After Being a Mermaid Chapter 88

An Jin received a message from Xiao Yin: “don’t tell Mu Chen that he is learning interstellar language.”

An Jin suddenly thinks of the documents Mu Chen asked him to translate. Mo feels that Xiaoyin and Mu Chen seem to have something.

This idea flashed by. He didn’t gossip. He returned a message to Xiaoyin and promised not to tell Mu Chen.

From this day on, an Jin worked as a foreign teacher for Xiaoyin every day. Xiaoyin learned interstellar language very quickly. It didn’t take long for him to speak fluently in daily conversation.

An Jin returned to the palace from the planting base and floated in the mermaid room pool. Relying on the big crab, he learned the interstellar text related to mecha for two hours.

He closed his mind, swam to the garden for a while, and then landed in the holographic world.

As soon as he went online, he received a message from the holographic boss Arlo: “queen, do you not consider selling food in the holographic world?”

After an Jin went to labe, the holographic world stopped selling kebabs. After returning to SiO, he sold them for a few days until he found that his pregnancy stopped again.

After all, when he was in the holographic world, his body almost kept still. It doesn’t matter at ordinary times. If he is pregnant for too long, it’s not good for his body.

According to the doctor’s advice, the helmet was set with a daily allowable length of only one hour, which was the time for him to exercise his powers.

After all, in reality, his spiritual power has to purify the soil and seeds, and the holographic world is very suitable for exercise.

Arlo didn’t know what he was doing online, so he tried to persuade him to cooperate and open a restaurant in the holographic world.

Arlo realized that restaurants had a better future than barbecue stalls.

An Jin refused as always. After all, the restaurant takes more time, and his online time is limited. He just wants to do the most important thing.

Arlo immediately sent another message: “I want to adopt another way of cooperation. All the data in the holographic world comes from reality. Can you help our company collect all kinds of pure food data? With these data, technicians can update the data of holographic world food. In this case, there will be food everywhere in the holographic world.”

“Of course, you don’t worry about the consequences. We will open another food area and only open restaurants. The original world is used as an exercise area, so you have to log in again.”

“In the exercise area, there is no pure food, so tourists can’t improve their mental power through pure food. In this case, their ability to control their mental power is completely the same in the holographic world and the real world, and they can master their mental power through exercise.”

Arlo sent a message very quickly, and then added: “only on the day when pure food is popular, the two regions will meet.”

An Jin’s eyes flashed and thought. If this, it’s really good.

During his rest, he will visit Xingwang. Xingwang people have high expectations for pure food and especially yearn for food.

Every day, countless people ask on the official website of the plant research institute when pure vegetables can be sold.

In order to cope with the tide of stars and animals, it is impossible for pure vegetables to take out for a long time, and people will be more and more anxious.

If you can eat in the holographic world, you can comfort them a little. After a while, vegetables can also be sold.

After all, each harvest represents a large number of seeds, and the number of vegetables will increase rapidly.

An Jin thought about it and asked, “is it troublesome to collect data? I’m afraid it’s difficult to collect data on all vegetables and fruits at one time.”

Arlo: “plant data is easy to collect. Special instruments will do.”

Ann thought carefully, “I agree with your proposal.”

The two sides talked for a while, finalized the details, and Arlo prepared happily.

An Jin, seize the rest of the time to exercise.

After one hour on-line, an Jin line.

When he took his helmet, he heard a knock on the door. The steward’s metal voice came from the door: “queen, your express has arrived.”

An Jin: “please.”

The robot puts the express on the shore. With an Jin’s sign, the express is disassembled. The front is a rectangular metal instrument, the front is an LED screen, and the back is a scanner.

There is a thumb sized chip on the top of the instrument. An Jin connects the chip to zhinao. The method of making the instrument is very detailed.

An Jin looked and identified the parts of the instrument. He read it again and again and wrote it down.

Before long, the cook sent the raw materials for lunch. After purification, he collected the data of all pure food.

The instrument is connected with Arlo’s brain. After an Jin has scanned a kind of food, Arlo gets a complete set of data and quickly thanks with excitement.

An Jin replied that you are welcome. After collecting the data, ask the housekeeper to put the instrument against the wall and wait for it later.

On the same day, the holographic company announced that the holographic world would be shut down for one day.

The next day, everyone learned from the update announcement that the holographic world had added an area. The star network discussed one after another and guessed what big action the holographic world had.

Three days later, the new food area of the holographic world opened to the outside world.

Hot topics on the satellite network are all related to the holographic world.

“Mom forcibly cut off the network and asked if she was beaten and why she shed tears wearing a helmet!”

“Grandpa is almost seventy years old. He said he had never eaten such delicious food in his life.”

“It’s delicious. It’s a pity that there are too many people. There is a limit on the time for everyone to eat, otherwise they can eat for one day!”

“Announce that the food area is the second home!”

“Now the dishes are limited. I heard that there will be more dishes. I’m looking forward to it!”

“I heard that the data are collected from pure food in the real world. I look forward to the day when I can eat food in reality.”

“Expect +!”


An Jin is checking his translated documents. His brain is trembling. He has received a considerable dividend.

Since his balance has finally risen, he feels that he has cooperated very well with Arlo.

Before, he made a lot of money selling pure seeds, but all that money was on the medical instruments and animal cores for labe.

Now he still consumes animal core every day, and his balance is not much.

Of course, if the potential income is included, he can be regarded as very rich.

He will pay dividends for the vegetables he grows in the purified soil and the money he sells in the future. The dividends of the holographic world are also sustainable.

These two dividends are equivalent to lying down to make money in the future.

The more she thinks, the happier she is.

Norman would look at an Jin from time to time. He looked at yu’e Le, thought for a moment, and transferred a large amount of money to an Jin’s account.

An Jin looked at a series of zeros and was stunned. He looked at Norman: “why do you suddenly turn so much money to me?”

Norman: you like it very much

An Jin’s blue eyes were dyed with a smile: “hello.” He thought for a moment and didn’t turn back the money as before.

Instead, say, “your payment method is bound to your account. What you want to buy in the future will be deducted from your account.”

Norman: “no, the account is rich. These are for you,” he said, pausing. “Very rich.”

He doesn’t want his little friend to transfer the money to him again.

An Jin couldn’t help laughing. Looking at Norman’s serious face, he couldn’t help saying, “you’re so cute.”

Norman frowned quickly and retorted, “Ancai is cute.”

They smiled, chatted with Norman for a while, and did their own.

Half an hour later, an Jin breathed softly. He finally checked the documents he translated!

He sent the document directly to Mu Chen.

Less than a minute, I received Mu Chen’s thank-you message.

The next afternoon

An Jin chats with Xiaoyin Xingyu. He keenly finds that Xiaoyin seems to be in low mood, but his learning attitude is still recognized.

When it was almost over, he couldn’t help but say, “little silver, when are you going to return to SiO? Your interstellar language is very good.”

Xiao Yin: “during the holiday in March,” he looked at an Jin, “did you translate that document? Thank an an.”

An Jin said with a smile, “you’re welcome. With that document, you don’t have a problem learning mecha in si’ao. If you have any problems, you can also help translate. Moreover, you are also learning interstellar language. You can go to si’ao to study.”

Xiaoyin shook his head: “I have been admitted to labe’s main star middle school and joined the mecha school team.”

He looked at an Jin and said, “I miss you very much, but I still want to stay in labe. Learning mecha is not only related to class, but also needs high-intensity practice.”

“You can’t transform your feet freely, rabesin is more suitable, and…”

His silver eyes flashed and whispered, “I don’t want to be raised by him all the time because I don’t like it.”

An Jin didn’t hear clearly: “what?”

Little silver coughed: “nothing. I won’t go back to si’ao for the time being. I will study hard and graduate as soon as possible.”

An Jin Xiaoyin has his own consideration, so he no longer advises him, but reminds him: “if you have, you should tell them in time and take good care of yourself.”

The little silver bus said softly, “super powerful! What can I do? Don’t worry.”

An Jin looked at his confident model and smiled.

Little silver shaved her face with her fingers and said, “Ann, listen to Gu Gu. They say that si’ao also has a blind date, right?”

An Jin chatted with them in qungu. Although he didn’t know the specific situation, he did say, “well.”

Xiao Yin: “after checking the human data, when human beings are old, their elders will arrange blind dates, won’t they?”

An Jin: “some.”

Interstellar is much more open than modern times, and there is much less pressure to urge marriage, but there are still cases of urging marriage.

Little silver looked cautiously: “Ann, would you do me a favor? If Mu Chen wants a blind date, you must tell him in time!”

An Jin couldn’t help it: “you and Mu Chen?”

Xiaoyin: “he is the recognized partner!”

An Jin Xiaoyin recognized it with a face, so he nodded: “well, if you know, I’ll tell you.”

Xiaoyin smiled and seemed relieved: “thank you.”

An Jin also reminded: “if you want to chase Mu Chen, don’t attend the blind date in the future.”

Xiaoyin: “no more!”

Morning, pregnancy full moon examination day

Ann Jin was sitting in a wheelchair in a long windbreaker. Norman leaned over and buttoned his buttons neatly from top to bottom.

After taking care of it, he took his little friend to the restaurant, had breakfast together, and then went to the palace infirmary.

Hornard and Billy hurried to meet them.

Hornard said, “it’s ready. Your majesty, just put ANN on the bed.”

An Jin looked into the room. There was a soft big bed with many instruments he didn’t know.

Norman put him on the bed, sat by the bed and held his hand.

Hornard turned on the switch button, and a robot arm stretched out from the detector. The front end was a semicircular ball, like an inverted bowl, floating above an Jin’s abdomen.

Hornard comforted: “calm down, don’t be nervous, it’ll be fine soon, and it won’t hurt.”

An Jin nodded. Norman was beside him. He felt very good and had a peaceful state of mind.

Hornard and Billy looked at the display screen. A very obvious oval appeared on the screen.

Billy said in surprise, “it’s an egg!”

Hornard calls up the complete data, Billy suppresses the excitement, observes the data and judges the baby’s situation.

Ann was surprised to hear Billy’s words and looked at her eyes and abdomen.

Pregnant with eggs! This shows that it is a baby Mermaid.

Norman held his little friend’s hand and looked at the two doctors with a very serious look.

Their smiles gradually disappeared. His heart tightened: “what’s the matter?”

Billy hesitated for a moment and said, “the egg… Is too big. According to the size of mermaid egg, this size is about two months.”

Hornard frowned and said, “is it over nutrition? It’s not good. If it’s too big, Anchan may suffer.”

Billy quickly looked up the information of zhinao. When he saw a similar situation, his eyes brightened: “it may also be twins!”

Hornard was stunned and said excitedly, “do a more careful examination immediately.


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