After Being a Mermaid Chapter 9

An Jin looks up and smiles at Norman, pointing to the smart brain Bracelet in Norman’s left hand. His eyes are bright and full of expectation.

Men talk less. It’s too slow to learn a language through men.

He wants to learn by watching videos.

Norman raised his left hand and was slightly surprised: “want a smart brain?”

An Jin didn’t understand. After thinking about it, he raised his hand and drew a box, which was almost the size of the virtual screen when watching the video before.

Norman saw it. Open the previous video.

An Jin immediately wagged his tail and moved closer, almost touching Norman’s knee.

Instead of watching the video content, an Jin carefully observed the operation interface on the screen.

After a while, he raised his hand like a random wave, his finger touched the virtual button and switched to the next video.

A man was tying shiny hair ornaments to the mermaid’s hair.

An Jin: “…” master, don’t learn this!

He was about to wave again and pretend he didn’t want to switch the video. Norman pointed to the jewelry: “do you like it?”

An Jin didn’t understand. Seeing Norman pointing to the hair ornament, he quickly expressed his attitude: “bah.”

His cheeks are bulging. He’s a man. He doesn’t want jewelry!

Norman’s eyes moved from his bulging cheeks to his tender white cheeks, and there was an illusion for a moment.

This is not a mermaid, but a young boy.

He looked slightly moved. The intelligence quotient of the little mermaid was really like human beings, and his imitation ability was very good.

He only showed it once. The little mermaid was already very good at expressing her dislike with ‘bah’.

Pure mermaids have different preferences from ordinary mermaids.

Will it be similar to humans?

Ann would like to see the man stay on the video of dressing up Mermaid and quietly turn around and look at the man.

Seeing the man thinking, he had a bad feeling in his heart.

The master is not studying, is he?

He quickly raised his hand and forked off the video, and the virtual screen returned to the file panel.

An Jin innocently pointed to the screen and made a soft voice with a hint of urging.

Norman thought for a moment, operated his brain, returned to the search interface and entered ‘children’s favorite video’.

The screen was immediately occupied by various childlike videos.

He clicked on the cartoons that played the most and observed the expression of the little mermaid.

An Jin listens to the short lines of children’s voice in the video, looks at the strange subtitles on the screen, and his eyes shine.

This is the video he wants!

He turned to Norman, raised a bright smile, pointed to the video, obviously happy.

Norman saw him smile and thought sure enough, the little mermaid’s IQ was about similar to that of a child, and his preferences were also similar.

Norman turned off his brain, leaned over and grabbed the little mermaid’s shoulder and back. With a little force, Norman gently picked the little mermaid up from the water.

An Jin was startled, subconsciously struggling, his tail swinging up and down, and many drops of water were thrown on his two faces.

Norman said in a deep voice, “don’t move.”

As he spoke, he fished forward and caught the sliding tail.

When an Jin shook his body, he found that the upper part of the mermaid’s tail was very sensitive.

His ears were reddish and he looked up at the man quietly.

The man looked upright, looked ahead and didn’t fall on him at all.

It seems that the man just accidentally touched his hip.

He put his hands in front of him, stiff and afraid to move again.

Norman put the little mermaid in the shower of the fitness room, turned on the shower and drenched the fish’s tail.

An Jin leaned back against the wall with his tail flat on the ground and looked at the man’s back suspiciously.

Why did you send him here all of a sudden?

Half an hour later, he knew why.

He was carried back to the mermaid room by Norman. There was a large display screen on the right wall of the room.

Obviously, the man asked someone to install it when he was in the shower.

He looked at Norman in surprise and couldn’t help saying, “thank you.”

He is so happy that men simply respond to his requests. He is the best master in the world!

The expression and tone of the little mermaid showed that he was very happy. Norman looked at the little mermaid seriously and waited in silence.

Waiting for the little mermaid to sing.

However, after laughing, the little mermaid twisted her head and focused on the display screen.

Norman: ”

It seems that the degree of happiness is not enough. If happiness accumulates to a certain extent, the Little Mermaid will certainly sing!

He bent down and put the little mermaid in the lower right corner of the pool and squatted down: “look here.”

After attracting the little mermaid’s attention, he pointed to two buttons on the ground on the shore.

He pressed the red button, the screen on the wall lit up, and the program was playing. Press it again, and the screen went black.

Norman pressed again, turned on the display, then pressed the green button, and the video content immediately changed.

He pressed the green button several times, and the video changed once when he pressed it. It was all kinds of cartoons or children’s programs.

He looked at the Little Mermaid: “will you?”

An Jin will, but in order to avoid being too smart and eye-catching, she pretends to be excited and presses it blindly.

Norman taught twice before he showed that he had learned.

Norman silently equated the intelligence quotient of the little mermaid with that of a three – or four-year-old child.

An Jin has no idea how much a man misunderstands his IQ. He looks at Norman smiling like a silly white sweet.

Norman looked at the little mermaid’s smile and was silent. Suddenly he had a very bad guess.

Will the pure Mermaid be happy and not sing?

Norman looked at the little mermaid in the video and turned out of the mermaid room.

He went into his study and looked up all the information about the pure Mermaid.

There are very few data, almost all related to the good effect of treating spiritual riots. I mentioned it together. If I want the pure mermaid to sing, I have to coax him to be happy.

Norman stared at the data calmly. The recorder was so bad that he didn’t write down how to coax!

An Jin waited for Norman to leave, stopped watching blindly, changed channels, and finally chose a channel suitable for learning.

The channel plays a cartoon series, a five-year-old Joey as the protagonist, recording his school story.

An Jin guesses that this is the world’s Early Childhood Education station. Joey’s class content is very detailed. Watching the video is equivalent to learning with George.

An Jin soon learned all kinds of titles between close relatives and daily questions.

All morning, he didn’t even eat the crab snacks he prepared. He had been watching the video.

As like as two peas, Norman gave him lunch at noon.

An Jin was moved. The master is so deep and considerate!

Dinner at night remains the same.

The next morning, Norman came into the mermaid room with a tray.

Ann Jin was stunned when she saw Norman.

The man was dressed in a straight black uniform, with a slight flash of gold round epaulets. He stepped on leather military boots, and his calf belly was tightly wrapped in the boot barrel, which looked straight and long.

An Jin looked at the man’s long straight legs with envy.

Norman noticed the little mermaid’s eyes and frowned.

He changed his clothes and the little mermaid didn’t know him?

He seriously introduced himself: “Ann, I’m your master Norman.”

An Jin understood the three words’ I’m you ‘, and combined with the context, he guessed that the name given to him by the master.

As for what I am you, he doesn’t understand.

Norman pushed the food to the little mermaid. When he saw the little mermaid smiling at him with a slightly loose expression, he didn’t seem to forget.

He turned and left the mermaid room.

Before going to the military headquarters, he ordered the housekeeper robot: “Ann’s lunch and dinner will be delivered at 12:00 and 18:00 respectively.”

He thought of the mermaid’s poor memory and added, “if I’m at home, I’ll send it.”

Robot: “OK, master.”

An Jin finished the dishes unchanged, but still had a delicious breakfast. Continue to watch the video and learn.

When he saw the robot delivering meals at noon, he realized that the man might not be at home.

Thinking of the man’s formal dress in the morning, I guess the man went to work.

After dinner, an Jin continued to watch the video.

A few days later, an Jin lived a life like copying and pasting every day.

On the fifth day, he couldn’t stand it.

These days he has only seen Norman, or just meet him one day in the morning and one night.

During this period, he didn’t communicate with anyone and stayed indoors to watch videos.

At first he was absorbed in his study and didn’t feel much. Now he is distracted from his study and feels bored.

He has mastered everyday language and has the ability to chat with people simply.

But he was not sure whether the mermaid in this world would speak, and did not dare to speak at will.

You must see what a mermaid looks like!

At 7:30 pm, Norman returned to the palace. He changed his military uniform, put on his casual clothes and walked into the mermaid room.

An Jin has been waiting for him. Before he enters the door, an Jin detects the sound of footsteps and swims to the position closest to the door.

As soon as Norman entered the room, he straightened his upper body, shrunken his mouth, and wet his blue eyes.

His face was so delicate and small that it looked pathetic.

Norman was stunned, went to the little mermaid and looked at the Little Mermaid: “uncomfortable?”

An Jin points to the screen on the wall, where a group of children are playing games. It’s very lively.

Norman looked at the screen and didn’t understand the little mermaid for a moment.

An Jin blinked his wet eyes, turned around and swam to the corner of the pool, turned his back to Norman, held the fish tail and lowered his head.

The whole one curled up in the corner, filled with low mood, lonely and pathetic.

Norman soon understood that the little mermaid envied the children when she saw them playing.

Norman frowned slightly and opened the itinerary of intelligent brain examination.

Last week, he didn’t have time to take the little mermaid to the mermaid center.

He thought for a moment and dialed the communication of his good friend general Mu Chen.

“Your Majesty,” Mu Chen said in surprise, “what’s the matter?”

“Private affairs.”

Mu Chen was even more surprised and joked, “it’s rare that you still have private affairs.”

Norman said his purpose directly: “bring your mermaid to the palace.”

“… are you sure to bring small silver?” Mu Chen reminded, “I suspect Xiao Yin hasn’t forgotten that you broke his hand. He holds his left hand every morning and his expression is very fierce.”

“It’s hard for him to remember,” Norman said expressionless, “bring him here and Ann wants to play with her companions.”

Mu Chen: “you are finally willing to let me meet the pure mermaid! But… Are you sure you don’t misunderstand the mermaid?”

Norman looked at the little mermaid curled up in the corner. “No.”

“We’ll be there in twenty minutes.”

Norman went to the living room and waited in advance. Mu Chen arrived in less than 20 minutes.

An Jin is looking forward to meeting the mermaid, holding her hand on the shore and hesitating whether to go to the living room to meet her.

Just thinking, I suddenly heard a roar with crisp sound but sharp voice, which is different from human pronunciation.

“Bold bipedal beast, I must break your hand today!”


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