After Being a Mermaid Chapter 92

Three hours later, an Jin and his party arrived at the northwest frontier defense area.

When the guard soldiers saw him, they were stunned before saluting.

An Jin smiled at them: “it’s hard. Please take me to your Majesty’s residence.”

Soon, a captain came out: “queen, I’m your Majesty’s orderly. Please follow me.”

An Jin followed the captain and asked, “where is your majesty now?”

Captain: it’s on the battlefield. Will you inform him now

An Jin shook his head: “don’t tell him.”

Norman’s residence is located in the rest area behind the battlefield. Norman has a separate room, which is not big, but the inner and outer rooms are already the best residence in the war zone.

An Jin thanked the captain.

Joseph and the captain exchanged information about the war zone and arranged escort work.

Norman fought for nearly 15 hours before retreating from the battle area. A double SS general took his place and guarded the defense line.

Norman went to the headquarters first, learned about the situation in each district, and returned to the lounge.

He opened the door and suddenly noticed someone in the room. He looked cold and looked sharply at the sofa.

An Jin’s smile was slightly retarded by his fierce momentum, raised his hand and said with a smile: “don’t be nervous, it’s me.”

Norman had reacted before an Jin didn’t speak. He closed the door and strode to the sofa. His brown eyes flashed a surprise, and soon his eyes were slightly heavy.

He leaned over and looked at an Jin’s face carefully. He saw that he looked very good and looked slightly loose: “when did you arrive? Why didn’t you contact me?”

Anjing: “I don’t want to disturb you,” he added after a pause. “I told Joseph they wouldn’t tell you.”

Norman understood his meaning in an instant and promised, “I won’t trouble them.”

He raised his hand and almost subconsciously wanted to touch his little friend. However, thinking that he was not clean after a long battle, he took back his hand.

He looked at an Jin, pressed the joy in his heart, and said seriously, “it’s too dangerous here. Take a rest. I’ll ask the escort to take you back later.”

An Jin shook his head and said firmly, “I won’t go back,” he pointed to the wardrobe. He had put his clothes away, “I want to live here.”

Without waiting for Norman to say anything more, he said his consideration again, and then concluded: “I stay here to save the time and manpower of agent a transportation.”

His blue eyes looked at Norman: “and here, I can know your news all the time. I will be very relieved.”

The child’s eyes are straightforward and frankly convey his mind.

Norman’s heart moved and his thoughts poured out. He leaned down and approached his little friend uncontrollably.

An Jin raised his hand and touched Norman’s eyebrow. His eyes couldn’t help showing a distressed look.

Norman lost a lot of weight, with a fierce look between his eyebrows and eyes. Even if he stayed in the lounge, his spirit still seemed to be a little tense in front of him.

“Go take a bath and have a rest!” He withdrew his hand and urged.

Norman paused, stiffened for a moment, got up, went to the wardrobe, took a change of clothes and went into the shower.

An Jin blinked and realized that Norman seemed to want to do something just now.

His heart beat fast, patted his cheek, and his mind turned to business.

He practiced Joseph. After making sure that the energy isolator was turned on, he moved to the edge of the sofa, looked at the nutrient placed against the wall, operated the power, and began to purify from the nutrient closest to him.

Now his powers are many times stronger than before, and his control is more accurate. He disperses his powers into each nutrient and purifies a box of nutrients at the same time, which is very efficient.

He purified three boxes in a row, then slightly suspended the absorption of animal nuclei. After connecting and making 1200 nutrients, he no longer used powers and waited for his mental power to recover naturally.

He looked away from nutrition and found that Norman didn’t know when he came out of the bathroom, wearing military shirts and trousers.

An Jin’s red lips pursed: “do you want to go to the battlefield?”

He heard that Norman had been fighting for a long time, and it was no more than half an hour since he returned to the lounge.

Norman heard that he was distressed, touched his face, rubbed his earlobe with his finger belly, and comforted: “not for the time being, just to cope with emergencies and be able to fight at any time.”

His whole body is fresh, so he has no scruples. Obediently, he hugs an Jin and asks about an Jin’s recent situation.

The two whispered for a while. Norman released him, touched his abdomen, gently picked him up and said, “rest with me.”

An Jin let him hold it and touched his thin and sharp chin: “is it like this every year?”

Norman: “some time ago, it was easier than in previous years. In recent days, there has been a lot of pressure. After the establishment of the 78 defense zone, it will be much better.”

He put Anjin bed and lay beside Anjin.

An Jin put his hand on his chest and listened to his strong heartbeat. There was a trance feeling. It seemed that all wars were far away and the years were quiet.

Norman took him in his arms, bowed his head and kissed him on the forehead, and then gradually fell down. Their lips were close, and they were tired of intimacy for a while.

An Jin tilted his head, opened them and refused, urging: “go to bed.”

Norman stroked his side face, closed his eyes, and soon fell asleep.

An Jin was not sleepy and still lay down. He wanted to take a closer look at Norman, but he knew that Norman was very sharp and worried that Norman could not sleep well under his influence.

He simply expanded his perception and felt what was happening nearby.

The rest room is behind the battlefield, not far from the battlefield. Next door is the battlefield medical department.

There are a lot of injured people. Minor injuries are usually treated by themselves with a therapeutic instrument and will not come to the medical department.

Therefore, the medical department is a serious patient. Many soldiers were bitten by star beasts. The seriously injured soldiers broke their hands and feet and were carried to the infirmary by their comrades in arms.

Next door to the trauma room is the psychiatric room.

When an Jin’s consciousness spread there, he immediately felt that the room was filled with a lot of manic atmosphere, and his eyebrows could not help but frown.

Doctors and nurses expertly inject soothing agents into soldiers, and take agent a in more serious cases.

The doctor took out the last agent a in the box: “open another box,” he said with worry: “the longer the battle time is, the more and more soldiers lack mental strength. Agent a consumes too fast.”

The nurse’s voice was young and energetic: “it has been more than a month, and there will be fewer and fewer star beasts!”

An Jin frowned and repeated the last sentence in his heart.

He found that when using perception, the recovery speed of mental power became slower, so he withdrew his perception, closed his eyes and rested, and fell asleep unconsciously.

Norman woke up after sleeping for four hours. Then he went to the battlefield again. Before leaving the room, he seriously told an Jin: “don’t go out at will. When purifying agent a, make sure that the energy isolator is turned on.”

Seeing an Jin nodding, Norman left.

An Jin stayed in the lounge behind the battlefield because the sound insulation system was turned on in the lounge, and the external sound could not interfere with him.

He felt no different from the palace except that there was no wide pool to soak his tail and no delicious food.

Only when he recovers his mental power naturally, and occasionally diffuses his perception, can he deeply feel that it is very close to the battlefield when he hears the mixture of artillery fire and the roar of star beasts.


After an Jin took a nap, his mental strength recovered more than half. He got up and went outside to continue purifying nutrients.

When I came to the door, suddenly a strong shock came, and the water cup on the small table in the living room trembled and banged.

An Jin holds the door frame, stabilizes his body and can’t help being nervous. If there is an earthquake now, it will undoubtedly be a great disaster for si’ao.

“Bang Bang…” the door was knocked hurriedly, and Joseph’s worried voice came, “queen, are you okay?”

At the same time, an Jin heard the harsh roar of the beast, not far away.

He immediately reacted. The guard closed the sound insulation system. He opened the door and said, “what’s the matter?”

Joseph looked serious: “an SSS cloud horned beast broke through the defense line and wanted to attack the medical area. His majesty intercepted it in time. The combat effectiveness of SSS star beast is very strong and it is very dangerous here. We have to transfer it immediately.”

Just then, another violent vibration came.

An Jin looked in the direction of the sound: “let’s go.”

Joseph took Anjin to the airport, and the convoy guarded him back and forth.

As he walked, an Jin observed the Norman battle with his perception. The cloud horned beast was huge, its body surface was like white leather, and there was a sharp horn on its huge head.

The cloud horn beast fiercely rushed to the black mecha, and the mecha escaped. The cloud horn beast inertial rushed forward, and the horn hit a huge pit on the ground. At the same time, the ground around shook.

After escaping the attack, the black mecha quickly fired a shot at the cloud horn beast.

The cloud horned beast is large, but very flexible. Its wings flutter. The whole beast takes off to avoid attack, and then dives towards the mecha at a high altitude.

An Jinxin couldn’t help mentioning it and gave a meal.

Joseph looked at zhinao. His zhinao showed the position of the star beast. When he saw an Jin’s footsteps, he explained, “the exit here is the farthest from the cloud horn beast. It’s very safe.”

An Jin made a sound and continued to follow Joseph.

While talking, Norman drove the black mecha and fought back and forth with the cloud horned beast. During this period, the mecha hit the cloud horned beast once, but the cloud horned beast was only slightly injured.

At this time, a star ship came from the camp and hovered in the air.

“Your Majesty, you can’t attack with a powerful gun. It has a great chance to escape, and it’s too close to the medical area.”

Norman received the news and tried to lead the cloud horned beast to a distance.

The cloud horned beast is very smart. When it exceeds a certain range, it no longer pursues the black mecha, but flies towards the medical area.

Norman stopped it in time. However, the cloud horn beast has strong strength and high defense. It is difficult for Norman to kill it in a short time without a high-power gun.

An Jin listened to the people in the Starship clearly. When he came to the door, his eyes brightened and his feet stopped.

He looked outside the door. In the distance, a cloud of fog suddenly appeared in the air and disappeared in the blink of an eye. No one found it except him.

He tried several more times, determined the maximum distance and looked back.

“Queen? Are you not feeling well?” When Joseph saw Anjin, he suddenly froze and asked anxiously.

An Jin shook his head, opened zhinao and called out the nearby map: “we don’t leave,” he looked at the map and pointed to a nearby building, “let’s go here.”

When Joseph saw it, he quickly said, “it’s too close to the battle position. It’s very dangerous!”

Joseph couldn’t understand that an Jin seemed to take the initiative to find stimulation and stressed: “it’s too dangerous!”

An Jin: “it’s all right. Our goal is small. The cloud horned beast will not notice us when fighting Norman.”

An Jin’s attitude is tough. Joseph can’t stop it. He can only escort with him. He also arranges other escorts to fly the star ship and be ready to rescue at any time.

Anjin arrives at his destination and immediately runs the power.

Suddenly, there was a thick fog near the cloud horn beast’s brain, which swept the whole body of the cloud horn beast in the blink of an eye.

The cloud horned beast’s eyesight is blocked and flies around like a headless fly.

An Jin focused on capturing its position, controlled the fog to wrap it, and then controlled the fog away from the medical area to disperse, attracting the cloud horn beast to fly in that direction.

“Your majesty! Does the cloud horn mutate into new abilities?” The major general in the star ship was stunned.

The major general thought that the cloud horn beast didn’t seem to be able to use new abilities, and didn’t know whether the fog was poisonous or not.

Norman immediately knew that it was an Jin’s means and quickly locked an Jin’s position,

Let’s keep a close eye on the cloud horned beast to prevent it from turning back. At the same time, he whispered, “prepare to attack.”

The major general stopped thinking, “yes, your majesty.”

An Jin controls the fog and leads the cloud horn beast out.

After confirming that he would not be injured by mistake, the major general decisively ordered the attack.

The cloud horned beast was badly hurt and its howling was deafening.

Suddenly, a shrill scream of the star beast sounded in the direction of the battlefield.

As soon as an Jin tightened his heart, he looked back and saw a huge star beast approaching him quickly, with big blood red eyes staring at him.

An Jin immediately reacted. He used power. The energy was not isolated and was found by the star beast.

The cloud horned beast was entangled by his fog. The fog itself had energy. The cloud horned beast was disturbed and didn’t find him.

The new star beast was not disturbed.


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