After Being a Mermaid Chapter 91

An Jin has long been mentally prepared for Norman to go to the front line. He is not flustered, but he will inevitably worry.

He went back to his room and was sleepless, but he lay down, thinking of a promise to Norman.

When he woke up in the morning, he found that there was unread information in his mind, which came from the si’ao official.

“Dear citizens, the star beast tide has broken out and all interstellar routes have been suspended. Please try to stay at home and reduce going out unnecessarily in case of accidents.”

Norman had asked an Jin to say something similar.

Star beasts have transition ability, and the best of star beasts, such as Haru, not only have interstellar transition, but also have super spatial displacement ability.

At present, five of the eight defense areas of si’ao have been established, and six areas are under construction. The complete circular defense has not been completed, so it is impossible to block all star beasts out of the defense area.

Seven or eight districts in the northwest have not been built yet, which is equivalent to a big gap.

If the starbeast finds a gap and attacks from the northwest, there will be great pressure on the northwest defense of SiO.

Even if the military tries its best to defend, the star beast with space displacement ability will still break through the defense cover and arrive at sior.

Therefore, there is a great risk of going out during the star beast tide.

Although the third Legion stayed in si’ao to deal with the stars and beasts entering the human settlement, if the people met the stars and beasts first, they may not be able to rescue them in time.

Therefore, staying at home is the safest.

When Anjin finished washing, hornard and Billy examined him.

Hornard said with a smile, “you and your baby are very healthy,” he said haltingly. “Your majesty will go to the front every year. He has strong combat effectiveness. Moreover, his mental state this year is much better than before. You don’t have to worry.”

Billy also advised: “Wang must keep a good mood, otherwise it will be bad for his health.”

Ann saw their worry and said, “don’t worry, I believe in Norman.”

An Jin finished his breakfast and was drinking juice when Ling Ling called to communicate.

“Ann, did you get the message? The star beast tide broke out! Are you okay?”

An Jin: “I’m fine. Are you and Ruirui at home?”

Ling Ling said, “the school has announced a holiday. Ruirui and I first received the news from Xie Li and garrot. They left in the early morning. At that time, we were going to contact you, but we were afraid to disturb you. We received the official news this morning.”

An Jin immediately reminded: “if you have any communication, don’t go out casually.”

Lingling was silent for a moment and said, “Ruirui and I have discussed that we are going to Xie Li and garrot. They need us to provide spiritual strength. ANN, do you want to go with us?”

An Jin clenched his fist. He also wanted to go to the front with Norman.

He replied to Ling Ling: “I have other things to do, and I haven’t been pregnant for three months. The doctor said to pay special attention.”

He added: “if you want to go to the front, you must remember to contact garrot and them in advance. Don’t act without authorization.”

Ruirui’s voice came: “don’t worry, we won’t mess around. We don’t know where they are.”

An Jin didn’t worry about them as much as he did at first. He respected their decision and expressed concern as a friend: “you must pay attention to safety.”

Ling Ling: “Ann should take care of herself!”

They were busy and pressed for time. They didn’t talk much, so they hung up the communication.

Ling Ling thought about it and contacted Paopao again. When she learned that Paopao Gan’s father and brother had gone to the front line, she quickly asked Paopao if he wanted to help.

The bubble immediately said, “but Emmon and garrot don’t necessarily go to the same place.”

Ling Ling had thought for a long time: “we can contact Mu Chen. I read the morning news. He is responsible for staying in si’ao. As long as he explains the situation, he will certainly send us to the place we want to go.”

Bubble: “I remember that many human friends of mermaids are soldiers. Should we ask them? There may be mermaids with their peers.”

Ling Ling immediately asked in the mermaid group, and many mermaids immediately replied that they wanted to help.

“I woke up and they disappeared. Fortunately, they sent me a message.”

“Have you seen the morning news? Those star beasts are disgusting! Destroy them!”

Mu Chen was surprised when he received Lingling’s communication.

After hearing Ling Ling’s words, her eyes suddenly lit up: “please count the names of the Mermaids who want to help and the identity information of the people who want to help. I’ll arrange someone to send you there as soon as possible.”

Although the number of mermaids is limited, almost all the human friends of mermaids are high combat power. With the help of mermaids, these high combat power is equivalent to unlimited spiritual power, and will not be weak in the follow-up as before.

High combat power is less likely to collapse on the battlefield.

When Norman arrived in the northwest border area, the border garrison had been fighting the star herd for a long time.

Earth shaking animal roars, roars and gunfire came into our ears from a distance.

The air smelled of blood and gunsmoke, which was Norman’s most familiar smell. His face was calm and serious. He stepped down from the star ship and quickly issued a series of orders.

The support troops joined the battle, the wounded and energy deficient border guards were able to rest, and all the wounded were sent to the rear for medical treatment.

The rear medical room has a large area. There are many beds in a large room. Doctors and nurses are busy back and forth, and there are painful groans everywhere.

“Come on, his arm has been broken for too long. Hurry to the nutrition cabin on the second floor!” After checking the wound, the doctor was very angry, “it’s nonsense. Even if the mechanical arm is installed later, the future action will be affected.”

The medic carried the wounded soldier to the elevator and took him to the second floor.

A manic breath came, the sound of the medical room suddenly paused, and the moan of pain became louder in an instant.

The guard at the door quickly pulled the man: “mental disorder, go to the medical room next door.”

The mentally disordered soldier was sent to the next room by his comrades in arms. His face turned white and his eyes showed a look of despair: “I, am I going to be demoted?”

The doctor gave him a soothing agent. Seeing that his condition did not improve, he took out a agent A: “drink.”

The patient and the battle were stunned. Their eyes stared wide and said incredulously, “agent a?”

An Jin continues to help the former officers restore their mental level and watch the live broadcast of the front-line war when he is free.

During the live broadcast, the reporter’s expression was very excited, his tone was high, and his words were clear: “it is reported that many mermaids went to the front line for support yesterday, and the first batch of agent a made by the Institute of botany with pure food was also sent to the front line. At present, the situation in each district is stable. Please look at the battle situation in the front line.”

The camera photographed the battle scenes of each district from high altitude.

Northwest frontier defense area

A black mecha is like an illusion. Even across the screen, you can feel its cold momentum, and there are star animal corpses everywhere.

Before long, the star beast, whose mind was controlled by appetite and thought of attack, became hesitant, and even some star beasts began to turn around and run away.

However, there are countless star beasts behind them. Their circuits are blocked. The front and rear star beasts collide with each other. The scene is very chaotic. The black mecha quickly seizes the opportunity to harvest all star beasts.

At this time, a high-level star beast flew into the sky, raised his huge head and howled. After the sound spread, the star beasts cheered up and attacked again.

The black mecha suddenly flew overhead. The particle gun accurately hit the left eye of the advanced star beast. At the same time, the mecha quickly approached and attacked fiercely.

The mecha soldiers below fought in all directions and firmly guarded the border line.

The warship commandos fought with the star beasts in the sky. The artillery fire kept on, and the blood of the star beasts was sprinkled all over the ground.

At this time, the battlefield live channel is full of all kinds of hot-blooded barrages. An Jin is suspicious of blocking his sight and closes the barrage.

He stared at the black mecha and saw that his actions were always strong and neat, relaxed and seriously fascinated and worshipped.

Norman, it’s really powerful.

After the advanced star beasts were killed by the black mecha, the star beasts were confused again, and the live broadcast was transferred to the major defense areas

The defense area is located in the periphery of si’ao, and the situation is not optimistic. A steady stream of star beasts who want to go to si’ao come to each area and attack constantly.

Fortunately, the combat effectiveness of each district is strong. There are double SS mecha soldiers who fight in front and guard the defense line tightly.

Star beasts have strong reproductive ability and a large number. For a moment, both sides are anxious, and the battle area is full of blood.

It was not until the evening that an Jin received Norman’s communication. An Jin heard that Norman’s voice was tired and didn’t say much. He left time for Norman to rest more.

On the fifth day of the outbreak of the star beast tide, the alarm sounded suddenly in the city of SiO. An Jin woke up from his sleep and subconsciously looked in the direction of the alarm.

His heart beat so fast that he didn’t feel sleepy for a moment. He just turned on the light and got up.

Less than a minute after he turned on the light, Joseph sent him a message: “don’t worry, Queen. Only two Haru beasts broke through the barrier. They tried to attack the planting base. The military headquarters is dealing with it.”

Ann would like to think of what collet said. Starbeasts are very sensitive to food.

He sat by the bed for a while, and Joseph’s message came again: “queen, the alarm will disturb your rest. Do you want to turn on the sound insulation system?”

An Jin thought: “no, in case something happens, I can know in time.”

Joseph should go down.

After a while, an Jin received another message from the housekeeper robot: “queen, according to the test, you are awake. Your majesty asked you to have more rest. Now is your sleep time.”

An Jin smiled. His housekeeper was really responsible.

He looked at the time. Before five o’clock, he lay down again and turned off the light.

In the morning, when he had dinner, he learned about yesterday’s follow-up in the morning news.

The two Haru beasts were quickly handled by the military, and the official sent messages to the people again to make the people have safety awareness, go out less and be vigilant.

At eight o’clock, Joseph determined that the energy isolation cover was open and nodded to an Jin.

An Jin began to convey spiritual strength to today’s officers.

The isolation cover can prevent people outside from perceiving his spiritual power, and can also isolate the pressure when spiritual power is upgraded.

At ordinary times, the isolation cover is also in the open state. Now the situation is special. An Jin has to be more cautious and have one more confirmation step.

After the officer successfully restored SS level, he thanked an Jin excitedly, and then gave a military salute: “queen, I’ll go to the front line immediately.”

He must get back to the fighting state as soon as possible on the way. Although the conditions are harsh, he did not shrink back at all, but was awe inspiring.

He has been looking forward to this day for too long!

An Jin looked at the back of the officer leaving and sincerely expressed his admiration.

The higher his power level, the stronger his perception. Moreover, the officer’s emotion is strong. He can feel the officer’s emotion and guess the officer’s thoughts without difficulty.

Almost every officer who recovers his mental strength has the same reaction.

The fighting consciousness of si’ao soldiers to kill and defend the planet seems to be engraved in their souls.

Half a month after Norman went to the front line, he no longer opened the video. He said that the battlefield was inconvenient and only asked an Jin to open the video.

An Jin believed it for the first time. Later, he realized that Norman was probably in bad condition and didn’t want him to see it. He didn’t insist and pretended not to know.

All the former SS officers in the military headquarters have been restored to their original ranks.

After that, he stopped helping people upgrade their mental strength and began to make agent a.

With high-level combat effectiveness and powerful soothing agent, the Sloan military headquarters easily spent the month before the outbreak of the star beast tide.

This is more relaxed, just compared with usual.

Seeing that he had spent a month safely, an Jin was not relieved.

However, the situation on the battlefield has become worse.

The star beasts in different regions seem to have got the unified news. They know that area 78 is a gap. The star beasts far away avoid the defense area and detour to the northwest defense line.

The pressure on the northwest defense line increased sharply. After Norman integrated the news, he immediately mobilized the military support in the defense area.

The support speed of the nearby defense area is very fast, but the defense area in the distance can’t support quickly. Moreover, large troops have to stay in the defense area.

Two days later, an Jin learned the worse news that agent a was consumed.

Agent a mainly comes from the planting base. Of course, it is not the plants growing in purified soil, but the first batch of soilless plants.

That batch of plants had a large yield and were all used to make agent A. otherwise, agent a would have been consumed long ago and could not last for a month.

An Jin soaked in the pool and listened to the alarm outside. He frowned and skillfully opened his brain.

Soon, he learned the reason for the alarm in the live broadcast of the war situation. He looked at the star ship attacked by the star beast, and his face suddenly changed.

He took a deep breath and contacted Joseph: “the warship that had just delivered agent a was attacked by a star beast. You send a royal escort to support.”

People all stay at home to prevent accidents. There are few activities outside. If there are live animals, it is easy to attract the attention of star beasts.

Of course, there are not always stars and beasts. Generally, they are solved by the soldiers left behind.

Joseph immediately arranged for personnel, escort and military personnel to support to quickly solve the star beast.

An Jin looked at the heavily damaged warship, his eyebrows tightened, his hands on his abdomen, his eyes gradually firm: “you arrange, I’m going to the northwest defense zone.”

Joseph was surprised, “queen, it’s too dangerous.”

An Jin said in a serious tone: “I have been pregnant for three months and am in good health. Now the a dose I make every day needs to be transported. It will be delayed in case of accidents. The use also takes up the resources of the military headquarters. It is most reasonable for me to go to the front line.”

Joseph dared not make a decision: “but your majesty…”

An Jin: “this is my decision.”

His mind worked, his tail turned smoothly into legs, and his abdomen no longer felt the first slight pain.

He went ashore, loaded the mermaid car and wheelchair into the intelligent brain space, changed his sportswear and contacted the leader of the pro guard. The leader advised him. Seeing his persistence, he began to prepare.

An Jin walks to the gate and contacts hornard and Billy at the same time. They quickly express that they want to go together.

When an Jin came to the door, the warships of the Royal Guard and the pro guard had hovered in midair.

The captain of the pro guard stood in front of a new warship and saluted an Jin: “Wang, please get on the warship.”

When Joseph saw that Ann was firm, he stopped persuading and went with the guard.


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