After Being a Mermaid Chapter 90

General si’ao has always been one of the people with the most mental strength. Just because he often fights on the front line and often uses mecha, his mental strength will be degraded when he is younger.

After demotion, it is often accompanied by mental instability. If the situation is slightly better, the general will be transferred to other non front-line departments. If the situation is slightly worse, he can only retire.

Norman looked at the former SS officer who had been demoted mentally and quickly selected the candidate.

Norman directly contacted Emmon, the former head of the eighth corps, and said straight to the point: “general Emmon, I got the news that the star beast tide is likely to advance this year. Are you willing to go to the front line to kill star beasts again?”

Emmon: of course

At the beginning, I retired because my mental state was too poor. I dropped from Ss to a, and the situation was very unstable.

After his retirement, he was quickly reduced from level a to level B. before, he was promoted to level a because of an Jin.

After that, the communication between human and mermaid was smooth, and the bubble always provided spiritual power to them, and their mental state remained stable at level a.

In fact, it is currently planning to submit an application to the for re-entry into the military headquarters.

After all, the family was not young, and the mermaid planet appeared. In the future, there may be no mermaid to provide spiritual power. If you join the military headquarters, the situation would be very bad.

Now bubble is willing to stay, his mental state is stable, and there is no problem entering the military headquarters again.

Norman: “next, please keep it a secret.”

Armon looked very cold and guessed that his Majesty would arrange a secret mission for him.

Norman: “the queen wants to help the demoted level spirit recover. She helped you recover level 1 before, but the second time is to completely recover to the previous state. I’m not sure what will happen in the process. Are you willing to try?”

Emon’s breath was so short that he seemed to have won the grand prize. He said excitedly, “yes!”

Norman warned solemnly, “it may fail.”

Emmon: “I’m willing to take all the risks of failure.”

Norman: tonight, you come to the palace

Emmon: Yes

At night, when Emmon went out, the bubble suddenly jumped out from behind: “where are you going to play? I’m going too!”

Emmon was entangled and worried that everyone knew it, and asked Norman if he could bring bubbles.

Armon was relieved to see Norman’s reply.

Eight o’clock

Emmon came to the palace with a bubble. The bubble saw that an Jin was very open and rushed to an Jin: “an an an!”

Standing two steps away from an Jin, he didn’t get close. Dan ran into an Jin. The doctor reminded them before. Dan recklessly bumped into an Jin.

An Jin smiled and said hello, and then said hello to Emmon.

Emmon saluted them, and his hard face couldn’t help showing an excited look, full of expectation and hope.

Norman: please sit down

The four sat down on the sofa in the hall, and Emmon looked at an Jin nervously.

An Jin smiled at him and explained the situation to the bubble: “no matter what happens later, don’t be nervous or excited.”

Bubble nodded and an Jin said to Emmon, “please relax and close your eyes.”

Emmon did.

Instead of singing, Anjin focused on running the power, transferring the energy to Emmon like transferring energy to food and removing impurities.

The ability is very skilled. After all, it removes impurities from food every day.

However, it was the first time that he transmitted spiritual power to human beings through power. He was very cautious. The amount of spiritual power he began to transmit was very small, and his attention was all in Armon’s spiritual sea.

The large area of black spirit silk on the edge of Emon spirit sea became lighter and lighter with the naked eye, and finally turned white.

When Emmon’s spiritual sea was all white and his spiritual power was full, an Jin stopped for a moment, and then continued to transmit energy.

The white spirit silk gradually becomes bright white, brighter and brighter, and finally glows, making the spirit sea look vibrant.

When an Jin spent about half of his mental energy, Emmon’s calm eyebrows suddenly frowned and gave a stuffy hum.

At the same time, a faint threat emanated from him.

As soon as an Jin’s eyes brighten, he continues to convey his spiritual power.

Norman’s face remained unchanged. The bubble had been lazily holding his face to watch. He suddenly sat up straight, and the scales on his face suddenly appeared.

The bubble looked alert for two seconds. Seeing that an Jin and Norman were calm, he thought of an Jin’s previous reminder and relaxed slowly.

Five minutes later, the pressure came out, and Emmon’s face gradually calmed down with a cold sweat on his forehead.

The spiritual sea has more than doubled. Half of the area is dark black spiritual silk, which looks particularly depressed.

An Jin continued to transmit his spiritual power and absorbed the animal core once in the middle, so that Emmon’s spiritual sea was filled again.

After that, an Jin absorbed the beast nucleus to restore the full grid spiritual power until there was only one third of the spiritual power left, and Emon once again exuded strong authority.

Norman frowned slightly and looked anxiously at his little friend. Seeing that an Jin looked normal, he was a little relieved.

Bubble ear fins burst out and looked alert. They could only be tough and couldn’t help talking, but it was difficult to eliminate the alert state.

An Jin passed on some spiritual power to keep Emmon’s spiritual sea in a healthy state, and then said, “OK.”

The upgrade process was not easy. Emmon sweated a lot, like he was fished out of the water, but when he opened his eyes, he was in good spirits and looked several years younger.

Emon felt the change of the spiritual sea. His mood fluctuated violently. After a while, he stood up and saluted an Jin.

His lips moved and wanted to say a lot, but he was not good at words. At this time, his mood fluctuated too much, and he felt it difficult to express anything.

Finally, the voice was slightly hoarse and said, “thank you.”

Unfortunately, after he retired from the army, there was not a day when he didn’t expect to return to the peak. He knew clearly that it was impossible, but he couldn’t help thinking.

I didn’t expect that one day will really come, return to the peak, and fight again to defend our country!

An Jin said with a smile, “you’re welcome. I’ve read your previous reports. You’re very admirable.”

Emmon said seriously, “that’s the duty of a soldier,” looked at Norman and saluted, “marshal, veteran Emmon, ask to join the military headquarters again.”

Norman got up and saluted: “report to the Eighth Army training camp tomorrow and get back to his best as soon as possible.”

Emmon was full of confidence: “yes, marshal!”

Since I retired, my mental state has become extremely poor. I can’t touch the mecha at all. My mental level has been restored, but my combat effectiveness still needs to be trained.

Armon hesitated for a moment: “after going to the military headquarters, my spiritual level recovery will certainly spread.”

Norman: it’s all right

It’s hard to hide these feelings. After all, as a general, Emmon will appear in front of everyone, and it’s no secret that an Jin can help upgrade.

Emon thanked again and left with a bubble.

Norman took an Jin’s hand and looked at an Jin: “are you tired? Are you not uncomfortable?”

An Jin shook his head: “it just consumes mental energy, not tired.” Speaking of positive, “according to the mental strength just consumed, if I recover from agent a to SS level, I can recover two people a day. However, it’s best to separate them in the morning and at night.”

After all, if you use mental power continuously, the spirit will be tired.

After thinking about it, he asked, “are there still many generals like Emon?”

Norman nodded: “Emmon’s situation is not the worst. The generals of the same period have died and their mental strength has dropped below level B.”

An Jin immediately made a decision: “from tomorrow on, arrange two people a day,” holding Norman’s hand, “you can deal with your own. You don’t have to accompany me all the time.”

I know Norman is very busy. Recently, Norman was still in the military headquarters at 8 o’clock.

Norman hesitated and an Jin said with a smile, “you should bear it for me. I am very sensitive to the goodwill and malice of others, and the people you choose are trustworthy people, aren’t they?”

Norman thought, “let Joseph and your personal guard protect you.”

Usually, the guards guard around the villa. When he is not there, outsiders enter the villa. Personal protection will reassure him.

An Jin nodded in agreement.

Military training camp of the eighth Military Region

Emon practiced alone in the No. 1 training ground for two hours, jumped off the mecha and looked at the lavender mecha. His nostalgic look dissipated, leaving only pure pleasure and war.

“Teacher, you…” after the meeting, the head of the Eighth Army rushed to the training room. Before he finished, he saw the mecha that accompanied Emon to make countless contributions, and his eyes were red. “Teacher, do you really want to pay attention to the military headquarters?”

Emmon nodded, “yes.”

The commander of the Eighth Army seemed to want to persuade, but he looked relaxed and happy. Instead of persuading, he said, “I’ll ask the mecha division to help you change the mecha.”

“OK, we have to repair and upgrade. Now the technology is developing too fast,” Emmon said

He said with a smile on his face: “before the mecha division came, you played with me. I haven’t practiced in actual combat for a long time.”

“But, teacher, you…” the commander of the Eighth Army looked tangled. The teacher is now grade A and SS. It’s too unfair to fight.

Emmon: good fight Then he jumped into the mecha.

The head of the Eighth Army was stunned. His eyes were surprised and worried. Using mecha beyond his level was very harmful to his mental power!

Seeing that the mecha moves smoothly and hearing the urging voice of Emon, I can’t help guessing that the teacher’s mecha has been downgraded?

After taking out the mecha and fighting with Emon, his eyes were full of amazement.

The mecha is SS! So is the teacher!

Without concentration, he couldn’t fight at all. He came down from the mecha in a panic, and Armon left the mecha immediately.

“Teacher, have you recovered your mental strength?”

Emmon nodded, clenched his hand and extended his fist to the head of the Eighth Army. His tone was calm and firm: “this year, we will fight against the star beast tide together.”

The eighth Legion’s eyes burst out a very bright light, clenched their fists and hit Emmon: “well, together!”

The recovery of Emon’s mental strength soon spread in the military headquarters. Soon, another powerful news came.

Norman released a message through the internal network of the military headquarters: “officers of the former SS Level and above who are still willing to go to the front line to kill stars and beasts, no matter what level they are now, please register at the Marshal’s office.”

In addition to the internal network of the military headquarters, Norman also sent similar messages to retired former officers who are not currently in the military headquarters system through the Information Department of the military headquarters.

The message is followed by the contact information of the adjutant.

One stone stirred up thousands of waves. Everyone guessed Norman’s intention in connection with the change of Emon.

We should restore the mental strength of senior officers!

All the staff of the military headquarters were very excited. The officers who retired from civilian posts due to mental degradation jumped up and could restore their mental level! Can fight on the front line again!

Ordinary soldiers are equally excited. The more combat officers, the fewer victims, and the easier it is to win the battle.

Adjutant Norman received many registration messages and quickly sorted out the list of personnel.

Everyone’s information is very comprehensive and careful, so as to delete those who are not combat conscious or wrong.

Soon, an Jin saw the second officer who needed to be upgraded. He was still promoted from a level to SS level.

As more and more officers were restored to their ranks, the news spread more and more widely. Many people spoke enthusiastically, indicating that they were willing to join the army and hoped to restore their mental strength.

The Department of public information quickly responded that in order to deal with the star beast tide and restore the spiritual level, it mainly focuses on experienced officers.

After reading a reply, the people were a little quiet, but some still expressed their hope to restore their mental strength and join the military headquarters. Almost all of them were former military cadets.

It’s just that the military personnel haven’t fully recovered their mental strength for the time being, so they haven’t considered them for the time being.

In the early morning of the 25th, Norman received the news from the front line while sleeping, and the star beast tide broke out.

Get up quickly, hesitate for a moment, or wake up an Jin. While changing clothes, he quickly charged an Jin, and then leaned over and kissed an Jin on his forehead: “take care of yourself.”

An Jin nodded, looked up and kissed: “you too.”

Keep getting up and watch Norman leave the palace.


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