting was held in the center of labe City, the main city of labe star. Public security was under the control of the main city police station. He said his purpose and the flying shuttle drove intelligently.

Police inquiry room

The little silver hand was handcuffed behind his back and sat on the stool with an unhappy face: “he did it first, you let me go!”

“Obviously you did it first! You pushed it down!” Sitting side by side with him, the brown Mermaid, whose hands were also roasted, glared at him.

“Who made him not civilized?” Little silver frowned, “I don’t know he’s so weak.”

Standing next to the brown Mermaid, the cyan Mermaid bit her lip, with water in her eyes, and looked at Xiao Yin with big eyes: “I’m not weak, I just don’t stand firm.”

Xiao Yin hissed, “Why are you crying again? I didn’t hit you. You didn’t frame me!”

The blue mermaid’s tears flashed even more, as if they would flow out of her eyes in a blink.

“You’ve gone too far!” The brown Mermaid got up angrily, but because she was tied to the stool, she dragged the stool to the frame: “asshole, it’s reasonable for you to bully isa Mermaid, isn’t it?”

Xiaoyin retorted loudly, “I didn’t bully him. Don’t talk nonsense.”

The policeman pressed the brown Mermaid and said, “calm down. You still want to fight, don’t you?”

The brown Mermaid glared at Xiao Yin angrily: “you let go of me, I will let him see my power!”

Little silver blinked and felt that this was very familiar. She gently raised her chin to the police officer: “you let him go. He’s not powerful at all. I let him know what it’s really powerful!”

The policeman took a smoke from the corner of his mouth and photographed the table: “it’s quiet. What’s the noise? I’m very brave. I dare to be fierce here!”

Another policeman walked around behind Xiaoyin and brown Mermaid. Their brains extracted identity information: “you said you had a good blind date and didn’t fight with your partner?”

After reading the person’s identity information: “adult unmarried, all students, you…” he was stunned when he saw Xiaoyin’s information.

In order to integrate the Mermaids into the mermaid life, Rabe star was worried that they would be disturbed and treated abnormally. It did not announce what mermaids came back from the Star Alliance, but left a file in the identity information.

Because of their special circumstances, although they are adults, they do not know the basic common sense and laws and regulations, and are still in custody.

When the police officer saw that the information column of the small bank supervisor was not blank, he was stunned and understood. His tone was serious: “fighting is against the law!”

He inquired about the temporary Guardian Information: “I’ll ask your guardian to take you back.”

The little silver foot lifted up: “no!”

The police officer didn’t listen to him and dialed the communication.

In the morning, Mu Chen went to the airport to meet the research team arriving at labe star. Then he sent the team members to their hotel and received strange communication.

He looked at it and recognized that it was the communication number of rabesin police. He couldn’t help but have a bad feeling. The leader of the research group motioned and went aside to connect: “hello.”

The policeman was serious: “Xiaoyin and Mermaid are fighting. At present, they are in the main city police station of labe. Please come to the police station.”

Mu Chen hurriedly asked, “is he hurt?”

Police officer: “he’s fine.”

Mu Chen breathed a sigh of relief: “sorry, I’ll hurry there as soon as possible.”

When the police officer hung up the communication, he saw that little silver eyes fell on him. He was serious: “what are you looking at? Reflect on yourself.”

Xiao Yin said, “I’m right again.”

What else did the policeman want to say? Thinking of his identity, he didn’t speak.

He thought to himself that Xinbei school would respond and let these returning mermaids learn the knowledge of discipline as soon as possible.

He wanted to tell the length of the brown Mermaid.

The light blue shuttle landed in the parking lot of the police station, and eight Pro guard shuttles landed in turn.

An Jin got off the shuttle and walked into the police station. All the people in the hall were stunned.

A policeman greeted him and said, “Wang, what can I do for you?”

“Ann!” The sound of bubbles came from the door. An Jin turned his head and was surprised to see Mu Chen behind the bubbles.

Si’ao sent the army of measuring instrument and animal nuclear and the animal nuclear research team to Rabe. Norman and Mu Chen are very busy today.

Mu Chen greeted him and explained simply, “I’m the temporary guardian of Xiaoyin. The police informed me.”

An Jinran, the police officer explained the situation, and the three went to the information room together.

On the way, Mu Chen asked bubble about the specific situation, and bubble repeated what an Jin had said.

“Ann, why are you here?” Xiaoyin was surprised to see an Jin.

Bubble: “I told Ann.”

Mu Chen looked at a strange Mermaid except the police officer. His sight stayed on the ISA Mermaid for a moment and looked at the police officer: “I’m his temporary guardian. Can I take him away?”

Police constable: “only after writing the review.” He untied the man’s handcuffs.

Xiaoyin immediately jumped to an Jin and moved her wrist: “I don’t write. He did it first!”

When the brown Mermaid heard the speech, she immediately moved her eyes on an Jin to Xiaoyin: “how can I hit you if you don’t hit Xixi?”

Seeing an Jin, the cyan Mermaid understood Xiao Yin’s identity and pulled the brown mermaid’s arm: “forget it, he shouldn’t have meant it.”

Little silver pointed to his hand: “yes, that’s it. He just pulled me. I waved my hand. He fell down himself. What’s the matter with me!”

The cyan mermaid’s face turned red, and the brown mermaid’s expression was very ugly: “are you a teke mermaid? It’s too impolite.”

Xiaoyin thought he was still accusing him of making the blue Mermaid fall, and retorted: “he doesn’t speak of civilization. I didn’t do it until he pulled my hand.”

He looked at Mu Chen: “you said, it’s uncivilized to talk to the opposite sex!”

Mu Chen: “…” he thinks Xiaoyin may be single for a lifetime.

The tears of the blue Mermaid came down again. Now everyone understood what was going on. He couldn’t help but sympathize with him. He actually took a fancy to a mermaid who didn’t understand the customs.

The brown Mermaid wanted to fight again, but he was held by the cyan Mermaid. He turned his head and the cyan Mermaid whispered, “I, I want to go back.”

The head of the brown Mermaid came. Under the persuasion of the head and Mu Chen Anjin, Xiaoyin and the brown Mermaid stared at each other and shook hands.

After the police officers understood the situation, they did not ask them to write a review on the spot. They were allowed to write back. When to hand in the review and what to sell the file.

Leaving the police station, Mu Chen saw the small silver plate with a face and said, “what are you angry with? You beat out people’s dark circles.”

Small silver eyes light lift: “not angry, think about things.”

How can you get stronger without a partner?!

Mu Chen made a sound and was about to ask what he was thinking. After receiving the communication, he looked at an Jin: “I have something else to do. Please send them back.”

An Jin nodded: “go and be busy.”

After Mu Chen left, both Xiaoyin and paopaopao said they didn’t want to go back to their residence, so an Jin took them to his residence.

The three sat on the sofa in the living room, eating snacks brought by the tube and chatting.

An Jin looked at Xiao Yin: “I thought you wouldn’t attend the blind date.”

Xiaoyin is very distressed: “maintaining my legs will always consume mental energy. I can transform freely only after combining with my partner. I learn to drive mecha. I will be stronger if I can transform freely.”

Bubble stared at the virtual screen and heard the speech holding his cheek: “that cyan Mermaid looks very good. Why don’t you like it?”

“Where is it?” Xiao Yin said, “I like crying so much, but I don’t talk about civilization.”

Bubble shared the screen with him: “he is expressing your love. The isamermaids of labe star are pampered and grown up. You embarrass him. Of course he cries.”

Xiaoyin felt that she was carrying the pot: “where did I embarrass him?”

He thought Rabe’s mermaids were strange, the blue mermaids loved to cry, and the brown mermaids were so grumpy!

His eyes fell on an Jin. His silver eyes were thinking. After a while, his eyes fell and looked at an Jin’s legs: “an an, can you change your feet at will?”

An Jin was stunned. Because the mermaid could freely transform the meaning of the representative, his expression was a little embarrassed.

However, seeing Xiao Yin’s clear eyes, he was obviously not teasing him, but simply asking.

He nodded, “well.”

Little silver nodded her chin and raised her eyebrows: “so, humans can be partners.”

The bubble made a noise, and his purple eyes glittered: “Xiaoyin has a crush on human beings. Do you want human beings to be his partner?”

Little silver tilted her head: “what is fancy?”

The bubble held his chin: “I think I just want to mate with him.”

An Jin: “… Not only that.”

A mermaid looked at him with doubts in her eyes.

Anxin racked his brains. They explained their feelings of love. As he spoke, he found that it was all his feelings for Norman, and his cheeks were hot.

He is rigorous: “everyone may feel a little different, but one thing is certain that the other party is different. Seeing the other party’s feeling is different from others.”

At noon, Norman and Mu Chen returned to the palace together.

Mu Chen took Xiaoyin back to his residence and sent bubbles back.

Norman rubbed the top of an Jin’s hair and sat down beside him: “the research group has settled down and is discussing with the labe Star plant research institute to formulate a plan not to harm the Holy tree and study the principle of the Holy tree absorbing animal nuclear energy.”

An Jin’s eyes lit up: “I hope to study the results early, so that we can purify plants and soil in a large area.”

Although his power can purify the soil, there are many subordinate planets in addition to the main star, not to mention the whole empire.

It’s too slow for him to purify the soil alone.

The tester sent by SiO made the search for Blackstone progress faster. In less than a day, Rabe star had completed its second comprehensive test.

The next day, as soon as an Jinsheng returned to the palace, he received a communication from jorens.

He connected, and jorens’s excited voice immediately came: “king! The Holy tree has really absorbed the energy of the animal core. The top of the tree root has been tested and there are no impurities.”

An Jin could not help but raise his mouth when he heard the speech: “great!”

Jorens’s excitement eased slightly: “at present, the experts are discussing how to reasonably place the animal core to ensure that the Holy tree absorbs energy faster.”

An Jin doesn’t know about this, but he is confident in the efficiency of Rabe Star: “the Holy tree will recover soon.”

Jorens’s tone was sincere and respectful: “everything is because of Wang. Thank you.”

The news of the improvement of the Holy tree soon spread in labe. The people of labe were in a good mood. Celebrations were held everywhere in the evening.

The lively and festive atmosphere continued until the wedding of an Jin and Norman.

October 10 is the day that the whole star alliance is waiting for

The electronic screens of tall buildings around labe star are open all day, with dazzling fireworks and festive songs and dances.

The salute rang out, and all Rabe people who were not in the wedding venue watched the swearing in venue through the official live broadcast platform in the squares or in the.

Dressed in dark blue robes, an Jin and Norman walked through the red carpet and all the way to the center of the temple.

A 100 year old former elder, holding an ancient book in his hand, made a solemn speech in the ancient and meaningful Mermaid language.

An Jin’s heart beat very fast. Listening to the elder’s voice, he felt that he was about to become a partner with another person.

He was nervous and looking forward to it. He looked at him in the elder and took a serious oath.

Norman’s left ear was wearing a translator of the same color as the dress. His hearing was not affected at all. His eyes were focused on the teenager, and his eyes were soft and incredible.

The oath is over. The elder looks at Norman.

Norman’s low voice is serious and serious, but it is not loud, but it is particularly powerful: “I – Norman lesson is willing to be a partner with an Jin. In any situation, I will always love him, take care of him, protect him and respect him.”

An Jin was seen by his deep brown eyes, and his heart beat faster. He couldn’t help but smile at him.

The barrage went crazy and praised the mermaid King’s beauty.

The elder’s voice made the people who looked at each other converge and turn their attention back to the ceremony.

The elder announced that the man was a partner. An Jin and Norman took off their brains and put them on the tray in the hands of the ceremonial staff.

The elder determines the identity of the person’s partner on the spot, and the human intelligence and brain information are updated as well.

Rabe star network and Star Alliance network are common. Their partner identity is valid in the whole Star Alliance.

Zhinao crossed back to them. Norman took an Jin’s hand and seriously put zhinao back on the boy’s hand.

An Jin’s fingers were pinched and his fingertips moved gently. He didn’t look up and helped Norman wear a good brain.

“Congratulations.” The former elder showed a kind smile.

Norman took the boy in his arms and restrained a kiss on the boy’s forehead.

He didn’t want others to see the boy’s lovely and attractive face kissed by him.

After the ceremony, there was a grand celebration. An Jin and Norman took a wedding boat around Rabe city to receive the blessings of Rabe people.

An Jin’s nervous mood in front of the oath platform gradually relaxed in the lively atmosphere.

Others waved to the fish and noticed that Norman’s arm was stiff and looked at Norman.

Norman’s expression was serious, even more serious than Ping.

An Jin couldn’t help guessing: “are you nervous?”

Norman immediately said, “No.”


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