After Being a Mermaid Chapter 89

Hornard operated the instrument and removed the instrument suspended in Anjin’s abdomen.

He took out a piece of metal connected to the screen and went to the bedside.

He leaned over, was about to move, thought of something, restrained his excitement and handed the metal sheet to Norman: “Your Majesty, please stick the metal sheet to Ann’s belly.”

Norman frowned at the silvery, cold sheet metal.

Hornard grew up with him and knew him very well. He immediately said, “no ice, suitable temperature.”

Norman shook an Jin’s hand, let go, took the metal piece, touched it with his finger belly, determined that it was not ice, and lifted an Jin’s windbreaker.

Hornard and Billy turned around.

Since Ann Jin became pregnant, the two have examined Ann Jin every morning. They know how strong Norman’s desire for Ann Jin is.

“All right.” Soon, Norman said.

Hornard adjusted the instrument and looked at the display screen with Billy. The next moment, they said excitedly: “it’s really twins!”

Billy pointed to the image on the left: “this is a human!”

Hornard took a deep breath: “God, it’s a mermaid baby and a human baby.”

Three minutes later, an Jin and Norman saw the test results.

Ann Jin looked at the two babies in the ball in surprise and nervously looked at Billy: “will the human baby be dangerous in the egg?”

Billy comforted: “don’t worry, Wang. I understand that human babies don’t breathe independently in the mother. Like Mermaid babies, he can absorb your nutrition.”

Hornard nodded, pointed to a column of data and said, “they are all healthy at the moment.”

He paused and looked worried: “it’s just that the time when Mermaid eggs are conceived is different from that of human babies. Mermaid eggs will be produced in six months, while human babies have to stay in the mother for ten months. I’m afraid it’s hard to judge your due date.”

Billy is the doctor that the elders specially seek for an Jin, who is a mermaid of Aisa. He has an obstetric license. He is not too worried about hearing the speech: “Mermaid eggs need to undergo the process of hatching in vitro. When the baby can grow out of the body, it is OK to induce labor.”

Hornard looked relaxed. “You’re right.”

An Jin is also relieved and looks down at Norman who is still looking at the test results.

Norman looked very serious and his eyes moved very slowly. An Jin almost had the illusion that Norman wanted to memorize the test results.

Norman just heard what the two doctors said, but the doctor focused on the baby. After the test results, he asked the doctor, “is it hard for Ann to have twins?”

Billy: “it may be a little later, but the queen doesn’t have to worry. Wang’s physical quality is very good. In the future, just pay attention to supplement nutrition every day.”

After that, an Jin no longer had three meals a day with Norman, but instead ate less and more.

An Jin told his friends the test results and gained many blessings.

In a few days, it ushered in the new year of si’ao.

The annual flavor of si’ao is not strong, but because of legal holidays, there are more people in the street, and all buildings are flashing colored lights, which is more lively than usual.

An Jin doesn’t know much about the festival customs of si’ao. He specially checked the Internet and learned that according to the customs, the royal family members have to send blessings to the people every year and accompany the people to welcome the new year.

He specially looked up the blessing videos of previous years. Each video is very similar. Norman issued a short blessing and then counted down to welcome the new year.

Norman is alone every time. He seems more lonely during the festival.

Comments have also urged marriage, hoping that Norman can find a partner.


Norman carried the washed baby to bed.

After an Jin fell on the bed, he didn’t take back his hand as before. Instead, he grabbed Norman’s sleeve and said, “I don’t want to sleep.”

Norman: it’s almost ten o’clock

An Jin blinked his beautiful blue eyes: “but I’m not sleepy at all. I want to welcome the new year with you.”

Norman’s eyes moved and he was very excited about his little friend’s proposal, but smelling the faint milk smell on his little friend, he refused: “no, you have to rest more. It’s not good to stay up late.”

An Jin: “I slept for a long time during the day and didn’t want to sleep at all. You married me. How can you still send blessings alone!”

Norman’s heart was warm. Ann saw his expression loose and immediately said, “I won’t sleep anyway.”

Norman’s eyes showed some helplessness, and he wanted to laugh because of his little friend’s small temper. He thought and took a step back: “you sleep now. I’ll call you up when it’s almost twelve o’clock.”

An Jin: “then you rest with me. When you turn around quickly, you will be more energetic.” He paused and reminded, “be sure to call me! Otherwise, I will be angry.”

Norman thought for a moment, lay down with him and kissed him on the lips: “OK.”

An Jin found a comfortable position next to him. He had a good work and rest recently, and his body had developed a memory. Soon he fell asleep.

Norman’s brain shook. He opened it. It was a message from the news department. He looked gently at the little friend in his arms and returned the message: “I’ll broadcast it myself at 11:55. Then you’ll go to the official live studio.”

When an Jin woke up again, he saw Norman in a straight military uniform, kneeling on one knee on the bed and leaning down to touch his face.

An Jin blinked. He was confused for a moment. He quickly recovered. He got up and was held by Norman: “slow down.”

An Jin looked at his suit and said, “what time is it?”

“At eleven fifty, there’s plenty of time.” Norman found a red coat, wrapped Anjin tightly, took Anjin to the bathroom, put it on the stool, helped him comb his hair, picked it up and prepared to go out.

An Jin hurriedly said, “I want to wash my face and change my clothes.”

Norman looked at his clean little face. “No, in case it’s difficult to sleep later, it’s fine now.”

Ann Jin insisted on his current image. Norman held him and looked in the mirror.

Norman said, “you’re great.”

An Jin looked carefully and saw that he was very happy and didn’t look sloppy at all, so he didn’t insist on washing his face and changing clothes.

Norman took him to the sofa in the room and sat down. The sofa was moved by Norman. Behind it was the balcony.

Norman took out the live ball and set the non panoramic mode to not shoot all the rooms.

Norman started by reminding Anjin, “don’t be nervous.”

An Jin nodded. When he faced many people, he was calm.

Norman turned on the live broadcast and contacted the news department, which transferred his live broadcast to the official channel on time.

Before the live broadcast, the people were excited.

“Your Majesty, Queen!”

“Sure enough, your majesty is no longer alone after his marriage.”

“Fairy beauty, your majesty and the queen are too matched!”

“The queen is so happy. Her skin is called red by the big red. It’s great.”

Norman said hello, and an Jin said hello with a smile.

After the two said hello, Norman recited the speech prepared by the Department of public information and recalled that he was looking forward to the new year this year. After that, he counted down soon. When he counted to zero, he turned to an Jin.

An Jin smiled at him. The two of them played the ball to the live broadcast and said, “happy new year.”

The barrage of bullets was suddenly flooded with happy new year.

Five minutes later, the live broadcast was transferred to the official main venue. Norman went back to his room with an Jin and continued to sleep.

Anjin was not sleepy for a moment. He chatted quietly with Norman. Norman talked a lot about his childhood. Unconsciously, Anjin fell asleep.

Norman leaned over and kissed him on the brow, hugged him and closed his eyes.

After half of the new year, all walks of life are busy.

Ann Jin finds Norman getting busier and busier. When he wakes up in the middle of the night, Norman is still dealing with military affairs.

A few days ago, his power was promoted to level 7, and his knowledge was growing. Even if he didn’t go out, he found that the security of the Imperial Palace was getting tighter and tighter.

He couldn’t help asking Norman, “what happened recently? Why are you so busy?”

Norman: “generally speaking, there will be a star beast tide in February. A few days ago, there was news from District 6 that star beast activities are frequent. This year’s star beast tide is likely to be ahead of schedule.”

He was silent for a moment, and his deep eyes looked at Anxin: “if the star beast tide breaks out, I will go to the front immediately,” he reached out and stroked Anxin’s side face, “sorry, I can’t accompany you all the time.”

An Jin has checked the relevant data of the star beast tide for a long time. As soon as he mentioned it, countless huge and terrible star beasts roared into the crowd and bit humans.

He took Norman’s hand and said firmly, “don’t apologize. You don’t have to worry about me. Just take care of yourself. I won’t do anything.”

Norman was so excited by his bright blue eyes that he bowed his head and kissed: “Ann is great.”

Norman sent an Jin to the planting base and left soon.

An Jin found that the security of the Institute of Botany had become tight, and Dean Colley looked tight.

An Jin went to the greenhouse to be purified today. When he wanted to start, he suddenly thought of something and asked Dean Colley, “how long does the star beast tide last?”

Collet: “usually from February to the end of March, that’s the breeding period of star beasts. They will reproduce when they are full.”

An Jin pondered, just like the information he had.

With an Jin, collet whispered, “the star beast is very sensitive to pure creatures. The military headquarters suddenly strengthened the security of the planting base. I’m afraid the situation is not very optimistic. Maybe the star beast tide will advance.”

An Jin was surprised and thought to him that Dean collet was so sharp.

He quickly calculated in his mind and put his hand on the armrest of his wheelchair: “I’ll start today. I’ll stop purifying the soil.”

“Queen!” Collet opened his eyes in surprise.

An Jin looked serious: “the vegetables planted now are not mature during the star beast tide, so there is no support for the military to resist the star beast tide. I’m going to directly make agent a with my mental strength.”

In the long run, purifying soil is better than purifying nutrients, but in the short term, especially in the period of Star Animal tide, it is obviously more advantageous to directly make agent a.

Collet soon understood and agreed: “you’re right, and it’s safer for you to stay in the palace.”

An Jin smiled at him: “after the star beast tide, I will continue to purify the soil.”

Collet saluted, “Queen of hard work.”

He knew too well how much the queen had contributed to theo.

An Jin smiled at him and returned to the palace with the royal guards and pro guards.

When he came to the mermaid room, the nutrients he bought on the way back had been neatly placed in the corner by the housekeeper, a total of 10000.

After purifying 1500 sticks, an Jin rested a little and waited for his mental strength to recover naturally.

Lying on his back on the water, he suddenly thought of something. It changed from lying horizontally to floating vertically. He leaned against the big crab and inquired about the information.

In the afternoon, he received the news that Norman would be late.

In the evening, when Norman came back, Anjin was sitting on the sofa browsing the news.

When Norman entered the door, he subconsciously laughed and turned to the door.

Norman came up to him without a trace of fatigue, but his neat clothes were wrinkled in the morning. His eyes were gentle: “waiting for me?”

An Jin nodded and raised his head. He looked very serious and talked directly about business: “which is more useful to deal with the tide of stars and beasts than agent a?”

Norman answered, “officer s, at least 10000 nutrients.”

The combat effectiveness of level s is comparable to the Legion composed of low-level soldiers, especially in the face of high-level starbeasts.

A high-level star beast has amazing lethality for ordinary soldiers.

After Norman answered, he immediately understood an Jin’s idea: “you first help the fallen master upgrade his mental power?”

An Jin nodded, “yes.”

Norman’s eyes flashed a light. If he could do it, it would undoubtedly improve the combat effectiveness of si’ao, but

He looked worried: “can your body support it?”

The higher the level, the stronger the pressure.

An Jin nodded affirmatively, “yes.”

When Norman returned to SSS level, although he felt uncomfortable, he could stand it. Now his mental strength and physical quality have increased a lot, absolutely no problem.

He said to Norman, “but I’m not sure how long it will take to rise to the original highest level. It needs to be tested. Ask the military headquarters if there are credible people willing to try.”

Norman: I’ll arrange it


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