After Being a Mermaid Chapter 82

An Jin’s palm covered Norman’s arm, and the touch under the palm was hard.

His blue eyes dyed a smile: “I thought you wouldn’t be nervous.”

After all, Norman was calm.

Norman God took a silk ribbon and was helpless. He relaxed his body and recognized, “I’m not nervous now.”

His brown eyes were particularly deep, staring at the smiling face of the young man. Under the sun, the scales of the young man’s tail glittered, which set off the exquisite face more fascinating.

Norman rubbed his fingers against the scales, his voice was low, and his eyebrows twisted gently. “They’re all in you.”

He said, holding the boy more tightly, and his possessiveness was very obvious.

An Jin was hot on the cheek of his hot eyes, and was a little surprised: “so you’re jealous?”

Norman didn’t answer directly and said discontentedly, “their eyes are too warm.”

If it wasn’t for the wrong time, he would like to fight with some hot eyed teke mermaids jumping in the water to attract their partner’s attention.

An Jin’s expression was tight and his face was serious. He suddenly wanted to laugh.

He moved his hand from Norman’s arm to his palm and was caught by Norman’s backhand at the next moment. They clasped their fingers.

An Jingwen explained: “they all know that you and I are legal partners. I am because I am the mermaid king. Now in front of the people of si’ao, they will stand up to you.”

His fingertips buckle inside, and their fingers buckle more tightly. His eyes bend slightly and jokingly said, “you, others may think you’re unhappy when you get married.”

“I’m happy!” Norman immediately said, kissing his partner on the forehead, “very happy.”

When he finished, he played the ball to the live broadcast, raised his mouth and smiled.

Rabe star audience was excited when they saw the deliberately revealed smile.

“This must be showing off!”

“Damn it, this man is too proud.”

An Jin and Norman returned to the palace. They changed into medium-length dresses convenient for activities and had a wedding banquet.

The ball was held in the banquet hall of the royal palace. The people attending the wedding banquet were not only the most important officials of Rabe, but also mermaids and officers from the Star Alliance.

After the wedding banquet, these people moved to the next door for the ball.

After more than months of study, mermaids have mastered the basic social etiquette and adapted to Rabe’s life.

They got together and talked about the wedding.

Silver and Mu Chen sat on the right sofa. Silver bit the fruit and asked, “Ann’s wedding is over. Is it going back to SiO?”

Mu Chen leaned against the sofa and thought about the recent progress of various things: “almost.”

Silver quickly and neatly ate the fruit, suddenly leaned close to Mu Chen, and silver eyes stared at Mu Chen: “do you not want to be my partner?”

Mu Chen pulled at the corner of his mouth and pushed his head away: “No.”

“Asshole, you messed up my hair!” Yinsheng stared at him and raised his hand to smooth his messy hair.

Mu Chen turned white: “who let you get so close,” he said in a lot of voice, “and said some messy words.”

“What are you talking about?” Silver put his hand on the back of the sofa and stared at him. “You must be talking ill of me!”

“No,” Mu Chen denied. “I’ve said it many times. Talking loudly may be bad.”

Silver hummed and asked after a while, “why don’t you agree?”

“Disagree with what?” Mu Chen took a sip of juice and asked casually.

“Don’t agree to be my partner!” Silver shouted.

Mu Chen immediately noticed that many people’s eyes came over, pulled the silver sleeve, and said helplessly, “ancestor, you point your voice.”

He put the juice back on the table and said with a silver look, “you don’t know what a partner means. Don’t let others be your partner in the future.”

Silver wrung her eyebrow: “I’m not casual! I’ve thought about it. You… You’re very smooth.”

Mu Chen pinched the bridge of his nose: “I don’t agree. You’d better not find a partner now and say it when you’re mature.”

Silver was ready to say something. Mu Chen said, “Ann is coming.”

Silver shifted his attention and turned his eyes to the mouth.

An Jin and Norman made a speech to thank the guests and then danced the first dance of the ball.

An Jin is a little nervous. He learned to dance before the wedding. He didn’t know how to dance before. Fortunately, Norman guided him all the way. He didn’t make a mistake.

After jumping, an Jin greeted the elder and talked to them for a while. Because he was a little tired and because too many Mermaid eyes were on him, he left before long.

Norman took him back to the bedroom. When he entered, he picked up an Jingheng.

An Jin’s conditioned reflex reached Norman’s shoulder and realized what the other party was going to do. His heart beat wildly.

Norman took him to the bedroom and kissed his partner’s side face. “I wanted to do this when I took the oath.”

The low magnetic voice was close to his ear. Anxin couldn’t help trembling. He put his hand on Norman’s shoulder, bypassed Norman’s neck and gently circled it.

Norman’s breathing increased sharply. When he entered the room, he closed the door and put down his partner. They were having oral sex.

Both bodies are warming up rapidly, and the underwater sound is clearly visible in a quiet environment.

Half a ring, knowing that an Jin was out of breath, Norman let go of his lips, transferred a thin kiss to his chin, moved from his chin, kissed his face, and came to the scale that showed his identity.

An Jin leaned against the wall and his body was close to Norman. He tilted his head, his slender white neck was completely exposed, and his eyelashes trembled when Norman swept the scales at the tip of his tongue.

He could not restrain his voice. Norman reacted more strongly. He rubbed his hand against the back of his neck, took him in his arms and bit him gently in his earlobe.

An Jin shivered and groaned. He grabbed Norman’s skirt and pulled it gently. His voice was soft and dumb: “take a bath.”

Today, he walked around the ceremony and changed several sets of clothes. He didn’t touch the water, which made him feel uncomfortable.

Norman suddenly took him to the bathroom, put him in the bathtub, restrained his impulse, helped him take a bath, wrapped his partner in a big towel and put it in the big bed.

When an Jin woke up, it was noon the next day.

Norman didn’t know when he woke up. He put his head in his hands and leaned over him.

Seeing him awake, Norman gently stroked the scales on his tail with his fingers.

He blinked and grabbed Norman’s hand: “itch.”

He found that his voice was slightly dumb. With his voice line, he seemed to be playing coquettish. The tip of his ears turned red. He quickly sat up.

Norman took him by the waist. “Is there anything wrong?”

An Jin’s body was fresh and his waist was a little sour, but it didn’t affect him. He shook his head.

Norman said faintly, “Ann’s physical quality has improved.”

Last night he had no scruples and asked for his partner many times. Compared with the first time, his partner’s body was much better.

An Jin himself felt the deepest: “after accepting the complete inheritance, the body will become better.”

When he finished, he immediately found that Norman’s God had changed.

Norman was more crazy than any time he came to Rabe last night. Ann Jin thought of Norman’s tenderness a few days ago and immediately turned white. Norman was restrained before.

Norman kissed where he left a mark on his shoulder: “there’s a week’s holiday.”

An Jin’s shoulders trembled and hurried out of bed: “I’ll wash.”

Standing in front of the washstand, he was stunned. Near the scales of his tail, it was very red. He immediately thought of the feeling of being licked and his cheeks were hot.

He patted his face with cold water and slowed down a little.

The following week, an Jin and Norman spent most of their time in the bedroom, occasionally pretending to visit the scenery of Rabe star.

In Labei, the week after marriage is the egg laying period of the newly married partner, which is a legal holiday.

During this period, no one bothered them, and jorens stopped reporting the government affairs of Rabe to an Jin.

Weeks later, early

Ann Jin eats breakfast and receives a report from jorens.

“Wang, the Holy tree recovers quickly. There are no impurities at the bottom of the trunk, and the roots are not polluted.”

“Some blackstones have been placed in the insurance room of the Research Institute. The researchers have not found a way to remove them. I’m afraid they need Wang’s help and wait for your call.”

Ann Jin pursed her lips. Jorens said so, which shows that there is no progress in the research of the SiO research group.

“Eat.” Norman put a shrimp dumpling in an Jin’s bowl.

An Jin closes the message, picks up the glittering and translucent shrimp dumpling and bites. The delicious taste fills his mouth immediately. The shrimp meat is crisp and sweet, and the dumpling skin is flexible, refreshing but not sticky.

He ate quickly and couldn’t help praising: “eat well,” he was a little surprised, “has the chef been upgraded?”

When the former military headquarters sent the animal core, he brought a cook robot from SiO. An Jin knew at dinner that Norman had specially asked someone to bring it to Rabe.

Norman nodded: “Xie Li adjusted some production details according to Ling Ling’s opinions. This is refreshing, crisp and sweet. There are other flavors. Try another one every day. Which one do you like?”

An Jin heard Ling Ling mention that he wants to learn how to make robots in the future, and Ruirui is very interested in improving recipes.

He said with a smile, “there will be good luck in the future.”

After dinner, he contacted jorens and went to the Institute with Norman.

Before reaching the safe room, Anjin heard joea’s voice.

“God, it must not be!”

An Jin approached and found that the atmosphere was very wrong.

Jorens and JOYA stood at the mouth, far away from the black stone. They both kept rubbing their hands, and their expressions were very difficult.

“King.” Seeing him, they saluted quickly.

“No guests,” asked an Jin. “What happened?”

Jorens said with a wooden face, “experts have studied what Blackstone is.”

The experts’ faces were very wrong. The head of the expert group said, “Wang, after testing, the black stone is not a stone, but… The body of organisms.”

“These unknown creatures die of melanosis and human beings. When human spirit is insufficient, the spirit collapses and impurities destroy the body, and human beings will eventually get melanosis.”

“The concentration of impurities in their bodies is particularly high. We suspect that this unknown creature is very strong.”

An Jin was surprised. He glanced at the big black stone in the cabinet and felt numb on his scalp.

He took a deep breath and thought for a moment. Then he looked like, “that’s right.”

Someone’s eyes fell on him.

He explained: “I have only found impurities in organisms – animals or plants. I have never seen impurities in places such as stones and water.”

“The impurities in the soil are actually the impurities of various insect debris and rotten leaves, not the impurities in the soil.”

He asked curiously, “do you know where these unknown creatures come from?”


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