After Being a Mermaid Chapter 84

Norman’s breath stopped for a moment and immediately understood what had happened.

“Ann.” He put his hand on an Jing’s side face and whispered his little friend’s name.

An Jin fell into estrus in his sleep. His body was so hot and dry that he could hardly distinguish reality from dreams. The familiar smell in his nose made him instinctively reach out to hold people, and his lips stuck to Norman’s neck.

Norman felt that his little friend’s lips were burning, as if he were going to burn him.

His eyes were dim, and he turned over to press his disorganized and increasingly eager little friend under him.

An Jin woke up hungry. Under good eating habits, he didn’t eat for a long time. His stomach was slightly convulsed.

He frowned bitterly, covered his stomach and opened his eyes.

The light in the room was dim, and a warm yellow light was on in the corner. He got up and his head was dizzy because of lack of energy. He couldn’t help closing his eyes.

Surrounded by his waist, Norman’s low, slightly dumb voice came from his ear: “what’s wrong?”

An Jin heard his magnetic voice. His body seemed to have been electrified. His body seemed to take his memory and the scene returned before he fell asleep.

His face turned red. He was so anxious that he urged Norman to help him in a soft voice!

And grab Norman’s hand and put it behind you!

Just thinking, a big hand stood in front of him, and then the light in his remaining light lit up.

After a while, when he got used to the light, his palm moved away and fell on his side face. With a little force, he tilted his head along the force.

Norman looked at him, looked at his face, saw that his lips were slightly white and frowned: “I’ll ask hornard to examine you.”

An Jin grabbed his wrist: “no, I’m just hungry.”

Norman smelled the speech and took out a fruit flavored nutrient: “first, I’ll ask the cook to send the porridge.”

An Jin took the nutrient, and his bare arm appeared in the field of vision. He was slightly stunned. His vision moved up slightly and looked at his shoulder. The kiss marks were dense, so he could see the hot scene in front of them.

An Jin was embarrassed at the thought of his initiative and even the appearance of being a bully.

After drinking the nutrient, he felt better with his empty stomach. He looked at the time and opened his eyes slightly: “I slept for two hours!”

This two hours refers to the two people after they finish exercise.

Norman took the empty bottle of nutrition and threw it in the trash can: “I asked Dr. Rabe. This is a normal phenomenon after the mermaid’s estrus. Sleeping more can restore her strength as soon as possible.”

If he wasn’t sure it was a normal sexual reaction, he would have woken up his little partner long ago.

After an Jin replenished his energy, his thoughts became clearer and clearer last night.

Thinking of something, his face changed slightly. He opened the collar of Norman’s pajamas, and his strong chest was exposed. He touched it with his finger belly.

He said with chagrin and remorse, “I’m sorry.”

Last night he reacted too strongly, tasted the taste of union, and his partner was around again. He couldn’t bear it.

When Norman took off the condom, his fingernails popped out and destroyed things. He threw himself on Norman again, and his fingers scratched a blood mark on Norman.

He was frightened at that time, but he was soon distracted by Norman. Later, he was in poor spirits and went to bed directly.

Norman immediately tightened up when he touched him. He grabbed his little friend’s hand and kissed him on the face: “it’s okay, it doesn’t hurt, it’s recovered.”

Such a scratch really didn’t hurt, and even lit his whole body fire at that time, which almost made him lose his mind.

An Jin recovered mentally, but his body was still tired. Fortunately, he returned to normal after a day.

While Norman was not paying attention, he quietly asked whether the reaction during estrus would be greater and greater?

Knowing that he would not, he was relieved that his estrous period was related to the complete baptism and complete inheritance. At most, it was the same level in the future.

He was really worried that it would become more and more difficult to control and eventually hurt Norman.

The star fleet has a huge scale, has not encountered any danger along the way, and the voyage is smooth.

Two two, the star fleet arrives at si’ao airport.

Garrot led the military personnel to meet him and settled all the accompanying personnel on labe star according to the arrangements made in advance.

The former breeders also got their own Mermaid news and went to the airport to meet Mermaid friends.

Norman and ANN are escorted to the palace by the Royal escort. The housekeeper robot greets them at the door: “Your Majesty, Queen.”

An Jin couldn’t help feeling at home and smiled at the robot.

Norman took his little friend and asked, “the pro guard and accompanying doctor Joseph will make proper arrangements. Do you want to have a rest?”

An Jin shook his head. He rested well on the star ship. He was energetic and didn’t need to rest.

He looked at the time. It’s o’clock in the morning. It’s still early.

“I’ll go to the back garden.” He thought and wanted to say.

The two went to the back garden together. It was slightly cool in February, but the garden was planted with evergreen trees, which still looked lush.

He planted melons and vines. All the melons and vines were disposed of. There was only a small sapling left in the land, and the rest were planted with Chinese cabbage.

When the watermelons were all ripe, Dean Colley said the ground was wasted and asked him if he wanted to plant something else. He didn’t know about the climate of si’ao, let alone what vegetables should be planted in each season, so president Colley made his own decision.

An Jin couldn’t help laughing. Planting cabbage in the palace made him feel very happy.

“Like eating cabbage?” Norman asked when he saw him laughing happily at the cabbage.

An Jin knew that he had misunderstood. He thought that he had planted watermelon and now it was nothing to plant cabbage, so he didn’t explain.

He nodded along with Norman’s question: “well,” he thought he had eaten the food made of cabbage and swallowed his saliva, “I want to eat spicy cabbage.”

Norman saw that he was greedy and touched his soft cheek: “let the cook do it for you.”

An Jin hurriedly answers him. He usually eats and orders. He has never ordered pickles. At this time, he thought of cabbage.

After checking the land, an Jin’s attention was attracted by the pool. Although there was a pool on the star ship, there were many mermaids. He didn’t go. He wanted to soak in the bathtub in the bathroom.

Now seeing the pool, he instinctively wanted to jump down and swim.

Soon he put his idea into practice.

After lunch

Norman received a message from Dean collet. He looked at it and moved the virtual screen to his little friend: “collet wants to see you.”

An Jin looked up from the translation document sent to him by the technology department not long ago, glanced at the information, and immediately understood Colley’s intention.

“He must want me to purify the soil,” Ann thought for a moment. “I’ll contact him directly.”

An Jin dialed Kelai for communication. Kelai restrained his excitement: “queen, I hope I didn’t disturb your rest.”

“No bother,” an Jin said bluntly, “I’m willing to purify the soil, but I want the plants to be free of impurities when they mature. In addition to the soil, I have to make sure that there are no impurities in the surrounding environment.”

Watermelon has no impurities because the palace villa has an energy hood, and he purified all plants and insects in the energy hood at that time.

Collet: “I know, we found a problem when we cultivated in soil. Now plants are planted in vegetable greenhouses, using artificial pollination.”

An Jin thought that he was indeed a professional. He discussed with collet for a while and agreed to see him at the vegetable base in half an hour.

Norman accompanied an Jin to the vegetable base. When they arrived at the base, Dean Colley waited at the door with two researchers.

Three members of the Botanical Research Institute saluted them excitedly, and then took them to the planting area of the base.

The planting area is huge, with various rectangular metal greenhouses, which can’t be seen at a glance.

The two researchers looked at an Jin with great expectation. Collet opened his brain and sent a document to an Jin: “queen, this is a contract to cooperate with you to grow pure plants. If you disagree, just sign.”

An Jin opens the contract and browses it. The contract is very reasonable. He is equivalent to taking shares in technology. In the future, he can pay dividends as long as he sells the plants grown from his purified soil.

An Jin seemed to see many star coins waving to him.

He thought and signed his name.

He glanced at the planting area and asked collet, “from which shed?”

Collet: “start at 001 on the left.”

An Jinzou No. 001 greenhouse, which is two meters wide and one hundred meters long, has a large area.

He worked his power and began to purify the soil at the door. He had only a tenth of his mental strength left, and purified about a third of the soil.

Collet waited at the door, so he took out the animal core directly, absorbed energy and continued. After the soil in greenhouse 001 was completely purified, he went out.

Collet subconsciously came forward: “it’s hard for you. I’ll immediately detect soil impurities, draw out the scope of soil purification, and arrange planting as soon as possible.”

An Jin blinked: “001 can be planted directly,” he paused. “If you don’t trust, you can test it again.”

Collet was shocked and looked at the two thousand square meter greenhouse. Collet said, “all, all purified?”

An Jin nodded: “today we can purify such a large area.” He said, handing it to collet before the future.

Collet took the seed, realized the meaning of an Jin’s words, and quickly took an Jin to 002.

After purifying the two greenhouses, an Jin returned to the palace.

The housekeeper reported: “Your Majesty, the queen, after receiving the notice, the dress has been sent to the palace. You can take wedding photos at any time.”

Norman held an Jin: “are you tired?”

An Jin looked at his shiny brown eyes and felt that he was looking forward to it. He smiled and shook his head: “don’t be tired. Go try the dress?”

They moved to the main hall of the palace.

An Jin found that the palace was very festive. Balloon ribbons were hung outside many carved windows, and the ribbons were filled with blessings for a happy wedding.

Norman took him to the dressing room. As soon as an Jin went, he was dazzled by all kinds of dresses.

“It’s a lot more than we did before,” he said

The palace stylist saluted them and explained, “queen, we have made all the design drafts, some of which are not made by hand. They are your regular clothes in the future.”

An Jin thinks it’s enough for him to change these clothes every day.

Si’ao clothes are much more complex than LA Beixing, so it takes time to try on the dress. Norman proposed to take photos, so he had to adjust his makeup for each set.

Both of them were in good health and high interest. They didn’t stop until dinner.

The next day, the main work was still trying on the dress and taking wedding photos. When an Jin was about to fall asleep, Norman was still looking at the photos.

In the morning, an Jin woke up and unexpectedly found Norman still sleeping.

He couldn’t help suspecting that the other party had stayed up late the night before.

He looked at Norman for a while and was ready to get up and wash. However, when he moved his feet, he felt wrong and immediately opened the quilt.

The blue tail lay flat on the bed, and a piece of white rag – discarded underwear was pressed on the hips.


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