After Being a Mermaid Chapter 83

The leader of the special group listened to an Jin’s question, head.

He pointed to the unknown black creatures: “it’s still called Blackstone for the time being. After salvaging them, we’ll start investigating their origin.”

He explained carefully: “according to the records of the temple history books, there was a huge tsunami in Rabe. At that time, Rabe’s information technology was relatively backward. The specific details of the tsunami were not recorded, but it was mentioned that the number of sea animals died at that time, and there was still a residual smell of blood in the water months later.”

“At the same time, various natural disasters occurred in the Star Alliance, and impurities were found after that.”

“The energy of the Holy tree weakened many years later than the discovery of impurities by the Star Alliance. This may be because the Holy tree absorbed the animal core of the sea beast that died in the tsunami.”

He said happily, “fortunately, there are animal cores, otherwise the Holy tree may have withered long ago.”

Jorens echoed the head, and the watch was also blessed: “after contacting the Sloan Space Research Institute, we learned that the disaster that brought impurities was caused by the continuous collision of dark galaxies.”

The team leader looked at Blackstone with awe in his eyes: “this means that the probability of this creature is that it is a creature living in a dark galaxy. There is a high concentration of impurities in its body. It can be inferred that their vitality is very strong.”

A special voice was afraid: “fortunately, I found the black stone through the king’s instructions and found that the Holy tree can absorb the animal core, otherwise the Holy tree will inevitably suffer from melanosis.”

The leader’s face was serious: “in that case, the leaves of the Holy tree will also carry impurities. Before long, Rabe star will be completely polluted. The food is polluted, that is, the mental power of mermaid can recover naturally, and the situation will not be much better than that of human beings.”

JOYA was frightened by his plan and shouted, “don’t be so serious. Isn’t it going in a good direction?”

When jorens and the experts heard the speech, they all looked at an Jin and looked grateful and respected.

“Everything is getting better because of the king,” jorens said

Experts agree with the head.

An Jin shook his head: “you do the main work. Even if I don’t mention it, you will certainly find Blackstone later.”

“You are too modest!”

An Jin smiled. He knew that the fish naturally respected him and did not dispute. He asked, “is this all the black stones?”

Jorens head: “it’s all here.”

Joey couldn’t help rubbing his hands. He was responsible for transporting, but he touched more than one black stone.

An Jin looked at them and said, “I try to clean them. Keeping them is a hidden danger.”

Jorens: it’s hard for you

An Jin smiled and said it was not hard. The operation power formed a water curtain. The water curtain covered the smallest black stone surface and almost just touched it. It disappeared in the blink of an eye, and a layer of impurities on the black stone surface were removed.

An Jin went on. He had only one-third of his energy left before he finally finished the small black stone.

He could clearly see that the black that made him uncomfortable disappeared, but his look was still not very relaxed and consumed too much mental energy.

Looking at the display screen, he determined that the black stone had no impurities. He said: “its body was completely destroyed by melanosis.”

Norman Jianmei micro pressure. He has seen many patients with melanosis, many of them soldiers.

However, human beings are completely different from Blackstone, because when he saw Blackstone, he did not find that Blackstone was a creature with melanosis.

He hates melanosis, or all humans.

In the early stage of melanosis, many people will choose to end their lives and retain their final dignity, rather than drag them to no human form.

After an Jin’s ability is upgraded, he is sensitive to Xujia, turns his head to Norman and holds Norman’s hand.

Norman flattened his eyebrows and gently squeezed his little friend’s hand. His eyes were very gentle.

An Jin smiled at him and looked at jorens and the experts: “the concentration of impurities is very high. It takes time to clean them all.”

Jorens: don’t worry, Wang. We’ll keep them well. Don’t be tired

An Jin said, “I come to clean them every day.”

Jorens suggested, “it’s too hard for you. I’ll send people to the palace every day.”

An Jin refused. After all, impurities are too dangerous. In case of problems on the way, there will be endless trouble. Moreover, this black stone is a biological corpse!

Jorens expressed his gratitude, praised it again, and the experts responded one after another.

An Jin doesn’t feel uncomfortable and hot at first. He is used to mermaid’s attitude towards him.

He knew that the mermaid had a deep filter for him. Whatever he did, he would be appreciated and considered hard.

He continued to clean the black stone and absorbed the animal nucleus. After repeating it five times, he felt mentally tired and stopped.

He can absorb animal nuclear energy all the time, which makes the mental power consume supplement cycle. However, with more times, the spirit is tired.

Jorens put him and Norman on the shuttle and watched them leave.

Soon after they left, Hanson, the head of the research group of Austria, contacted jorens.

The members of the research group of the sacred tree of si’ao are all famous experts in various fields of si’ao. In addition to botany, there are also experts in energy and soothing agents.

Hans studied soothers all his life and devoted himself to finding ways to remove impurities. After learning that the Holy tree can remove impurities by absorbing animal nuclear energy, he insisted on joining the research group and serving as the group leader.

When he learned that Blackstone was an organism and died of melanosis, he immediately rushed to labe Research Institute.

The military headquarters supplemented the Holy tree with sufficient animal cores every day. The condition of the Holy tree was getting better and better. The mermaid baptism no longer needed Anjin’s help, so Anjin only used clean black stones.

Half a month later, in early November, an Jingjing finished all the black stones.

During this period, Anjin’s ability rose to level 6, because the speed of net in the later stage was much faster.

An Jin looked at the last black stone that had been cleaned and breathed a sigh of relief – he could return to SiO before December.

Although Norman said that as long as he returned before the star beast tide, January was the new year of SiO, and he knew that Norman was looking forward to their wedding in SiO.

Several times when he woke up, Norman was looking at zhinao seriously, modifying the wedding process and adjusting wedding supplies.

He offered to leave. After discussing with Norman, the time to leave labe was set for November 10.

After the date was set, Norman informed the Royal ceremonial officer of SiO that his wedding was scheduled for December 1.

An Jin listened on the sidelines and immediately looked at Norman. When he hung up his communication, he asked, “will time be too tight?”

The journey will take more than ten days. In this way, the wedding will be held less than a week back to SiO.

Norman took him in his arms and kissed him at the end of his eye: “it’s okay, we’re all ready. Just try on the dress and take a picture. Go through the process.”

In fact, if he wasn’t worried that his little friend was tired, he would hold the wedding the next day after he returned to SiO.

In the next few days, the welcoming team of SiO and the seeing off team of Rabe star were all busy.

Rabe had already prepared the wedding team, but on the matter of the pro guard, he was different from an Jin’s opinion.

Seeing that the elders insisted, an finally agreed to accompany the pro guard, and still asked the team members to go to si’ao voluntarily.

Cirabe will also send many researchers, who will stay in Austria for long-term technical exchanges.

During this period, the Mermaids moved out of the palace one after another.

After the Mermaids’ memory returned to normal, their learning progressed rapidly and grew rapidly.

After passing the independent life assessment, some mermaids no longer need guardians, moved out of the palace and lived in the apartments assigned by Labei star.

Xiaoyin apartment

Xiaoyin sits on the floor of the living room at will, with no watch on her white jade face, staring at the teaching video.

“Buckle…” when the door was knocked, he frowned, suspended the video, and checked the monitoring at the door through zhinao.

When he saw someone coming, he pressed the door open button. The person didn’t move and looked at the door.

Mu Chen walked up to him and saw that he was barefoot and the marble floor was not carpeted. It was cold and white. He photographed the top of his little silver hair: “get up, isn’t it cold to sit like this?”

The little silver watch suddenly became fierce: “asshole, the hair style is messy!”

Mu Chen laughingly watched him tidy his hair. Xiaoyin has matured a lot recently and won’t do it with others, but she still loves beauty.

Xiao Yin stared at him, suddenly ran up, reached out and rubbed his head left and right. After messing up his hair, he jumped back to the sofa and sat, raised his chin and said proudly, “you laugh again!”

Mu Chen cut his hair and didn’t fight back. He sat opposite him and looked at him in silence.

Xiao Yin: “what’s your watch?” He said fiercely, “have you been bullied? Who? I’ll beat him for you!”

Mu Chen shook his head and asked, “are you going to stay in Rabe star?”

Xiao Yin was unhappy at that time. She leaned against the back of the sofa like a bone: “HMM.”

Mu Chen doesn’t understand very much. As far as he knows, all Xiaoyin’s friends, anling Lingrui Valley bubble… All want to go back to si’ao.

He didn’t see Xiaoyin in the list of returned mermaids, so he clicked in his heart. However, after asking the teacher, the teacher said that Xiaoyin personally said to stay in labe.

Mu Chen frowned. He was happy to see Xiaoyin stay in labe. After all, labe stars are all mermaids, and the environment is also suitable for mermaids.

But when he learned that Xiaoyin’s friends were going back to SiO, he was not very happy.

He stared at Xiao Yin, but his heart was not strong.

When making statistics on the list of mermaids leaving labe, hornard said that mermaids willing to return to si’ao get along well with the original breeders, and all mermaids rescued in the black market remain on labe.

Isn’t he nice to little silver? He and Xiaoyin were the best mermaids and humans to get along with before Ann appeared!

He is very angry. Ruirui is willing to go back to find garrot!

Little silver raised her eyebrows, held her chin, glanced across his face, and her eyes flashed across the rope.

Mu Chen was not angry: “what are you looking at?”

Xiao Yin: “you look at my watch like a heartless man.”

Mu Chen: “… Fart,” he thought it was appropriate for a moment and corrected it with righteous words. “You don’t watch messy movies. I just watch a heartless Mermaid.”

Little silver said angrily, “where do I have no conscience? You have no conscience and don’t want to be my partner!”

Mu chenbiao changed, gritted his teeth and asked, “so you decided to stay in Rabe?”

Little silver shook her head: “you agree that I want to stay on Rabe.”

Mu Chen didn’t understand Xiaoyin’s brain circuit at all, but was angry by his words: “shit, are you wrong? Like to be separated from your partner?”

“What’s wrong with you!” Xiao Yin stared at him and accused, “you swear and don’t explain.”

He held his chest in his hand, bit his teeth, hummed, and looked at Mu Chen with the back of his head: “you are stronger than me now.” now he bit very hard, “but I will be stronger than you.”

He said, facing Mu Chen: “I can become powerful at the fastest speed only when I stay in Rabe. I want to learn mecha driving and have to understand a lot of basic knowledge of mecha.”

“Although there are translators, many professional terms have not been translated. The learning progress in si’ao is certainly not as good as labe, and labe’s driving skills are suitable for me.”

His silver eyes stared at Mu Chen: “wait, I’ll be better than you!”

Mu Chen rolled his eyes: “who wants to compare with you.”

He was surprised that Xiaoyin grew faster than his. I have to say that Xiaoyin was right.

Xiaoyin narrowed her eyes, suddenly bounced up from her seat and rushed directly to Mu Chen.

Mu Chen was unprepared and fell back on the sofa.

Little silver knelt at his feet, put her hand on his shoulder and looked down at him.

Mu Chen was about to lift him down. He was so worried that he suddenly found that the temperature in the palm of Xiaoyin was very hot. His eyebrows jumped and stretched out his hand to push him: “you…”

Silver grabbed his hand.

Mu Chen’s voice was a meal, his body was unconsciously tense, and secretly scolded himself for being careless.

No wonder Xiaoyin doesn’t feel cold sitting on the ground. It’s obviously because her body is too dry during the hair period!

He made a strong hand and was tightly held by little silver.

Little silver’s eyes deepened: “I forgot to tell you something.”

Mu Chen was surprised and asked, “what’s up?”

Xiao Yin grabbed his hand down, crossed his abdomen and fell to his slightly reactive position.

Mu Chen seemed to be scalded by something and quickly waved his hand, but Xiao Yin’s hand became stronger after baptism and didn’t let him move at all.

“Shit, are you a hooligan?”

“You don’t explain.” Xiaoyin made a serious accusation.

Mu Chen took a smoke from the corner of his mouth: “can you stop playing hooligans and say that others don’t know?”

Xiao Yin: “I didn’t play rogue, I just tell you,” he made Mu Chen’s hand touch him, and his silver eyes glittered. “You see, I’m very mature.”

Mu Chen tilted his head and squinted at him: “… Are you a fool?”

Xiaoyin angrily lowered her head and bit on his neck: “you despise me? You let me find a partner when I grow up! I listen to you. You’re stupid. I’m mature, and you let me grow up again.”

He approached Mu Chen: “how can we be mature?”

It’s OK that he didn’t touch it. As soon as he touched it, he felt hot and licked at the position he had just bitten.

Mu Chen shook his body and exerted all his strength. When he was distracted, he suddenly lifted him away.

Xiaoyin rolls over and sits on the sofa, straightens up and is ready to stick it.

Mu Chen got up, took a few steps back, touched his neck, saw that there was no bleeding table, saw Xiaoyin’s dissatisfied face, and pointed to the bathroom: “you can solve it yourself.”

Little silver glued his eyes to his right hand: “help me.”

Mu Chen: “no, I’m leaving.” He walked up to the door.

Xiaoyin was disappointed, but he didn’t force it. Any tektrons were forced to be ashamed.

He jumped off the sofa, sat on the marble and turned on the video again.

Mu Chen looked back and could only see Xiaoyin’s side face.

Little silver has no watch on her face. Because her skin is very white and set off by silver gray hair, she looks very cold.

But because of the high body temperature, his eyes and tail are red, his head is lowered and he silently watches the video. He is inexplicably pathetic.

He paused and walked back.

Little silver looked at him.

Mu Chen’s face couldn’t hang, fierce: “what are you looking at? You can change your human shape. You don’t have long nails. Can’t you solve it by yourself?”

He took the small silver back collar and dragged it to the bathroom: “I’ll teach you the last time. You’ll follow your hand in La Beixing.”

An Jin received Xiaoyin’s message and learned that he would not return to si’ao. After chatting with Xiaoyin, he knew Xiaoyin’s method and was happy that Xiaoyin had a goal.

He promised Xiaoyin that he would come to Rabe at least once a year, and Xiaoyin also said that he would return to si’ao during the holiday.

On November 10, an Jin and Norman left labe.

Except for the Holy tree research team and the military personnel who protect the researchers, they still stay on labe, and all the Sloan personnel return.

Thanks to an Jin’s Pro guards and Rabe’s expertise, the return star fleet was even larger than it was in the past, and it was very spectacular when it set off.

An Jin and Norman got on the main ship.

An Jin sat by the window and looked at the other star ships. After the star fleet left Rabe, he still didn’t move his position to watch the scenery of space.

Norman has been paying attention to his state. Seeing that he is in good spirits, he is not uncomfortable at all. He is no longer dizzy. He is relieved.

A few days later, midnight

Norman was sleeping when he suddenly felt that his little friend in his arms was hot and woke up immediately.

Anxin rubbed Norman’s chest and pulled his collar vaguely: “it’s hot.”


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