After Being a Mermaid Chapter 86

The night was slightly cool, and the silver blue light of the secluded star was lighter than that of summer. It spread on the treetop ground with a cool feeling.

On the balcony on the second floor, an Jin was sitting in a wheelchair. He was wearing a white shirt and his tail was covered with a thin blanket. He didn’t feel cold at all.

He looked at the virtual screen gently and attentively.

It’s dinner time now. Tonight’s dinner party members are mixed and there are many guests. Norman is worried about his health. He also knows that his ability is very attractive to the rest of his family. He doesn’t want to put himself in danger and doesn’t show up.

After Norman sent him back to his residence, he ate with him. At his urging, he went to the banquet hall.

After Norman left, he asked people to give him the wedding video, and then kept watching the oath scene again and again.

He was very nervous and didn’t notice the details. Through the video, he saw all Norman’s reactions clearly.

Looking at the video, Norman looked at himself attentively and affectionately. The temperature on an Jin’s face rose uncontrollably, and the corners of his mouth couldn’t help bending a warm arc.

His blue eyes were full of happiness. He couldn’t help raising his hand and touching Norman’s eyes in the video.

Being addicted to the video, his bracelet vibrated as a message.

To avoid being disturbed by the wedding bell, he changed the information reminder to vibration mode in the morning.

He switched messages. Before he could see it, the bracelet shook again and received one message after another and continuous communication applications.

An Jin was stunned. He was worried about Norman subconsciously.

He checked the first message. It was Xiao Yin who asked him about his pregnancy.

An Jin was a little surprised. He originally wanted to tell his friends after the baby’s race was determined at the full moon of pregnancy: “well, there is a baby, less than a month.”

After he finished, he opened the rest of the information before it was all related to the baby.

He thought a little, opened the star network, saw various questions related to his pregnancy, browsed them and knew the reason, and directly jumped to Norman’s speech.

An Jin looked at the time. Not long ago, he expressed his joy between the lines.

Ann Jin couldn’t help laughing. Obviously, Norman was in a very good mood.

Xiaoyin’s communication soon called. An Jin connected. Xiaoyin’s tone was very excited: “Congratulations, Ann! Ann’s baby must be super cute!”

Anjin’s blue eyes were cheerful. “Thank you, little silver,” he asked with concern, “are you all right on labe?”

“Very good,” said Xiao Yin. “Today’s school holiday, I’ve been watching your wedding. I’ll see you when I have a long holiday.”

An Jin: “OK,” he reminded, “you should tell me in advance when you go back to SiO.”

Xiaoyin agreed and talked with an Jin about the school before hanging up the communication.

Then, an Jin received a communication from Ling Lingrui. The two mermaids shared the communication. He expressed his blessing and said he would come to see him.

Ann thought about it and agreed to meet tomorrow afternoon.

After replying to a friend’s inquiry, an Jin simply turned Norman’s words, thanked everyone for his concern and blessing, and then said he was very happy.

An Jin spoke freely and moved his mind to search for strategies about editing.

What he received was a video of the whole wedding process, and he also had a video of Rabe star’s wedding. He wanted to edit the oath scenes of the two weddings separately and then synthesize a video.

In this way, you can see what you want to see at any time.

Just looking at it, there was a soft noise from the door. He turned his head and saw Norman push the door in. His sight swept over Norman. He was a little surprised.

Norman put on his silk pajamas, dark and slightly wet. It was obvious that he didn’t go back to his room until he took a bath.

Norman usually takes a bath in his bedroom. He takes a shower after exercise.

Norman stood at the door for a moment and looked at his smiling little friend with a warm heart.

He went to the child, knelt on one knee, raised his hand and touched the child’s white and soft side face. His deep eyes focused: “are you tired?”

An Jin was so surprised that his heart jumped and shook his head. Suddenly he smelled a trace of wine and was surprised: “have you been drinking?”

Norman withdrew his hand and frowned, “is there any smell?”

An Jin understood why he went back to the room after washing and smiled: “it’s very light.” seeing Norman standing two meters away from him, he added, “it smells good.”

The wine is light and doesn’t smell bad.

He was surprised because he had never seen wine in reality.

He controlled the wheelchair close to Norman and grabbed Norman’s hand.

Norman took his back hand and leaned over to pick him up. “I’ll take a bath for you.”

The two were close, and the smell of wine became clearer. Anxin was worried that Norman was affected by alcohol. He grabbed Norman’s sleeve and gently reminded him: “the doctor said that it’s best not to… Do it within a month.”

Norman stepped down, bowed his head and kissed his little friend on the forehead: “don’t be afraid, I remember.”

Ann would like to loosen Norman’s sleeves and let Norman send him to the bathroom.

Since pregnancy, Norman worried about his inconvenient tail and insisted on taking a bath for him.

He didn’t worry before. He didn’t worry about climbing up and down with his tail. Now that he has a baby, he doesn’t feel at ease even if he climbs a wheelchair. Therefore, although he was embarrassed, he asked Norman to help.

After washing, Norman walked into the bathroom with his powdered little friend, bowed his head and asked, “do you want to go back to the mermaid room?”

An Jin shook his head: “just sleep here.”

He now has power level 6. He has very accurate water control. He can also ensure that there is enough water near his tail when he sleeps.

After learning that he was pregnant, he slept in the mermaid room that night. Norman moved the sand and made do with it in the mermaid room for one night.

He doesn’t like sleeping alone at the bottom of the water now. He also wants Norman to have a good rest. Therefore, after consulting the doctor, he changed a water bed in his bedroom and slept in his bedroom every day.

Norman was worried about him and asked him where he wanted to sleep every day.

Norman carried him to the water bed. The indoor temperature was suitable. Neither of them felt cold when sleeping on the water bed.

Norman took his little friend in his arms, stroked his gentle head, and asked for a moment of silence, “do you want to live here or in the palace?”

An Jin doesn’t like living in an empty big house, and he knows that there must be a reason why Norman doesn’t live in the palace. He said, “it’s good here.”

Norman kissed the corner of his mouth with his eyes: “tell me when you want to change your residence.”

An Jin nodded.

Norman pondered for a moment and suggested, “I’ll find some servants to take care of you?”

An Jin frowns slightly. He is not used to strangers in the familiar environment, and he doesn’t think he needs help.

The housekeeper robot, Xiao Lan and the cook have covered all the housework. He lives very comfortably now.

He said his idea directly.

Norman stroked his side face: “I’m in the military headquarters most of the day. It’s inconvenient for you to be at home alone.”

An Jin disagreed: “it’s very convenient. Any housekeeper can handle it. If I’m not feeling well, I’ll contact honard and Billy immediately. He’s in the villa next door and can come soon.”

Norman: “as the mermaid king, as my queen, you should be taken care of.”

An Jin quickly waved his hand: “no, and don’t forget, I can become legs now.”

Norman thought for a moment and took his little friend: “OK, don’t help the servant. Have a rest early.” He also reminded, “don’t change your legs unless necessary.”

An Jin nodded immediately, “OK.”

The next day, after the doctors hornard and Billy examined Anjin, they confirmed that he was in good health. Knowing that he didn’t like to be disturbed, they left.

Norman had breakfast with Anjin. After breakfast, Anjin looked at the time and said, “I’m going to plant the base.”

After returning to SiO, he purified the soil in the planting base every day and purified two greenhouses every day.

Norman had previously determined that purifying the soil would not affect the child’s health, because it did not prevent the child from getting up and pushing the wheelchair: “I’ll see you off.”

In order to facilitate an Jin’s action, President Colley specially asked someone to repair a transfer belt between the office building and the planting area for an Jin’s wheelchair.

But the conveyor belt hasn’t worked yet, because Norman sends an Jin every day.

Dean Colley came to the No. 2 shed. When he saw them, he stepped forward quickly and looked very excited: “Your Majesty, Queen, the cabbage and white radish planted in the No. 1 and No. 2 shed have sprouted!”

Norman looked over there. “About less yield when it matures?”

Collet knew these very well and said happily, “a greenhouse has about Mu of land. According to the current planting technology, the yield of radish and cabbage per mu is at least 10000 kg, that is, at least 60000 kg in total.”

Norman color fretting: “I remember that the proportion of food made into nutrients is ten kilograms of food a nutrient?”

Collet’s eyes flashed brightly: “yes, when mature, he can make at least 6000 doses of a!”

What is the concept of 6000 sticks!

Every day, countless people pray to your majesty to sell agent a, but your majesty has not let go.

Nevertheless, he still mentioned his willingness to buy every day, and the psychological price is higher and higher.

If these 6000 pieces are sold, they can almost buy a small planet.

And this only counts two greenhouses!

An Jin hears the speech and quickly calculates the account in his heart. With his current energy, he can make 1000 doses of a every day, or purify the soil of two greenhouses.

The former needs one day’s energy, while the latter has the remaining energy after purifying the soil to purify the seeds.

In this way, it seems that it is faster to make agent a directly in a short time, but purifying the soil is obviously more conducive to long-term development.

Moreover, after the vegetables in the greenhouse are mature, they can continue to be planted and recycled, which is equivalent to that the energy consumed in purifying the soil has been effectively utilized all the time, but the energy has no follow-up force in making agent a.

Norman looked at the shed, thinking that the vegetables in it would turn into Xu a agent, and his brown eyes were slightly bright.

For him, it means the lives of countless soldiers and the combat effectiveness of the military headquarters.

He asked, “how long is your maturity?”

Collet: “about seventy days.”

Norman immediately said, “the Secretary of logistics will contact you.”

Collet nodded. His majesty made such a decision, as he expected.

After all, February is the spring animal tide, and there is a great demand for agent a. the recently planted vegetables are just mature at that time and can provide a large amount of agent a.

Norman didn’t stay long. He went to the military headquarters and left Joseph to lead the Royal Guard to protect an Jin. In addition, an Jin was surrounded by a mermaid guard, and the security was very tight.

After purifying the two greenhouses, an Jin goes directly back to the palace.

He floats in the pool of the mermaid room, leaning against the big crab to learn interstellar literature.

The documents from the technology department are becoming more and more difficult and professional. He also has difficulty translating. Fortunately, he can ask Norman at any time.

Looking at the teaching video, I received a message from Mu Chen: “queen, are you free now?”

An Jin is a little surprised. After replying, Mu Chen’s communication application.

An Jin connected. Mu Chen first asked, “queen, have you been busy lately?”

An Jin: “not busy,” paused, “you’d better call me an an.”

Strangers call him queen. He’s quite used to it. Friends call him that. He feels strange and uncomfortable.

Mu Chen: “Ann, I want to ask you a favor.”

An Jin wondered. Mu Chen usually said it very directly, but he hesitated today.

“You said I would help you if I could.”

Mu Chen: “I have a document that I want you to help translate adult fish language.”

An Jin immediately promised: “no problem, but the translator needs to be updated recently. The content is relatively difficult. My translation is relatively slow. Your documents may not be translated well in a few days.”

Mu Chen: “it’s all right. My document terminology is very, and it may not be easy to translate. Don’t be tired.”

Otherwise, your majesty will never let him look good!

After hanging up the communication, an Jin received Mu Chen’s documents. He browsed them again. Now they are all related to mecha. It’s very professional words he doesn’t know.

His heart moved, and he suddenly thought of the reason why Xiao Yin stayed in labe star. Language barrier was one of them.

Mu Chen, this document should be for Xiaoyin.

His eyes lit up. If Xiao Yin can smoothly understand si’ao’s mecha course, Xiao Yin can go back to si’ao!

His pro guard has an expert in driving mecha, which can teach Xiaoyin how to use the energy advantage of mermaid to drive mecha.

He decided to translate the documents of the technology department as soon as possible, and then began to learn the text courses related to mecha.

After thinking about it, he didn’t tell Xiaoyin the news, so as not to destroy Mu Chen’s surprise to Xiaoyin.


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