After Being a Mermaid Chapter 87

At noon, Norman returned to the palace from the military headquarters and had lunch with an Jin. He didn’t leave until an Jin took a nap.

An Jin woke up after an hour’s sleep. He swam his tail twice in the garden pool and woke up from his confused state after waking up.

He returned to the fish room, opened the intelligent brain menu interface, and ordered snacks and pastries.

Around two o’clock, he received a message from Joseph that Ling Rui Valley and bubble four fish had arrived at the palace.

Before long, four fish were led to the fish room by the housekeeper.

“Ann!” The four fish are all in shape. They quickly run to the pool, squat on the bank, and look at an Jin with bright eyes.

An Jin looked at their exquisite and distinctive faces and sighed that the fish genes were good.

He floated on the shore, greeted them with a smile and reminded them, “if you can’t hold on, come into the water.”

Gu Gu and Paopao have companions. It takes a lot of mental energy to maintain their shape.

He remembered clearly that before his mental strength was upgraded, he maintained the shape for more than an hour at most, and at that time, his mental strength was a little higher than Gu Gu and them.

Gu Gu blinked his green eyes and looked forward to hesitation: “but Ann is an Aisa fish. It’s not good to stay in the pool with us?”

Bubble put his hand on his belt and couldn’t wait to take off his pants. After listening to Gu Gu’s words, he paused. He tilted his head: “yes, the teacher said to keep a distance from the opposite sex, not abrupt.”

An Jin: “…” opposite sex?

Well, as fish, they are indeed heterosexual.

He looked at the handsome faces of Gu Gu and Paopao Pao and their pure eyes, which really gave birth to the mentality of keeping a distance from girls all the time.

In his eyes, Gu Gu and bubble are good friends of the same sex.

He was worried and asked, “can you keep in shape?”

The two shook their heads together, showing distress.

Gu Gu looked at Ruirui with envy: “I really want to find a partner.”

Bubble: “I want to!”

An Jin reminded: “you can’t find a partner for random deformation, even like yourself.”

He swam to the corner and turned his back to them: “let’s water first. It takes too much mental energy. We are uncomfortable. We are friends. Just get along as before.”

“Good day!” Two sounds came at the same time. Come on, several incoming sounds in succession.

Gu Gu: “Ann, we are ready.”

An Jin turned his head, but saw four entering the water. He was wearing labe star clothes, with long short sleeves and only his arms exposed from his upper body.

An Jin also relaxed in his heart. He was more comfortable in the face of the fish in clothes.

He swam back, Ling Ling floated in front of him and looked curiously at his abdomen.

Ling Ling stretched out her hand and took it back halfway: “do you have a baby?” He looked down at his abdomen. “It looks different.”

An Jin patiently explained: “I have a baby, but it’s still small. I can’t see it in a few months.”

Thinking of his bulging stomach, his expression stiffened and quickly returned to nature.

He’s ready.

Ling Ling envied, “well, I want a baby, too.”

Ruirui grabbed him from behind and said firmly, “come on!”

Gu Gu is next to Ruirui and looks at an Jin’s stomach: “an an’s baby must be super cute. I’ve seen the little fish just born!”

The bubble is next to Gu Gu and agrees: “yes, Yiyi is so small after three months. She must be smaller and absolutely fun.”

An Jin: “…” he looked at four pairs of expectant eyes, some crying and laughing.

“I’m not sure if it’s a baby or a baby fish,” he explained

At this time, his mind rang softly, snacks and desserts were ready, and he asked the cook to send them to the fish room.

“Wow! It smells good!” Three teke fish smell the fragrance and rush to the shore. They line up and look straight at the door.

An Jin took Ling Ling to the shore. The cook put four of the same food in front of the fish guest, while an Jin only had a fruit platter and fruit juice.

Ling Ling pointed to the roast chicken wings: “did Ann give you all the delicious food? Here you are.”

An Jin waved and refused: “no, I don’t like eating too greasy things after I have a baby.”

The fish are puzzled. They don’t like such delicious food!

Gu Gu swallowed a biscuit: “it’s so delicious! If only the things in the canteen were so delicious.”

An Jin finished an apple: “how many meals do you have in the school canteen?”

The school is an affiliated school of the fish conservation association. The campus is in the original association, and the environment is very suitable for fish.

Fish is a country with its own intelligent creatures. The existence of the Conservation Association is not as meaningful as before. The leader changed the association into a fish school and asked the principal of Xinbei school for advice.

Bubble said: “only eat Chinese food, breakfast and dinner at home.”

Gu Gu: “if viman is at home, like bubbles, if viman is not at home, they all eat in the canteen.”

Ann remembers the word viman, the light star and the original breeder of valley.

Ruirui chewed a chicken leg: “we have discussed with garrot. Later, we will roast the fish at home and take it to school. We don’t need to spend energy to maintain our shape with Ling Ling. We can purify enough fish every day.”

Gu Gu looked envious and blinked his big green eyes: “we must find a partner as soon as possible,” he said, sighing sadly, “but all the fish in si’ao know and don’t call.”

An Jin couldn’t help laughing and doubted that they didn’t usually watch movies.

The bubble bit a small cake, and his purple eyes narrowed happily: “you can find class. Look, Ann’s partner is class.”

“Don’t you think they’re naked and ugly?” Gu Gu looked at him.

The bubble tail cocked up, turned his head and looked at it. He realized that it was the tail now, and turned his head back: “Hey, I think it looks good. After getting used to it, it’s also good to be bald.”

Gu Gu blinked and said on his head, “that’s right. But the school has limited knowledge. It seems that we should pay attention to the news of a si’ao blind date. If not, we will go to labe star to participate in a blind date in the future.”

He looked at an Jin: “I heard that it will be convenient for SiO and Rabe in the future, isn’t it?”

An Jin nodded, “yes.”

Gu Gu smiled happily: “that’s the decision! Great, there are so many objects to choose from! I’m sure I can find a partner.”

The bubble should say, “I’m sure I can find it.”

An would like to remind: “although pure plants have been planted now, pure plants and agent a cannot be popularized. The singing of fish is still very attractive to animals. We should pay attention not to be cheated.”

Gu Gu: “don’t worry, you are smart and won’t be cheated.”

Bubble waved his fist: “if you dare to cheat, you must make him look good.”

An Jin thought about it. The fish have a high IQ and have learned many common sense of fraud prevention. Now they are not limited by the tail and have strong combat effectiveness, so they can rest assured.

He drank juice, chatted with them, talked about his future plans.

Ling Ling said, “we are going to take the spring exam, go to high school, and then go to college.”

Gu Gu nodded and his green eyes were particularly shining: “I’m going to be an art candidate in high school. Weiman helps me with my music knowledge and wants to take the imperial Conservatory of music!”

An Jin was happy for them and encouraged them: “we are sure to be admitted to our favorite school!”

He went to college and didn’t yearn for it. After the end of the world, he wanted to live a peaceful and comfortable life.

His current life is almost his dream life, but there are still some shortcomings.

After all, every time he eats, he has to purify the impurities himself. If he goes out, he has to remove the impurities from the raw materials in advance before he can eat delicious food back.

He now very much hopes that the research group can work out a way to absorb animal nuclei and remove impurities as soon as possible.

Before that, he could only try his best to purify the soil and seeds so that the institute could grow a variety of pure plants.

The fish left at five o’clock and agreed to come for a holiday later.


After an Jin and Norman have dinner, Norman takes a walk around the pool. An Jin follows his footsteps and slowly turns around in the pool to eat.

After that, the two returned to their bedrooms and sat side by side in the sand. An Jin translated the documents of the technical department, while Norman read the documents of the military department.

An Jin is attentive and looks recognizable. When he meets words he doesn’t know, he asks Norman. Norman can always explain them to him.

“Ann,” Norman took Ann Jin’s shoulder, “it’s time for a break.”

An Jin glanced at the time. He just watched the screen for forty minutes.

He obediently looked away from the virtual screen and relaxed his eyes.

Norman was tickled by his clever appearance. He bowed his head and kissed his soft cheek. He talked to him about business: “envoys from all countries wanted to see him, but they were rejected. They also wanted to buy pure seeds.”

After returning to si’ao, an Jin continued to sell pure seeds to aliens because it took too much mental energy to purify the soil. The seeds purified every day were provided to the Institute of Botany.

An Jin looked at Norman and said, “if you don’t sell, don’t let SiO become the target of public criticism?”

Norman’s sword eyebrows were light and steady, but he contained great self-confidence: “they didn’t dare to do it to SiO.”

An Jin: “then don’t sell.”

Before the star beast tide, the more pure vegetables are planted, the more a agents will support the military headquarters during the star beast tide.

And other planets have seeds.

At the beginning, he used to exchange the pure seeds of fish to the stars. According to the current cultivation technology, the number of a seed at that time doubled after maturity,

Norman insisted that an Jin would not sell pure seeds, and the ambassadors of all stars were dissatisfied.

Each star will have a batch of plants to harvest. They thought the price of seeds would drop. They thought that Anjin would not sell them at all.

After discussion, the mission indicated that it was willing to raise the price, but it was still rejected.

The messengers were dissatisfied and had to leave SiO.

I don’t secretly doubt that an Jin can’t make evolutionary seeds after she is pregnant.

When Norman heard these guesses, he didn’t care and asked the military headquarters to keep an eye on the messenger group, so as to prevent any ill intentioned people from taking the opportunity to stay in si’ao.

After an Jin explained his attitude to Norman, he thought about the mission. In addition to purifying soil and seeds, he spent most of his time translating documents.

After translating the documents of the technology department, he translated the documents given to him by Mu Chen.

It’s just that there are too many professional words. He studies while translating, and the speed is relatively slow.

In the afternoon, he watched a two-hour teaching video, went to the back garden to relax, floated on his back and wagged his tail in the water.

Zhinao whispered. He received Xiaoyin’s video communication.

He was a little surprised. After all, Xiaoyin usually practiced his pronunciation.

He immediately connected and saw little silver soaking in the bathtub, wearing labe clothes and a bright smile.

An Jin saw a scratch on his cheek and asked, “are you hurt?”

Little silver touched his cheek: “yes, I was caught by the thief accidentally,” he snorted, with bright silver eyes. “The thief was kicked away, beaten miserably, and caught by the police.”

An Jin asked, learned that it was Xiaoyin Lu who did good when he saw injustice, and let go: “Xiaoyin stick.”

Xiaoyin smiled proudly. After a while, he smiled and grabbed his head. He was a little embarrassed: “Ann, I want to ask for help.”

An Jin: “say.”

Xiaoyin looked forward to asking, “are you free from 5:00 to 5:30 every afternoon?”

An Jin nodded: “yes.”

Xiao Yin: “how about chatting with me at this time every day?”

An Jin couldn’t help thinking a little crooked, but seeing Xiaoyin’s clear eyes, he couldn’t help worrying about Xiaoyin: “is it bad to live in Labei star?”

“OK,” Xiaoyin puzzled, “the speed of learning is so fast that Zhou is preparing for the exam to go to middle school.”

Ann would like to see that he didn’t want to chat with his friends after being wronged. Don’t worry: “OK, just contact him directly if you want to chat.”

Little silver leaned forward and sat upright: “Ann. Can Ann speak interstellar language when chatting? Understand, remind with fish language.”

He paused: “I just started learning. I may not speak well, but it’s super powerful! I can learn it soon.”

An Jin suddenly realized that Xiaoyin was talking to him as a foreign teacher!

“Problem.” An Jin agreed to come and was very happy.

Xiaoyin learns interstellar language, which means Xiaoyin wants to go back to SiO!

Xiaoyin kept thanking excitedly, took the translator from her ear and put it away carefully.

He looked at an Jin and blinked his silver eyes: “an an.”

These two words speak interstellar language, which is not accurate, but they are good for beginners.

An Jin also chatted with him in interstellar language.

Xiao Yin is a beginner. He only knows simple words. What he doesn’t understand, an Jin translates them into fish language in time, and then says relevant sentences in interstellar language.

Little silver looked different in peace.

Half an hour later, Xiao Yin put on the translator: “thank you, Ann. It’s much faster to learn like this! It’s too slow to watch the video.”

After the two make an appointment, contact from 5:00 to 5:30 and hang up the communication.

Xiaoyin opens the contact interface, and her finger hovers at the top for a moment. After thinking about it, she still presses it.

Hum, you can’t let him see the way you don’t speak fluently!

Small silver eyes blinked quickly and quickly gave an Jin a message.


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