After Being a Mermaid Chapter 93

On the official website of the front line live broadcast of si’ao, the northwest frontier defense division channel was quiet at this time.

After the cloud horn beast crossed the defense line, there was a huge movement. The reporter quickly controlled the live ball to record the battle between Norman and the cloud horn beast.

Fog suddenly appeared around the cloud horn beast. The audience discussed it warmly and guessed what was going on. After seeing the cloud horn beast injured, they were extremely excited.

However, the camera caught the red eyed starbeast crossing the line of defense and even flying quickly to  An Jinshi  Some people’s hearts can’t help mentioning that they don’t want to make a barrage.

At the scene, Norman’s face suddenly changed, his eyes sharp and evil , Drive Sirius to an Jin.

Joseph reacted very quickly, took out the mecha and hurriedly reminded, “queen, hide in the building.” As he spoke, he jumped into the mecha.

Not far away, the escort ready for rescue crashed into the ship  Red eyed star beast.

The red eyed star beast flapped its black wings to maximize its speed and avoid the star ship.

The wind formed by the flapping of his wings raised dust. An Jin narrowed his eyes to prevent dust from entering his eyes.

At this time, his perception was spreading, and he felt clearly the fear and protection of the people around him.

Don’t let people who care about him because he’s hurt!

An Jin has a look in his eyes  Lin, lock the red eyed starbeast, operation ability, one  A highly compressed water wall with high-speed water flow suddenly appeared in front of the red eyed star beast.

The red eyed star beast was large and fast. It hit the water wall with great strength and gave a painful hum, but its body passed through the water wall.

An Jin’s heart jumped violently. The level 7 water wall can’t stop the high-level star beast!

The star beast is excited by the pain, roars and swoops down on an Jin. The huge shadow formed by its body completely covers an Jin.

Joseph fired particles at the starbeast  The cannon then flew to the right, trying to attract the starbeast.

The star beast suddenly rose to avoid the attack, ignored Joseph and still stared at Anjin.

An Jin looks at the red animal pupil getting closer and closer, but he is very calm.

He often practices powers and reacts very quickly.

The water wall dissipated in an instant  Part of the formation of water mist shrouded in the red eyed star beast’s brain, a  Some form highly rotating water arrows, two of which shoot directly at  Starbeast’s eyes, the rest attack the neck and wings.

This  Shear change  It is only completed in an instant. The starbeast has no reaction time. Even because it has never seen such an attack, it is completely unprepared  All water arrows hit the target position.

However, the skin of the advanced starbeast was hard, the water arrow did not cause any damage to its neck, and only some feathers fell off its wings.

Fortunately, his eyes were very fragile. When he was hit by the water arrow, the blood immediately flowed out along the corners of his eyes, and the star beast howled bitterly and painfully.

The star beast’s eyes were sore, his sight was affected, his perception of energy was blocked by water mist, and his wings fluttered manically.

Later, after the sharp pain dissipated a little, his head turned around, determined the direction of the original attack and dived rapidly.

Joseph was stunned by the sudden injury of the star beast. He recovered from the movement caused by the star beast’s wings and quickly attacked the star beast.

Joseph, who was wounded but ignored, was very determined.

An Jin turns around and runs back. At the same time, he keeps making a water wall to slow down the star beast.

At this time, Norman’s aircraft armor fell from the sky and stood between him and the star beast.

Ann Jin turned back and saw Norman fighting with the star beast. Joseph drove the mecha and stopped in front of him. The mecha knelt on one knee, stretched out his arm and put his palm in front of him.

An Jin stepped onto the mecha, held the mecha’s fingers, and his body rose rapidly  I came to the front door of the cockpit.

He entered the mecha, the cabin door closed automatically, and when he sat down, the protective cover popped out of his seat.

Joseph looked serious: “queen, please sit down and I’ll take you out of here immediately.”

An Jin: “first  Don’t leave, “he pointed to the roof of the building on the left.” go there. ”

There you can see the battle scene between Norman and starbeast, which is also within the power range.

Joseph hesitated  In an instant, I saw the water mist around the eye star beast and drove the mecha to the roof.

His lips moved to ask what , See an Jin’s attention is all at the battle place. He doesn’t ask the exit and is alert to the surrounding situation.

An Jin stares at the star beast and shoots the water arrow into its eyes. After the attack, the momentum weakens and becomes water. An Jin feels the blood of the star beast through these water.

Water is the main component of blood. Is it difficult to do harm to the star beast through blood?

An Jin runs the water power, but finds that unlike the daily water, it is difficult to mobilize the blood of high-level starbeasts.

The difference between the two feelings is comparable to putting your hand into the water and putting your hand into the stone.

He expended a lot of mental energy and mobilized only one  Ml of blood, and can not make these two drops of blood form a small water arrow running at high speed.

He gave up temporarily and collected the original water arrows to attack the starbeast from the inside.

The inner wall of the star beast is also very hard. He focuses on one  Attack a position several times before breaking one  Crossing, and can’t break the skin.

What a thick skin, an Jin sighed silently.

Soon he found that even if he caused damage to the star beast, the star beast was very big, and the injury was too small. The star beast just screamed angrily, and its combat effectiveness was not affected.

He again  The first attack on the starbeast’s eyes, but the starbeast kept his eyes closed and his eyelids were hard.

His mind turned and stopped attacking with water arrows. Instead, he mixed water into his blood until he found his heart.

The heart of the star beast is bigger than watermelon. An Jin attacks the heart with a water arrow, but the skin of the heart is very hard, and the water arrow can’t cause damage.

Ann was surprised. He asked Joseph, “is this also an SSS star beast?”

Joseph nodded, “yes, the black rock beast has very strong defense and combat power.”

An Jin finds that his attack is of little use to the black rock beast, so he gives up, so as not to waste his mental power, and only controls the water mist to wrap the black rock beast.

The black rock beast’s eye was hurt, one  With his eyes closed, he could not lead the black rock beast away by dealing with the cloud horn beast.

An Jin thought about it and asked Joseph to take him away from the rest area. Then the fog dispersed. As expected, the black rock beast came after him.

An Jin used himself as bait and successfully guided the black rock beast to a suitable position. He was ordered to be killed by the major general standing by.

Before the black rock beast died, he gave a sharp roar.

At this time, Norman received a message: “Your Majesty, the star beast’s indiscriminate attack on a certain position is going to be irresistible.”

Norman looked at the direction of an Jin. The mecha turned and went to the battlefield. He ordered: “the third and fourth divisions support.”

Ann Jin did not withdraw his perception and listened to Norman’s information and orders  Clearly, he thought about it  The decision was made immediately.

“Go to the battlefield.”

Joseph’s face suddenly changed: “queen, it’s too dangerous!”

An Jin glances over the mecha and points to a  A familiar sign: “it doesn’t matter. Just turn on the energy isolation system.”

Joseph looked up. His majesty ordered it to be installed  All the mecha with the escort are installed.

However, in fact, no one has used it. After all, there are no mermaids in the escort team.

Joseph opened the isolation system and couldn’t help asking, “queen, did you cause the white fog? Did you hurt the black rock beast’s eyes?”

He knew that the queen had the ability to control water, but he didn’t expect it to be so  Strong.

An Jin didn’t hide it and nodded, “yes.”

Joseph was stunned for a moment before he realized that he was holding his breath  Waiting for the answer, he breathed out secretly, drove the mecha to the direction of the battlefield, and said sincerely, “you’re so powerful.”

An Jin said, “it’s not strong enough.”

Before the black rock beast died, when he was controlling the water mist, suddenly there was a  It’s a feeling that his power has reached the bottleneck again.

He was a little surprised that the progress of real combat was much faster than that of the holographic world.

Joseph’s mecha was parked within the line of defense, only one mile from the battlefield area  Distance between layers of protective cover.

Before the protective cover, a gap was broken by the star beast, and the technicians are repairing it. In front of the gap, there are countless star beasts, who seem to want to cross the line of defense.

The warship remotely suppresses the stars and beasts in the sky, and the mecha attacks at close quarters to firmly hold the defense line and buy time for the technicians.

An Jin’s eyes are out of control and follows Norman’s mecha Sirius.

There was a sudden commotion and a  The first star beast pounced on me  The mecha in front of it and the star beast behind it took the opportunity to rush to the technicians.

The nearby mecha hurried to rescue and was entangled by a high-level star beast.

Joseph leaned forward involuntarily: “no, the star beast seems to be organized.”

An Jin looks at  The starbeast that rushed to the technician ran a power and shot two water arrows into the starbeast’s eyes  Dayton, the blood in his eyes exploded and howled.

An Jin was slightly surprised. This reaction was much stronger than that of the black rock beast.

He tried to hit the starbeast’s neck with a water arrow, and the starbeast’s neck broke suddenly  A hole, he then added another one  The arrow crosses the brain of the star beast, and the star beast’s body is paralyzed to the ground.

An Jin was stunned, which was in sharp contrast to dealing with the black rock beast. He was shocked  I didn’t even react.

With him  There are also the audience in the live studio who have been stunned for a long time. They see the situation of the battlefield through the live studio  It’s clear.

“? what happened  What happened? ”

“I was so nervous that the star beast suddenly died?”

“Who can tell me what’s going on?”

On mecha

“Queen, you are so powerful!” Joseph’s eyes shone brightly and said excitedly.

An Jin recovered from his stupor, smiled at Joseph, continued to attack the star beast with water power, and soon found a good way to attack.

Ordinary star beast and medium star beast can mobilize the blood of star beast to attack the heart and achieve the second kill effect.

It’s just that medium star beasts consume more mental power.

Advanced star beasts are more difficult to deal with, but as long as they are less than SSS level, they can cause damage to star beasts. Unlike when dealing with black rock beasts, they have no way at all.

He runs the power, senses and locks two ordinary starbeasts, and controls the blood to form a high-speed water arrow to attack the starbeast’s heart.

After the star beast fell to the ground, the number of star beasts he locked increased to three, and then continued to increase. Finally, he tested that he was the same  Time can attack five ordinary starbeasts.

Because there are many ordinary starbeasts, the whole process from perceptual locking to far turn ability takes no more than 20 seconds.

An Jin’s attack moves more and more skillfully, starting from the star beast closest to the border line, and then moving inward in turn.

The soldiers in the mecha looked at the star beast that suddenly fell around. Their eyes were alert and confused. After they determined that the star beast was really dead, their vigilance disappeared and was replaced by incredible.

“Captain, the star beast seems to have an infectious disease and suddenly died a lot!”

“Report to the captain, many star beasts near me have suddenly died.”

The pressure of the soldiers suddenly decreased a lot, and after a while, a little  The shrill cry of the star beast came, and the collected star beast suddenly began to retreat.

Joseph’s calm expression completely disappeared and excitedly photographed the console: “queen, you scared the star beast away!”

An Jin: ”

The sense of war in his eyes gradually disappeared, and the rising mood gradually calmed down. He hurriedly checked his mental strength, less than a quarter 。

He was estimating the combat effectiveness of the full spirit. Joseph said, “your majesty will arrange follow-up work. Let me take you back first.”

An Jin looks at  Black mecha, the metal eyes of mecha flash blue, as if in response to his eyes.

He smiled at the mecha and said, “go back to the rest area.”

On the way, an Jinzhi’s brain sounded, which was Xiaoyin’s communication.

He immediately connected, and Xiaoyin’s excited voice came: “An’an, you are so powerful! The live channels are talking about how the star beast died. Some people speculate that it has something to do with you, but they are not sure. They are too stupid and so stupid  Great, it must be Ann! ”

An Jin is not surprised that Xiao Yin can know. After all, Xiao Yin has seen him practice water power.

But the day after the outbreak of the star beast tide, he received a message from jorens. Rabe was originally prepared to support SiO, but the area of the star beast tide was very wide, and the team had not set out yet. Rabe first  The front team found the star beast.

The astral beasts noticed that there were biological activities near labe, and a large number of astral beasts flocked to labe  Rabe, after the meeting of elders, decided to close the channel across the magnetic storm area and isolate the stars and animals, so it was disconnected from the outside world.

He asked, “Rabe, what are you talking about  When did you recover? ”

Xiaoyin: “it only recovered today. The official said that it was recovered only after it was confirmed that there were no star beasts nearby. However, the interstellar route will not be opened temporarily, because the stars of the Star Alliance are being attacked by star beasts, and the road will be very dangerous.”

At this time, the mecha stopped at the door of the rest area. Xiaoyin heard Joseph’s voice and immediately said, “contact Ann later.”

Ann Jin just hung up the communication and received the communication from jorens again. Jorens said in a tone of voice  Very remorse: “Wang, I’m very sorry. I can’t send troops to protect you for the time being.”

An Jin understood very well: “it doesn’t matter. Star beasts haunt all galaxies. It’s unwise to travel at this time. Pay attention to your safety.”

Jorens: “we have contacted the experts of si’ao. The transition point is only the last step. We must hurry to build it and support it as soon as possible to help si’ao tide over the crisis.”

But unexpectedly, the crisis of si’ao was soon lifted.


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