After Being a Mermaid Chapter 85

An Jin was stunned when he looked at his tail. Since he was really together with Norman, he has changed with the humanoid Mermaid form. Without special change, he will always maintain a state.

When he went to bed last night, he slept in human form.

Wake up on the way to sleep last night and become a mermaid?

He frowned and recalled what had happened before he woke up, but he didn’t remember anything. He slept well. When he woke up, his feet became a tail.

He thought and wanted to turn his tail into legs, but there was no change in his tail.

His eyes were slightly open, and a fearful thought floated in his mind. Did he become an adult?

He took a deep breath, grabbed the bed sheet, calmed down a little, and used the deformation method of no partner combination. His mental force acted on his legs. The next moment, his tail disappeared and replaced his white legs.

At the same time, he had a slight pain in his abdomen and couldn’t help humming.

“Ann!” Norman opened his eyes at the moment of his voice, saw him sitting slightly bent down, quickly got up and grabbed him, “stomachache?”

An Jin didn’t expect that he would suddenly wake up, his eyes shook his lower body, his heart beat wildly, and hurriedly put his open clothes together.

He put his hands on the hem of his clothes, felt the abnormality of his abdomen, and quickly changed his legs back to his tail.

The feeling of abdominal discomfort immediately disappeared.

He was stunned for a moment, turned to look at Norman, looked a little flustered and surprised, and his blue eyes were a little happy.

Norman raised his hand and touched his cheek. He lowered his head and put his forehead on each other for a while. Norman retreated slightly and raised his sword eyebrows: “your temperature is so low. You’ve caught a cold.”

He said, raising the quilt to cover an Jin.

He thought that his little friend would change back to his tail because of shyness. He didn’t think much.

An Jin’s heart beat faster. He raised his hand and touched his forehead and cheek. He didn’t feel that his temperature had dropped.

He didn’t believe in Norman’s judgment. Norman knew his two forms of body temperature very well and wouldn’t make mistakes.

Automatically become Mermaid form, hypothermia

After having a complete inheritance memory, he knows a lot about mermaids, which is clearly the performance of pregnancy!

He grabbed Norman’s sleeve and asked nervously, “do you… Do you remember how many days my estrus has gone?”

Norman had a good memory, and he remembered the special date of Guan’s little friend very clearly: “seven days.”

An Jin is more sure of his guess. The fertilized egg is implanted in seven days.

Anxin loosened Norman’s sleeve, took Norman’s hand, didn’t directly tell Norman his guess, and decided to be more cautious, so as not to make Norman happy.

Suddenly, he thought of Norman saying he didn’t want children for the time being.

Every time they were close, Norman would wear a condom. It was the previous estrous period. He was too anxious. He destroyed the condom and didn’t give Norman another chance.

He looked at Norman: “you…” finally didn’t ask what would happen to Norman if he was pregnant. He said, “I want the doctor to examine me.”

Norman noticed that his hand trembled slightly. He could not help guessing that the little friend felt very uncomfortable. His face became more and more serious: “I’ll inform hornard to come.”

Ann thought carefully, “I’ll let Mermaid doctor Billy come too.”

Norman was more worried and carefully hugged his little friend: “I’ll take you to the mermaid room.”

He knows very well that his little mate prefers to stay in the water when he is in the form of mermaid. If the mermaid is unwell, staying in the water is also more conducive to recovery.

An Jin let him hold it, put his fingers on his chest, raised his eyes, saw his expression, his jaw was tight, and finally recovered from the impact of pregnancy.

He gently grabbed Norman by the neck: “you don’t have to worry, I’m fine.”

Norman only thought his little friend was comforting him. He bowed his head and kissed his little friend on his forehead. His voice was calm and comforted: “don’t be afraid.”

An Jin is a little calm, his right hand gently rests on his abdomen, a little flustered, and some expectations.

Norman put the child into the pool. The child’s thin silk pajamas immediately cling to his body after being wet, and the two points in front of his chest are particularly obvious.

His eyes were dim. He got up to the wardrobe and took a black T-shirt: “wear this.”

An Jin is surprised. He lowers his head for a moment and immediately finds that he looks like now. His cheeks are hot. He takes off his pajamas on his back and changes his T-shirt.

Norman’s eyes only stayed on his little friend’s white skin for a moment and left.

When he first met the little mermaid, the little mermaid didn’t wear clothes. At that time, he saw the little mermaid naked and had no feeling. Now if he doesn’t, he will have ups and downs at a glance.

Soon, Dr. hornard Mermaid Billy arrived and asked Ann Jin what was wrong while checking.

An Jin carefully said his feeling: “when you wake up, you become a mermaid. You can’t change your legs freely. You have to spend your mental energy. When you become your legs, your abdomen hurts.”

Billy looked excited when he saw the test results: “Wang, you are pregnant!”

Hornard made a diagnosis almost at the same time and raised his voice: “queen, you are pregnant!”

When hornard was on labe, he learned a lot about mermaids and knew that an Jin was a pregnant isa Mermaid.

Therefore, even if an Jin is male in the eyes of Sioux people, he is not surprised but excited to learn that an Jin is pregnant.

This excitement is not only because SiO is about to have another royal member, but also because he, as a doctor, saw the mermaid pregnant by human Union for the first time.

His eyes glittered and looked forward to: “Wang, from today on, shall I check you every day?”

The first complete Mermaid human pregnancy record will be born in his hands!

Billy also said, “Wang, I’ll check you up once a day to ensure your little prince’s health.”

An Jin nodded. Don’t mention him. Almost all modern men have no experience of pregnancy. He is very cautious. He is very willing to be examined by the two doctors every day in case the problem is found in time.

When he nodded, his eyes still fell on Norman.

Since the doctor said the results of the examination, he has been looking at Norman. Norman stood where he was, as if in a daze.

After a while, Norman was revived by the news that his childhood partner was pregnant. His expression was full of hindsight excitement and soon worried.

He squatted down and stroked the little mermaid’s side face: “don’t be afraid, I’ll take good care of you.”

An Jin grabbed his hand and said, “I’m not afraid.”

He looked at Norman and said seriously, “I’m a little nervous. No, I’m happy.” He paused and lowered his voice, “you said you didn’t want to have children too early…”

Norman took his hand in his backhand, raised it, kissed it on the back of his hand, and interrupted him, “I’m happy, too.”

He wants to have children later, just because he thinks his children are still very young. In fact, he is looking forward to their children.

Ann was relieved and smiled.

Norman asked two doctors for notes.

Billy: “the baby is fragile in the first three months. In order to protect the baby, the mother will maintain a stronger Mermaid shape.”

He saw that Norman’s jaw was tight and smiled: “Your Majesty, don’t be nervous. The mermaid is strong. It’s not hard to breed offspring. The king’s body is very healthy.”

Hornard nodded in agreement: “the Queen’s physical quality has improved a lot. At present, she is in good health. Don’t be tired in the early stage of pregnancy. Keep a balanced nutrition and keep a good mood.”

Norman’s tense mood relaxed a little: “diet taboo?”

Hornard looks at Billy. Mermaid doctor knows more about mermaids.

Billy shook his head: “Mermaid survivability is very strong. Eat whatever you want. Supplement more protein in the early stage and more calcium in the later stage.”

He said with a kind expression: “sufficient calcium ensures that Mermaid eggs are white, big and hard, and Mermaid will be stronger after birth.”

Hornard questioned: “it may not be Mermaid eggs, maybe human babies. It’s unreasonable to supplement too much calcium.”

Billy: “Wang’s genes are strong, and Mermaid eggs are highly sexual.”

Hornard: “Your Majesty, the gene is also very strong and powerful. It’s completely a human baby.”

An Jin: “…” he smiled and interrupted the two doctors’ competitive look at each other, “should we soon know whether it is a mermaid egg or a human baby?”

Hornard Billy looked at him at the same time. “It’ll be tested in a month.”

An Jin smiled: “then you don’t have to fight. You’ll know when the time comes. I’ll supplement nutrition.”

He said, thinking of the wedding in the near future, he asked Billy, “will becoming human affect the baby?”

Billy: No, no, it’s better to maintain Mermaid form. Human form is too fragile

An Jin was worried: “before I became human, my abdomen was a little uncomfortable.”

Billy comforted: “Wang, don’t worry. This is a normal reaction. You only need to run your mental strength to protect your abdomen and make your baby feel safe.”

Ann was relieved and thanked the doctors.

Hornard and Billy left together to discuss Anjin’s diet during pregnancy.

Knowing that he was in good health, an Jin put down his heart and pointed to hygiene: “I want to wash.”

Norman took him to the bathroom. They washed together and had breakfast together.

Seeing that Ann Jin was full, Norman said his decision: “I’ll inform the etiquette department to postpone the wedding.”

Ann shook her head disapprovingly. “No, you’re here, too. Dr. Billy said it’s no problem to become human.”

He knew Norman was looking forward to the wedding, and he didn’t want to spoil Norman’s expectations.

Norman looked at him and said seriously, “I’m worried about you.”

Ann Jin holds Norman’s hand. His temperature is low. Norman knows to wrap his hand.

An Jin felt warm in his heart: “I’m fine.”

Norman thought for a moment and said, “then simplify the process. You only show up at the critical moment.”

An Jin disagreed: “you are so looking forward to the wedding, I want you to complete the process.”

Norman’s eyes were soft and kissed him on the face. “We are already legal partners. What I expect most has been obtained.”

An Jin looked at him with deep eyes and finally compromised.

On December 1, their wedding took place as scheduled

The wedding was very grand. Representatives from all Member States of Star Alliance came to watch the ceremony, and many countries were represented by the prince.

No one wants to talk to an Jin in person, but there is no chance at all. An Jin appeared when he took the oath and didn’t even attend the wedding banquet.

Netizens watched the swearing in ceremony live and saw that Norman was careful about an Jin. They couldn’t help worrying whether an Jin was ill.

Soon they learned the truth.

Norman logs in with his private account and speaks freely, announcing the news that an Jin is pregnant.

“Mermaids breed offspring,” “prize guessing: Baby mermaids or baby humans,” and “Your Majesty Norman’s double happiness” quickly became popular.


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